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When we TRANS form sanity what is the result? Males pretenting to be female playing in volleyball is not fair. If born a male they are male. The logic used to dissent by the TRANSFORMISTS is missing information (misinformation and disinformation). Will giants that arrive from Mars be allowed under equity and inclusion? Why doesn't the 5 year old that identifies as a 20 year old be allowed to play? When I was born I identified as an intact male plus I was born that way, then the sick child predator at the hospital hacked off half my dick skin and sold it for profit. That made me transgender. It made sexual experience go to black & white instead of color. Instead of society fixing this ongoing child abuse, they sit themselves in front of their TV and computers and keep up with the latest on the "abuse" of women and what is being done about that when a bully says a few words that harms one's feelings, not harms their private parts of their body and how the "winners" will now go with Oprah and shop for purses and foreskin cream with all that hardly earned cash. One distraction is paying out million$ for "abusive words". Not one of the abused males get compensation for having a huge section of their dicks hacked the fuck off and put into Sandra Bullocks face cream while she and Ellen and audience laughed about this horror show some years back and how this harms the baby and then child then young adult and then adult's life. Maybe that's why the show was cancelled while this amputation ritual continues it's broadcast everywhere in the Unintact States of America (USA) in sick torture centers called "hospitals" where they make you breathe less oxygen "for your health" rape you with China's chemical waste products and steal your cash and private parts of huge sections of foreskin.

The absolute and abusive destruction of the planet continues even in India with endless rows of whooshing industry that causes climate change "changes in wind speed and air turbulence due to the installation of windmills, and other land-based renewable energy systems, 'may affect humidity' and other micro-climatic conditions, thereby also impacting vegetation..... increases in night-time temperatures and day-time cooling induced by wind farms 'will accelerate soil decomposition and reduce photosynthesis respectively'." You can see in this photo how from see to shining see the clean energy industry lifts those affected out of poverty whereas the industry says that oil and gas never did any such thing.

Most of America doesn't like my words here. Their disactions speak louder and more brash than any word on this page could even dream of. They do nothing to stop the horrific amputation of God given Jesus approved foreskin on the most sacred body part of a baby boy who becomes a child and young adult then adult that gets rather perterbed that no one stops this horror in congre$$ in fact it gleefully approves of this torture of baby men as a part of a distorted religous "rite" to make man different than how he was created in the image of God so that for his entire life he can seek redemption for what was done to him?

Learn the latest research in coronas here they call it re-search as they search over and over again repeatedly basically going in coronas and getting no where really

Matt Walsh, professional high horse retard shill for that tired old money train tries to prove that the moon landing was real. His basis relies in great part that "thousands of people" couldn't possibly be involved in such a huge hoax. ROFL. That basis is retarded. For example what about the fake Jesus he believes in without proof, "virgin" Mary bears both a child and God? ROFL. Who did God have sex with, Mary? Were they married? The stories are so patently absurd yet everyone's in on it. What is real is that Christians celebrate the hacking off of Jesus foreskin every New Years Day which is the best explanation as to why he's never returned. Matt is entertaining to watch, like watching an ant hill after it's been stomped on. In Matty's world anomalies don't matter nor does missing foreskin. The retard shill claims there's more evidence of moon landing than George Washington existing. Now that gets the New Millennium Prize for the most stupid statement ever but of coure he's not stupid, he's a shill, that's how they operate on you. I have a question for Matty, can he prove his foreskin ever existed? An0maly has his take on the loony the Walsh designed entertainment device. One of the clips some have not yet seen is Don Petis one of NASA's astronots claiming through his teeth they destroyed the technology to go back to the moon and he would return in a nanosecond if he could and teleport there or something. Actually the statement is true, the technology was 1960's cameras, they threw these disposable cameras away, all it took was cameras and movie sets. We had those in the 1800's. There were many silent films that made more sense than anything produced by these liars.

The "lunar" module. Made of curtain rods, and aluminum foil with decorative touches of gold lame'. Maybe it's supposed to be spelled "looner" to believe any human rode this piece of junk made in art class in Kindergarten to a glowing white object in the sky. It's so flimsy they said long ago you could poke a hole in it. And they say they lost the technology to go back to "the moon".  YOU COULD ORDER IT ON AMAZON. How much $$$ have you given them were stolen from you in taxes to create the illusion since 1969? Tin foil and gold lame'craft clearly the engineers got all their grade school kids together to make this project as a joke on humanity to see who would notice and to keep them entertained. 


Here's another fundamentalist Christian retard set from Mars Laura Lynn-Tyler Thompson Smith Corona. Bashed everyone in the circular corona reasoning fake-a-demic when it affected her and hers, bashing Fauci constantly, bashing governing, soon as those same people she bashed declared on high that a monkey business corona affected only the gays, they were of course thrown under the his and her bashing bus, they were the cause as they are dirty. She smugly discussed with the other smugger Dr. Roger Hodkinson that the gays should be locked away right away to stop the spread they were disappointed governing did not do this. Seriously he was very disappointed the government did not lock up the gays to stop the spread, called for that in the 1980's as well. In this show episode her and her guests talk smug about how government persecutes as she and her other smuggers always do to the homos while giving themselves a pass from their nauseaus gas. Hippo crasea of Gay la lee. The best thing about the round-a-bout-demic was how it gave us 2020 hindsight on exposing the constant circular hypocricy of all the lying fundamentalist Christians and medical so psyities big time.

The recategorization of old diseases. New names for flu. Going in circles.

To the Moon Alice. All scientific evidence and proof starts with theory some observations and usually leads to hustle$. There once was a theory the moon is plasma, a reflection of ERRth. It's becoming more absolute every day. Some day we will have absolute proof. It might already be here under a Moon rock. The theory of there being a big mass in a ball only showing itself one sided is absurd and never been proven. Those who had financial interests in sending up rockets and endless study squashed all the ideas that science was showing decades ago that there being a cosmic phenomena rather than a giant rock, so they had to come up with something else, like "Hey what if we claim we are going to send men to the moon?" and that took off big and stuck. To this day in 2024 people think man went there. They made it to a studio. CDC never made claims for covid testing VALIDITY, who did then? The HIV did! Hustlers In Virolgy.

Watch this video of a video. Some day we will see proof that a video can video a video videoing a video videoing videoing a video being videoed videoing the video videoed over and over again of the men landing on the movie set.

Novel corona dust is the latest threat of home dirtyness and those who insist that cleanliness is above godliness. Because of it's circular shape and it being an illusion cleaning departments are suggesting preventing these dirty round unicorns from entering your home and business in the first place. Former heads of HELLth and preinvention agencies were all disollved when the public figured out finally they were being led in coronas faster than on merry-go-rounds all got jobs working on how to prevent dirt from getting on anything.

Republican House representative for San Bernardino area Jay Obernolte news letter mentions "valley fever" and of course wouldn't you know, there's an app and a vaccine and a shut down regimine for that along with a chemical poisoning of our air plan to match. He mentions that he met with the Valley Fever Institute which is yet another extention of our HELLth care overgrowth that needs serious cutting back of ever tangling branches that grow like those trees in other swamps. The institute says it obtained $2 million in funding. Why not give them two hundred trillion, more money thrown at it will solve the problem right? If a fungus was "THE cause" everyone would get sick as it's in the air everywhere in the South West of the Unintact States of America that routinely butchers off natural protection worn by baby men they force out of the woman. They put this protective foreskin in pietrie dishes and women's face creams claiming this is a better use than for the boy that grows into a man and doesn't even realize how bad his sexual experience has changed from what would have bee living color to now black and white as stated by men who have been HOOD winked by the medi SIN industry as an adult to "cut it off". Again I say cut off funding for all these weeds. We might be alerted to John Rex, "chief medical officer of a rare fungal disease drug company called F2G" who claims this is "the really scary one" (Valley Fever) "which is endemic to the Southwest U.S. but is spreading due to climate change". When ever anyone blames fake ass science of "climate change" buyer beware, they always have something to sell. In this case we already see as usual it's a new drug to replace the other junk chemicals used that are all based on junk science of prevention based on injecting or consuming CHEMICALS. Especially worry some is not the condition as much as it is the path, "Rex says he's also hopeful the bipartisan bill, the PASTEUR Act, will help bolster the drug pipeline for "new anti-infectives that have a value to society that is so wildly disproportionate to the value the innovator can receive based on sales, because we work so hard to not have the infection." It's another path like the c0vId-19.666 diaster that was a winfall for all these hustler$ in HELLth care. PaSTEUR WAS A PROVEN FRAUD. Read about the Pasteur Act performance Act 1 to get a clue what this is all about noting that it's as often is biased to push people into those ever expanding weeds of the swamp and it's creepy crawlie creatures that live in caves there then show up on TV.

The junk science of virology and even blaming a fungus on disease goes in coronas. Never does it mention Gulp Oil Spills. If a dangerous unicorn was "the cause" or a floaty fungus was "the cause" everyone would get it as everyone is exposed to the same air no matter where they are, indoors, outdoors it's all the same air. Now there is fungus, it is a real thing, it can be seen and measured, unlike dangerous unicorns that corona us in circles, as fungus can be even seen growing when you sit for 5 days with your refrigerator door open and stay there watching it grow without getting any sleep for 5 days as if that keeps you healthy, but it's problem-atic to claim it is the cause of any disease when the discussion excludes mention of Gulp Oil Slicks. Like the little ducky on the Gulf Shores that got slammed with a coating of black oil that leaked out of the ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico when those oil drilling rigs broke and it gushed out endlessly people do this to themselves quite often. They gulp down oil spills. Those trying to save the lives of wildlife would see sand and dirt and fungus attach itself to the wildlife, ya think maybe modern a medi sin might have intelligence enough to correlate that same thing? It's not that intelligent, it's a hustle. It's a medi sin pushing cult all it can see is medi sin through the forest not the tree$. What is sees is bills. Even real things like bacteria and claims only they are responsible for "syphilis" goes in coronas. Dr. Sam Bailey does a presentation on modern a medi sin's nonsense of blaming pallidum bacteria. BY THE WAY where is that syphillis warp speed vaccine? It's been 100 years and trillion$ spent. No HIV vaccine either. They spent octillions. Where does all that study/money go? The ongoing spin of claiming "pathogens" are the cause of disease avoids scruitiny. It protects itself from scruitiny.


"Russia has offered to provide weapons to Texas to defend its border, which of course is ironic insofar as the US has sent weapons to Ukraine in its fight with Russia". Found at Jim Fetzer's blog today featuring Keith Rogers.

Here is an example as to why no one should ever just "trust the science" as we heard that mantra repeated by the HELLth departments and politicians that fly planes while building them.

I think there is a series of problems caused by those horribly bright LED lights on police and emergency vehicles. In one of the videos shown in a news broadcast we see accidents happen at night. The fundamental idea behind them is alerting drivers to their "presence" but if it's raining it's especially bothersome as the rain distorts the light and even if there's no bad weather and there's just cloud cover creating not as bright a day and the police use their flashing "emergency" lighting. I recall being the Harbor Freeway in Los Angeles the first time I saw them at night on police vehicles. They had stopped the traffic. The flashing could be seen from an incredibly far distance. Traffic was caused to slow down extensively, and pass by the vehicles that were well on the side of the road, yet it was difficult to navigate around this section right there as the light was blinding, almost couldn't see the car in front. The big reason for this is this new LED lighting when right up on these vehicles casts such super bright light in the car you are sitting in, this causes the eyes to adjust as if it's now sunny as if sunshine is right in your face but that lighting would even be better for seeing as it's a uniform non strobing light and yellow instead of bluish and red light, thus, the road in front of you gets harder to see with this strobe effect, your eyes can't see ahead in the dark as well. This simply was not the case before (but barely) with those old fashioned spinning lights like we see on old TV series like "Emergency" from the 1970's. These only started being replaced in the late 1990's and by the 2000's they were everywhere but were they ever proven "safe and effective"? Yea like that recent vaccine for the fake virus fraud of 2020? We might guess, just pushed on through, maybe if we follow the money and look at some of the red flags we might notice something. Flashes of light are distorting of visuals relying on lighting to see. I'm surprised the officers did not repeatedly look up at on coming traffic to keep aware of that possibility of a driver hitting the cars that they stopped. They were smart and well trained obviously to approach from the passenger side. The super bright blinking takes attention away from other cars on the highway directing the eye and mind almost totally to that strobe effect. This could be compared to watching a music video on TV or computer, a strobing effect diverts your attention away from what's going on around you right next to you. You can experiment with this safely at home just do it SAFELY as even at home this strobe effect of these super bright LED's can be dangerous. I think this matter needs to be brought up to safety commissions everywhere. LED lighting is dangerous in a number of new applications.

Billionaire is asked if he contributes at church each week to climate change with his private jets enter the theatre here

French court orders these to be wiped out instead of eagles. Illusions of clean energy, time to go. Dangerous unicorns pretending to be carbon footprints, time to go.

Clean Energy is not as it appears
It pretends to be something it is not and should be referred to as Conniving Repetitive Undeniable Disappointment (CRUD). Learn better on these handicapped energy systems here at and to fake save the planet they push LED blue lights that are very different, they might be brighter, but the lighting from these is harder to see than warm yellow lighting that is more natural, and why is there cancer and radiation warnings on these "planet savers" they should not be in our homes or anywhere near us there is no such warnings on incandescent light bulbs. LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs are a scam to get your energy, just look at how much green $$$ energy you shovel out of your wallets for this CRUD.

Is this a device or VICE of modern a medi $in?
Can you get through another PAN demic without it? If not it's a vice.
PAN is the Greek god of michief and debaucery.
Let that sink in instead of pHARMa chemicals repurposed manufacturing waste
from China being sent world wide for disposal.

Jeff Berwick "Dollar Vigilante" preaches non-globalist agendas while fully involved in using globalist DJI Ozmo Pocket 3 and other devices made and maintained by globalism. Same mold? Talks abit about Jews all being whites. Billionaire worship, people thinking the billionaires are for the common man. Jeff has some excellent revelations about all this stuff.

Trust the science? It can't even figure out how to make videos look right on web pages after how many decades now of computer science "making our lives better". Here is just one of many examples we can pull from the internet of how it never looks quite right. Look at all that black space. This was noticed on Ron Paul's website. He's a LIBERTARIAN.

We might think that voting Libertarian would fix this but that's not likely any more than voting Republican or Democrat ever fixes anything but for certain portfolios. No one can fix this any more than we can make a cell phone show a web page exactly like we see it on a monitor that is as readable but if we had those in virology involved they'd promise you a million things that are impossible as variables soar to the moon and back all they care about is the science of filling their portfolios with your money.

10 year old even says moon landing is fake and the plague was fake as well. The science is such a liar.

Another example of how we might not "trust the science" is example sci-fied as we adjust the heating system thermostat in the house, I walked over to the wall where it's mounted, moved the lever down a tad, walked away. 2 seconds. No headache. My friend is still standing at his trust the science "smart" thermostat, pushing buttons, it's been 5 days.

Then there's that microwave oven. Beeps each time you press a button. I ripped the speaker out. The science designed it to be retarded and innefective like so many things "the science" establishes when it sins against us in our mode RNA world.

After your realize "the science" lies as much as people in marketing departments everywhere do CONstantly, and notice the causal correlation, you will perhaps start to wonder why anyone believes any sort of government related science at all as politicians lie more than most anyone.

For example the wild claims of Nu Clear power being toxic which it is not, is like the Hustlers In Vicissitude (HIV) claiming the dangerous unicorns they see in their imaginations will kill us all without their products to save us when it's obvious that is hustle, while "the science" claims that repurposed chemical waste from China put in vaccines and pills are safe when they are ineffective has been called out as yet another fraud of "the science".

So to solve the lies of climate change instead of going all in on Nu Clear energy that would be reliable and save tonnes of energy, they ruin open spaces where people often go to "recharge" as they install power sucking skyscrapers of disabled energy systems.



By 1997 there was still no evidence of purification of any virus. There is no proof any virus exists without purification.

In 2024 there remains NO purification of any virus. 220 institutions admit this in writing.

So if they never found it what the hell is going on? Lets ask the PERTs (not ex PERTs) let's ask the PERTs such as those at the PERTh Group.

"By 1997 there was no purification of HIV"

Cell membrane vesicles are major contaminant samples of HIV preparations.

Note the name Hans R. Gelderblom, he is a top notch world's best electron microscopy imagery scientist that said what they claimed was HIV was more like cellular debris, that the virologists see in the interpretation of imagery to be what they wanted it to be. In other words, those selling HIV were hustling their opinions that fit the model of a terrified public thinking there was something out there causing a new disease and with this photograph it would be fake proof thus giving more rise to treatment$$$$$$$$$$$ to fill their portfolios. Kary Mullis the inventor of the misinterpreted PCR magnification process that does not see any virus while virologists make claims it does, said that once they convinced the public they proved their fake HI virus was real with photos "they all became multi millionaires" and that they have an agenda and that "Fauci thinks he can see a virus" and that "he doesn't know anything about anything and he'd say that to his face".

CONTAMINATED SAMPLES cannot prove existence of any virus yet the industry uses these to make wild claims of variants and such.

You know those pictures they claim are viruses? Those are showing you vesicles.

Vesicles are found on lava rock. You know those holes there, they are vesicles. Did not realize how much viruses are like lava rocks did you?


image credit Benjamín Núñez González

These not living things called "viruses" cannot even float in the air any more than a vesicle of lava rock would.

Vesicles are a small membranous cavity! Thats really what a virus is. Perth Group especially points out the science on this to clear things up like clearing up the vesicles of acne on the virologist's faces. They are also artifacts like the lava rock. They are not living things any more than a rock. They never see viruses moving about in these fluids. Their whole story about it being some floaty air thing is bullshit. Virology is a total fraud. Test the air. They can't because VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST. They are dangerous unicorns. They are stories.

Close up view of the cavity they call a virus. Today we would add to it's nametag it's proper pronoun. That would be cavity said then as "Hello my name is circular cavity coronavirus nothing".

Anything or anyone can wear a name tag. That is what virology is, providing name tags to artifacts of cellular debris.

It's a "corona" because it's round and it's a virus because it's a cavity.

We could more accurately even call it round corona cavity virus that just sits around not doing much of anything like a cavity (virus) on your tooth.

So you caught a round cavity?

Catching round cavities is like catching round cavities in sidewalk. They are not caught.

Chemicals, water, erosion cause cavities in a sidewalk. Same with cells seen in these electron microscope images.

Modern medi $in based on virology for teeth would then tell us round cavities fly in the air and when it lands on your tooth it causes it to decay.

See how absurd their claims are now?

A tooth decay does not transmit nor do round cavities they call viruses.

Maybe the sugar causes cavities and it flies in the air like viruses.

Cells have round cavities, they tell us these are virus that fly in the air. Hogwash.

Teeth have cavities, the same science then would tell us that they fly in the air.

That's "the science" they used to scare you in 2020.

This is really how bad the claims that there are viruses that "transmit" and are "pathogenic" and can cause disease.

Another example, there are pits in your windshield from sand blowing on it in the desert.

They look at the windshield and say "those are viruses" (round cavities).

So after hearing this NOVEL fiction story about corona cavities (vesicles) government freaks out by these conniving health agencies such as the CDC and it's Hustlers In Virology (HIV) so it shuts the world down to stop the spread of cavities in windshields believing it's a safety issue so it makes it an emergency as obviously some windshields are sick with the round (corona) vesicle and their science says any windshield can catch it and create a problem for the public. The problem is the Hutlers In Virology (HIV).

Just like they tried to stop the corona cavity from spreading amongst people who had some noticible vesicles in their body fluids that were mixed with cow baby abortion parts, monkey kidney vesicles ground up into a pate, and chemicals they call culturing to merely find FEATURES when all they are finding is VESICLES OF A CELL or to make it easy to understand it's like finding holes in a rock and saying it has a disease because most rocks are smooth when the rock that fell out of the science's head is a lava rock filled with vesicles..

Getting the depth of their lies yet?

All photos are either cartoon graphic nonsense or images of septic sludge ARTIFACTS and are not living things so even if this was in a lab it can't escape as it's dead. For that matter all they do now is print out "sequences" of mathematical models on a computer. That's all that escapes.

The human tissue or fluid samples are "cultured" which is basically poisoned which causes chemical changes with chemicals and septic stew which makes odd things happen when you pour accidentally nail polish REMOVER a strong chemical on paint or plastic, melting it. It's similar to how those crystallin spikes you see happens when the windshield crystallizes in overnight in cold weather except that is a physical change of water, not a chemical change. Still it's like the the study of their imaginary viruses would see this image of water crystallizing and make wild claims of how it changes form thus that is proof that water becomed permanently damaged, or that when it's seen on a windshield "it causes permanent damage to the windshield" when we all know water just does this because of freezing temperatures, changing forms, never changing what it is, H20, it always remains what it is and to make permanent changes to a windshield "pitting it" would take decades if it even could accomplish that (not likely) but "the science" would come gushing out of the HIV mouths saying that caused the pitting when anyone with a non hustle brain would point out that sand blasting is what does it.

image by Brocken Inaglory

  What's "crystallizing" like this (changing form) is the culture medium of provable absolute ingredients such as bloody ground up aborted cows and monkeys mixed with drano like chemicals, in the lab, no virus just all that crap is what they derive their "pictures of a virus" as they claim it's activated by these chemicals to emerge from the cells of the monkey and cow blood stew. It's science FICTION that's virology.

It's like the junk science of virology would get a job studying sinks, and noticing a clog, claiming that would ruin the sink making it never function properly again, then to be able to see the alleged cause of this, they would be pouring drano in a sink and expecting the clog to remain as it is but it will change form chemically. To prove what is there in a clog quality science would pull out the clog as it is and look it over. Virology pours chemicals and biological septic sludge and mixes it with human samples thus it's nothing like what it was. So virology studies the artifacts after they have chemically altered the sample. So it shows things emerging so they can photograph "the cause" of the clog. Like hello, anyone that understands these basics knows that wouldn't show the cause of the clog. So this process the virologist looking for viral causes of sink clogs notices that the test sample changes form (because of chemical reactions) and they see "spikes" like the crystalization, they see craters, they say "see we found the cause of the clog". They would of course then claim they have clog prevention pills and injections to stop and prevent this "cause" being a virus crater that they never show it ever actually transmitting from sink to sink. This is really the same kind of junk science in what they do to find a "virus" which is just a pile of junk yard cellular breakdowns of tissues like what Drano does to a clog (actually that stuff never worked any time I used it what can work is pouring laundry detergent in full strength and let it sit overnight even for toilet clogs). No image of a vesicle "virus" is ever "seen" by anyone in it's natural form thus it's junk science to claim they know anything about what they see other than the $$$$ signs that keep flashing in bright neon green that is their ticket to their portfolio health.

Watch the short clip from House Of Numbers and The Perth Group 2 minute mention of this about VESICLES (craters) where they present a photo that looks like lava rock as we see here (is this lava rock under the electron microscope, could be, or possibly the vesicles in granite countertops that collect dirt and debris? What proof do any of these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) have that this image reflects what is going on inside the body? They have ZERO. This is an ARTIFACT. Like finding a fossil, there is no proof that a fossil of anything caused disease. It would be like finding a fossil of a "dinosaur" which is another fraud and saying "the dinosaur ate humans, caused extinction of humans, and then it was made extinct by giants that arrived on space ships which dropped off the human race as we know it today." Totally made up stuff to sell stuff.


All these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) ever see is vesicles of cellular debris. They make up stories to sell drugs and to pacify after their interlocking directorate$ scare you first over dangerous UNICORNS. That would include fake stream medias that are run by pHarma ad money that ultimately all comes out of your wallets.

Those junk news networks haven't reported on any of virologies LIES since the lie of HIV/AIDS 40 years ago. It would ruin their business model.

Those who practice their medi $in by the sea shore on the west coast are called Pacificists pronounced pa-cif-i-cysts and pHARM a cysts.

I never go to cysts for advice and this is not advice either this is entertainment, information, and education.

Jannik Sinner Defeats Tennis Legend Novak Djokovic in Aussie Open doctors and the science is telling everyone that it's because Novak never got vaccinated for Kovid Falling Off The Runaway Lies Syndrome 19X

Doctor Lee Merritt called out the lies of co-vid/666 early on and now covers the real story of "the labs" and compares todays re-al-a-tea to a T to that of the TRU Man Show. In cluded in the broad podcast is mention of the founder of virology shoving putrid messes of brains into monkeys brains, watching them get paralysis and using his junk science to start claiming that "a virus" causes polio and Dr. Stefan Lanka who called out this whole virology fraud in court and won his case proving no viruses exist.

David Knight show and guest journalist from Lancaster news paper discuss the Amish farmer that sells healthy food.


OMG the Roman Empire never fell it just mutated like imaginary viruses into Christianity!

