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Healthy being ships

Mental and physical health starts by first dumping the junk science of virology which has fooled the public with it's lies for a century and into millenniums as no "virus" has been proven to exist.

We are not virus breathing dragons.

Site map of healthy living

This map is not of the flat world of virology which scientists keep struggling to hold onto it's archaic descriptions of health that claim if we keep sailing on with allowing our bodies to heal itself would endanger the lives of portfolios that depend on chemical warfare on dangerous unicorns. It is more of a map of understanding the foundations of why virology is a fraud, a landfill of errors, misjudgements, and hustle. There is NO need to change the world that would require messy changing of it's dirty diapers which oddly appeared on faces during the fake pandemic whereas not one red "bio hazard" bin appeared for proper disposal of fake infected mask face devices that only stopped the spread of dangerous unicorns in the mind

  • Who first caught Kovid?
    Kovid fell off the runway and so many people caught him, so they claim. The lies of the medical industry are exposed. Fauci and Rick Bright (HHS) planned the panic in order to install new alleged RNA technology that would make drug companies filthy.
  • AZT is rat poison
    All the rats died in testing in the 1970's. AIDS drugs are not healthy.
  • PrEP is chemotherapy and portfoliotherapy
    The pills widely promoted to be a prevention against HI viruses contains AZT which was a horrifically failed killer drug in the 1970's that at that time when FDA was a bit more genuine pulled it from market. Dr. Frankenfauci brought it back as the hysterical community demanded government fix the problem.