HIV prevention is a fraud

PrEP is chemo why on earth are we being fed pills
that are dangerous drugs that were pulled from market long ago

AZT is the key ingredient in PrEP which is 'pre exposure prophylactic'
in other words eat your condom to be protected from 'THE/VIRUS'
which has never been even proven to exist

in fact no virus exists virology is pseudoscience

lies are abundant in all drug pushing and hiv aids research that spins in circles going nowhere
I watched friends die of AZT poison in the Hit Hard Hit Early campaign in the 1990's
now they repackage in lower dose as a "preventive" measure sold to "prevent HIV infection"
but there is no virus to prevent

your body does that anyway, if they existed, by the very science they present
 who told you the only way is by chemicals?

your body does not need chemicals to attack dangerous unicorns

read this report by Terry Michael