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Healthy being ships

Mental and physical health starts by first dumping the junk science of virology which has fooled the public with it's lies for a century and into millenniums as no "virus" has been proven to exist.

We are not virus breathing dragons.

Wake up and smell the Hustle In Virology (HIV)

North West East South of Center Nile Virus allegedly in New York city

So their response to this unproven declaration is to again use pesticides for mosquitoes with trucks at night with loudspeaker telling people to go indoors. What if they don't have indoors to go to? Why are they gassing the public at risk to their health on streets for mosquitoes "to protect the public from West Nile Virus" when over 217 institutions have formally stated they have no proof any virus actually exists? There are no true isolates of viruses anywhere it's only "in silico" it's a computer model! It's all fake.

Coachella Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District (CVM&VCD) obviously does not know viruses do not exist

Their home page claims "We work hard to protect you from mosquito-borne viruses" but these are imaginary creatures never proven to exist. It shows a tent set up to inform the public called "Fight The Bite! Together". They are relying on junk science that is being called out now since the SARS2 hustle which was a scheme to introduce new flu shot technology. Some very good science on this problematic claim of viruses "causing disease" is presented by doctors like Sam Bailey and her husband Mark Bailey, Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman and Stefan Lanka. Lanka proved in a German court that viruses do not exist, measles virus does not exist, no virus exists. It's like these agencies keep throwing out the memo. I guess it could interfere with their jobs and pensions as why would we support with our taxes these organizations that keep spreading lies about dangerous unicorns? We are paying for their services in special taxes. Their claim keeps perpetuating this fear campaign of viruses that do not exist in real life. It's all "in silico" science fakery.

Kovid policy hangover "sanitation" using dangerous chemical waste from Wuhan affects trucking community and others.

Officials in Hawaii present the Get Lei'd Maui Clean Energy Build Back Flowers Better Template

If some have their way (if we may make fun a bit here) new & improved Smart Flowers will replace natural flowers in those traditional Hawaiian leis. People will be greeted instead with "in silico" leis that could include lies about viruses and energy and pretend to be better than natural systems of governing and producing happi lei ness. This occurred 3 years after the build back sales of fat pHARMa's cyctical lies of product development starting in 2020 with the fake novel fiction virus that like all viruses are never proven to exist using absoute measurable provable science rather using endless land fill$ of it'$ garbage junk $cience of $ale$ pitch $ience. A LEI is also known as a Legal Entity Identifier so if we take this literally as meaning an indentifier rather than flowers it all makes sense now what is happening after the firestorm that hit Lahaina.

Image by stephanie2212 on Freepik 

Man dressed as clothing fools people into thinking he is a woman

Photograph of a woman.He explained but like the QUERTYLGTBIEIOSUPERCAGILAFRAGLIQNUQISTIC+- community when it tries to explain things that make no sense what so ever they didn't understand when he said "Phasellus tempor blandit risus. Integer at quam ac ante bibendum varius. Aenean ac nisl. Nam a enim eu orci interdum blandit. Pellentesque ipsum. Fusce at odio a enim vehicula sagittis. Integer eu arcu. In sodales justo eu dui. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Nullam at mauris. Pellentesque imperdiet, justo id pellentesque tristique, dolor dolor rutrum justo, eget luctus leo orci ac sem. Morbi neque erat, vestibulum quis, eleifend eu, blandit id, urna. Ut non enim. Pellentesque egestas mollis nisl. Donec vel neque eu ipsum aliquet luctus. Proin luctus. Proin pretium." so they just laughed. Ut quis odio. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Nunc mi. Integer congue, eros eu elementum gravida, nibh augue hendrerit purus, sed vehicula tellus augue id justo. Mauris et massa. Yea you too buddy. I bet you never been this VOGUE!

STOP wasting energy!

Look at how they are uglifying Arizona's Little Grand Canyon at Chevelon Butte with chaotic occasional sputtering energy. It works to power homes like an old Pinto sputters and stops where you hope and pray it gets you to work that day, just imagine if you relied on that old Ford Pinto to run all day long so you could drive across country on weekly trips for business like we rely on our light switches. Even better imagine relying on flying across country based on the wind generating power while flying. Makes sense. Surrrrrrr. That's how bad wind energy is. Phase 1 of 2 is in. Fully operational 2024. It's not working yet. This used to look so pretty here. In great part this kind of energy theater movie set performances used to entertain those who believe in climate fix as if humanity is more powerful than Mom Nature, provides pacifiers at great cost all of which cannot be built nor operate with out oil that some of the climate fixers demand be left in the ground.

If you visit Arizona's Little Grand Canyon you might also visit Rock Art Ranch one of the cool places to visit there where you can see petroglyphs from ancient past in the canyon, they have a lot of photos on their site of this magical place of Chevelon Canyon. In the distance though it's vast open landscapes are ruined by all the big city climate fixers that aren't getting the climate fixed at all with these ugly industrialist trickle energy systems that at the end of each day waste energy. This unbridled move to shift into "kleen energy" is causing a rash of new disease Post Transition Stress Disorder (PTSD) as people kan't figure out why their energy bills aren't going down as promised with all this fake free energy. 

Man speaks at council 5 minutes calling out the real agenda of 14.666 minute cities whereas technology presented as "saviors" is about data collection, manipulation, monitoring you and everything for fascist control, while these agendas present fake claims that its all about saving the planet which is a lie.

Who would be so offensive to say clean energy screwed up people's minds?

To the amazement of so many of the traveling side shows of endless financeering it was none other than Bill Gates saying that the term "clean energy" screwed up people's minds" and that there is no substitute for how the industrial economy runs today after he said that the term "clean energy" screwed up people's minds. ROFL. We notice that it screwed up the minds of everyone in the Democrat party hearty as they are all addicted to their drama and building back better their egos as they always lock you down step on you in lock step follow their leaders off cliffs as they see $$$ signs that say "save the planet" while they lose their minds is no different than in any other cult while they "revere" water in Maui rather than prioritizing the science that says "If you don't fight fire with water immediately before they start, they grow into firestorms in fierce winds strong enough to take out an entire town, thus what will happen is they will take out an entire town". Democrats of course followed their Yellow Dirt Road to nowhere instead citing "Well we were always told by the experts to fight fire with fire."

Further down the journey paths

This is how a list will look if it ever has a brain after traveling down artificially produced Yellow Dirt Roads, then they took a turn and found themselves on Yellow Mud Roads, then to get off that mess they turned down Raibow Dirt Roads, and to get off that mess they ended up on Raibow Muddy Quicksand Roads that had some yellow bricks there so they knew something was really really messed up about their entire journey. They were never heard from again, either because they sunk into the Rainbow Quicksand and died or found Heaven there, or they might have never been heard from again after they killed off all their social media accounts to live free again from all that journeyizing that always ended up in hell.Photograph of a good looking man navigating the rough waters of delusional energy systems propping up everywhere that pretend to be saving the planet from idiots