As per Amazon's book description, "A profound and controversial investigation of a complex theme - the war that led to the fall of Jerusalem and the creation of the Christian religion. The religious and political battle between the people of Judea and the Jewish and Roman aristocracies is presented in an unconventional narrative, which investigates ancient evidence, quotes from the work of respected authorities on the subject, and states controversial opinions openly. Its main conclusion is that the New Testament (the new law) was created by a powerful senatorial family called the Calpurnius Pisos, who had the full support of their relatives, the Herodian royal family (the family of ‘Herod the Great’), and the Flavian emperors, with the Piso family hiding their name within the Koine Greek scriptures. The result is a book that is both provocative and compelling. Using valuable feedback from Cambridge and Oxford University professors, Henry Davis explains why the supposed Jewish Historian, Flavius Josephus, never existed, how the Book of Revelation presents the name of the Piso family member who oversaw the creation of the Christian scripture, and the reason the number 666 was changed to 616. Davis also explains the facts behind the personal and political reasons that led to the Roman and Jewish royal families creating a new religion, and how the Piso family used the literary techniques of the aristocracy to insert their names into the scriptures."

Pantlesssexuals added to inclusive exclusive acronymaniacs list of terms so now it's PLGBXET+_-QWRTYH and thus as a pantlesssexual I shall be equally welcome everywhere I go pantless based on diversity, inclusion, and equity policies which are only good for getting eyeballs to sell ad space.

Clearing the air: The hype obsessive compulsive cleaning the air energy transition mob would have you believe you are healing the planet as it forces (rapes) it's "transition" into supporting with toothpicks HANDICAPPED energy systems, just like how it forces you to accept routine chopping off of body parts to "transition" into being the person God & The Devil didn't create you to be. It's all about CORONAtion.

Modern a Medi $in came too close to killing me. They are not the best at health they are better at hellth. Why do they routinely use knives and inject salt water or bizarre chemical brews? I'll take witch craft over medi sin any day. Doctors were bribed to push the experimental cOvId-19.666 vaccines which of course obviously killed some people as evil is right there in the name. Seems to be about wealth not health. Some try to do good others know what they are doing. Congress* should stop them but that's a joke, they are all in this together, portfolio health first! One of it's best portfolio filling routines is raping bodies and slicing off what is like delimeat from baby men's most sacred private part to feed hungry portfolios. Instead of congre$$ taking up this matter of theft of body parts as one of utmost importance in protecting babies that some force out of the womb by law then gleefully watch the doctor cut the fuck off part of the baby man's dick, called the cutsy name "circumcision" as if it's a friendly knife going in a circle cutting out a childrens blue color craft paper circle to then add white paint and sparkles to make fluffy clouds  and rainbows, and put it on the refrigerator. Instead, it's selling that natural protective body part of necessary skin for profit, a hood that acts as a shield, a huge section of God given skin that without it makes sex like black and white instead of natural living color, they rather make sure California and New York steals tax revenues from out of state transactions "to be fair" as it continues to drive policy that Uhauls businesses out of the state. The doctors and parents are so lost in this religious and sacrificial cutting cult of theirs. Those not trapped in the cult observed that physicians were ignorant of the anatomy and physiology of the body parts they were routinely removing from genitalia of infants and children, and not at all aware of the lifetime of harm it causes. To test this out ask your physican if changing a body part from naturally being able to evert and invert** compared to not being able to do this has any effect on a human male. Notice the retarded cluele$$ look on the face where they all have INTACT lips, as no one ever amputated sensitive lips as these criminals do to babies lips on their dick. This is what the phallus skin sheath does when left intact, everts and inverts. No other structure has this unique function. Then ask how many nerves that bring an experience to the brain and body from that body part are chopped the fuck off by these dick hackers.  learn more *6% of the public rate congress as trustworthy ** actually lips can evert and invert, you can avoid a kiss by inverting lips bringing them inward so the sensitive area is not touched, when they cut off the mans hood it is like removing this sensation of lips it is a sick and disgusting and perverted thing to do to babies, boys, young men, and by the time they are adults if they have kept their hood they would NEVER ALLOW such a horrific body part stealing thing to be done to them that is why the perverts do this at younger ages and at their most innocent, vulnerable, and HELPLESS as babies

Here's how the male baby develops in the womb, notice how similar the growth of the PROTECTIVE FORESKIN develops. It looks like the baby's head and arms and hands growing out of the body covering over it's head and raising arms to heaven saying "Praise God".

The effect of cutting off half the sheath is like removing 1/2 of a roof and expecting a home or business to function the same as with a full protective roof over it as it was meant to be by the gods of proper and natural construction and function.

These sickos in moderna medi $in think they are making an improvement on the master of building, function, and design of human bodies but for those who are religous, that even flies in the face of their own religious doctrines, and many of these doctrines contradict themselves as well. We were created in the image and likeness of God. Slicing part of it's most reproductive organ that creates more images of GOD in physical form changes that into something else. It lessens that God image. It makes it into some peverted image. So we have perverts peverting God's image.

They are so lost in their delu$ion$ of grandeur we see them also routinely hunting dangerou$ unicorn$.

Last season they locked the unvaccinated out of daily life even though that "get your life back" coersion game shot of pHarma goo could have been salty water PLACEBO and people thought they were protected when it was absolute zero


Kari Lake reminisces about missing the good old Trump daze, she misses "bulls in China shoppes" wrecking everything. Hey hon, who will clean up that mess? Can't stand that woman. Same mold.

81 MILLION VOTES MY ASS? They are all loony toons!

TV sick box

 for someone to "be" unvaccinated they first have to be vaccinated then have that vaccine puss removed so NO ONE WAS UNVACCINATED, NO ONE
loony regurgitators throw up everything they are fed all over the public, they all regurgate in circles virology's nonsense junk science and stories made up in a lab
it's the same games of word play for profit as when we say "uncurcumcised" to make it sound a certain way for a reason
the man's cock cannot be changed back after it's been transformed making them transexual
there are no uncircumcised people anywhere on earth there is only INTACT or CUT THE FUCK OFF OF THEIR MAN HOOD
all these hu$tler$ use clever cutting of language to achieve their goal$
NONE OF THEM CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH they care about their wealth and their own health
they just care about their junk science selling you garbage
keep your WELLness intact stay the fuck away from this industry that routinely circumcises the mind and baby man's dicks
which changes their sexual experience from color to black & white and none of the loony toons in governing
have the balls to stop this horror

HE calls out the scum of the WHO live!

note the only thing that comes from labs is story telling, there are no viruses
they spit out all this garbage "sequencing" on their computers,
see details below on the
Ilumina MiniSeq system

A corona is a circle. The sun and the moon have coronas. They are optical illusions based on light and water. Light in the sky can be seen as stars. A borealis is seen in the shape of a crown. That is also a corona, a crown. That King-19 of viruses keeps wearing a corona that as he speaks he keeps going in circles and spinning his subjects the same. Roundabout-19 injection mandates have mutated into womandates and transdates so you really are left clueless what they are though mildly entertained at times and sometimes get letter worded. Would you bee-leeve that there are some still on the books long after it was proven that mantra of this religion "safneffective" was for relative S&E not absolute S&E when we do the better analyis they provide ABSOLUTE ZERO protection. Is anything said by the coronated science in virology that always talks in halos and optical phenomena making any sense? No. Corona viruses are better described as ghosts.

It took FDA committee 9 hours to determine nothing on October 22 2020. I condensed it to 8 minutes. Listen and learn their song and dance steps in how to con the public into accepting China's chemical waste pumped direct into their body, not just sprayed as they do, not just poured into blood streams from foods they eat, injected right through their protecive layers of their body. Hey where's that vaccine shot up vaginas and into mother given birth natural dick protection  removed, sliced the fuck off and used for nefarious gain$ you lying cons in medi sin pHarma cystery? Public con artists SUCH AS TRUMP and those in their bent virus worlds of delusion at FDA and the likes moved at warp speed to bring your their latest greatest hustle-19 that took 4 years for that conditioning to clear up. I created a presentation that explains what standard definitions of what CORONA is and it reflects the utter nonsense of fast tracking anything especially health treatment protocols using fabulously junk science products at warp speed, in the 15 minute video I took the 9 hour long FDA committee hearing on October 22, 2020 on "the vaccine" warp speeding it down to 8 minutes with added music for fun and flavor to add to any healthy diet of shunning moderna medi sin's shit science. WATCH IT HERE

Doctor who refused to bow down to the Kings & Queers of vaccine rape that demanded everyone show their devotion to the god of pHarma Sea fluids in Canada has his charges brought by the "College of Physicians" DROPPED which is what could only happen as they all knew that forcing by coersion any person to be their roaming lab rats was serious violation of ethics and that more than likely the courts would decide that mandates were illegal, which is exactly what happened.. The doctor made the K&Q pretty mad because he was giving out vaccine exemptions when the K&Q refused them for anyone, yet roundcirclecorn-19 was an experiment!!! They went against the Neurenburg code!!!! Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom stood up for him. Stand up for yourself. No vaccine stops the spread of what does not exist. THE HELLTH ORDERS WERE ILLEGAL. Decided in court 2023. Dr. Stefan Lanka proved in German Court that viruses do not exist. All the HELLth departments continue to throw out the memo and when anyone asks they all say "I can't hear you" with fingers in their ears where then they repeat sending memos out to staff and associates saying they are required to keep their fingers in their ears during work hours and any time anyone mentions how viruses are dangerous unicorns as they have medi sin and treatment theater performances and rehearsals to handle so next X arrives they are ready to dance like they are all auditioning for Ellen and they are so clueless they are not aware that after Sandra Bullock was on Ellen wearing face cream made of baby male body part FORESKIN the show ended. Good riddance.

There remains dispute as to who actually painted a 14th century image as seen below with the dude holding a crystal ball some say it was made by Leonardo DaVinci and others say Salvator Mundi which for all we know might be the same person and he would never shop Hole Foods by paying with his palmsoul as that store is designed for those who have wholes in their heads.

Buffalo hosted a foot ball game.

As noticed on a post card for sale on ebay west Texas increased in population 10x over 40 years so when the anti immigration freaks who's ancestors also migrated from somewhere and start pouring their displeasure all over you and others, bring this up along with "who ate all the buffalo cows?" as all those European migrants came in and took over the buffalo cow's native territory, who rounded them up? The Mexicans that came in from where they already lived, in California? The Indians all said they had nothing to do with the near extinction of Buffalo though the chips remain in Vegas.

Richard Hatchett CEO of yet another big profiteering scheme the Coalition For Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CFEPI) says "we can't stop future outbreaks of pandemics" so why is he there at DAVO$. To make money off this fake ass preparedness for fake ass fake PAN demics of debauchery to hunt and prepare for what does not exist invisible ghosts called "viruses" yea that's what they are GHOSTS. To Richard's credit he does appear sincere. Rebel News caught up with him and asked questions. The dude claims "the pandemic killed millions and millions of people". The plan is to develop vaccines in a more rapid period of time. Yea that was the plan for the last few decades, they finally pulled it off but he's in virus wonderland as are many and our goal here is to end that nonsense.

Much of the world's population worships PAN without even realizing it

Viruses do not exist. PAN is real. Be afraid of PAN not dangerous unicorns, no don't be afraid, they are all illusions

Here is an ancient artists impression made in ceramic tile of PAN, image provided by sailko. Ceramic tile is real, viruses that cause PAN demics are not. Our next PAN demic of debauchery poured over humanity by the drug dealers of medi sin may be like tar and feathers. The next PAN demic they are teasin' everyone with now with previews is a wider space X demic. It might even be a disease XXX filled with sensual escapades they will again blame sex as they like controlling that a lot, just look what they did to 666,666,666 baby men at birth chopping off 60% of their cock skin to make them enjoy sex in only black & white instead of the full color experience of sex that they were born with foreskin. Pay attention kiddies PAN is the ancient Greek imaginary god of mischief and debauchery. Drug gods are full of it. Funny thing in Yemen at noon everyone gets high on qat. Must be fun. In America they poison their indoor air with qac. Not fun. Much of Satan's iconograpy is based in PAN. We might be headed into the pits of a new even more dangerous SATANdemic if those WHORN2 creating PANdemonium continue to be in charge.

CEO of Bayer was so pleased that Fauci and Rick Bright created "excitement" to create a PANick that caused humanity to drop it's weapons of self defences, saying that people would have never allowed their bodies to be injected with alleged RNA genetic engineering devices had they been calm and collected in a normal state of mind and not in a panic, and not terrified of a new NOVEL/FICTION story that all these liars in drug idealing are always telling their customers. They call this kind of manipulation of the public succe$$. Native Americans had a different approach to health, healing, and managing and reversing dis-ease conditions long ago and the planet loved them for it. They should run for President as all the Unintact States of America candi dates in the demographic rat sea race are in the same drug dealing ship and it's sinking as people wake up to the lies of big pHARMa and it's rats running amok everywhere. For the record there is no evidence their science fiction of RNA injectible genetic engineering helping or harming anyone. There are only patents. A patent in such imaginary sciences is not absolute proof of it's claims any more than claiming any PAN demic is real as they trust the science fiction to manipultate people more than worrying about genetics.

No one on ERRth has ever proven any "virus" exists in humans, it's all bullshit theory

Dr. David Resnik has watched this Hustle In Virology (HIV) evolve over 40 years and is interviewed here back in 2021.

In 2017, Salvator Mundi, attributed in whole or part to Leonardo Da Vinciref was sold at auction for US$450.3 million, setting a new record for the most expensive painting ever sold at public auction.

Welcome to the copulated world where agencies uinfy with the International Fake Station and it's photos of ERRth

This image is so close to ERRth that if there were ugly white colonist wind turbines in the ocean here we would see them. NASA which is powered using with your green $$$ energy that is created purely by ERRth based fuels tell us this image was captured with lens that is like human vision. Clearly this is NOT 259 miles away. Clouds on ERRth are a mere 2 miles up or so. The curve is OBVIOUSLY photoshopped. Take that away and you see the distance even better. It appears to show ERRth as an oblong blob, not a round sphere and not showing it a perfecly circular reason like a corona fraud. Or maybe not as the black "space" area is not wearing a uniform. Looks like 25 miles up. Felix Bumgartner made it to 22.5 miles up. That distance would not show any curve. So either space admins are lying or photos keep talking too much while lying. It's a lot of lying around spending our money either way. is what is claimed to be up there at ten times the distance.

Throughout history cultures trusted their leaders. Nations would work together for one common goal. Some things never change no matter how much math is used at warp speed that always when applied to reality creates bent illusions.

Wind turbines in Palm Springs where's it's been rather cold at night in winter use electric heaters powered from the robust earth fuel grids maintained to keep the turbines warm how is that saving the planet? It's not. Wind and solar and viruses are all hustles used to keep portfolios well blanketed with your green $$$. So here we have wind farm trickle energy pumped in to the grids occasionally then pulling it back out to run electric heaters. Net zero energy. A giga watt out a giggle watt in. This energy is dangerous as hundreds of good people died in Texas during 2021 collapse of this disabled handicapped energy. It cannot sustain iteself nor a population. It's garbage. These systems of fake energy are such junk get this, "When wind speed drops to 1/2, you go down to just 1/8th of the potential power." What the hell kind of energy is that? That in itself is net loss. It's a money sucking corona spinning in circles mesmerizing those who get hypnotized.

Peggy Hall on the constitution and the Orange County court case of hers that asks that the county be forced to obey law regarding emergency declarations of alleged public health concerns with these public officials continuing their wild and dangerous Virus Hunting Seasons (VHS).

In-n-Out closing in Oakland because of liberal nuts. The types in governing nuttery that were all in on circle-19 obsessive compulsive "public safety" chasing dangerous unicorns all over the place while doing nothing about crime. The kind of nuts that chase climate unicorns everywhere thinking they will catch them. It was a busy and profitable location that despite installing "security" the employees were not secure and their cars were constantly being vandalized. That's liberal nut governing no-fault assurance. Goooooooo Republican! Go go gooooooo R - E - P, gimme a REP, U - B, gimme a UB, L - I - C - K, gimme a LICK, I - C - A - N, gimme an ICAN, RE-PUB-LICAN, RE-PUBLICAN, REPUBL-ICAN, GOOOOOOOOOOOOO REPUBLICAN! Why would anyone vote democ-RAT? When we called a liberal goon who claimed they spoke for everyone, the response was, "Good riddance to that horrible evil company." The video can be found in quite a few computer trash cans if you forrage through those you will find it.

Government says it's too early to evaluate if EV are safe and effective after they said they were a billion joules as after just one month there are so many mad EV owners as it's taking them days to charge these pieces of crap.

Who's racist in Ireland? note this is an aivid see if you notice why

I think there will be a surprise in 2024 P-lection. The 350 million who reside in the Unintact States of America are not in control they just play the game of Votopoly. In that game the same players always win. If you think the Unintact Population State (UPS) is in control reflect back to 2020 and the pit of moderna medi sin hell they fell into and tell me again that they are in control, no don't it's sickening, they couldn't even stop themselves from going to drive through rape sites being used as experiments for alleged genetic engineering experimentation on them instead of monkeys. The Hustlers In Virology (HIV) scammed them on, yet again, bigger and bolder and laughable scheme than ever before. Even the head of Bayer pHARM noticed this in his amazement how Fauci & Bright could create a PAN demic to get them to do what they would not do without there being such a fake emergency to prod them all into herd mentality which then led to them abandoning their businesses to slow the spread and enjoy the pleasures of suffocation with air filtration and uninfectant sprays in their indoor spaces with virus pesticides (viricides) that are posions now putrifying the air everywhere where parents are so deluded by this nonsense they even allow their children to be nose air intake manifold to be raped by these poisons. Maybe who the same ol' same ol' winners of Votopoly that install who they choose as they always win the game (well almost always then when they lose they quickly win again) will change things? Better bet on 00 if you think that way you have better odds. Only the people can get things on the right track, if they undelude. They're off to a good start shunning vaccines which are all based 100% on junk science though many will again fall into the next trap of patches that instead of doctors and nurses making the delivery with those awful needles, they will market this new painless patch. Mark my words even though you erased them when I warned about cOvId-666 that nasty pit disease that ruined 2020 - 2023 pretty thoroughly for most of the world though I'm sure that pales in comparison to the other dark ages of history. Humanity needs more than hope for the best, it needs to keep undeluding it's ourselves our friends and the system and to stop putting sleasy salesmen on pedestals especially those that work for drug dealers as so many of them during period of history called HindSight-2020. Explain to me how walls stop illegal entry when gates don't. Trump built his election success in 2016 as a sleasy used slogan saleman extrordinaire as he is on "build the wall" as a way to save the US from aliens landing from all over ERRth's various planets or something and here we see border patrol merely opening the gates, letting illegal entrifiers in where they get in the limouzines like Trump does and hang with friends as far as these poor are concerned that's basically how it feels, they are thrilled to not be stuck in the wilderness, on their way to living in the world of plenty, food, allowances, jobs, and more where that came from.

Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board owns Pattern Energy which owns many wind and solar farms in Canada, US, Mexico and also owns Petco so the money we waste on these handicapped wind and solar "energy" systems and our expensive over priced pet foods that are not always that healthy for our pets is POWERING PENSIONS not our homes. Here they are seen wearing air filters. Did they not get the memo from HELLth departments mentioning that we are not cars, we have both an air intake and exhaust, filters on faces don't do anything. They work for cars and trucks and filtering coffee grounds not dangerous unicorns. Maybe they got the memo now that HELLth departments also cannot prove any viruses exist, they admitted that in writing. Even CDC admitted it. I hope they aren't invested too heavily in biomedical research as that's going to tank when people realize there are no viruses to go to war with, that we live in a virus free world.

We live on a flat. We are not going in circles even though everyone keeps going in circles.

Like with predators at sea that corona it's prey the Sun circles the ERRth and eventually we will all be burned. Speaking of things getting heated, Judge McCONville in Orange County California rules on Peggy Hall case she filed against the county to try to make them obey the law with their never ending fake emergency declarations where they never revisit the need for them to either justify continuing it or ending it each 30 days or so, they just let it continue into eternity as it's a pipeline to your cash to "keep you safe" and effectively watch the money pour in as they still have a hellth emergency declared. It's one man rule for the entire state says Peggy flabberghasted. It's a great episode on Medi Sin's dictator ship that is sinking and guess who gets the life jackets you do as you bailed on them early on. She says she will apeel I think she means appeal, apeel is a safe and effective toxic coating on organic produce! Made by Bill U. Gates the multi bill-u-naire which rhymes with snare and i'mamillioniaireandidon'tcare and not fair, apeel claims to be able to power 1,000,000 homes with free energy that won't go bad it will just look bad like wind and solar farms that ruin our open spaces with thier dedicated handicapped parking space allotments whereas the cities have none.

We live in a virus free world so as the corona hole is a circular vortex they suck you into to sell you drugs with their circular reasoning. They sell you the idea that without them your body can't function. Their claims go in circles and you get drawn in almost hypnotically if you listen to any of it and watch their hypnotic ads. Modern medi sin cannot heal anything only the body can do that. Nature handles climate nature handles healing. One dude saw gas bubbles in a microscope after having made a mixture of body fluids transmission fluids rat poison fluid and carbonated water. He called it proof that was a virus. He called it polio. The Hustlers In Virology (HIV) have been going in coronas ever since.

so one of the messages FDA presented was the vaccines contained placebos

many people never got the memo

many messengers appear to communicate their message that viruses are illusions

then end up singing to the choir

and go in circles

the problem is they are never seen as they do this in the daylight only heard

a vaccine for mild disease? isn't that like taking a sledgehammer to a watermelon? vaccines are known to have severe dangers even causing death. the Hustlers In Virology keep saying one size vaccine fits all and every health range there is. every buy socks on ebay from China? the xxl size is fit for someone in 1st grade. ever buy groceries? there's a baby food isle. it's like baby food would be suitable for adults one size fits? they can keep their mild and no disease vaccines and and special risk group vaccines all the same hustle of repurposed chemical waste products thank you for curbing your constant lies please. the branch of biology and medi sin called virology is dead. cut it off. everything they do is hustle.

Kary Mullis, the inventor of "HIV tests" and "COVID tests"

He said: What they call "tests" are not that at all, they are magnifiers, they can't find any virus. It it cannot diagnose any disease. Fauci doesn't know anything about anything, he thinks he can look under a microscope and see a virus. Hustlers In Virology (HIV) have bastardized it's use to defraud the public. The HIV said: "It's safe & effective we have an endless supply of computer calculations that experts on Uranus have presented to us that prove we know our shit" and they didn't even realize how that sounded.

Escaped from a lab? Nonsense.

Here's where they create these "viruses" on a special computer that sits on a table in a laboratory. You could have one of these at home if you use billions of tax payer and hellth insurance plan money, and "make viruses" there like they make them in the lab. Then when they escape you have everyone's attention and you can sell them stuff. That's what the virology hustle does. They escape from the lab or your kitchen either through the internet or on paper or on a thumb drive. It's code. That's all that ever escapes. There is no virus. It's "sequences" of numbers. There is no particle of matter like 1/1000th the size of dust all they have is number crunching. They are making everything up out of their science fiction minds. That's why they call these NOVELS of ficton. Novels are actually more real as we see them sold on Ebay all the time but novel viruses always remain computer code except that they now design vaccines based on these codes and pretend that these objects of odd chemical formulas do not have viruses nor do they ever have any physical form, they not once ever isolate any virus they allege exists from biological messes they do create in labs in pietre dishes sometimes that are sickening mess of body parts and fluids from monkeys they kill off in labs after they torture them for months, aborted cow fetus blood, and an array of cell destroying chemicals, they look at a sample of that mess under electron microscope that radiates it like an xray which then also affects the brew, and they say "look ma there's a virus" when all they are doing is putting arrows in pictures that show round cells with broken down membranes and breaking into pieces, they call that a virus, it's Horseshit In Virology (HIV).

here's a tip: they are imainary so you can even make them when you sleep without this device
all it takes is using your imagination like the junk science of virology does


They scare you by showing you image of them wearing "protection" as if they need to protect themselves from dangerous computer code that could kill them. That's all that is created in the lab ones and zeros.

there is no real object of harm escaping from labs unless maybe one of these guys was mad and started kicking tires or something in the parking lot

If viruses were the cause and people "caught it" by being close, then why does 220 institutions including CDC and California Department of PublicHealth and others say they have no documents showing proper isolation of any virus to prove they exist? This ongoing claim that viruses cause disease when they have not been proven to exist is like the salesman claiming he has a used car to sell you and you go there and there is nothing there but an empty car lot with lots of signs saying "used cars" and he points to the signs and says sign the contract he will deliver it as you by chance notice a bus to Mexico with illegals is there across the street, you notice he's Mexican, his suit is not the best, more like from a thrift shop, and you then turn to him and ask for ID and he has an excuse.

Homestead in Wyoming with no narration a model for the nation. watch

Dr. Jayne Ruby looks at the idea of trusting "peer reviewed journals" and it's pitfalls. Hustler In Virology (HIV) McCullough relies on "in silico" science in his testimony that makes people believe a pong ball is real. He blocked her after she kept analyzing the anomalies that Peter relies on to sell his nutrition products that he touts as saving people from the imaginary spike protein. Her talk about how these studies work is great.

Tom Cowan asks the question "Why is there not a single published paper showing the direct binding of any pathogenic virus directly in the fluid of any sick plant animal or human being not once"

September 28, 2022


4:40 mentions how even the scientific community admits it can't be done Malone is there speaking Tom comments after

 "you can not find any virus called sars cov 2 in any sputum of any sick person everyone agrees with that"

reason is there is not enough virus to see

even though they tell us "the lungs are teeming with viruses"

they claim billions of viruses yet they tell us they can't find them

so this is such an obvious contradiction

Tom Cowan calls this out logically explaining in more detail

"why can't you find it in the lungs" he wants us to ask these Hustlers In Virology (HIV)

Dr. Stefan Lanka
watch him here

In 2018 he proved in German court the measles virus does not exist. If indeed it does not exist what is the basis for California and many other places mandating the measles vaccine? There is NONE, well, except or that pesky little annoyance called greed and quest to fill portfolio$ with your money. The court case proved there is no basis in law to mandate the vaccine. This applies to every other vaccine as they are all based on illusions and assertions, not absolute fact AND EXPLAINS the push at warp speed to introduce new technology using mRNA as all vaccines are based on the imaginary belief in viruses. No virus has ever been isolated to prove existence, all they ever see in a microscope is biological sludge. They use computers to model, make things up as they go. It's the biggest hustle on the planet. Virology always presents as solution to inject people with chemical concoctions is financial based smoke, mirrors, elaborate dog and pony shows based on LIE$. Dr. Stefan Lanka is in the small group of the finest scientist of all scientists in the entire world, a great human being. His works should be fundamental to all study in virological thought leading us on better pathways to health and the human condition. Measles was on the decline in the 1960's not due to vaccines it was due to environmental changes that can include changes in toxin exposures. The entire virus blame game has been proven to be wrong.


no deaths in the hospital from rebranded flu until they were raped by pHARM a cysts

June Almeida And The First “Coronavirus” EM Images (1967)

That's no virus it's cellular breakdown stew. They mix aborted cow fetus blood with dead monkey parts after they torture and experiment on those helpless creatures, then throw in a brew of chemicals, freeze it, slice it thin, go to the deli to get a sandwich, come back and look at their slice in this very expensive machine that radiates it with poison rays, then they say they found a virus. Junk science at great expense to the public.

June Almeida became an electron microscope expert, using the device to create detailed pictures of human cells and viruses.
Researcher David Tyrrell asked her for help identifying a mysterious virus; she created these detailed images.
MUST CREDIT: Left photo: Courtesy Joyce Almeida; right photos: Courtesy of Joyce Almeida and A.J. Tyrrell

In 1967, June Almeida presented a paper supposedly showing the first EM images of the “coronavirus” structure. These images were published two years after D.A. Tyrrell discovered the B814 strain in 1965 and a year after Dorothy Hamre discovered strain 229E in 1966. The samples that Almeida used to characterize the previously unseen “viruses” were… Continue reading

corona = circle next they will find the square virus then the merry-go-corona virus

Funny how the high horse loons at the globalist dangerous clown show forum don't make sure they wear their face diapers when this weird lady blows her spit and dangerous breath all over them on stage. Was she tested with junk science tests for the 666 trillion virus variants there are in the "in silico" world they live in? Oh, wait, surprise, notice it looks like a mask. They are doing it again, subliminal programming for the next "X marks the spot fraud disease" like how they prepped us for Kovid falling off the Project Runway wearing a mask in 2019. Shows subliminally that it's safe to breathe on the people on stage wearing an air filter on a vehicle that uses the exhaust also as an intake manifold which makes the corona hole go in circles. Notice the color used, red, blood as in tests, red as in those bins to throw away used syringes. Also watch for red used when they get to the safe and effective new patch vaccine stage on their world stage. Then the corona around the posie claims that everyone needs a patch and mandating patches to enter a building and what ever marketing goo that sticks. An0maly called out the lies of virology and breath control measures on day two of 2020 Horseshit In Virology (HIV) scam. I called it out on day -666 and so did many others. Beware they never stop with new and old well proven brainwashing techniques also known as adversizing and political sloganeering and sales pitches. This is why I don't watch TV it's all marketing for drug companies. I will always feature for you those who who were and are at the forefront of slamming down those lies that claim a particle of matter that DOES NOT EVEN EXIST can harm anyone as these are all scams presented by deceitful companies all in together for massive profiteering. If the dangerous unicorn hunters get a hold of this image they will say they saw a new threat and say they need $8 billion to study this new strain of threats. Really, their science is as stupid as that. People should transmissionate the term "world economic forum" into meaning "world marketing department competition and beauty show" as that's all this is about is money. They got attention on this one, videos being made poking fun, analysis, everyone left their old bandwagons got on this, everyone. An0maly says in this episode of his Dream Rare podcast he is the modern day MLK. Comments on Matt Goetz lunacy and shilling and Trump scum. Comments on Howard nut case lunatic Stern who doesn't get why he got so sick breathing his exhaled air back in and sitting in the corner of a NYC compartment avoiding dangerous unicorns as An0maly has a fun take on that. Klaus father was a Nazi industrialist? David Knight made mention on 1/19/24.

The best of the best are those who acted like warriors they refused to be a roaming lab rat for the medicull industrial pHarm a complex shunning any injection of expermental who know what was in those things the whole idea is stupid our body is designed to handle any "virus" if it existed, they are story tellers. In contrast those like Jimmy Kimmell pushed their drug delusions with dancing vaccines, and so many like him in sell-ebrity-ism egonutiacs like Shwarznogger put people down which is what cults do.

Strickland loves the media and stands up for their freedom!

Support clean energy? Why?

All it's powering is the Navajo Nation with it's massive coal shipments to China to make these disabled handicapped energy systems and Wall Street portfolios around the world and wait 'till you hear this, it's also powering Canadian teachers pension funds using your energy so they can retire in style and use more fossil fuels than you!

American Indian wearing a feather head dress with arm raised and mountains in background shows the beauty of the native culture and the moutains of somewhere not spoiled by industry. Now these feathers are collected from the eagles that are smacked in the head dead from 666 foot tall wind turbine white colonist spinning occasionally massive ugly blades in the sky and people think this is saving the Native tribes around the world and helping not hurting mother nature and all her critter friends including mosquitoes that cannot possibly carry disease, it's too heavy.

World energy markets keep defying long-repeated predictions that coal’s days are over. In fact the Navajo Tribe in Arizona sells their massive quantities of coal to China while the goons in US governing keep lying about climate in order to fatten their portfolios like ones that power the Sierra Club and the ones that power Canada's teachers pensions and while we see such a huge push to feel sorry for Native Americans who's land was fake stolen from them while the Indian names for places are being ripped away we notice on maps that they have more land in Arizona than anyone in the US and as the camouflage energy wind and solar theatrical movie sets that provide pacifiers to the public gets installed surrounding Chevelon Canyon none of the property owners there have mineral rights to the coal under their land nor any electric power so lets talk equity shall we.

More coal burned on Earth in 2023 than ever before in human history
Jo Nova Blog as seen on Stop These Things

Carbon cleans water, it's in your water filtration so you have pure clean water. How much coal will be used to create less carbon cleansing particles in the air in this nonsensical obsessive cleaning of the air by removing what cleans the air?

archive of images on their home page show the beauty there without turbines and the installed ugly of an area that has turbines

Is this how you want the world to look everywhere?

TV doctorat pFill tells the parent that held down the child and berated the child scolding him in discipline that the father was a bully as pFill was all in on the Kovid runaway drama where he, his friends, and all those who build planes while flying them in governing, that held down the public for years, and he and his friends in pHarma scolded the children (the public) as they all acted like daddies and were bullies while they all made a lot of money at it whereas the parent did not make any money off his parenting when he was properly disciplining his child and pFill scolded the father and made the father feel he needed to apologize and never do that holding down of his boy ever again. Funny thing, pFill and friends are all in on supporting in every way the sickos that hold down baby men that those who are not parents will blodily slice off part of the baby men's dicks and sell that freshly cut skin for huge profits and call that hellth care and prevention as the mindwashed studio audience applauded that abuse of children. TV is sick get it the help it needs.

THEY ists will not allow TRUMP to be the Unitact States of America (USA) aka United States of Is Rayal as President. Watch for a surprise candidate to pop out of nowhere. Or we will all be told the corona x is here and time to hand over everything you own to the government to get your life back. I don't think the public will fall for it this time.

The little fraud man said "You want to be the STOP. The corona hole gets to you and you stop it from transmitting to others if you are pHarmas roaming pin cushion test subject distraction from the bigger issue, poisoning the daily air you breathe in all your indoor spaces for your hellth using quacky chemicals imported from China's chemical spillways". Did any one learn to shut the TV the fuck off? OMG people are still gobbling up their Horseshit In Virology (HIV) they are all hustlers.

There was a dream man who said the USG was the greatest purveyor of violence in the world. Ok, fine, many will agree. It's also the greatest purveyor of freedoms of religion and speech and prosperity and opportunity. So why is it what the dream man said is so true? Many reasons that it can't control unless it becomes like most other countries such as the rigid and less desirable dictatorships and monarchies that for billions of years had much more brutal wars. Too Many People (TMP) just jump on the easy to be critical bashwagons but it's all much more complex a matter than just noticing it and shouting about to an audience so let's step back from all that nauseating praise lavished on any one man that merely says what many think but don't fully understand.

THE ism (pronounced thu ism) and POLY the ism is like POLY god ism but not like POLY ester ism which is for plastic people that obsess about pixelizing themselves so they can live forever "in silico". THE ism of choice is POLY god ism, many gods, that's the best, some are gone but were here fighting wars, some were cooking, some are here nearby all around. Semenites would sacrifice children for their body fluids. Some semenites do this to this day. Some are anti-semenite. When I looked up Witchcraft I could not find the word "sacrifice" used anywhere while it was all over the fucking place on the page about Phonecians pronounced "phoney sea ans". It was also not under "theism". Having realized what is wrong with that pixel group, and after opening up yet another Internet's Box, I denounce all the isms that preach and practice sacrifice of any kind from this point on. I will not acknowledge any "need" to sacrifice and in particular any that would sacrifice foreskin for any purpose what so ever be they fake ass prevention efforts, cash flow, sick pleasure, or any other reason such as adding it to face cream to "look pretty" or any blood ritual we might not be told about such as reconstructive surgeries done by the slicing cults. The baby man is god born in god's image perfect with a hood over the head of his dick for a reason. The satanic cults and witches don't practice this sick ass dick cutting hood stealing sacrifice ritual from what the "out silico" science shows, why should you, because your Bible told you to, yea like that government told you to sacrifice your arm to pHarma gods, same horseshit, 2020 hindsight. Oh I just got an email, said some forms of witchcraft does practice dick cutting rituals, so that justifies it now. What fucking idiots. Get religions that abuse children the help it needs.

electric cars are shit in winter watch them suffer at the Tesla recharge station, calling tow trucks to find another charging station, what a zucking disaster and rofl. Last winter I was busy installing carbon blankets throughout my friends house as they were worried too about climate change, yes, they watch too much TV and send their kids to public brainwash adademy's. They installed all electric insisted on CO2 carbon blankets as insulation. I tried to tell them that hot air does not insulate, no matter how many sales people come over, even have Trump there the biggest blowhard on the planet, you still can't create enough CO2 to insulate as it won't stay put, convection rules. Then the power went out, ROFL. My gas heater floor unit needs no electric to power it, it just uses convection, a term that no climate idiot understands. I'm heating my home and keeping 4 neighbor familes who fell into the same electric fye everything trap warm until their shit electric house and car was powered up again. Maybe spending all this money on all this electric crap could be better used to build or restore homes for those who live in tents now as we round the bend and see we really need to fix our society instead of constantly falling for the next new stupid smart gadget and thus making small pockets of multi zillionaires like in Silicon Valley filled with these ozonites that are so out of touch with reality. The electric car is "not plug and go" they say. OMG YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING what garbage better off with a horse so what will the climate freak cult do, they will octuple down, say that the frigid cold is because of CO2 which we just learned does not insulate, it's a sales pitch, it only insulates portfolios, and the cult leader that gores his audience with nonsense say the oceans are boiling and it just shows how bad EVERYONE needs to have one of these [pieces of crap] electric cars to stop frigid weather which of course is nonsense but as long as people stay glued to their boob tubes they will just keep doing the same things over and over again and when society gets even worse will again vote in an electric or diesel powered robot for president.

doggy peep holes in fence are hilarious fetched $450 million in 2017. If they can't prove absolutely something they can see who painted it how can moderna medi sin prove the existence of things that are 666 trillion billion zillion times smaller than this masterpiece that instead of being labeled "viruses" they should be termed "dangerous unicorns" and "what virologists dream up in their sleep". How on ERRth can they prove what these imaginary critters do when they enter air streams and a human body that routinely eliminates what it does not want? They kant. These things are fantasies, they make up stories and publish them in their biovirology bibles and sell their doctrines to the world to follow like a religion and always preach salvation if you only follow them with their magicasolutions.

rock auto has some good tips on photographing your car or other things

The Viet Nam War in the 60's to 1970's perpetrated by the Unintact States of America (USA) a country that claims it knows how to keep things better intact oddly did this in that war to the natives, "American presence deep in the heart of Indochina 235 miles from Hanoi during the Vietnam War.  At Nakhon Phanom the mighty Mekong River slices through the heart of the unified tribal cultures of the Mekong River Valley People forming today the current modern border between the countries of Thailand and Laos." There's that slicing things problem again where 666,666,666 amputations by slice of foreskin have occurred since the start of the War On Foreskin that leaves the man with a black and white experience of sex when he was born to have it in color.

Now there's the man Sean Strickland good old fashioned offense slamming media and fuckin with ya like pHarma does where do I get one of those great T-shirts


The New World Hoarder can go fuck itself

 remember laughter is THE BEST MEDICINE so go fuck yourselves with your worst medicine if you like we will have our laughter thank you

THURSDAY JANUARY 18 The High Wire's latest discoveries include proof CDC keeps fraudulating the public like how PAN often copulates with demics.

Also playing in the biggest run ever is "Carbon Obsessionism 2 (CO2)" and coming even sooner is the Hustlers In Virology appearing at DAVOS cluing the public into their next fraud X as An0maly gets into exposing their lie game that reminds us of playing pong and being told to catch the ball when it flys off the screen this piece of HIV was introduced to it's greedy pal congress and has sat in the corner smoking a cigarette hanging out waiting for word from marketing if the media horseshit game is going well or not. Points out Vivak is pronounced like snake, cake, fake.


Tom Cowan and his New Biology Clinic introduce a veterinarian to his team. Her name is Maureen McMichael. Very interesting discussion that touches on the many healing modalities involved in the life of animals. His weekly webinar talks today 1/17/2024 on silica featuring mention of "bamboo salt" basically sea salt that they burn the bamboo and end up with bamboo carbon salt and this is available on eBay for 300 dollars per pound. Pretty insane.

Functional fuel vs. disfunctional fuels. Wind and solar are chaotic, unreliable, intermittant DISFUNCTIONAL. It is handicapped disabled trickles of energy. It's like they tell you the the person in the wheelchair can be just as effective at building airplanes while flying them like politicans boast of doing.

Another fake camouflage movie set enegy illusion propeller stick of white colonist garbage crashes and burns emitting putrid oil burning smoke in the environment that these things are fake saving as all the 500 gallons of hydraulic and lubricant oils burn up to cause climate to remain the same no matter what man does.

150 square miles of handicapped parking in Arizona with claims it will save the planet?

At one time the Obsessive Compulsive Air Cleaning Agencies (OCACA) were busy dealing with pollution, now they are busy bodying about with e-missions preaching their gospels of Pureiffic Victorian Cleanliness (PVC) oddly similar to how they purify sex by covering everything with a mist of ionic chemical repurposed waste product liquid from China as an efficient and safe way of disposing it WHICH oddly produces e-missions. When Kovid Fell Off The Runway (KFOTR) in March 2020 soonafter here in Clawfornia the air wreaked of chemicals instead of SMOG, an oily soapy film would be on all the cars, where was EPA? They were Frequenting Environmental Enigmas (FEE) as they vacationed at Fauci Island (FI) to Fraudyou Over (FO) and Fool Understanding Mentality (FUM). David Knight spoke about this 11724

c0vId-19.666 vaccines are viricides. Think pesticides, cell suicides, insecticides.

In the photo we see an insect who often identifies as a snake who's run the dangerous unicorn hunting seasons for 40 years, Laura Lynn Tyler who opens up her dad's bible every start of her rather self absorbed fundamentalist christian preaching show who threw the gays in the trash when the public's official insect shown here on the right declared from his hive that it's all the gays that monkey around that get that version of word games and that they are the cause of spreading medi sin's word games of terror thus leading people to seek redemption. Also seen is that Peter McCullough syndrome that babbles on and on in circles in official loony toon governing committees round the world. McCullough claims the Kovid Runaway Vax Scene Viruscide (KRVSV) is bad while he brags about shoving viricides up children's noses as if that's any different. I can't stand that man he's such a huslter and quack, he blames a spike amino acid and collection of acids called "protein" for the problem, where's the absolute proven science dude? There is none. It's all made up junk science quackery. Virology is garbage, they never proved any virus is real. They all make up and spread stories.

So here here we have Laura Lynn and doctorate McSpikey and clip of hearings by those in public service such as Marjorie Taylor Green present their dream world analysis from their high horse that's down there in a pit of corona fraud all around them. McSpikey clarifies that he's an "internist". Says he's a cardiologist that's the heart. I have never once heard him talk about stress just always trashes the vaccine as causing "myocarditis" the inflammation of the heart muscle. So McSpikey does this only happen to the heart from the vaccine? If so why? He never provides any details why he always talks inflammation of only the heart. Inflammation can be caused by 10,000 different things, how exactly did his science, if he used any, figure this out, please provide the studies instead of just saying "in a paper by" please cite the exact methodology of how you or any one determined this "cause" so precisely tied to the "vaccine". He never does he just hustles. I never heard it might be caused by Coxsackie viruses come out of his mouth. Moderna medi SIN now has a list of around 666 trillon viruses in their "in silico" pong game of viruses to hunt and play with their racquets which is what it all is. Wikipedia points out that's someone that specializes on internal analysis, treament, of disease and that can be easily confused with the term "intern". This in itself shows the rampant abuse of language to constantly throw people off. Medi SIN does this all the time, that is why it's a cult. So McSpikey is always saying he's a cardiologist, yea that's internal, so why clarify that with "internist". What's really nauseating is how McCullough says he never recommended vaccines but he did and that he babbles on without absolute evidence of his claims of "lethal part of the spike protein" and wild scare mongering that is never ending hustle. Claims it's the most dangerous thing that our government could have bla bla to our country, and Marjorie says shes so grateful for them donating their time, their time is a part of their marketing campaigns for their own products. Please. And this shedding issue is more junk Horseshit In Virology (HIV). McCullough claims Fauci and gang "created sarscovee2", where's the science dude? There is no virus, you have been called out on your lies, you can't prove any virus exists, you walked off the internet stage when a member of the audience asked for precise data proving your assertions the dude lives in magical spike ball land and really should get off that ride watching him go in circles is making everyone dizzy. Seems a common thread of all those evangelical types. Look at all these common causes of MYO disease he babbles on and on and on about without telling his audience that there are ALL THESE DIFFERENT CAUSES. He's also a specialist in hustle. Not once has he mentioned "chagas" that I know of and these "causes" can be possibly better described as indicators of a larger problem of toxicity from oil slicks dumped into the body routinely along with other problematic poisoning and the body's not havin the brooms it needs to sweep it all out. FDA and EEA claim harm only happens with the SARS vaccine about 1 in 100,000. Not sure if that's accurate or not but I don't see McCullough presenting absoulute science to back up any of his claims. Stop calling it Kovid, he's fine, he did not fall off the runaway. That rareness could coinside with the fact that FDA also pointed out in their preapproval discussion in November (or maybe October) 2020 prior to giving EUA on the vaccine that PLACEBOS would be used in this EXPERIMENT on humanity in this fake ass emergency. Those would be salt water injections or Meningitis vaccine that can cause gee guess what Meningitis. And the pathology of myocarditis is stated by the industry to not be well understood but you wouldn't get that impression when you hear this McHussler talk. He makes observations that are valid like "Fauci and Barak created the virus" but fails to point out that it's just "in silico" yet he knows well what "in silico" is as he has spoken about this as if it's valid science in governing meetings which is egregious as he's misleading the public AND THESE GOVERNING AGENCIES THAT ARE MAKING DECISIONS FOR US? No governing body can govern your body, your body is your own. You call the shots.

Wikipedia entry:

The most common causes of myocarditis are infectious organisms. Viral infections are the most common cause in developed countries, with a majority of cases being caused by those with single-stranded RNA genomes, such as Coxsackie viruses (especially Coxsackie B3 and B5).[17][18] Globally, Chagas disease is the leading cause of myocarditis, which results from infection with the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi.[10] Bacteria can also result in myocarditis, although it is rare in patients with normal heart function and without a preexisting immunodeficiency.[16][19] A list of the most relevant infectious organisms is below.

220 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever


If you go to a doctor be sure to wear that sign on you so you are not trespassed by pHarma slime buckets of chemical waste. Vaccines are not proven safe the industry lies and is shielded from harm. You are not. There is no liabiliy against these scumpanies. Congress gives them a pass if their chemical waste products harm. This is not medical advice this is education and analysis of the fraud all around and inside us when we allow pHarma to rape us. Wearing a sign is a prophylactic, safer than PrEP which the company making it Gilead is being sued for lying to the public about it's lack of safety in use, it being a poison they touted as preventing the dangerous unicorn that's wearing a sign saying "Hello: my pronoun is safe and my name is Truvada" and thus everyone especially the gays welcommed it to the party.

Rebecca Culshaw-Smith warns us along with Samantha Bailey that the human immune efficiency virus was a test run for bigger things that we saw play out slamming us all in our faces and throwing many to the ground as pig pHarma introduced yet another fake novel of fiction and never ending $cheme$ used to repurpose your wealth to fuel their portfolios. AIDS was the test run for Kovid falling off the runaway. Medias are all owned by pHarma advertisism. Researchers said, "of course we knew the drugs were toxic [killing people] why do you think we lowered the dose?". That's moderna psycho medi SIN for ya. 40 years of junk promises of an "aids vaccine" and trillions wasted. Gilead being sued for the junk science "hiv" prevention drug PrEP poisoning people. Note now that these PrEP poisons are being pushed to the general public to replace condoms suddenly the straights like Sam Bailey are coming out and covering this matter which kinda pisses me off as I see this common thread over and over again that if it affects them they take issue. When the monkey business pox lies were dumped onto the world they all looked at it for a bit, then bought the lie that "virus" only is affecting the homos and gross sexuals with "too many sex partners" not once asking for the science that would prove any of that nonsense. Laura Lynn Tyler in Canada was another who wrote that off as "it only affected gays" thus, many were SHUNNED from weddings and other family style events because of these lies. So what do all the loony alt-sex groups do when they can't see the danger through the forest of TV ads? Protest of course. Her book "The Real AIDS Epidemic: How The Tragic HIV Mistake Threatens Us All" look no further than shutting down the world to hunt dangerous unicorns for evidence of where the real threat lies, HUNTING DANGEROUS UNICORNS and governments that fly planes while building them and billing you for it all.

This has been a theme for 40 years and is why we have so much pHarma drug dealing now. They are all married and devoted to this drug pushing cult. Truvada lawsuits 2019, media blackout, censorship, claims it would harm public health without evidence, drug poisons harm public health this is absolute. PrEP is a life long low dose CHEMO THERAPY POISON. Kaching. And you are all paying big for this crap and guess who's making it, these groupers that make demands that these drugs keep being pushed. When the AIDS/DEBAUCLE started the gay rags were just printed on news paper, then they got big full page ad money from pHarma, the front covers of Frontiers became glossy color big and bold drawing more subscribers, and the incomes soared. Pushing AIDS drugs was a winfall and still is though a lot of people figured out their friends were dying from pHarma poisons so they said "Whoaaaaa not me thanks I'm not dying a slow painful death brought on by these scum companies poisons" then they learned viruses don't exist, and pHarma started their new improved scams, SARS 2.0 rebranded into an even more sinister plan to get their chemical garbage injected right into bodies, no pulling out, fucking the public over and over again. To make their HIV even worse they actually use shadow boxing techniques to "see" what they are looking for to make it appear out of thin air that their magic tricks are real. Shadow boxing with your self is more real as you are proven to absolutely exist, they never prove any small miniscule particle of terror exists except that the story scares people into telling congress to hand over the money to these theives. When the cOvId-19.666 robbery happened they immediately started off with handing over $8 billion to the Fraud-see variant of junk science gang members when congress had first only approved $2 billion whopping dollars of your printed cash. We call this the Train You To Submit Robbery (TYTSR). The Rash Causing Virus (RCV) is absurdly claimed to be a square or brick shape. Funny thing, the most popular image sent around to medias everywhere from the Conniving Delusion Corporation (CDC) claimed to show "monkey pox virus" shows no brick shapes and the reference page has no references as to where this image originates, that is evidence of made up junk science. What is presented by Andrew Kaufman's talk is how those round "corona" shaped ones on the right are gas bubbles from chemicals added to the brew. The 70 year old papers of the first explanation of finding "monkey pox virus" it even says they are making ASSUMPTIONS.

Virology is one big ongoing fart in your face. Viruses are GAS BUBBLES!

"The one-time chemotherapy drug and now veterinary deworming agent levamisole can cause purpura of the ears, face, trunk, or extremities" the Wikipedia entry states. Levamisole works as a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonist that causes continued stimulation of the parasitic worm muscles, leading to paralysis. Is that what nicotine in cigarettes or vaping does? So vaping and smoking kills parasites.

Trump "wins" Iowa. He is a gambler, now it's his. Time to start a new hobby, siphoneing off votes. Green party, Libertarian party they siphone off votes. Vote for NEITHER republican or democrat vote for the siphone party. Here's a thinking perspective from Peggy Hall, not critical perspective, not a conspiracy theory, just thinking.

Spring cleaning is in the air. This year we stop using QACI (quacky) chemical poisons in our indoor spaces to sanitize as the scale keeps tipping toward healthy poisonless living. Perts now say what grandma said, use vinegar and citric acid (lemon) to clean. The word "sanitize" is a disingenuious ripoff of the word "sanity". Sanitation has become obsessive compulsive anal retentive "cleanliness" that is now dictated by HELLth departments that have lost their minds, thus the term should be called "insaneitize". Since there are no viruses on planet ERRth we have to bring attention to these insane insanitizeing efforts of using weapons of mass cell destruction all over our lungs when we go take a piss now at a store or restaurant or where we slave all day, efforts to kill what does not exist shoved into or faces along with their Monkey Business also a name of an old 1930's film.

Dr. Tom Cowan and Marvin Haberland (corona hole - court case in Germany, 2022)

Did you clean out your mind of the corona hustle and moderna medi sin's monkey business yet? Monkey Pox Virus (MPV) is another fake construct of the lying drug pushing industry that includes the C;D;C fake claim of discovering a monkey pox virus and all it's Horseshit In Virology (HIV) claims of there being a particle 666 trillion times smaller than your pinky finger able to destroy your entire collection of cells in your body.

Joe Rogan babbles on about immigration who fucking cares. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, has he ever once spoken in a city council meeting? He didn't even vote in the presidential election. Shut the fuck up.

Dude tick tocks us into a 5 minute education session where in just 5 minutes we learn how we own nothing, we control nothing, and on who he alleges owns what in the world, spoiler, he says it's only 4 corporations he points out in wacky colors that then turn to gray black and white and it proves nothing. Claiming BlackRock and 3 other big investment firms "owns everything" is absurd, they "own" managing portfolios of what others own. The portfolios consist of stocks and investments owned by the masses. You can't go into and through any city or suburb and not see evidence of this, every home, every car, every store, owned by people, including the Ford assembly plant. There are some big corporations like Walmart we visit frequently owned by the public, THEY ARE PUBLIC CORPORATIONS like duh you idiot. Hundreds of millions of investors own it. They are not just owned by one family. This video he makes is internetaining but proves that the internet is just bigger piles of dust than the information age ever dreamed of, not worth the bits it's printed on. Again who owns all these corporations? And he doesn't point out one other thing, how billions of people work for corporations, thus have jobs that give them something productive to do and other benefits of being employed and part of a big huge productive mechanism on planet ERRth.

Vaccine psycho Dorit Reiss. Willing to strap children down to force pHarma body fluids into them. Might be the HELLth care type that also would applaud slicing off a helpless child's body part to be used for women's face creams that make them all look pretty ugly. Ugly is the new beautiful. Upside down it the new right side up sideways oil slick. There's a video about that pHarma goo where many said, "Let's experiment with pHarma's rotting sludge so they will give us our lives back.

Off Maker Grid Guy (OMFG) is high on a mountain showing off huge number of solar panels all made because of grids claims he's self sufficient what a joke. Creates videos using cameras made on grid. Submits presentations all on grid. Bought property with money made from grids. Wrote a book using grids, did he use a quill from a bird and create his own ink and make copies without industry in the grid? Look at this guys homestead 40 acres and many buildings everything made using grid energy. Diesel powered earth mover in the background too, surely didn't move all the dirt all by hand which would be self sufficient. Those big glass windows were not made of hot air, they were made burning coal, part of the grid energy he's claiming he's not a part of any more. Self reliance bablle online is horseshit unless you are Amish which means you never create videos as you have work to do to remain self reliant. Did he mention how much he makes every month from his grid dependent investment portfolio? No of course not that would spoil the ILLUSION of grid dependent self sufficiency nonsense.

Cold winter. Mother Nature adjusts climate. The freaks still wear their sandwich signs saying the end is near. Stupid fucks. Look at the massive drop in output of wind farms in Canada. Chaotic energy causes stable energy to be used more. Thus, net zero gain in energy savings. The whole thing is an utter waste of energy. You know what's not being measured by the clean freaks, how much the wind is SLOWED DOWN, which then causes global warming, like duh, no breeze no cooling. But what causes breezes? Global warming. Heat rises, cool air falls, wind is made. This is called climate corona. At that moment wind output was .8% of capacity. That means when at full capacity we would have a 100Watt light bulb on and then it drops to being a 20% less than 1 watt. Hows that totally disbled clean crap working out today? 99% of the energy being made to power Alberta is FOSSIL FUCKING FUELS. Like fucking duh. Any one pushing for more of this crap is an idiot or a hustler, choose one please and put that on your name tag pronoun space. If you are offended good be offended now fucking do something to change this stupid situation that is ruining the entire world with this horseshit energy propeller sticks of white colonist crap. You know what other scam was only .8% that fucking injection of Wuhan chemical waste packaged by pHarma and distributed to you by pHarma CYSTS. So to keep Alberta warm they are building more natural gas baseload power plants, to make electric, an inefficient energy instead of just building fucking nuclear power plants so that natural gas can be used for incredibly efficient heating instead of converting it inefficiently to electric. This is all based on physics hon. All this "everything electric" is a fraud, waste of energy, hyper obsessive anal retentive clean and sanitize nonsense as natural gas puts out carbon like duh.

Airplane crashes are safer and more effective than ever due to DIE where the priority is Diverse Intelligence Eliteism. They are also more frequent than ever as it's only acceptable now in the woke-a-mole loon world to talk about DIEing while the plane is crashing, never before these disasters in governing systems occur as the new priority is not offending people, so they never learn to grab life by the boostraps, and when the crashes happen they are no where to be found to help fix what they ruined.

cOvId-19.666 was code for "create new customers". pHarma cysts were losing so many injectible customers all saying "I'm not taking those flu shots any more they don't work" so they worked with government (this is called private public partnership aka corporate greed meets government greed) to set up new rules to scam the public and keep that drug money flowing. The Bayer CEO even said it, the public would have never allowed theselves to be pushed into experiments with genetic engineering had it not been for government instilling fear and panic.

David Knight 1/15/2024 The ELVIS Act in Tennessee to "protect the public from the threat of computer generated identities" while they ignore the Elvis variants of dangerous unicorns presented as NOVEL fiction "viruses" created at great expense to taxpayers by parasites at C;D;C. "Teaching microflora to create sustainable protein" the latest marketing horseshit to sell fake milk that puts cows on the streets with no jobs, they will meander down the road and picked up by a kind slaughter house owner and given a place to stay, they are doing that with bees too, fake honey at ALDI "Just Veg" made from processed sugar because the bees are dying from pesticides, CLAIM IS they save the bees lives from climate breath and invisible monsters instead of the repurposed chemical waste, as to blame the real causes would PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS.

Rebel News reports at the World Economic Quorum Forum in front of every poor man's best & worst pal, BlackRock. Notice in the report in front of BlackRock in the Swiss Alps, the squished together name using "black" and "rock", they do this too with "PublicHealth" giving it a new legal meaning. It's not meaning what you think. It's a brand. It should be written as "PublicHELLth" where the California Department of PublicHealth cannot provide evidence any virus exists, while they say to get tested with junk science that can't find what is not there then to go get prevented with rat poison injections piercing the soul of your body parts and circumcising your better judgement if you don't do what these preachers say hell will come get you which is another fake construct. We have it in writing along with 219 other institutions of public HELLth they cannot provide proof any thing other than DANGEROUS UNICORNS exist. Virology is a sham. More like another sick religion that celebrates cutting off baby men's dick parts and using it in face creams for Oprah, Sandra Bullock, and others who wear foreskin creams that make them look pretty ugly.

There's another wacky hellth product on the market, PINE/POLLEN. Says it will give you erect shuns like never before as many suffer from shunning others while not standing erect. It's a biohacker. Does your dishes too and keeps your house fresh. How lovely just what we need more biological smart apps that hack and send your body parts in all directions like those smart cars that follow the feces and get cut off from the internet then they have no idea what to do with themselves. I went looking for BEE/POLLEN a long time ago, you may have heard of it. Bees do not make pollen. They are insects. Flowers make pollen. BEE/POLEN does not exist either any more than HIV/AIDS which were wacky lables that stuck like cement on feet where they threw you into the pOcean to see if you could swim and all you had to grab was a vaccine to get your life back that THEY/STOLE from you as they are king. There are flowers that make pollen so after an exhaustive search, exaustive as I walked to the library, the librarian gave me directions to which book to read, in 10 seconds I found FLOWER/POLLEN. It was sold under a multi level marketing scam to those who fall for scams on a regular basis. So if we use the same definitionizing that is done with bee pollen which is actually pollen from flowers collected by bees, we would understand pine pollen to be pollen from flowers collected by pines. I bring this up as it's rather important in life to understand the way words can be used to manipulate people.

"Steve Connolly, a disabled Iraq War combat veteran and recovering alcoholic in Massachusetts, was horrified by the number of deaths among his friends at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings starting in 2021 after the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts. Experts said he made an astonishing data discovery that corroborates Ed Dowd* and Pierre Kory’s work on vaccine-induced excess deaths in all 50 states." Either the vaccines did not work and "the covid hole" did it or there was no hole and the vaccines did it. Never mind that #1 killer outside having a smoke with the elephant, stress, thaaaaaaaaaat couldn't be it. They are always blaming pHarma's as it's middle name is Harm and their shit products are distributed by pHarm a cysts so why would anyone look at stress as a cause when they never measure it. Who considers all the stress a now sober alcoholic might endure when a drink or a few would have saved his life by subduing that monster, nope, let's blame pHarma. read story here  * I don't like Ed Dowd's work, in 2020 was predicting crashes left and right of markets, that millions of people would be dead by now from injections of disinfectant stimulant pHarma crap, never mentioning the experiment also used salt water placebos. Stress kills and none of these predictionists emphasize that.

"Put down the knife and step back away from the baby man" is the thrilling scene in the 2K24.666 movie "My Sex Life: Now In Black & White Like A Silent Film". Near the end of the drama the (SPOILER ALERT) police go in to hospital and arrest those who slice off part of helpless babies most prized and private posession, his dick foreskin, as everyone there at the scene of the crime, exept the baby man screaming in pain, is clueless as to what they did wrong. What sane person would allow this torture and THEFT of a body part. They put it in women's anti-aging beauty creams. It is diabolical.

Accountability has started here at Next Level Intactivism and other places. Fuck you ACLU say the protesters.

Why won't they stand up for helpless children?

Daniel Rold stands up for helpless baby men when "human rights" organizations do not.


Circumcision is MORE TORTUROUS NOW that it was 2000 years ago! They cut off more than when Jesus had his dick skin amputated.

What the fuck is wrong with people? This is the dangerous CULT.

666ists and Satinists don't do that to anyone nor preach doing it like the fake ass Christist churches that claims Jesus came to ERRth to redeem the foreskinless, where he realized that his sex life was ruined, for eternity, here and there next to God, it being turned to black & white from color as they hacked off his foreskin and they to this day celebrate this sick ritual every New Years Day called the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ. Feast? Is that where they get their other custom of drinking the blood and eating the flesh of Christ? OMG. Satan shuns such behavior.

"Removal of the foreskin (circumcision) interferes with normal sexual function." - 



The most recent study finds that the intact penis is about four times more sensitive than the circumcised penis

4 FUCKING TIMES!!!!! OMFUCKINGGOD we were destroyed our pleasure by 4x

It's the most common medical procedure in the Unintacted States of America.

That's medi SIN for ya. SICK SICK SICK.

In the study they tested 19 locations on the test subjects dicks for sensitivity

Men born outside the USA were 8x less likely to have part of their man HOOD cut off and put in face cream

As those living in the Unintacted States of America's are media obsessed with "choosing the right president" in November 2024, as they have for 250 years never getting it right even one time, might we ask "does that Possible President (PP) have what it takes to support genital integrity?"

or is protecting infants from routine sexual abuse at birth not important TO THEM or are they stuffing down their own trauma or both? In my view I look for candidates that would call for an end to this cutting off of baby body parts ritual that is a multi billion dollar PROFIT BUSINESS. Circumcise this business model. Cut it off. Throw that in celebrities faces. Stop this horror.

RFK Junior is all in with fully "supporting Israel" which is all in with this cutting ritual so his name is now crossed out, same with sleaze ass Trump.


If you were circumcised at birth or anytime later you were violently assaulted and no one in governing seems to care while they blabber on and on about shit that does not matter. The abuse is so traumatic it is difficult for victims to deal with it later in life when they realize what was done to them and the deeply embedded torture and loss is felt, not just the idea of the loss of skin, the direct connections to the brain are SEVERED. The mind never forgets this. It's like having a limb amputated. For this to be done to a child, a baby no less, is the most disgusting thing. Some have said after realizing what was done to them at birth they'd rather been raped by the doctor than have a fucking body part cut the fuck off. WHAT THE FUCK UNITED FUCKING STATES. STOP THIS BULLSHIT AND MAKE ALL WHO PROFITED FROM THIS TORTURE OF BABIES PAY.

During the corona kare fraud these Hustlers In Med I Sin Surgicalism (HI/MISS) told us that "unnecessary" procedures would not be done, BUT they considered circumcision necessary and it is not necessary except for cash flow 99.666% of the time

American Academy of Pediatricks (AAOP) continued to suggest that this money making horror continue during the corona hole that we were pushed in?

the mysterious rise of HOSTILITY toward normal male anatomy




To these suggestions might be added the role of the armed
forces. During the two world wars, the U.S. military made a
concerted effort to circumcise servicemen because it believed
this would make them less susceptible to venereal disease.

Military discipline forced men to submit to a procedure they
would not otherwise have agreed to, and thousands of men
were circumcised in their late teens and early 20s. When they
returned home and became fathers, doctors began asking
whether they wanted their sons circumcised. Remembering
the ordeal that they or their buddies had endured from the
operation as adults, many said yes, thinking it would avoid the
need to do it later when the pain was thought to be worse
than in infancy. With two generations circumcised, the fore-
skinned penis became rare, and few men had the personal
experience to refute the rumors told about it

The baby tried to say his first word at the hospital after his first from when the doctor sliced off half his dick skin. The new born baby man's first wors was going to be STOP as he saw it coming as he was being strapped down to a table as his first introduction to being a sex slave in this sick country. So his first real expression with a bit of thought behind it was bloody screaming and all the adults said this is normal in a delusional glee.

Peniscuttingism is like alcoholism, ADDICTION. Doctors are sick. Get them the help they need.

How's that climate change fight going, any better than shadow boxing? Did government subsidize carbon blanket insulation for homes yet? Climate tards are psychos.



Turning the climate upside down so we can see what's making it change is called sanity.

James Roguski and Jim Fetzer talk about current issues January 12, 2024 World Hellth Organization works for lab contracts and corporations for big billing hustles in Medi SIN, not the public health, they are a sham. One of Roguski's websites explains the stupidity of wearing air filters on your face. I explain that your face is an intake and an EXHAUST thus they collect bacteria and corona holes all over it. This creates a pietre dish of bacteria growth, fungus growth, and if viruses existed which they don't, they'd be thrown back out off the filter when your tailpipe is in operation. It's the most obvious sham of the Medi Sin Industry (MeSI). So as Roguski trashes lung filters he oddly promotes indoor air filters. Also promotes treatment protocols that spread poisons in the air while he is against poison jabs hmmm. Most of us knew on day 2 that this was their plan, Indoor Air Poisoning (IAP) for our hellth with QACI (quacky) Quaternary Ammonium Cat Ions that stick to your lungs and won't let go and also are corrosive and forcing new expensive air treatment systems on all businesses, that's why so many are now failing or can't reopen. Some Transient Stay Places (TSP) will tell you this, the new poison "infectantnots" are harsh, their bedding, towels, even ceramic floors do not last as long, their guests complain there's a horrible chemical smell, gee what does that mean for this poison air we breathe in every day? We don't last as long. Then the HIV blame the corona hole. James covers in depth the "pandemic treaties" where "globalists" are trying to change rules to give themselves more power but what he never talks about is the power that more local governing has over INDOOR AIR and forcing new systems in that might be unhealthy. Even the manufacturer of one disclaims any claims made of them getting rid of corona holes and their variants while the slime stream news networks all say they get rid of the corona holes and their variants as they just report news told them by corruptives, they are not liable nor are drug companies nor is the guideline crews that paint terror zones on your mind. Note I do not use the term "disinfectants" any more as they promote those as killing corona holes that do not exist. We cannot uninfect what was not infected. Indoor air is NEVER infected with corona holes only affected by other holes with too much hot carbon air being blown up other holes every where. Tell them to cork it. Consider the jabs are once or twice. Small kaching. Consider 24/7 spraying of indoor air with "quacky's", that's massive kachings so loud you can't hear the world think, it's so loud no one can think, but these hustlers can and they see all the money pouring in with this indoor treatment of your oxygen that becomes less oxygenated as well as poisoned and no doctor diagnoses Indoor Air Disease (IAD) yet, they just keep blaming dangerous unicorns that wear make up.

The corruptibles want to make vaccines in 100 days that don't work and make you all slaves for life under the fake threat of pandemic preparedne$$. These systems all need to be dismantled. It's not about your health it's about their wealth.

download the presentation or watch on The High Wire with Del Bigtree CDC also has no proof the corona hole exists.

The monkey business vax and others combined have nothing but claims behind them and besides that the CDC is a clown company for example Dimetre Daskaukus the leather gay icon orchestrator of ROUTINE junk science information dissemination on what suddenly appeared out of a cage goes on stage to claim once again that you can catch the dread by touching things while these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) made claims in the disco daze of the 1980's hysteria "viruses have certain sexual desires" for men and not for women as it's only the gays "catching" monkey business pox and Horrifically Incorrect Virology (HIV) because they have more sex then say they can be caught by anyone then say touch your nose and pat your head while standing on your thumbs TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK as you attempt to also jump through their hoops you fall on your face and see the science fiction novel they read to you is right there in front of your face and you wonder why you went along with any of it as it never made any sense becauzzz IT'S SCIENCE FICTION viruses are not real they are stories like many science fiction NOVELS and movies.


 The Desert Home suggests SHIVA for President of the Unintacted States of America

SHIVA makes a great presentation about how the country is being reroutinely circumcised so it will never be the same as it was before until we put an end to being stupid and being ABUSED by the kings and queens and jesters all hav'n a good 'ol time withour money - watch his interview on The David Knight show 1/10/24 but Unintacted America won't vote for him as they are committed to their drama and hustles and lost in their systems of delusions and saviors that like Jesus were constructs of the Roman Empire that HAS NOT YET FALLEN it just changed form.

The sick medical system of liars and cons gleefully hacks off baby boys dicks for profit and that has to stop this year how did Sick Unintact Corrupt Kare (SUCK) manage to brainwash the public with this Medical Delusion (MD) cult so many decades in the Unintact States of America?

Consider this story relayed by Intact America Board Member Marilyn Milos, “A Coming Out Story.”

Bathhouses in San Francisco were in full swing, and gay men had an opportunity to see lots of penises and the scars of circumcision on most penises. The men were shocked by the damage they saw. They told me about the extensive scarring, skin bridges, curvatures, and missing hunks and slices. Many recognized their scars and shared their reactions to the realization of what a doctor or mohel had done to them. This openness is something most straight men have never experienced; instead of witnessing the harm, they often tout the benefits of circumcision and choose to pass the scars on to their sons. As gay men began to educate themselves and others, that began to change. I asked Paul Tardiff, a gay man who had been circumcised as an adult if he’d be willing to talk about the differences he felt for a mini-documentary we were making to air during Dr. Dean Edell’s medical segment on the televised evening news. Paul agreed, and on the show, he said the difference between being intact and then circumcised is like first seeing in color and then only seeing in black and white.

New amputated pride f_ag removed of it's colors and suddenly everyone cares and demands an end  to routine sir cum interference incision of gay f_ags & they also get fuming mad about the missing "l" that was also amputated from the word while not a word from them on routine amputation rituals of the natural male form

WHY IS THIS LIFE DISCOLORING AMPUTATION RITUAL ON DICKS NOT STOPPED???? THE YEAR IS 2024 NOW WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE are we not seeing commercials on TV all day long showing this horror and how to safely and effectively bring new baby men into the world and PROTECT THEM FROM CHILD ABUSE DONE ROUTINELY BY DOCTORS AND RELIGIONS, they have no right to abuse children this way. It is also an abuse of the US constitution. Instead we get hustled with drug ads all day long and other Horseshit In Virusland (HIV) all coming from that puke box of TV, hell th departments that abuse us with their junk science, & routine political going in a circumfrence incisions (circumcision) going in circles amputation of our brains. Where the yuck is the Unintacted States of America's (USA) priorities? Up assetts obviously. Who is stopping this CHILD ABUSE? WHEN WHEN HELLO WHEN WILL THIS BE MADE ILLEGAL to be done to men like it is with women? I guess they all have social butterflying and money spending to focus on and endless worthless drama to vortex around blended with other delusions of "all we have to do is pick the right president" and they all do the same thing over and over again, instead of stopping this sick Medisin Delusion (MD) of circumcision.

Oprah Winfrey and Sandra Bullock bragged about using foreskin infused "beauty" products on their face. Ellen had Sandra on her show and they all laughed about it, the audience roared as well. That hurt a lot of men hearing them laugh about it. It hurt me deeply. I remember feeling my heart sink like never before. It was pointed out by some in the public who also witnessed that disgusting display that THEY wouldn't brag about female circumcision body parts put in a man's after shave cream and featured a male movie star on their shows now would they and if a man hosted the show instead the OUTRAGE would have been massive. They are hypocrites. It exposed them for who they are. Never once did they apologize and call for a complete end to this monstrocity THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO MEN. Instead they tell us to dance it off and they sell us stuff. Not impressed. Glad Ellen show ended. Same with Oprah. Good riddance. Please don't bother us with your presence any more.

"In 2013, television personality Oprah Winfrey began advertising the virtues of SkinMedica, an anti-wrinkle face cream made from human foreskin" Georganne Chapin, author of “This Penis Business” (Lucid House Publishing, 2024).

How sick and arrogant and deluded is that. I want an apology. So do the 666 million routine aborted foreskins of baby men who had their colorful world turned dark and gray. They need to run ads for the next 100 years apologizing they are all multi millionaires/billionaires laughing about child abuse. They should give all their money to the poor, start over, be a secretary or janitor, if they truly seek the kingdom of heaven, and those who were abused as babies everyone envolved retribute trillions of dollars to those harmed by this horrific child abuse where they had chance to make a difference instead of egg it on and laugh at men who were tortured as children by the perverted medical establishment for profit. No instead they will buy more foreskin infused face cream and set up foundations as tax write offs and again pretend they are pretty.

Show us the boycotts of baby men body part face cream on TV will you?

I want this torture and bloody sacrifice ritual to end in 2024. My New Year's Resolution is to watch it happen. I think every man that was ripped off and handed a black & white TV set to experience his life with while all the women are now totally 100% protected from this torture device are kinda with me on this watch. It's illegal to do this to females, so that brings up an interesting inequality glare, at the moment of my birth if I was a woman, and they never even asked if I identified as a baby man. They broke woke, or did they not hack off part of my woman HOOD?

Any man who was circumcised is a trans sexual. Trans formed body parts. Trans sexual.

Ask your anti-abortion freak representatives "Are you pro-life of born babies body part, the most sacred private one next to their brain? You do know that when these baby men grow up they think with their dicks don't you?"

Jesuits are "The Society of Jesus" who is an imaginary construct of the Roman Empire as the novel corona hole is an imaginary construct of the Dangerous Unicorn Empire (DUE).

New improved form of skyscrapers has the dual purpose of scraping out money from your pockets while giving you fake clean energy that amounts to a loss, investors will not invest in them at all unless they are given free money by government, which is you. Have fun handing over all your cash to these illusions that we now refer to as movie set energy as they are all props in the clean energy THEATER where as only the producers get gobs of your hard working energy and you get entertained and pacified in return and to be equitable which is the latest buzzwagon, cities need more handicapped spaces at shopping centers for this disabled energy poor performance. Enjoy the SHOW. Those tickets are expensive. Stop putting them on your credit cards! Use BitCoin or some other worthless currency that's not even on paper anymore. When these elect-trick kars bigass batteries catch fire the emissions are of poison chemicals. Where's EPA and all the climate goons and their measuring sticks? Oh they suddenly banned those for our health as CDC goons also jumped in seeing $$$ because they were like plastic straws and unnecessary bags like foreskin they say the baby man can live without as they put the foreskin in their fucking sick ass face creams, as they said that you were not allowed in their venue because you didn't get plastic stick rape and plastic packages and plastic syringes over and over again which ends up in the atmosphere. These people are all such hustlers. They say all they need to do now is fly e-planes while building them when the engineers say the batteries are too heavy and their claims once again defy the laws of physics, thus when you say these hustlers in energy are breaking the law you are correct they are breaking the law.

Cheap, endless, reliable, robust, energy, it ain't coming from the disabled energy handicapped parking lots. Notice how those who care about the planet don't care about people. They stick these mosters fan blade movie sets in all the open space to ruin views, then forbid ruining views where they go live and play, collect multiple homes and cars like they are toys, and can't understand why the homeless population is soaring. Societies have their priorities yucked up. They watch too much TV and medias. They learn about the latest strain of corona holes that affect their head from these liars everywhere. Their solushuns to problums is always industrial. They just keep making more messes. Where are all the dead batteries going to go? Recycling bottles and cans and plastic is already proven failure and fraud. San Diego just dives into that even further. Each home now has to separate table scraps into it's own bin. Tree branches separate. There's 5 cans now at each home for trash. Have to hire people to sort trash before they pick it up. Here's an idea, stop making so much trash. Bill Clinton had a nice idea some decades back, habitats for humanity instead of for more and ever expanding industry that destroys everything. His foundation helps people work together to build homes. Instead of building wasteful solar and wind hustles that farm your cash, how bout going there.

"Tackling climate change" what an idiotic thing to say. In football they tackle each other for fun and win the GAME or lose it and put their opponents in a locker room and sex have them. There in that GAME are real objects being PLAYED. Only scores and emotions change. In weather they are "tackling" air. They used to call this clinical insanity.

Whale hits disabled energy wind turbine at sea, what does the operator say? The same thing they say to birds when they are shredded into pieces by these skyscraping blender blades. "Oh there's another NIMBY." NOT ONE of these hustlers in energy ever live with these things in their back yards or side or front yards, they use these systems to steal your cash and buy themselves up all the expensive homes, which is why the cities need more of these handicapped energy parking spaces, there's not enough provided in the city and thus we see inequitable treatment by those who often call for it the most driving by all the homeless to get to that 666th visit to the vacation rental home that was removed from market for regular people who just need a home.

Wyoming a state in the Unintacted States of America told CDC which is known as the Centers for Disease Control that they never control and also known as the Centered Deluded Corruptives told CDC to fuck off. Their wavering all over the road guidelines are all banned there. California is different, it's a democracy, also known as mob rule, it welcomes all the drunks in governing to create good HELLth there as it's big big big money for them pulled right out of everyone's pockets.

our bodies are not the state they are our own bodies no one has jurisdiction over our bodies UNLESS it actually harms others
in the world of virus scary fairy tales there is no such thing as breathing on someone as being considered assault
these HUSTLERS cannot even provide proof there is any such assaultive particle of matter anywhere on the planet
so stop allowing these Hustlers In Virusland (HIV) to deceive you and your friends and family and community and world

People think electricity is a source of energy. IT IS NOT A SOURCE OF ENERGY. The white colonist disabled parking space arrangement of towering skyscraping propeller sticks of complex oil based wind extraction of energy is a source of energy, sometimes, when the wind is just so, but these also uses energy with a net loss overall. Oil is a source of energy, with a net gain, a robust net gain at that. Solar panels are a source of energy, they may have a net gain of energy at times though overall can have a net loss. Water dams with generators provide electricity have a robust net gain of energy, they are a source of energy. Electricity is NOT. The car uses energy, it does not provide energy, it provides transport, sometime provides sexual stimulation. The Unintact States of America's car fleet uses a total of 1% of world wide energy. That country uses more gobble up oil and natural fuels than anywhere next to China shoppe which is where we sent all our dirty product manufacturing so our politicians and EPA and such could all say "look gang we cleaned up the environment". All they did was move it across the planet to the other side. So if the entire USA fleet of cars were to be replaced with electric, which is the latest buzz in your ear to "clean the environment" and save us from horrible deaths, even if they just keep burning those fossil fuels in China shoppe like crazy as they are, the climate impact would be zero and MEANINGLESS at a maximum change of up to .2%, that is .002 or 2/1000 or 1/500. If climate were dollars and government got a bargain and bought toilet seats for $500 each that just increased in price due to inflation in the last minute to $501.666 would anyone care? No. Mother Nature doesn't care either and it balances things out constantly that is what climate IS and it's so minimal. It's like these "clean energy" mind screw up cults have them beeleeve that finding a penny makes you rich and you can always count on the cult's leaders that include Al Gore to care as that's how he gets your green $$$ energy out of your pocket. Same with Sierra Club that lies about green energy while it's portfolio growth and it's refueling is 99% running on fossil fuels. When they say "we're all in this together" what is really happening is they are all together in creating pipelines to your energy and partying with each other, and when you ask to join the party they say go visit their website and go make a difference there as you oddly feel unincluded to the rich man's party once again as they lie and say they are saving the planet.

Electric double decker bus that will fake give us our lives back BURSTS INTO FLAMES in London thanks to GREED energy and is now poisoning us with fossil fuel and element based fume EMISSIONS

Clean energy my toilet papered ass, where's the screams about lithium and plastic and nothing electric can be made without oil. Where's California CARB on emissions no where to be found, oh there they are on their Yachts that keep emitting gasses and ommitting you and I from their wealth that is ALL BASED ON THE USE OF FOSSIL FUELS. This will be happening more and more as these toxic gas emitting vehicles keep aging.

Bill Gates said that the term "clean energy" screwed up people's minds

Twisted energy is readily apparent in those mercury containing light bulbs also made with petroleum that used to be simple devices made of a little metal and thin glass made locally and totally sustainable. Now the manufacture of these is with toxic plastics and why do they get as warm as my regular light bulb? LED are almost all plastic. The green hustle industry bans plastic one use bags, used many times, to favor ones 8 times thicker that get thrown away or used 2 times and keeps pumping out more and more plastic to fake save the planet. Total joke.

So did the term "bible study" as I noticed when Kovid fell off the runway and everyone was running around like Chicken Little over dangerous unicorns falling on their heads (at least he had a real apple fall on HIS head) saying "I kawt Kovid" there was this nice man named The David Knight Show (TDKS) who helped me heal during that awful time where I was told by monsters that lurked and kept entering my home through the air while waving to "stay in your closet" to be safe from viruses that don't exist. Jesus did not help me heal and I begged for his help 666 times. Christians insist it was because he hates that number. Some savior. Seems we keep looking up when we need to be looking sideways as all around us at what's real instead of at story telling about novel fictions of dangerous unicorns no one on ERRth has ever seen nor proven exists and all seeking those "saviors" that refuse to come back as they don't want their dicks to be hacked the fuck off a second time are throwing us off.

HELLth Canada fails after 3 years to provide corona hole risk analysis, I guess they want to protect the public from catching the truth.

White House Senior Living "where residents feel like presidents"

The High Wire presents "Indoctrinated" on the show 1/11/24 a not for profit televisionet series.

The Unintacted States of America steals Iran's oil, a year later Iran steals it back. Ron Paul Liberty Report and look at this animated nonsense that governments stole money to create for entertainment decades ago. Sweden's largest wind plantation faces bankruptcy because these systems WASTE ENERGY. First floating wind farm shuts down due to massive maintenance costs. Engineers around the world know this is what happens, politicians follow their fantasies to wind wonderland, a place down the street from Oz, pull any lever, they are all in this together. Turbine near Peetz collapses and fires up causing more people to rise up to Stop These Things.

David Knight Show 1/11/2024 mentions that the paracites that are "all in this together" and claimed there was only one way to "get your life back" in July 2020 Yale psychological study funded by the DC plantation of slave traders reported all sorts of nonsense that sucked people into the corona vortex, using PSYCHOLOGY to make people feel like they were bad if they did not follow along with the pHarma vaccine greed and lies agenda. As a little reminder the FLORIDA honorable surgeon general there says now that NO ONE SHOULD TAKE CORONA VORTEX HOLE VACCINES. Knight talks about politics and it's crime families, never says a thing about those crime families running the religion he adores which continues to torture and abuse baby boys fresh out of the womb with circumcision. Story about friends of friends dropping dead from the way to get your life back. pHarma lies.

Why would anyone take an injection of China's chemical waste to "treat" a corona hole in the head you gotta have one to be so stupid to accept any of this pHarma cyst gross chemical waste injection stuff. The dramaists now ride the "long Kovid" bandwagon all over the road, never talk about Long ID - Long Immune Disease (LID) or FLU which suddenly became extinct when your masters told you there was no longer flu bugs to squash, you had to now squash your business. Learn more about corona holes

California's Squeaky Clean Robust Air Project (SCRAP) also known as Smog Monsters Under Trusted (SMUT) testing for cars used to at one time when it cared for it's people routinely assist the public with these specialized pollution control repairs if it failed smog testing each two years. This is why taxes have always been so high in this state, it's given back in other ways. That was then. Now they take it for themselves or allocate it for their medical cult friends. Since they now want to rid the planet of powerhouse robust energy vehicles that fail smog, replacing them with pipsqueak puter abouts you can't find where to plug in and grandma trips over the cord and breaks her hip again, thus more kaching for Modern a Med I Sin Sales (MaMISS) and make the disabled suffer even more forcing them to ride a bike and get run over by a car, or GET SICK in the rain and snow, to save the planet, and equally dangerous walk to work, or walk a mile to the bus stop then be fumigated like pests and fake "carriers of disease" they now only offer this once in the lifetime of the car. So now that one of the most expensive parts, the catalytic converter, can only be covered by the state once, even though this state's taxes are are in the stratosphere as we see HighImpactFlix report that just across the Arizona border the diesel is 1/2 the cost of California, the state SMOGsperts claim they can't do this any more, thus now the rise in catalytic converter thefts are in the stratosphere. Where will those taxes go now besides retirement accounts at CARB? One of the big issues with electric cars, of many, is that if an earthquake hits, those cars are worthless. Living in a ring of fire as it's known, the perils of FIRE are huge, imagine trying to escape fire in a glorified golf cart like a Tesla sitting there with all these other pieces of junk stuck on the road, where for our safety they installed barriers on the left and right, flames are everywhere, no one can escape. In a Jeep you just drive over the barriers, the rocks, the boulders and flee to safety. To mandate such dangerous places subject to fire not be allowed to have petrol powered trucks is insane and that is CALIFORNIA GOVERNING. This is a public safety issue they keep throwing aside as there are certain people profiting from this scam of hyper obsessive compulsive "clean air" which wastes more energy as the still depend on fossil fuels to convert to electricity and wind and solar are crap.

Get clued into the Med I Sin Cult (MISC) with Ahmanda Vollmer and doctorate TOM COWAN Wednesday January 10, 2024 presentation on democracy. Cults can do normal things and seem normal but they are still cults. When you see how they OPERATE ON YOU it becomes clear, the the corona hole they added some finer touches of instilling fear for their brainwashing purposes, after all the government wouldn't shut down society so much if the corona hole wasn't real right? Yea, right.

42 years ago Mama's Family pilot episode, Mama says "Take it to the supreme court for all I care they could use another lunatic". ROFL

WHO actively conspiring fraud. James Roguski explains. In the 1980's the big buzz was "we are the world" and "one world government". Belongs in the toilet now,  that is, with all this VIRUS HUNTING HORSESHIT IN VIROLOGY (VH/HIV). Bill Maher, the comedian, always throughout his entire career since the 1980's and 1880's held the WHO on a high horse. He never had a clue what was going on. Condescendingly would tell peple that "it's the WHO" as if they were the supreme health being. OMG they are corrupt swamp creatures. My friends believed Bill and all the other bandwagoneers of those decades. They all but one died from AIDS drugs, no virus was ever found. No virus can be found to this day of any virus that's why they are starting to call them NOVELS. It's all fiction.

As an Ottowa police officer she inquired about mother's vaccine status.  

Dearest representatives, you howled that there was a virus lurking, in a novel, could you please provide me a sample of this Kovid runaway thingy in a jar so I can have some proper scientific method performed to see if it's not just pure bullshit, thank you.

Anarchapulcoist uses THE SYSTEM to build wealth and maintain his riches while trashing the system that is what creates wealth as he goes sailing everywhere online to entertain and to sell more stuff using that same system everyone uses.

He writes about seeing those "keep 6 foot distance" stickers remaining in elevators, trains, everywhere. Technically they were 5.666 feet distancing but they rounded up. They did this with 15 minute cities too, was 14.666 minute cities. So he's still baffled what the whole event was about. Someone clue hime in, It was about new vaccine technology at warped speed to make billions. But that's not all wait there's more, much much more that he doesn't even consider in the article, it was about new chemical peticide spraying of all public places non stop. KACHING. The sound is like the winning million dollar jackpots at Vegas all going off at once and never stopping and never providing an end to the winnings. QACI (quacky) quaternary ammonium cat ions, poison chemicals likely made from China's chemical waste that has no other way to dispose of it. Yea that's that horrible smell now. They could CARE LESS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH. The amount of sprays is 666,666,666 trillion times more chemicals being disposed of than vaccines, sprayed and wiped every day of our lives now to KILL WHAT DOES NOT EXIST. That's the scam. You are being billed to spread harmful corrosive chemicals all over everything for this fake claim of need to fight what does not exist. Virus hunting and fake prevention of what DOES NOT EXIST is a fraud. Virology is fiction thus they named cold and flu a new NOVEL fiction virus to scam you. You breathe these fumes in, they circumcise your cells. Need a savior? The did it to him too. Every New Years Day they celebrate what they did. It's all rather sick. Very sick.

How are those e-busses working out along side your Obama666foot distance kare? Frames cracking? Waste of money. Of course you expected government to do the same things over and over and over again to fill their portfolios yet again and expected different results? ROFL

They can't even create safe and effective driving on ice yet somehow in 2020 they started to made people think that allowing pHarma cysts and governing officials that were all quoted as saying "we are flying planes while building them" would safely and effectively allow us to drive at warp speed hellth care on ice repeatedly while expecting different results and THEY KEEP DOING IT EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS. see what happens each time they do this to the public

RBN Authentic News 8 January 2024

Dust in Maui is now a fugitive. How many dangerous unicorns will be traveling on the dust? The developer spent years in prison in the 1990's? Public funds are being added to this project. Peggy Hall has things to say. The article says now 100 people were killed in the August 8 fire. Fakeaz TV told the world at least 10 million repeating it for 2 months because that is their business to scare people, collect eyeballs that then buy all the shit products they sell like those treats for dangerous unicorns they claim are everywhere that you can't see "only the science can see". Peggy quickly called out that casualty lie, saying that families and neighbors help each other and surely got almost everyone out in time. She often reads between the LIES. So there's now, in theme of building projects on the ocean for the poor, a gal that stopped selling sea shells to more lucrative endeavors, using tax payer funds to make herself rich, and her friends, while red dust coats the neighbor's solar panels, thus not functioning on the sunny side of the island. ROFL. Solar is the future....... of land fills. The only place they should be sited is 93 million miles away, on the Sun.

Thanks to officially religious response efforts to keep people safe from dangerous unicorns and effectively closing businesses a famous bakery chain in Lost Angel City is closing for GOOD/BAD and they were going to expand but under the latest regime change that worships inflation and fakequity at all inflationary cost they too couldn't survive. After 35 years Sweet Lady Jane 6 locations is gone. Maybe you can order one of the berry merry cake rip offs of intellectual property made in China as a replacement in ongoing "progress" from government that prioritizes portfolios and Amazon and they will drop ship it from the sky along with all China's chemical waste products making their way into fumigation of all public spaces and shots in the arm to make you less fearful of what does not exist, dangerous unicorns called cOvId-666.666.666.19. 40 years and no AIDS vaccine yet oddly they have a fake prevention pill. Common cold (corona virus) never ever had a vaccine, then suddenly Trump had one, sleasy drug dealer that he is, and even the dodocrats jumped on. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, we live in a virus free world hon. No wars needed. I ended AIDS in the 1980's, just flush, it's a label, one that assigns a dangerous unicorn to 6 billion old diseases, of which those labels all can be chisled down to about 100. Fighting with shadows is more effective. Mode RNA Med I Sin Cults (mRNA/MISC) are Horseshit In Virology (HIV).

Surgery is not regulated by FDA. It's "regulated" only by the courts in mal practice mis practice and dis practice suits and ties and by insurance companies. Whoa. One of the comments made by Dr. Andrew Kaufman who was first of few who called out the corona hole unicorn scare effectively and efficiently and brilliantly continues to make more sense of things in better health than most other doctorates who are now so very lost in their mRNA/MISC.

Basically the internet is now like listening in on an old dial telephone party line with added video how stupid.

Califofornication continues at warp speed as it still gives money to HELLth departments that cannot prove any viruses exist.

David Knight points out on 1/8/24 that both Democrats & Republicans don't want anyone on the ballots anymore. What both parties are doing is more Horseshit In Voting (HIV) like the Horseshit In Virology (HIV) that keeps fueling their Horseshit In Vitrol (HIV).

When you are in a relationship that is abusive it's best to walk away they say. So why does the USA stay with the World HELLth Organization that is a corrupt piece of crap?

Now the woke goonatics are banning post game handshake in hockey. Is this because of fear of dangerous unicorns?

Non-binary humans? This is a farce. There are only binaries. All this definition masturbation is a slippery slope.

The Unintact States of America does not support Jewish supremacy.

Those who scream "democracy" the loudest and most repetitive ignore it the most. Take for example the man in jail for 40 years for distributing marijuana. Look around in California, there's storefronts now distributing marijuana. What the hell kind of justice is that?

Beanieman insists the dude is gay. He's an "alpha male that's attracted to femininity". Ok I'm convinced. Why isn't beanieman? How about instead of all this labelism just say you are intimate. How does Tim Pool know the dude is not trans? He's being played.

99.666% of news is now fake.

Bill Gates new produce coating chemical also faces scruitiny as people are reporting the organic produce merely has a label covering up "apeel". People want their apples to be clean and free of residues. Similarly people have been drawn into the desire of having their energy be clean and free, but this is an illusion being presented by an industry of hustlers. Bill Gates knows "clean energy" is a farce, he said electricity accounts for 25% of emissions, double the electric power provided by wind monsters like seen above you then make that 50%. The wind does not blow all the time, even a hamster on a wheel if it was hooked up to a generator would produce more relative energy when looking at the amount of time they are actually producing anything, and speaking of energy, if we stopped wasting it as we keep accepting the Hustlers In Virology Lying Industry Extortion Systems (HIV/LIES) there would be more energy than the world would know what to do with as it's got the public running in circles like hamsters chasing dangerous unicorns one example is that the public is not told that their warped chemical injection scheme is deemed

RELATIVELY safe and effective? When we look at it's ABSOLUTE measure we see that 95% claims go down to a big fat ZERO everything virology is a waste of energy. The energy we could save by dumping virology in the toilet is enough to shut down 95% of nuclear reactors, 66.6% of all oil production, 10% of coal, 75% of natural gas consumption, and 100% of all bullshit.

AYOK the bar maid tells everyone at the bar that the first person who invents a ship that runs on wind power will make billions, as if sailing ships never existed. THAT WOMAN IS A TOTAL RETARD. Correction, she is a hustler. She lies and lies and hustles drinks. Her followers are drunk on her brews.

The new form of "medicare fraud" features the richest of the rich acting as if they know what's best for us with the new name "safe and effective" which some of us have now learned means ZERO PROTECTION from dangerous unicorns. Canada's former HELLth office cleaner modeled perfectly OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE ZOMBIE behavior disease for all of it's subjubill Gates to follow. Not mentioned in her presentation on dangerous unicorn prevention was that hand sanitizers are amass with chemicals, the alcohol is flammable, not to use them near any open flame. This is why they are called PublicHellth compartments. I laughed and cringed watching people use this garbage as they blindly followed this Medicult Delusion (MD). Ask these liars to test your hand for these dangerous unicorns someday next time you are asked to fall into their trap$. The harmful chemical triclosan gets washed down the drain, enters the sewage streams, is removed they say by treatment plants, THEN WHERE DOES IT GO? Probably your vaccine, into your bread, into your tooth paste, your clothes, detergents, anyone else notice a different smell starting 2020 when Kovid fell off the runway with all this runaway chemical pushing at warp speed now?

Blue light buzz, they babble on and on that LED lighting that appears white is blue based and harms sleep and health and all sorts of nonsense while ignoring that it's harder to see than yellow lighting that is INCANDESCENT and safer much safer. The cars are all getting these blue lights. They do not work as well at lighting things up at night so THAT YOU SEE WHAT IS REALLY THERE. They show things in blue. The old headlights are better. You see these blue LED lights coming toward you and they are a distraction. The warm incandescent does not grab your eye. Many agencies governing us keep making claims that these are better for the planet, for us, more safer, it's not true. In SOME circumstances the glare and grab that these have on your eyes can be better, but that is not most of the time. Now the emergency vehicles have them, they are so terribly glaring, in the rain and weather droplets of water intensify the glare 100x. You can't see anything but these flashing LEDs. It's horrible. I gather there's a usual push for these based on GREED certification and portfolio filling.

Dude explains how cars ran on "moonshine" and blames prohibition, Rock Fellers and Parker Brothers. Leaves out how independent distillaries would blow up. There was a safety issue dude.

You might also create an internet KILL switch so that when information pops up that would try to brainwash you into rebelieving in dangerous unicorns you can shut off your internet connection immediately. This might be used when you accidentally type in to your web browser when you meant to type in iNTERNETMATTER.COM

Understanding arc flash risk of harm and death in wind turbine waste of energy systems 

Man burned from arc flash in year 2K at Palm Springs wind disabled energy parking plant

The climate clowns obviously take lessons from the book "The Wonderful Electric Elephant" published in 1903 and mimick socialist wolves that eat their mother

George O'Brian starred in many silent films and talkies

Indiginous tenters look out their homeland and have to see this

Rebel News makes the indiginous tenters out to be the "bad guy" amongst this mess of industrial waste, greed, massive over consumption, home hoarders. I was in Toronto once, it did not have homeless, the old parts of the city were fabulous, everything kept up. It was explained the government helped those in need, there was always work, no one was denied a place to live. That was the 1990's. Since then the GREED bubble has espanded, vacation rentals gobbled up housing, high tech has gobbled up bookstores and so many things, shoveling money to those investors who then buy and consume more than ever, leaving many out of the endless cassette tape loop they enjoy.

Empire wind claimed it could have powered 700,000 homes per year but the plug was pulled on the project. What the hell is that? 700,000 homes per year? No one measures per year. How much power does it prove PER HOUR? How much watts per hour? Enough to power one diode that powers a flash light for one hour each day. They are hustlers. They are all hustlers dependent on your energy to keep them going.

Top Withens, the ruined farmhouse that inspired Emily Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights maybe further ruined by a massive influx of white colonists you go girl

The power of California's flash floods can be seen clearly here watch full screen

The future of energy is sailing through life with David Knight

My foreskin is lost like a silent film of the 1920's does anyone care? 100 years ago the silent film was constant, everywhere, that's all there was, some of those films were saved, others lost in fire or just lost or stolen never to be experienced again. My foreskin and that of 666,666,666 others had that experience lost, stolen, abused, never to be seen or felt by anyone again, especially myself, never to be experienced as pleasure does so well. Said to be like having a color film experience with sound and then changing it to silent film in black and white and hard to see. Not that all those foreskins would have been famous like silent film actors in Hollywood, still, it was a necessary body part we were born with, 99.9999999999999666% of men are born with it. Doctorates of sick religious sacrificial rituals lie and say it's not needed by the baby man (but it is needed for these foreskin hustlers to make massive profits from the sale of it), and all the talk too much show hosts invite doctorates that try to justify the bloody painful hacking amputation of a baby man's foreskin as "healthy" and stops viruses, a big pile of Horseshit In Virology (HIV), what fucking cons they all are, they profit in many ways and their greed causes homelessness right alongside foreskinlessness. Biggest cons of them all are politicians that see this horror through rose colored lenses so the blood on the baby man's dick blends in with everything else, so they don't have to look at this body part chopping horror show that was done to them as it's a very difficult thing to phathom any person doing to another person, especially a baby, and yet in the Unintact States of America (USA) it continues to be a daily horror show of stupidity, arrogance, favoritism, inequality, brutality, abuse, and a dictionary full of other terms.

McDonald's supports Israel so the smart app tells us to boycott their crappy food. Why do some people hate Israel?

No human has ever been to the plasma moon. Prove me wrong. You just keep showing me artist's renderings and "in silico" nonsense theater performances.

Definitions are like pets, people get attached to them. Their definition is theirs and no one elses. They won't let anyone take their definition and give it a bath.

Demo cRATS that push Demo cRacy are now performing unnecessary "just a little snip" ballot cleansing circumcision going round and round until they cut off everything they HATE and won't INCLUDE. Calling for the disqualification of 126 Republican candidates on ballots using 14th amendment distortive analysis. Keeps their laywers fed with your money that makes it's way back to themselves. The circle of their political life. It's too bad, they're missing out on life. AYOK and squadrons are all in of course. Their life is not even a stage, it's an orchestrated pit. Screaming and yelling about demo Crazy doing nothing to stop the baby man butchering foreskin holocaust. Making it as illegal to do that to baby men as it already illegal to do that to baby women would be just a little palm size snip of those doctorates lavish luxuries of their routine practice of blood letting, which was what those barbers poles represented with red stripes, whereas in sane countries the circumcision of any protection anyone would have to do such rape and sexual abuse is already in place.

"Invest $1, get back $10,000 - politicians are the best investment money can buy. Ever wonder why Republicans aren't pushing back against the medical martial law and bioweapon jab? Pfizer gave 52% of its contributions to GOP & 48% to Dems. Here's who got the payola." Includes Mark-o-Rubio and other politicians that fly planes while building them - The David Knight Show

Jeff Berwick who depends on the riches of "the system" trashes the system to promote his "new system" bringing the new improved version of scaremongering of ending worlds like that fizzle of afraid of Y2K that was promised to end life as we know it due to a date error in computers. All these media hypnoticians are the same.

I pulled my blood cells out of public education systems sponsored by pFuckcare. They are now learning about citric acid which EPA agrees kills dangerous unicorns. No one is getting this memo so I put it here, seems the FDA and CDC and pHARMA don't have enough interest in telling your places of public business to not use their patented QACI (quacky) poison disinfectant pesticides now added to hand soaps, paper towels, toilet seats, walls, towels, bedding, everything everywhere as it would not be in their best interest as their portfolios would be harmed.

Now they are spraying QACI (quacky) chemicals on our food, in our buildings, everywhere they can. They are poisoning the public with chemicals in quantities never seen before. Chlormaquat Chloride now approved by the monsters in misgoverning. It is a destructive to blood cells quaternary ammonium salt. Quaternary compounds are corrosive. Whenever you see "QUAT" in anything it's a problem. The cOvId fraud was cover for introducing this poison PESTICIDE into everything. Obviously the public is thought of as pests. It's a plant growth retardant. How's that working out for ya, retarded plants, then we have to treat them equally and equitably? What else does it retard? Clearly this has become a retarded system. reference

View the FEDERAL REGISTER look at all the quaternary ammonium entries there

Puppets told us what their handlers were planning for 2020 a fake-a-demic. The Obama Kare (OK) top goon at the time read the script that said they need "infrastructure" which is new laws that allow government to lie and declare need to shut everything down so they can take take take from you and manipulate you to introduce coerced manipulative medical system rape of your body for their massive profits. After decades of Modern A Medi Sin raping your baby men cutting off part of their dicks, injecting them with pesticides, adding rape up your nose, rape in your arm, it is a sickne$$ and is now out of control these agencies are just doing what their masters in chemical pushing tell them. It's now a cult. The claim is in "pandemic preparedness" to keep people safe they need to "isolate" the dangerous unicorn that they have never once isolated ever anywhere on ERRth. IT'S ALL FRAUD.

At the end of David Knight Show it mentions being made in the image of God. David is a Christian. He is also staunch against abortion yet he is not against abortion of foreskin from the newly born baby man he and others like him work hard at "protecting" made in the image of God. So what image are those who abort foreskin making the image of God into? A transsexual.

In hunting viruses the hunters make up stores, like fish tales. Oh they caught one with their tests the hunter says. "You caught one but you don't know it yet, eventually it will catch you as you caught it", yet you aren't sick, those are tales of Medicalists Isurrected Sin Suckers (MISS) that overthrow the governing bodies of the body using chemical weapons of mass cell destruction they call "treats". In a flash an interesting tale turns to Flash where the story goes like this "Jasper Draper's wagon stood in the quarry and it had been there since he drove it in, the day before. He was proud of his wagon for its sides were carved, and painted green with yellow lines. The wheels also were yellow and the door handles of polished brass." A quote from the book Flash The Gipsy Dog. Imagine if someone harmed his wagon like doctorates harm baby men's most prized posession at birth. We know what his wagon looks like as we know what yellow looks like, what green looks like, what lines look like and what brass looks like. A doctor and mother know what a baby man's dick looks like before it gets protective foreskin gets amputated for selfish religious reasons and lie about why. The medi sin industry is very corrupt. It tells tales that turn into profits. We might ask the virus hunter, since we never saw a virus or Loch Ness, though those who saw Loch Ness think they saw a monster "what does that monster virus you are looking for look like?" They will make up stories, they were pressed by many in the 1980's on that HI virus story of theirs, "where's a picture of it?" Took a few years then they said they have it, but why did it take so long? They were claiming they "found a new virus" which was of course story telling. All they showed the world was a mix of cultured body fluid chemical concocted stew, frozen, then sliced thin like deli meat, then irradiatiated billions of x so it could be "seen". They saw what they wanted to see as all of those "slices" of alleged virus sample is frozen stew of gobble d-gook. In the latest novel of fiction virus story telling they used pictures from kidney biopsies done 20 years ago and said "this is cOvId". They are all liars and story tellers. There is no picture of any virus anywhere on the flat ERRth. Their friends say they went to the moon, at least we have photos of the moon and can see it, that story telling is more believable, sold many scripts, almost as popular as the bible and fake Jesus who had part of his fake dick amputated and this sin industry celebrates it's sick religious amputation ritual every New Years Day and congressmen go right along with the sickness clueless that they are trapped in a cult. They call themselves "Christian" but that's a misnomer, Christ did not approve of his dick foreskin being hacked off in a sick religious sacrifice, where as now he is told he needs to be forgivin of his "sins" that he did not commit, it's these sick child abusors that need to be stopped, no forgiveness needed, stopping this torturous religious ritual child abuse is what is needed. Worship of fake Jesus means the approvement of TRANS forming baby men's dicks, which means approvement of their sexual organ being TRANS FORMED thus approvement of making baby men into trans sexuals. Pardon me I have to make a call....."Hello David Knight, you are a trans sexual if you were circumcised. If you were, please stop bashing yourself as when you bash the TRANNIES you bash yourself then, and no you don't need to ask for any savior's forgiveness to what was done to you and Jesus is a mythical construct of the Roman empire which never fell so get off that high horse and  have some fun with us in the village with the people.

image of village people receiving Hollywood Walk Of Fame "stars" public domain freely made public by author bikerfan22 on wikipedia

Ask your decor ator if you should install this unique throw rug or for your next real estate open house to wow your clients. It can also be used in a doctor's office or city council meeting to leaders who fly planes while building them thus they crash into your business when they are at war on dangerous unicorns to provide them safe and effective guidelines on where to go, or it could be placed in your business as a way to subliminally guideline PublicHellth compartments to find their way to whenst they came as PublicHellth works for pHarma cysts which are highlighted in this video's side effects & the greatest side effect of all is you and tell all the junk science of virology to guideline itself HERE which guides all that junk science into the pits of PublicHELLth kare we are well accustomed to now in 2024 which only makes PORTFOLIOS healthy as we see once again with the monkey business scandal that caused gays to be thrown in the toilet again by those "loving" Christians soon as they "learnd" that "monkey pox" affected only those who monkey around in the bedroom which of course was more Horseshit In Virology (HIV) as always as no human can catch disease and no human can be monkey poxy as they are not monkeys they are humans, like helloooooooo, are we getting the wake up calls?

Gearbox wind turbine made in China holds 119 gallons of oil please notify your STOP OILists as they never park themselves in front of wind farms the thing was removed as it broke as IT'S MADE IN CHINA so over 30 years of alleged service life of these disabled energy systems that actually only last 10 they would be needing to replace the parts that use oil every 3 years that's 3,480 gallons of oil on the wall, take one down and pass it around and smoke some more marijuana and tell us again how YOU are saving the planet with these wasteful systems that only belong on the Sun as they are ONLY helping industrialists and portfolios using YOUR GREEN $$$ ENERGY | This year's Oh My God when will it be over the top messaging system is brought to you by  saving the planet with clean reliable information

Does the world have an anotomically woke Ken & Barbie trans doll yet? Ken is the one on the near left in the photo on the far left and his buddy is on the far right of this photo on the farther left and is thus a REPUBLICAN, a devout Christian who's first sex change was circumcision like that of Jesus only son, God. It's fun to watch them bash TRANS sexuals as they are bashing themselves. They should ask their fake Jesus for forgiveness for harming themselves. They keep putting themselves down as transsexual sinners. 'Course they did not become a TRANS SEXUAL on their own their trusted doctors did that to them but they will continue to bash themselves just like they bash gays.

She does not sell sea shells by the sea shore any more don't ask why

WWii Risqué North African Wallet from 1944 is racist, sexist, underoverogninst, overunderstandist, and keeps your money from spending itself

Halloween is supposed to teach us about how we can be scared over nothing. Friends scare us sometimes terribly, they usually will apologize if they see we really got super scared and are shaking, then laugh and hug us. In virology and medi SIN they don't apologize ever for scaring us, they don't hug us, they just tell us to take pills that make THEM feel better.

Hello, my pronoun is I Had My Most Sacred Private Part Amputated With Out My Permission (IHMMSPPAWOMP) PLEASE REFER TO ME WITH THIS PRONOUN OF MY CHOICE AS A MATTER OF EQUITY. It is pronounced as "I am Sippawomp". Sounds Indian like "squaw". It would seem stealing body parts is THEFT affecting the entire life of mine, they took it as if it was theirs, that is stealing and under religious doctrines and Unintacted States of America law, religions can torture baby men and newly born fetuses without repurcussions. Europe and many other countries forbid this and provide prison time for anyone that would be so brutal to a child but no not here in the sick governing system of the USA that not only does nothing it celebrates it every New Years Day with parades that parade around floats that hold on high horseless carriage carts before the horse shit those sick industries that do this to baby men and have been doing it for over 70 fucking year$$$$$$. So while my whole life I suffer repercussions of loss of 60% of the sensations of that zone, that affects the mind and body as a whole, Christiandom celebrates this bloody torture ritual theft of body parts, that was also done to imaginary Jesus, celebrating in a feast, every January 1st, so I decided to circumcise my ties to this sick religion while I continue to expose my self to doctorates and expect a different result which is the definition of insanity so then what to do next, see an other doctorate? I think another approach would help us LEARN BETTER

The imaginary con struct of the Roman Empire they call "Jesus" and his fake cruci FICTION is the biggest royal running joke of all time played on humanity. They use the cruci FICTION to scare people like government does all the time with fake viruses that are called novel FICTION. This leads to the question, why does modern a Medi SIN always crucify blood cells when there's evil unicorns they only BELIEVE are there?

Virus hunting is pseudo sportology

Christine Massey from Canada presentation on the cOvId-19 total fraud and the total fraud of the entire industry of Med I Sin Cults (MISC) that feature viruses THAT DO NOT EXIST as their cult platform. Christine has now compiled 220 FOIA responses all saying from these various agencies that THEY DO NOT HAVE PROOF ANY VIRUS EXISTS.

If we compare this junk science of virolology to math, it needs to have x in the equasion and it never has it. They claim x+y=disease THERE IS NO X. x = virus that does not exist. Without that it's a fairy tale. Virology is not a science, it is not logical. It is a cult and a fraud.

If we are use the electron microscope to look closer at their claims that we should "trust their science" (meaning trust their lies) we see they only claim x = disease such as in HIV causes AIDS no y. Know why. There is no x. They never prove x exists. Without x it's not science it's Horseshit In Virology (HIV). To be purrrfectly clear you did not catch the Titanic variant of Hustles In Virology (HIV) those are yet to be built but you may have caught corona manius as seen on TV and not reality, even though viruses do not exist as it's scientifically proven that the drama never ends. In the 1980's they had a montra for funding "End Aids" which meant give them money. They are beggars worse than any street person as these HIV deceive and take more than you would give them normally if you actually knew how much of your money you are giving them and how ABSOLUTELY fraudulent their junk science is. Around 1987 I ended AIDS. All I had to do was throw their marketing definition "AIDS" in the toilet and flush. It completely ruined the septic system. Did that with cOvId-19.666 also early in 2020, day -666 before they declared closing of businesses to start virus hunting season. The biggest joke of a governing response ever as even if viruses did exist, shutting down things does nothing but cause harm to people and if viruses existed they'd go where ever air goes, like duh. So then they fumigated all public places as if we were the pests and continue to do so as they try to kill what does not exist.

Subliminal grass covered cruci-fiction cross in the grass on An0maly's podcast he calls "Dream Rare" oh wait closer examination using THE/SCIENCE shows it's a telephone poll. The dude is kinda anti gay. Has wears a nice GOD BLESS hat on his head not on his sleeve. He managed to get interview with that Rama Swami dude that's running for Pres-I-Make-A-Dent, called out his working for pHarma, was an amazing interview. He's also interviewed with Roseanne. Called out Trump's lies day one and ongoing during cOvId-19.666 fraud and every politicians lies about that drug dealing fraud. He's a good guy.

All clean energy systems are based on fossil fuels, burning them to make the parts and when they burn they emit black toxic smoke from plastics as well the whole thing is a giant scam it's energy theatricks an Enron 2.666 scheme to fill industrialists plantations with your money as they like the Kovid falling off the runway fraud tell you they are see how safe and effective they are NOT | Bill Gates stated that the term "clean energy" screwed up people's minds and that electricity is cause of 25% of all world's carbon emissions. So the green freaks are clammoring to rise it to 50% by 2030. | Japan had a big 7.5 earthquake while the most powerful earthquake ever recorded was a 9.6 in Chile that lasted ten minutes and sent a tsunami of 35.666 feet to Hilo Hawaii | The later that day Los Angeles suffered a catastrophic 4.1 at Palos Verdes the whole pininsula fell off into the sea and is now making it's way to China to be repurposed that's what news would report if they were consistent but since pininsulas are real objects large and easily proven that it did not happen they stick with the bullshit like climate and viruses | Canada's amendments to the WHO pandemic treaty are invalid in many parts, mostly being that a mandated quicker response to dangerous unicorns would only create harm to people not viruses THAT WERE NEVER IN HISTORY EVER PROVEN TO ACTUALLY EXIST as the entire pandemic preparedness thing is a total 100% fraud and they know it they are HIV (Hustlers In Virology) | Liberalcrats babble on about "decolonization" and how shall they accomplish that? create colonies | Trump is a sleasy salesman how is it that people don't realize this? Because he's real good at his craft. Yea, I bought all his lies, will never vote for him to be President again let alone vote for him to handle mowing grass. Yea, he drained the swamp, notice the dirty water was sprayed all over us. If you didn't notice this in 2020 and especially after he took pHarma cash, I can't help you. Maybe David Knight would help you.

Centers of Delusions and Cons (CDC) obviously get all their novel fiction viruses like imaginary "cOvId" from novels of fiction, this one 'virus x' was published in the 1950's.

Frisko mayor, part of the "fly planes while building them" crowd does nothing to stop routine hacking off of sacred private parts on baby men while doing everything in ITS power to make rapper apologize for his ART "offending" IT when Newsom was mayor there he made dick hacking illegal but Jerry Brown governor of that time overturned it quickly as religious groups "have more rights" than baby men have from this torture in this lovely "democracy" we keep hearing about in the Unintacted States of America (USA) during deranged politicians babblefests | Every January 1st now that I know about the 'Feast of the Circumcision of Christ' is a ritual celebration of amputation of a sacred God given body part my New Years Day is not the same and it will never be what it was | analysis of MAGA/CULT and Green Day changing their lyrics to please the boot lickers presented by An0maly pointing out Trump was the same swamp creatures they all are liars/theives given immunity by CON gress that we redress and expect a different result every single time and no I will not put a period at the end of my sentence as this never ends | liberation from fuzzy dice prohibition in Illinois starts 2024 | Modern a Med I Sin Cults often con vex | after the celebration of "Jesus Not Enjoying The Festival of His Dick Cutting Ritual" David Knight ramables claiming children do not have rights and babbles on and on against TRANS forming children while saying nothing about this horror fest that Christians partake in each New Years Day of TRANS forming children which they enjoy as they say children have no rights what a bafoon he must be stuffing down his sexual cutting after birth trauma he points out California new law requiring "gender neutral" toy aisles which shows it's distortion of priorities ignoring again the hacking off of foreskin cults to instead make sure no one is offended by plastic | Junk Science helps us measure using real brains that the global temperature ESTIMATES from satellites are bogus "in silico" crap too just like the wool being pulled over our eyes in ongoing Hustles In Virology.

California expands gun free zones to almost everywhere does this mean they are free? It's always so interesting to watch California's wacky political drama these daze and going on for many decades as the prosperity it's politicians all enjoy is based on the Wild West's wearing protection days of men's belts that had bullets and carrying protection with them everywhere, as seen in these old 1953 movie photos of "Kansas Pacific" an image we only see on eBay now or on California and all the liberal goons are always protecting "democracy" by removing it.

Anything and everything on this page is not medical advice. If you want medical advice, ask your doctor, for example you might ask, "Did the CDC you whorship and adore ever read Charles Atlas 'Everlasting Health & Strength' written by Charles Atlas in 1941". I think I know the answer but do you?

What are the climate goons doing about INclimate weather? ROFL

Doctorates that perform "in silico" PONG/SCIENCE on you are in a PRACTICE of Med I Sin, you might choose a professional instead of those in little league tryouts and practice sessions where they PRACTICE their repurposed factory chemical waste products on your blood streams instead of those already polluted streams in Wuhan | David Knight explains the real world of the Civil War was not about ending slavery theres many ways to end slavery without war it was phasing out on it's own anyway, the Civil War and the Confederate flag was about STATES RIGHTS without Washington DC Plantation owners controlling everyone as they do now in so many nefarious ways such as declaring wars on dangerous unicorns | This is not the Titanic of websites most others are especially those that repeat the mantra "safe and effective" | The way Hustlers In Virology (HIV) allegedly "prove" their claims is like looking at this photo of soldiers brutally killing a cow with an axe, the pHoto does not prove anything other than there is men striking a pose not a cow, but the HIV will insist that is proof and then sell you their wares, as that's always what they see through their virus colored glasses, meanwhile those in the HIV/CULT will defend with all their might brutally killing your pointing out of illusions so they can continue to live in their lucrative imaginary virus wonderland | when I hear "safe and effective" Med I Sin's Claims (MISC) I now think of lead Zeppelins flying over cities filled with explosive gas said to be "safe and effective" |

Dear PrEPpers, that daily prevention of dangerous unicorns pill is "Pre Exposure Prophylacticalalysis" sold especially to us fags who were for the last 40 years TARGETED AND HIT with medicull Horseshit In Virology (HIV) as a prevention to a virus never proven to exist. IT'S ALL HORSESHIT IN VIROLOGY. Anti Dangerous Unicorn (ADU) drugs have a history of being poisons they killed the rats when the AZT was tested in the 1970's then the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) reintroduced it to kill the gays. They called it "treatment" but we know what it really was about. Took a lot of deaths before the declarators admitted the doses were too high of the rat poison AZT so they lowered it so it took years to distort the body in bizarre ways and it's functions so the statement could remain presented to the public as "it was the virus that did it" yet there is no virus. The science clearly shows it's rat poison. There was skull & crossbones on the label.

David Knight wants to cruicify "satan" like his sick religion crucifies foreskin 1:35:05 in his show what is wrong with these people? Says "you cannot change your gender", that's exactly what hacking off foreskin is, changing gender, trans forming it, Oh Christ Ians (OCI) celebrate doing this crucifiction of born fetus body parts every January 1st soon after birth or right after ending up in a troth. Claims SATANISM is not a religion. ROFL. It's in their bible, it's THEIR religion. What a joke.

Humans were used instead of lab rats starting in 2020 to study the "effectiveness" of a new flu vaccine which also used placebos that included of all things Meningitis vaccine to treat cOvId-19.666 which is odd as we never heard that corona hysterisis was caused by Meningitis. Notice the completion date with doses that varied as much as 20x that's the science you trust? It's Horseshit In Virology (HIV) VIEW THE FULL STUDY HERE

OMG the internet is now like a giant ever expanding skid row full of BEGGARS. So many drunk on medias and a plethora of imaginary construct addicts and all have their hands out begging for cash or coin in bits and reseas pieces

Interpreting what we see above and below see level is another inabsolute science like virology but at least there we can send rockets up to it that fall back down into the Bermuda Triangle to fool everyone into thinking we went there whereas with HIV they only fool handfuls of people who think they caught Kovid


New Year 2024

This year I resolve to watch and see if this will be the year of equal treatment for baby men especially after decades of noticing those loud actions of anti-abortion "no harm" freaks that insist fetuses they call babies be born at all cost then immediately have the baby man's foreskin crucified for their own salvation.

It could be THE/YEAR congress bans the unnecessary amputation of part of what man thinks with most, his dick. Many now realize the extent of this horror festival of dick cutting and it's associations with the religious world of illusionairy celebrations of Christmas presence and it's 'Feast of the Circumcision of Christ' which is sellebrated each January 1st and considered the first time Christ's blood was shed and the starting knife of man's redemption. What the fuck the HELL is this? Celebrating shedding his blood? Who's not in the mood for rose colored glass eye parades anymore. Merry Christmas? Happy New Year? For who? Seems celebrating the ripping off of God's gift to the baby man at birth is not giving it is taking. Are presents supposed to be redemption? Might we stop this horror show? Can congress make it their new years RESOLUTION? Don't hold your breath, many of the men in congress have likely stuffed down their trauma having been brutally sexually abused by doctors at birth, making up excuses instead to divert from having to look at this horror that was done to them. It's very traumatic to look at the reality of doctors and "men of God" amputating a sacred God given body part that God intended to remain intact as these deranged religions feel it needs to go as a part of their fake salvation.

Alas - not Atlas who would have as a baby thrown the doctors and priests across the room - now when we see Sick Santa wearing blood red as if it suits him or her we are now reminded of red bloody cutting rituals in hospitals where they torture baby men by cutting off part of their most sacred body part forever changing the baby man's life, so much cut off it would cover the size of his palm, messages to the brain severed.

Can we mandate all men make public their foreskin status? Privacy rights would interfere with that? Yea tell me again about privacy rights as Scissor Guy amputates God's gift to the world. They violate privacy and personal body integrity to TRANS form the baby man into their delusional image changing the baby man from God's image. Makes no sense. Religious practice does not trump body integrity rights.

learn better about this holocaust

Daniel Rold was pissed when he figured out what was STOLEN from him. American doctors are quacks, psychopaths, and sick. He'd rather been raped as his physical body would be intact. Seems stopping this amputation cult is an EMERGENCY. Get congress to act immediately. Or are they not interested in stopping routine sexual abuse of baby men that includes cutting off of body parts?


Support genital integrity Daniel Rold seeks some financing of the website hosting and awareness efforts that are effectively teaching

not sponsored by sickos that make baby man foreskin facecream

Oprah and Sandra Bullock arrogantly and brazenly slathered their boastful use of this bloody baby man body part torture product all over our faces

Ellen and audience laughed when Bullock talked about it on the now defunked Ellen Degenerous Show as if it was a big joke

I was not laughing when I watched them have their fun as they were thinking it was all so comical, it was sick and selfish, turned my stomach, and i was stunned as before tha I liked Ellen, she made me laugh but this made me realize all she really cared about was her money and fame being popular, having fun at baby and adult men's expense everything she did was commercialized her whole show was like that always pushing products, foreskin cream was the cake

the next time we hear women complain about inequal pay to men or any of that crap compare who's had modern a Med I Sin amputate their body parts off at birth for the opposite sex's face cream to "make themselves look pretty" they will of course laugh in your face, if baby women's body parts were in mens after shave was featured on a show featuring a man for host, and he made fun of having women's body parts in after shave, what would that reaction be? completely the opposite, which shows us most of these women are sick

did you know about the ridged band, I didn't because IT WAS HACKED THE FUCK OFF ME AT BIRTH

genital mutilation (circumcision) is an atomic bomb in a chain of trauma for a child well into adult life 

did it for personal reasons? what personal reasons belong on your son's dick? Thug Life Special Edition disco play


Next Level Intactivism by Daniel Rold at Linked In

who are the SHIT/HEADS in Med I Sin that rallied for anything but an Intact America .org

not just a snip it's like losing your iPhone but that can be replaced foreskin can't it's gone forever what sick society does this to it's men? a democracy? spare me the D-word bullshit, until you fix this with repirations and stop this horror your democracy is self serving the religious freaks and old world delusions and not what you think it is


I hate to be the bearer of more virgin bad news in a troth that fake Jesus was born in but here goes, we live in a world free of viruses thus no redemption needed, no savior needed, no testing for dangerous illusions needed, we are already free.


Nipha'd In The Bud (NITB) is another variant of exposing the lies of virology noticed as we visit

'Twaz the year before lockdown and all through each louse, was a stirring of creatures all paid by the Big House, the mouse was frightened again but this time with flair, as Kovid offered new fashion as he walked the runway with face mask and nice hair, Frankly Fauc In Stein was saying it would be difficult to change the way the world, yes WORLD, perceives influenza, yes the flu. Whyyyy would we need to do this as a world? Because they had plans a brewing, with their coffee and witches stewing, to put on the biggest $how hustle since the Barnum & Bailey's circus to get you so scared you'd do anything to not be scared anymore, even allow them to "genetically engineer" you as mentioned by Bayer CEO Stefan Olerich so they can warp your mind into a whole new scam of modern a Med I Sin Horseshit In Virology (maMIS/HIV).

Hooray for Hollywood as we remember The Wizard Of Oz (TWOO) and The Tin Man who was played by Jack Haley. "On August 15, 1939, MGM premiered 'The Wizard of Oz' at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. They erected bleachers for movie fans to sit on and watch the parade of people (Judy Garland was in New York for the premiere there), and behind them they built this huge, neon sign." The tin one from Wizard of Oz just wanted a tune up that's all he wanted from life. If he was here today he'd be stopped by those NO/OIL nuts and spit on, making him rust more. Here is collectors pin from of The Tin Man to wear out to your favorite committee meeting to show respect for one of the greatest men made of metal there ever was helping navigate roads to discovering what's behind curtain # 1 at all these agencies that puff themselves up. It helps' others notice what matters. This would make a great item to wear at the movie awards shows though maybe the wokeists there banned anything TWOO as it discriminatedist and disparaged small people and witches. Here's another great pin to wear in 3D  Movies are one of the best inventions of society. Image found at Wikipedia public domain

TV commercial for the Volvo XC90 electric car offered us illusions of a lovely world where children blow bubbles at soapy clean white colonist wind turbines supposedly looking out for us, and a nice white fossil fuel built car that only those who use massive quantities of fossil fuels can afford. Notice the black tar road made of coal and oil these electric cars that are 100% dependent on fossil fueld to be built and be powered by is driving on.

The Carbon Dioxide Cult (CDC) just can't seem to let go of it's fantasy world of belief systems that are worse than religions and a child that can't let go of believing in the Santa clause in the contract that mandates not exposing he's not real nor is any dangerous or friendly unicorn. One of it's longer standing mantras is "it makes blankets in the sky that insulate and will over heat the ERRth if we don't stop it". It's so delusional. Try some of those carbon blankets to insulate your home or as a blanket to stay warm at night, they don't work. Oh and that rich mans e-car and it's powered by propeller movie sets, that will save us, what's that thing driving on? It's not a dirt road, it's made of COAL tar, it's filled rich with carbon, by products of steel making's coal fired furnaces. They spread carbon everywhere you drive that electric fake save the planet machine on. What a joke. If the CDC was genuine and wanted to give us guidelines on how to save the world from carbon they would start by recommending that we ban tar roads and all industry for that matter, especially the Med I Sin industry that is so incredibly wasteful, ineffective, and inefficient with it's energy use by 99.666%. Driving electric cars just makes it worse. Then the CDC tells us we need to put these hot air pieces of turbine crap in our oceans and when the whales sonar screws up and they slam into them and wash up on shore dead the Med I Sin Cult (MISC) tells us they died of a virus overdose even though no one on ERRth has ever proven any "virus" to actually exist and when virology is asked why it can not find a virus using proper isolation methods based on absolute science not the junk science it says "there's not enough virus to find" and Chicken Little watches humanity go wacko and laughs while smoking a cigar and keeping the doctor away with some apple slices that fell not too far from the cherry tree.

"Safe and effective" disabled energy wind turbine spins out of control making horrible loud noises the blasts apart into huge pieces of disabled energy crap which could have killed someone. Tell your delusional politician and they respond with "Well we are building planes while flying them and these propeller based wind plantations will free us someday so that eventually we will have them powering the planet with upgraded clean jet engines".

Climate change is not caused by carbon, it's caused by OCD (Ocean Current Diversions). Someone please hand this memo to the Delusion party so they can get their heads out of the clouds and do something about current change. All the money wasted giving these new wind and solar handicapped white colonist slave plantations special parking zones that create McMansions for the already rich should be going to give basic homes to those living on the streets as all this clean energy crap is garbage. OCD is also called El Nino and La Nina, very cold waters in the oceans dominate for a number of years, then shifts to warm waters dominating for years. Never exactly the same. Nothing can change this. Hello, is anyone going to take that call? It's been ringing for decades now, someone pick it up and listen in, "Oh hi mom, yea they don't care about anything but what their TV tells them, sorry, what else can I do? Bring up the equity issue? Parking lots for this disabled energy in the cities? Now why didn't I think of that before, yes I will get right on it, there's too many handicapped spaces allotted in the country for these systems the cities never provide handicapped parking for wind and solar there where it's needed most. Many of these climate retards suffer from OCD. They watch too much TV and propoganda from the climate cult leaders and get sucked in and can't escape. It's as bad as being sucked out to sea by a rip tide so here's a trick, as the climate cult pulls you in and away from the safe shore by the sea in the sea as you see someone selling sea shells that you can hear saying she's realized you are out to sea and can't do a damn thing to help but flail her arms which does nothing, you remember that you are best to stay afloat and go with the flow as it starts to go sideways parallel to the shore where a little ways away the Direct Current (DC) weakens and when you notice that weakness you then swim the hell with all your might to shore which effectively safely gets you there, but then you have to deal with California Department of PublicHellth trying to sting you after you avoided all the jelly fish and other sharks as that entity that admits that it has no evidence of viruses being isolated to prove they are real as they keep alleging that again tells you that you need to be tested for dangerous unicorns as you were in the sea where they claim now all the shit from the city is dumped which contains the boogy virus, lock you in your home for a year, and test you 666 billion times to make sure their portfolios are filled so they don't have to sell sea shells by the sea shore any more." 

A man discovered where the science of PublicHellth received it's training and experience, at the sea shore.

Say goodbye to virology it's dying a slow painful death. Good, gone, and bad riddance. All they ever do now is manipulate "in silico" and let the computer deal with it. Less money spent, more money kept for their drug portfolios and pensions. They never actually lower prices why would they. Their junk science is awful. It's like using AI to figure out how to go back to the plasma moon that we never went to. It's like Xspace and it's fake rocket that goes backwards, defying physics. It's all fake. Follow the industrialist paths and you will learn better where all your green $$$ energy is going.

Fauci also claimed he invented the first treatment for old diseases which were given a new label and convoluted causation model that made not a shred of sence, just trillions of dollars for himself and all his friends, and that HE was first to invent the electric car. Neither is true but that's how he operates on you performing brain surgery using LIES, and he doesn't care because he's immune as are all his friends that make up stories about viruses and use up all your energy to promote their NOVELS. Facts are viruses do not exist, not proven anyway any more than Jesus was real or a civilization living in the center of the Sun, and fact is that Edison invented the electric car, well not really, he stole someone elses ideas as they all do along the way like how Disney abucted Snow White from a creator who never was given even ten cents. Electric car as seen here in the 1910's never caught on because they are a big pain in the ass to recharge, weak ass machines, and don't help feed plants carbon dioxide thus the science was noticing at the time that plants were dying so they built new plants in Detroit which eventually were abandoned so they moved to a communist country which they said was free and built their plant food machines there. The side effect was transportation. covering over the tip of a man's most sacred body part next to and connected to his brain is not an unnecessary section of skin, it has functions. If some sicko tried to harm a child we would not allow it if we were of sound mind, yet this is what many allow, when our baby men are born in the Unintacted States Of America (USA) and this is because we all joined a cult or were coerced into it without our knowledge. Cults hypnotize and get people to do things they wouldn't normally do. Cults are cunning. What adult besides a sick doctorate with knives we call Scissor Guy would be allowed to strap down an infant, and slice off a body part off the loose PROTECTIVE covering of skin, the size of the palm, hear the baby man scream as it's cut the fuck off, and claim this is normal? It is a sick disgusting dangerous cult. No it's not just a little snip, it's an amount of skin that is the size of the palm of the hand that wraps around the head of the phallus TO PROTECT IT only a cult would perform such horrors. Not even Satan or his side effect kick in the ass The Devil does this crap to people. He respects humanity more than Christiandom. Not even the Churches of Satan call for this widespread massacre of foreskin.

CDC is a cult they are filled with sick ALIEN BEINGS that enjoy seeing people tortured while they bill everyone for it. The CDC is a sick society. It contradicts claims, it lies and make things up. It did not always run this PREVENTION train all over everyone but when the agency failed at stopping cancer as it's foundation of what causes cancer leaves out what causes cancer such as sugar consumption, alcohol indulgence, and the recipies that CREATE DISEASE, they needed a new scam, PREVENTION. This allowed them to broaden their horizon$ with method$ u$ed that scare people into BELIEVING with no proof that there could be invisible things lurking under the bed ready to devour you and your friends and family. Grandma should be in charge not the clowns there now that speak out of every open pore and sometimes it's mouth and out it's assets. The Centralized Disease Cult (CDC) claims there's a virus while it also claims they have no proof any virus exists using proper scientific method. As the members of the cult learn what a biostatician noticed, that the science was never done, that virology is pseudoscience that does not follow the proper scientific method, the cult of course like all cults members do, reacted and continues to react with shunning those trying to wake them up out of their delusional stupor, presenting reasonable logical observations that make sense, showing how the cult members are in a world of illusions just like we see in religious cults. 220 institutions of science and official "health" agencies such as California Department of PublicHealth (note they squish that last word together, hmmmmm) admit they have no record of ISOLATION of any virus to absolutely prove any existence. The science these "health" cults use is not there, it's junk science. The science used in finding used parts for a car in a junk yard is better science than what the rotten branch of biology called "virology" uses. For example, a man at the counter lets you in to the junk yard, a real man, you know what a man is as it's isolated from other things. You look for an old Chevy like your 1958 classic, a real Chevy, not one you can't even find under a microscope (like FAKE/HIV which was only proven real using politics not science) you look at the engine and door, real parts, you see if what you need is there, you remove the part you need, again real parts, you know precisely what they are and what they function as such as the carburetor and the door panel, absolute functions, not guesses like in virology, and while there you notice a few other real parts that you identify and ISOLATE from the rest of the car and ISOLATE from the rest of the junk yard filled with old cars. The junk science of virology does not do this, ever. It and it's masters at the CDC will tell you it did and it lies then scares you with all the spooky bad things that will happen to you if you leave the cult. learn better and escape these Med I Sin Cults (MISC). They discovered a novelty virus in Wuhan. Getting it yet? They're messing with you. Novelties at the circus. Virology and PublicHealth is a circus.

Kovid testing revolutionized, they are now testing raw sewage for "it" even though "it" has never been proven to exist by anyone other than sleasy salesmen like Trump. The revolution? Wipe your ass with your politicians health orders on paper and submit that as your sample for testing. Throw those nose rape devices in the trash. Testing is a fraud so whatever the test "result" throw that in the trash as well. Tell them all to prove viruses exist they can't they make up stories. Ask your doctor if it knows who Stefan Lanka is? 99.666% guaranteed it will not. He proved with proper science that viruses do not exist, he did this in German Supreme Court. Another option as Peggy presents is to blow your nose and hand that to the testing mafia or just not do any of this nonsense at all.

The rotten branch of biology called "virology" needs to be cut off. It's putrid at it's core, is falling on people's heads, it can't hold itself up it's relying on all the villagers to take turns standing there, it's insane to continue on this guideline path. Even Chicken Little wasn't so stupid as to remain under the tree but this is different than times when he was running around saying the sky is falling when an apple a day kept the doctor away, CL stepped back and saw the disease forming in the branch called "virology" and simply walked away to a safer place, CL DID THIS DECADES ago when HIV/LIES were forming. It was a rather effective walk that then was spoiled by the industrialists slave plantations sprouting up all around where the CDC again claimed safe and effective new energy sources which are better described by those not in the cult as HANDICAPPED ENERGY.

Yea, it was first called CoV-eieio-12 then it was Covid-666 but that didn't sell any product, so they went with the first year that the novel of fiction was written "19" and it became a best seller feller. Don't buy my book.

Law of infinite possibilities is also a fraud as seen in this home clothes dryer artists rendering "in silico".

Trump's latest blabber festival scam is "I want to build a new headquarters for the swamp, now that I drained it, they are suffering".

Invest in barf bags, the MAGA swamp is filling up again.

If women are always getting paid less for doing the same work as men, then wouldn't companies just hire all women? Yes they would. So the feminists are lying. Seems if they were so hell bent on equal treatment they'd be putting all their energy into ending the dick cutting slicing off of foreskin off baby men which is not done to women, but then what would they use to look pretty if they reached their goal?

We live on an island called Earth. For those of us who understand reality and have studied ERRth's reflection in the moon it's no surprise to read this headline,

Island tries to rely 100% on renewable power grid but it doesn't work more than 15% of the year

Arizona's got a little grand canyon south of Winslow. They are installing about 150 massive turbines on about 49 square miles there. To the east of the canyon there's small ranch properties mostly undeveloped but there's many parcels that have no power brought to them anywhere. Imagine looking out at this and seeing these industrialist pieces of fake clean energy crap all over this pretty view. It should have never been approved by Coconino and Navajo counties.

From 2015 to 2023, governments and industry worldwide have spent US$11.7 trillion (inflation-adjusted) on clean energy. From 1995 to 2022, the amount of fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) consumed worldwide increased by 58.6%. Specifically, oil consumption increased by 34.2%, natural gas by 86.7% and coal by 72.7%. learn better

White colonists have destroyed so many things. They say coal is old technology. That would mean water is also old technology. Stop drinking water, especially carbonated water! More white colonists spotted! They are 2x the size of the Statue of Liberty and there's 49 square miles of this crap being build just south of Arizona Winslow at Chevelon and planned 100 square miles of these movie sets at West Camp Wind Farm only 10 miles away. These are all pension plan and portfolio energy systems that take your energy and keep those powered up. They call these wind mills but they are not, here is a real wind mill, it directly grinds grain with ZERO loss of energy.

Yet another DISABLED ENERGY parking structure will be plopped on a virgin manger erected on untouched hillsides and alpine meadows so that people in California can have their energy sins forgiven. These will appear in Polonyna Borzhava.

Electric cars run on electric made from NATURAL GAS which has emissions. How'z that Climate Delusion Cult (CDC) working out for you AGAIN?

Virologists prove viruses are "real" basically like how the 4 year old proves this car actually is light enough to carry with one finger, then they cave and admit it would take two fingers. learn better

When you have an axe in the car and need to use the rest room really bad and can't wait

For those stores that annoy you AFTER you shopped with "did you find everything you were looking for".

Measured race wars.

OMG off the grid is a nightmare. I don't see any carbon blankets used as insulation in any of these homes. It's such a good insulator gee you'd think they'd just have a big exhale party with friends to provide all the insulation needed.

Form 6 requirement for public officials in Florida new law to require public servants to disclose their investments and thus possible conflicts of interest starts on Christiandom's "Feast of Jesus Circumcision Day Celebration".

In school they never explained this about competition, they just said it was good, thus the conspiracy theorists were once again correct, school is an indoctrination camp.

"The Science" plays with words to see if you are paying attention


If carbon is such a great insulator how come every time I blow on my coffee to cover it in a carbon blanket it still gets cold? Huh? Tell me all you climate cons and goons trapped in your carbon delusions why does it not stay insulated to "trap heat" as you keep spouting off about. Stop lying to the public.

To make it perfectly clear I am not a porn star, as much as you think that's what I am as you have seeen videos of me and many a model of me, I am not a porn star, I am porn.

Government spends $5,000 for a toilet seat so why would it be so hard to believe that NASA spends $10,000 for a can of hair spray to make their hair stay in place to fake being in space. Why would they be "faking space". Money. "They couldn't possibly pull off such a hoax." Really now. Elon Musk's fake space is hilarious. Rich man's toys make us want to learn better

Wind turbine blade flys off in strong winds, a turbine that was not even working, scheduled for repairs spring 2024. What a complete waste of energy. These are pipelines to your cash. How many people would have been killed by flying blades of those monsters "looking out for you" when visiting Lahaina during the FIRE STORM had those been there. These blades are made of plastics (oil) and would add fuel to the fire. Josh "bandaid" Green New Steal of Hawaii governing sail ships might mandate these horror devices there as they rebuild Lahaina for fake clean energy like mandating ODD air filters for your breath to fake stop dangerous unicorns as the governing there thought people had tailpipes like cars.

The only entity on ERRth that receives IMMUNITY is drug dealers in the Med I Sin Cult (MISC). Immunity to disease is a cult belief system. Episode 352 of The High Wire with Del Bigtree, Aaron Siri testifies in a COMMITTEE in Arizona that believes viruses exist and is trying at least to make better sense of what just happened where the modern a cult world lost it's way yet when you listen in you hear questions showing the merry-go-round goes in squares and will continue to as people can't let go of their BELIEF in viruses, Jesus, Satan, and 666 trillion other things that are NOT/REAL. At least these guys are calling attention to the 40 year old problem of drug dealers having IMMUNITY and the drug dealers are the only entity that gets IMMUNITY from harm when their products cause harm. That's because they hytericals and bandwagoneers of the 1980's pushed Reagan into giving drug dealers immunity. Now the goal is for every person on ERRth to have 666 vaccines in a lifetime. We could delete immunity for drug dealers instead since we are not getting any immunity from vaccines. That would be a start and fit in with equity and equal treatment goals. Wakey.

More proof of it all being a cult is the reason is that it would be "unethical" to test their products on people in CONTROLLED clinical trial (runs) as they test their products on people anyway with no liability as we saw in the drug pushing fraud of claims that the only way out of fake ass novel virus syndrome is to be injected with Wuhan's chemical factory waste products. Some humans learned back in the HIV-AIDS-DAZE that safe and effective means chemicals that were proven highly toxic, so toxic skull and cossbones were on the label and all the rats died in the tests on animals, thus, what they offered my gay friends was rat poison. AZT the killer drug, they knew it was a killer, CDC did not care as it is a MISC/CULT where many of it's members are lost and can't find their way out. It is presented the reality and it shuns it. People died from AZT. CDC promoted it. Cults justify, make up excuses, blame something else like Jesus, Satan, The Virus, or Aliens. That one with Jesus and Satan is no different. Look around at how often they cruicify people over and over and over again expecting a different result each time. Those who crucified IMAGINARY JESUS which is a construct of the Roman Empire that remains standing were called evil and so they do the same thing to other's who try to tell you that Jesus is not real. Spot a cult by how it responds to logic. When I say AZT is rat poison because the reality is it killed all the rats, they will justify it's use, twist everything around to MATCH THEIR BELIEF SYSTEM first and foremost. This has gone on with the human immune deficiency HID virus cult for 40 years now and continues. CDC announces "monkey pox" and the cult members follow into the drug dealers pit yet again after 40 years and trillions of dollars going to portfolios to find a vaccine against AIDS suddenly there's one for novel fiction viruses and monkey business disease? Hello? Knock knock. No one has sex with monkeys. Fraud is behind door number 1. From day #1 in 2020 and 1984 when HHS official on par with the clown Rick Bright stated they "found the probable (not absolute) cause" of acquiring an immuneless syndrome of which pathology remains unknown but there was never proof of cause being a "virus" and that remains to this day of all diseases. That official named Margaret Heckler who was a SECRETARY like the SECRETARY of transportation Pete Gay Guy (PGG) in 1984 in a press conference made this claim. Margaret was a lot more honest than secretaries today in government. She also told the world that condoms did not stop viruses but that never stuck, only the lie that they stopped viruses stuck as then TroJan condom company flooded the TV's and magazines with commercials for condoms and the gay bandwagoneers were driving it while watching their portfolios that included TROJAN/STOCK soar. That's what usually drives "outbreaks" of hysteria, media manipulation of minds. Follow the money guidelines folks. Margaret Heckler stated clearly that the flexible membrane had pores that [if a virus actually existed] would allow any virus to go right through basically like leaving the front door to your home open in summer and expecting flies to not get through. To this day PublicHellth keeps pushing condoms as these officialianados work for the guidelines that shovel money their way. You see the problem is that all these groups have immunity they can make all sorts of assertions without proof. Need to seriously repeal the Reagan act giving them immunity from 1986.

Variant BS 24/7 has been mutating since 666 thousand years ago. Humanity sailed through without pHarma rape products.

NASA photo uses fish eye lens to fake curve the view of ERRth they present, amateur photo could not afford fish eye lens so it produces a flat ERRth reality.

Symptomless disease, the new same old scam since the 1980's HIV/DAZE is mental illness that PublicHellth suffers from. Makes no sense, it's like saying your car runs bad (has a disease) when it's running fine. It's like saying that the engine will catch a speck of dust (virus) and it will die from that so they come up with tests for the dust that are made by Acme products as seen on the Road Runner & Coyote antics that are all over the map and fail constantly but at least in that cartoon instead of the cartoon of virology the Coyote actually has something real in his hands. The Hustle In Virology (HIV) presents illusions, mirages, fantasy as no virus exists in the real world, it's a word game. That's the Hustle In Virology (HIV) Orwellian "1984" speak. That's exactly when it all started, this push to distort words to sell you crap like poisons fed my friends in the Holocaust In Virology (HIV) daze. If you put 2 and 2 together you see they are messing with you. They will play their word games as far as they can go as long as the result is rivers of your cash. Some of what we discover in the dumpster Disaster In Virology Extracted (dumpsterDIVE) is because of demands. The public gets duped, becomes terrified, demands government fix the problem, which inevitably makes it worse. That's how in 1986 the hysterians got the government to VOID all proper legal protections against harm from drug companies, they then were given IMMUNITY to being sued for harm. It's like they sold cars with no brakes and ones that were proven dangerous and the desperates had government buy them for them and well they all crashed. Then they kept demanding more expecting different results, continuing to blame dust and dangerous unicorns.

Raw sewage testing for viruses is the next big scam that's been evolving and planned and greedily salivating over by all the pHarma cystical companies and agencies that have patents on this HIV testing nonsense.

"covid-19" is another Immune Deficiency Disease (IDD) soooo this is caused by HIV which was said over and over again that it mutates and bla bla bla no proof of any virus anywhere. Covid-19 is an HIV disease if we go by what these hustlers keep spouting on and on about. They contradict and use fear JUST LIKE RELIGIOUS CULTS. They are testing for HIV. They call it "a new virus" it's still in the HIV family causing immune deficiency which is what severe respiratory bla bla bla, at this point does anyone still believe anything those hustlers say? OMG it's insane they are becoming so full of lies pouring out everywhere it's so incredibly obvious now. CUT FUNDING TO ALL THESE HUSTLERS.

Take a look at this Horseshit In Virology (HIV) "People infeXted with The Virus That Causes Fill In The Blank (TVTC/FITB) can shed 'the virus' in their poo even if they don't have symptoms". Read the rest of it, they want to do this so they can fake claim using fake tests they found too much virus in the wastewater so they can TAKE MEASURES like fumigate the community, shut down businesses, test further, on and on and what new schemes would they hit the public with to make money GOBS AND GOBS OF MONEY YOU FEED THESE MONSTERS, these people are all PURPOSELY lost in and scheming about their corrupt money grubbing wonderlands all clearly visible in their portfolios swimming about their heads like dancing soda plums. Since the 1980's we knew that HIV "tests" were garbage. 40 years goes by and people still gobble up all the cow chips and horse carrots because they don't know better as medias are corrupt and feed them horseshit fed them all controlled by big money manipulators. Try to tell people tests are worthless they can't hear you if they are stuck in the cult. THIS IS CHANGING THOUGH. People are not putting up with these lies as they realize them now. They are attending meetings and speaking publicly calling out the lies. the are repealing laws, they are throwing out their dead weight councils and public officials to nowhere. No virus has ever been proven to exist thus it's all HORSESHIT IN VIROLOGY and we don't need to do ANY OF THIS CRAP.

When I see "The Cross" worn by someone I now interpret that as symbolizing that I am dealing with a crucifier. Easy to test this out safely and effectively without a vaccine, explain that Christianity promotes stealing and that Satan does not. Say the Devil promotes protecting one's self and not harming others unless being attacked by loving Christians that hate you, well not you, the sin which is a part of you, so, they hate you, like having an intact dick they can't stand as they think that is evil, they will crucify you, well not all do. So this is what the cross may symbolize. I then pray for those who crucify others with the blood of Jesus dick foreskin that was stolen from him by Scissor Guy. When I see a cross on a hill I take it as a warning, watch out there are many who crucify nearby and also take it as Jesus foreskin loves me. Sometimes it might be appropriate to crucify, such as when the marketing scheme of zika morphed into the marketing scheme sars then that mutated into the marketing scheme covid and the governors spread lies from the Central Disease Cult (CDC) that in order to be safe and effective we need to hide in a closet and pray that Jesus will bring us food, in that case those who crucified leaders such as those who said they were flying planes while building them but others who wear band-aids at press conferences, do they deserve to be crucified, maybe, maybe not. The Jesus Cult (TJC) flails around such endeavors often. Crucifies "victims" as if they are not loved by God. So much hypocricy. Hypocricy is King. Follow the leader AND GUIDELINES no matter where they lead as Tube Yoobers tell you to off the cliff if that's where the guidelnes are as they have immunity.

California never stops gooning it's people, now they approved TOILET TO TAP water. It's "safe and effective". Peggy Hall covers this raw sewage treatment of the public. What is wrong with this state? Bunch of con artists. Art is King! Next they will mandate every home recycle it's toilet water to go back directly into the tap, direct into the coffee maker and toilet. Circle of life. This is a sign of more cult activity. Indiginous people were not that stupid. Modern a society has it in it's RNA. Clarity note: medias are as they do as it's in their DNA to lie are just hyping this all up and that includes the lovely Peggy Hall, as this is not planned for widespread use, it's more limited use in situations where there's no fresh water or it's in such terribly limited supply and need for fresh repurposed water, or it's pure politics like Kovid falling off the runway and everyone rushing in to catch him so they could be first to say "I caught Kovid" and for those who were not right there when it happened they get the consolation prize sold at every drug dealers fancy stores on corners everywhere. To safely and effectively communicate to the public this matter of repurposing water, they should compare it to routine circumcision of recycling Wuhan's factory chemical waste water into drinking water as they use it for vaccines effectively to spread misinformation that claims it's safe.

In 2020 fashionable hindsight of face it masking the truth we see that the goons in PublicHellth cults had people believing they were lepers and none of them had any SYMPTOMS of leprocy. Lepers were put on islands in the dark ages where public health then would only do that when there were symptoms, like limbs falling off. To stop the leprocy outbreak that did not exist public officials that regularly fly planes while building them said shut your business down to stop the spread of leprocy that has no symptoms. See where this fraud it going? In 2019 we saw how they set the world up to be used as toys. Modern a Med I Sin is a cult and a business. To see the light we have to go back to the darkness where it was better then as lepers were treated equitably whereas 99.666% of humanity in the light ages were treated like raw sewage.

If you BELIEVE in Jesus you may also BELIEVE in dangerous unicorns. If you BELIEVE in Satan you might BELIEVE that he goes around cutting off part of a baby man's dick and eating it or throwing it into the Lake of Fire another imaginary construct. These are just BELIEFS. Satan does not do that, he would never do that, he is not evil, Christiandom does that, it celebrates the "Feast of Jesus Circumcision" January 1st every bloody year while many are recovering from consuming too much joy. They celebrate all these BELIEFS as Jesus did not exist and thus he could never have been tortured like this by those who loved him. This recent Christ Mass (which oddly is part of massacre) celebration a friend told me something was missing in his life, he couldn't put his finger on it. I was going to tell him it was his foreskin and all the nerve connections to his brain that provide pleasure, something Christ followers have a problem with, but I did not want to upset him. The color for New Years Day is RED as in bloody hacking off of a most sacred part of the body of Christ. The color for Xmas is GREEN as in pine tree living and vibrant also cut off from it's roots in celebration of the birth of a SAVIOR who's sacred section of His dick was then sacrificed to God along with pine trees leaving an empty space. Joy to the world.

Buy your World Economic Quorum (WEQ - pronoun ced "weak") here with JP Sears as he interviews some old rich disabled energy fart that understands the world better than the world understands itself even though the rich zillionair is senile and par for the course.

If you BELIEVE in viruses then ask your virus Godfather why does Tom Cowan ask the question "Why is there not a single published paper showing the direct binding of any pathogenic virus directly in the fluid of any sick plant animal or human being not once" and have a much better answer to his own question than any HELLth department, virologist, Centers for Controlled Delusions, public official, doctor, or TV or Yoohoo tube station any where on ERRth where they can't even find the virus and admit to this in writing?

The 1942 Bombing of Darwin, the first of over 100 Japanese air raids on Australia during World War II. This is what modern a Med I Sins Systemically Eveloped Delivery (MISSED) does to your body when it goes to war on dangerous unicorns. The good man of Berkely master of science Peter Duesberg pointed this out about virology in the 1980's when he said that using AIDS drugs to kill harmless retroviruses is like dropping bombs in a forest to kill the bunny wabbit, doesn't leave the forest looking real good though it might get that hunting target.

Doctorate McSpikey is at it again

Doctorate of "in a paper by" Peter "Spikey" McCullough still has a cold and cough and a red nose like a clown as he keeps pushing his traveling Med I Sin Show (MISS). On the board of "The Wellness Company" and his "McCullough Foundation" tax write off business he keeps pushing "kovid" off the stage so he can say to those in the audience "you caught kovid" and get all the attention as if it's a new disease when it's just a rebranding of the flu. Talks about amino acids having spikes that have been proven "in a paper by" virologists to kill Godzilla with a sneeze he's wearing a blue tie and a white shirt so he is trustworthy. OMG look at that red nose again. How can he have a cold when he's got both the cure & the prevention. He BELIEVES in viruses never proven to exist. Christine Massey the whistle blower biostatistician that has official documents from 220 agencies all saying they can't prove viruses exist as per proper scientific method has tried to clue him in, he stopped talking to her as his arguments to prop up virology fail miserably. So many people just don't want to leave their cozy virus bubbles. Petey follows the money. Drug pushes pesticide sprays up the nose and amino spike killers. Appeals to "patriots". Makes Bill Gates into the devil while McSpikey flails about the details in his credentials and piles of "in a paper by" nonsense is there to save you. Saviors everywhowhere but why. Appeals to those who are always latching on to saviors but not all of them there's a plenty that see through the lies of virology and it's variant hustles.

In physics a well known foundational principle is that energy is not used up it changes form. This makes a great analogy of the physics of other systems like schooling and slavery, those energies changed form. It's energy is not used up, it's just now being used to indoctrinate rather than teach. It's a new form of masters and slaves. We saw the artificial fruits of it's lack of intelligence play out when the masters used the whip on it's slaves in 2020 March when people foolishly believed and went along with 2 weeks to slow the spread of dangerous unicorns nonsense. Just like in a cult or those beaten by their masters and trained to serve they went along with it. It was the most absurd thing to have ever witnessed. There are no viruses. For 100+ years and even into thousands of years this concept of a boogy man or a virus that does not exist except in the child's imagination now as an adult is absurd. We couldn't stop people from rushing to their TV brainwash boxes of news sludge they kept tuning in to get the latest lines of raw sewage that the master$ use on them. Took almost 4 years to settle it down. What will they try next? If you think they are concerned about your health you are indoctrinated, they are concerned about their wealth. They perform unnecessary $urgerie$ all the time, they bombard the body with radiation and poisons "for your health" as the idea is be healthy by going to war. The article on Ron Paul's blog says copyright F.R.E.E. all I could find on that was a mobility charity which shows how they "clean" equipment donated. They spray it with poisons, they don't wash it, they work with a myriad of agencies that all are obsessive compulsive with spraying with chemicals everywhere leaving poison chemicals layered on everything it touches then gets into the air. Cleaning something is using soap, a non toxic soap, mostly made of salt and maybe some fat as in bar soap, and rinsing off the residue. Things are now sprayed with pesticides. So many places now have a  horrible smell, it's of QUACKI poisons Quaternary Amonium Cat Ions probably using Wuhan's polutted waterway chemical waste. Chemical poisons "kill viruses" they say and claim is always made they are safe and effective just like with cold and flu now hustle named "covid". There's a big problem seen with learning as pointed out in the article even doesn't get it, they repeat over and over again "COVID" a term people now believe is a new disease. There is no new disease there is only new marketing pitches. They should say cold and flu. They don't even spell the acronyms right any more. With PrEP they at least decapitalized the "e" as the first letter is "Prevention", with "covid" it should be always spelled CoViD for Corona Virus Disease which is COLD AND FLU and all retarded measures made by those in governing who fly planes while building them should be discarded, especially those that now fumigate the public as if they are pests.

If you have a car and it is in your holy name, it is yours, it is your property, it's a part of you. You really feel this feeling of it being a part of you like with certain cars, maybe a classic that fell into your lap and you hid it under your pants most of the time to protect it. Foreskin is better than owning a classic car. If someone hijacks foreskin you no longer have it. It is wrong, unethical, illegal to hijack a car. If a person in alleged authority including doctors and guardians hijacks foreskin, government does not say it's wrong, illegal, or unethical, it protects that crime, that is, in the Unintacted States of America (USA) who's people keeps getting ripped off. Most countries are sane and not warmongering, evil, and greedy, they do not allow this torture of baby men.

Why is the Unintacted States of America's Social Security owned by the Queen of England?

On Hogan's Heros they would talk in code. Starting 2020 people started talking in code about "The Thing". What was "The Thing"? Did anyone decipher the code? I know there's "The Special" did you ever order "The Special"? It can be found in a Red Box.

A good man who is looking out for you and a savior we can lean on is Tom Cowan Tom Cowan who is a better doctorate than most doctorates that flail around "in a paper by" all in your face rather annoyingly such as that Peter McSpikey who keeps scamming the public with this spike protein gobble de gook. Tom has some great books pointing out the fraud of virology, whereas viruses do not exist in the real world, only in the imaginations. People are starting to realize this after Kovid fell off Project Runway's stage and people started running around (as Chicken Little sat in the audience) saying they caught Kovid. All the world's a runaway project. Tom also lovingly shows his way of making sourkraut at home and crawling for exercise. Many of Tom's recent web podcasts here.

If pHARMa and it's best pal Fauci & friends were in charge of the world's trail systems, it would say this one at Nankoweap is safe and effective while knowing it has full legal immunity when 666 thousand people died there from falling off the cliff, after going their as they trusted the science, and then congress would investigate, then say they had to give the World's Trail Systems (WTS) legal immunity or no one would use the trail. Nankoweap Trail bad section image by Joshua M

Big government's approach to fixing homelessness pretty much goes like this, 1) raise taxes to pay for the "fix" 2) make government bigger with more employees managing homelessness as they buy themselves more homes 3) give everyone bonuses and increases as the general public seriously struggles with inflation, losing homes, more struggles 4) buy up those lost houses on the cheap and make them vacation rentals thus squeezing the supply of homes solidly tight making homelessness grow, 5) take many vacations in rentals like these and blame homelessness on drugs and viruses, 6) demand government solve the problem. Then the public thinks writing about it all on blogs will make a difference. We watched this awareness bug swarm in the 1980's with CoV/AIDS. Once the concept of blaming a novel IMAGINARY virus took hold, it was all about awarene$$. Made it all worse. Never was there any drama queen anywhere telling us that no virus exists, they all jumped on stage, often fighting for starring role as that's where the fame and fortune was. Virus causation defies logic, reason, reality, all scientific measure and the best scientists in the world were being shut out only the junk science was heard as it was more dramatic. They do this over and over and over again with each new marketing pitch of a fake new strain. Then the solution was a vaccine which never came, but the poison pills did, they killed my friends. It was a holocaust. That is why when "covid" the cold and flu device of safe and effective marketing scams was introduced we knew day one that it was a fraud, it's all coming from the same people. HIV/AIDS doesn't even make any sense. An acronym does not cause an acronym. Nor can an acronym cause 666 different diseases that are labeled in the BROADER/CATEGORY misreferred to as an acquired immune deficiency syndrome when syndromes are unknown pathology then they claim they know the pathology. It's all the science of hustle for profit and massive ones at that.

Chris's Sky is falling, the chicken little now of the imaginary "Chicken Pox Virus" (CPV) is ranting against those who say there are no viruses, insisting there is, running around with his shirt off and screaming at everyone that viruses exist. Odd, he was all hell bent against vaccines and CoViD when that was fashionable. He's obviously another shill for pHARMa and it now seems he's another of the many stage hands in this war who was picked for a starring role. So now that the public has dumped pHARMa products in a big way, he is being used to push them. He will be pushing the patches when that kicks into gear. Did anyone notice how that tennis player jumped right back into the game owned and sponsored by pHARMa when "mandates" by government finally dropped the ball, look who sponsored that fake hero of the freedom community, Mode RNA and their "shot of the day". Shot of the day. Associating winning tennis player with shots of the day, the cash piles in. The pHarma company that's replacing pFizer all owned by the same people playing the game of hellth kare making trillion$. The world's an orchestra pit, not a stage. It's all orchestrated.

The Drinking The Kool-Aid Virus Cult (TDTKAVC) didn't even know what a corona like the Sun shaped imaginary virus was until they heard it was an illegal alien that came from Uranus and instead of throwing the HIV in the trash, they kept taking sip after sip then guzzling it all down where in this cult then we saw all logic fall over dead like in the Jim Jones cult. They are dangerous unicorns. No virus exists except when lodged in the mind where subliminal programming embeds itself like a virus.

Patrick Timpone died October 2, 2023. This adds to the collection of the greatest people in the world such as Christine Maggiore, David Crowe, Louis Nassaney, Liam Scheff and others who assisted humanity in understanding health and wellness away from junk science drug pushing dogma. So sorry to see you go my friend. I would have loved to have spoken with you here but I am married to my shy half. The work of these people is so valuable, they get little monetary gain, the work of the hustlers in virology is not valuable, except as pacifiers for the fear they create, it's destructive, yet they get paid well, more like they steal really, they're all in the same club where they throw out anyone they don't like.

Where can you go straight yet go in a circle? On the flat ERRth.

Red blood cells look like this in everyone.

Virology distorts reality. It's like when you ask to see evidence of a new car they point you to the junk yard. What they show you is photos of a big pile of chemical waste and the breaking down into all sorts of particulates as what they do is "culture" the sample, because of the chemical action after adding sample of blood or snot after they rape you and your kids with sticks up the nose and you put up with this because you believe their lies. It's as if there's BMW's in Beverly Hills in their natural state in the showroom or driving around, we know they are real, but then there's the virology view of BMW's, that have an agenda, where they haven't a clue how to make BMW's and legitimately make a great product that people need, so they go on into their world of hustles, and it's not a pretty one as the inventor of the tests Kary Mullis pointed out, they look at parts from crushed cars found in a junk yard, add chemicals from Wuhan, China's chemical waste in fresh from the rivers, pour it all over the pile of parts that include old Chevy's, Fords, AMC's, Toyotas, and dead monkeys and tortured beagle puppies murdered by science experiments "for your health" thrown there from Fauci's sick experiments, they let it rot, and say they have a new variant BMW there in that pile "see it looks different". This is what they call finding a virus in a cell culture. That is how junk yard shit their science is, they know this, they sell it to the public, it's massive fraud. The public doesn't  know better because they obfuscate everything. has more on this, not more shit, more toilet paper and power washers to clean away all this Horseshit In Virology (HIV). Those pictures they show of "HIV" is a sewage pit of dead broken down cells, like when acid eats through metal and tears it all apart, that's what virology shows in it's "trust the science" junkyard and tells you "it's there we found it".

Here's the junk yard "cultured" cells that virology LIES and tells us "there's a virus in them thar hill mounds" of toxic sludge particulate breakdown of cell damaged by chemicals and cow puss and monkey putrid body parts mixed in. They call it proof the "virus is budding out of the cell" but it's Horseshit budding out of Virology (HIV).

It's like America is committing suicide is the symbology as they keep plopping these disasterous handicapped energy movie sets of fake clean garbage wind spinners on every inch of the fucking planet except in the cities of course, inequitably not providing equal disabled parking for these handicapped energy systems. 8 more bald eagles DEAD in Nevada from these bird shredders in a project called Spring Valley Wind that is owned by Pattern Energy, who is owned by a Canadian Teachers Pension Fund. American governing bodies are filling Canadian pensions with Americans money. Wake up and stop these things before they ruin the world as they are already causing inflation and wasting energy. This project was built in 2012 during the time where the CDC mantras "green energy" and "clean energy" were used repeatedly expecting the same result. It was a marketing campaign built on lies and highly effective at brainwashing as we see some of it playing out off the shorelines of Rhode Island where hundreds of these disaster disabled parking zones are planned Revolution Wind 1 and Southfork permitting processes are being challenged in court and the climate tards keep highlighting the nonsensical claim of climate is changing bla bla bla nutsy cookoo cult. Gee maybe they watch TOO MUCH TV and see these brilliantly deceitful commercials that sell you lies about being looked out for by white colonist stick monsters wearing spinner caps on their heads ya think.

SEERS-25 is the latest fake-a-demic whack-a-mole game come play! The Jesus unicorn is another plague on humanity.

Kovie-666.19 killed the flu for a few years. That's what rebranding does. Not that the flu went away, it's just a new name. Did the same thing with 666 diseases in the 1980's pouring all into one beaker and writing on it AIDS. Some of the marketing used chemical waste claims were made like "it was a more virulent strain" bla bla bla marketing Horseshit In Virology (mHIV). Virulent? More virulent strain? That would be a more virus like strain. Makes no sense. Nothing makes sense in virology only $$$$$$$$$$. learn better

EPA says citric acid kills viruses so why are we poisoning our public spaces with Quaternary Amonium Cat Ions (QACI) pronounced "quacky" and why do we keep putting QUACKS in charge of Med I Sin?

2 gay men in a rickshaw house that's what the science sows us it's interpretation of this ink blot. I am a scientist so this is the science. Trust the science. The science as was often quoted in the 100+ year Holocaust In Virology (HIV) like looking at ink blots of viruses which are less precise than this home it becomes clear when you notice things that the science is a heap. The one man has hand on the others shoulder, that's gay. Shingles and window frame prove house as well as the square light. The two men are sitting up higher than the ground it is clearly a vehicle, WE HAVE SEEN vehicles before, it's a rickshaw that mutated from a car, no engine is visible. In this photo there's a number of things we can determine what they are because we have already identified and isolated them in real life. The house is isolated from the car and the men are Siamese as this photo is taken in Siam. In virology this is the science. They just point at things and say that's a virus. This last time they called it a novel. Novels are fiction. To keep employees and companies that sell pHARMa repurposed chemical waste from China busy kachingy they say there's another one and another one, "we are trying to keep up go get a booster seat" now a novel fiction one even though they are all fiction. You thought the man on the right was not a woman. Ha ha. He's on a mission. He's on a trans mission. Just try to find fault with that science. learn better

I'm still trying to find an asymptomatic transmission for my 4x4 meaning it has no symptoms of any problem but then your government mechanic comes on the TV telling you that it does and it needs adjustments, and prevention measures, insisting you bring it in so they can run a series of injections of ground up sand into it to keep it running safely and effectively, which is how these hustlers in servicing your their need$ operate on you. If you find any asymptomatic transmissions in a junk yard filled with pHARMa lies, let me know. Spoiler alert, all roads again point to pointless and dangerous injections of repurposed chemical waste products originating from Wuhan, China where EPA has no say in how much they pollute bodies, minds, streets, water so they sell it to pHARMa cysts that then make vaccines out of it.

The warning by the freedom fighters was that vaccines were pointless. The Med I Sin Cult (MISC) members did not get it. MISC brainwash it's subjects so people can't think in depth, analyzing from all angles, they hear "pointless" then say to each other "the vaccines are administered with needles, they have a point, they are not pointless, let's go get some" and it becomes a point of social discussion.

Carbon tax killed a 30 year old sustainable farm in Canada. We saw this coming as we did with many other things like day one saying the plan of the common cold virus renamed into a new horror flick was to sell/force vaccines. The scammers use taxes to fake fix fake problems of carbon thus uses more energy and creates pipelines to your green $$$ energy. Rich liberal parties don't care that's how they get rich, using your energy, conservative parties also join in on the fun. Keyword: PARTIES. Bill Gates spoke about this about 6 years ago saying "this madness about finance being the solution............the term clean energy screwed up people's minds". He knows how energy works and realizes that when people get something in their heads you often can't convince them of anything so he seems to just have this attitude of now 6 years later of "well I guess I might as well make money off the madness" because no one that's glued to their stupid TV listens to anything but what the Climate Delusion Cult (CDC) says about carbon and the PARTIES that have to pay for clean up of Mother Nature's house after they throw caution to the wind farm.

Search results for "mary nichols" California's smog pollution hyperoveractive analretentive air control scheme CARB chief on has some amazing results. She made "Hypocrite of the Day" there. On their home page today December 24, 2023 emails within governing of the air bureaucracies show nuclear energy is not the terror presented and they all know it. More shams being exposed in the energy busine$$ using "models" of computer generated nonsense like what was done to you with Kovid falling off the runway, you being a stage, and then transforming into a catcher of Kovid.

Thumbnail for version as of 22:02, 14 February 2018As climate retard nationists and cons keep fighting the dangerous unicorn of weather ending life on earth as their theology promotes every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday rinse repeat, might we start with simply banning the wasteful products we use such as elevators. Ban them. Rip them out of all high rises or make them run purely on wind and solar with solar and wind plantations within the city limits and when the hot boiling oceans air doesn't move to power them, neither do the people get moved, and when they rely on solar, they can only be used when the sun is shining. This is why I keep insisting these systems only be placed 93 million mile setbacks on the Sun where there's no clouds, endless solar winds never stopping the energy supply. While at it put all these cities there on the Sun, then there will be plenty of room in the cities for these handicapped energy systems to have the space they need, that have too many disabled parking spaces allocated for them inequitably in the country.

Fluoride and the junk science of virology as exposed by Christine Massey an ethical biostatistician and WHISTLE BLOWER in Canada not bought and paid for as are most in the fields of Med I Sin.

Peggy Hall shares what Health Americans did to celebrate Thanksgiving, she reads the California's "orders" of tyrranically trying to fight the good fight with dangerous unicorns. It was a dystopian nightmare and will not be tolerated by Healthy Americans ever. It was all made up crap based on junk science voodoo scare tactics. Listen to the insanity of the governor's stupid restrictions coming from the California Department of PublicHELLth which cannot prove any virus exists, they admitted it in writing.

Dude time travels ahead from the past from 1992 to 2023 and has his mind blown.

Fake is space. Satellite train is so fake. It's so funny, instead of asking all the questions about how they faked it, the masses ask how did they "do it", spoiler alert, they did not do it it's all fake.

59 years of age and his wife says they EUTHANIZED him using kovid-666 protocols. Treating him with remdesivir (Fauci's monster drug after his killer AIDS drugs with AZT (see skull and crossbones below) and fentanyl and morpine and on a ventilator to "save his life" and it all failed, he died, the bills were high and all paid by everyone so the Med I Sin Society (MISS) have everything they need. The Hustlers In Virology (HIV) claim they will have under the tongue vaccines next and after that under the nail vaccines for full effectiveness as torturing you over what does not exist. You see this is their plan, to next hail themselves as discovered a way to vaccinate you without needles. It's all still Horseshit In Virology (HIV). They will then put these vaccines in the lables they put on your apples so you can't have that Apple A Day (AAD) without being part of big pHarma's new slave plantations around the world feeding you constant streams of poisons or so little of it it doesn't even harm a dangerous unicorn's shadow while billing you in the trillions for it when the EPA makes a better doctorate as they point out all you need is love and citric acid.

Once in a post blue moon you find a 1928 program for the Lyric Theatre in New York that has an ad for Blue Moon stockings featuring a sexy woman sitting on the moon

Trucker convoy rebellion in Canada's 2022 March to Ottowa Tamara Lich lawyer discusses with Ezra Levant of Reblel News the government's use of her arrest to scare other protesters as this case is being dragged out for a year for he says the same reason.

Hey Democrat voters, you don't even realize how masterfully you are being played by your masters. If the novel fiction "virus" wasn't enough of a performance wait till you see who gets most of your increases in your electric and tax revenues. Wind farms are mostly in the country, the country is owned mostly by red voters. Are you seeing red yet? The more wind farms the more Republicans get your cash? And how are you going to go all electric without fossil fuels hon? Stop being idiots. Maine just had a storm, killed all the electricity. They used their back up fossil fueled generators to stay warm or to power at least the electric fan and thermostat for the furnace that uses clean fossil fuels. The state clowns were just about to vote on electric car mandate to save life on Mars so with the storm hitting their electric illusions in their face they delayed it to declare a real emergency. During the Kovid fell off the runway debaucle these clowns actually thought that people breath in their mouth and blow it out their ass. They put air filters on faces to stop dangerous unicorns that don't even have horns.

Say "Hi" to Kovid first performance on Project Runway introducing us to new ODD fashion statements one year before "covid" coincidence? Those names are afwful similar. TV would never try to sell us new products would it? Imagine putting air filters on a car that spits out the exhaust through the air filter, would there be any point? Pretty laughable. And that's exactly what people did because their TV told them to. When asked the elephant that was outside having a smoke said, "Yea man, all the worlds a sewage pit of media brainwashing on stage in every home except in the toilet where it belongs." He also said his health improved when he started smoking occasionally. His friend was astounded hearing that so he asked his doctor if that was possible. The doctorate said "Absolutely not!" without even diagnosing the elephant outside the room having a smoke across the street. That's how doctorates operate on you. These fashion statements are getting rather pricey, ever look at your doctorate's bills? It's a raquette. Wear for fun at a party or stage performance sure, why not, The Lone Ranger did it and so did other bandits but they were not fighting with dangerous unicorns like what was done when presidents and an array of lunatics in governing declared war on what does not exist even stating in official documents that they were going to war with what was invisible. Sure that makes sense. Shadow boxing and going to war with shadows makes more sense really. has returned for his birthday celebration. We will have to see if anyone notices. Look for a man with long hair and long beard a bit older than what was it 32 years old when he was crucificed asking for handouts and a place to stay. It will be no different than when he was made homeless after being at home in that alleged virgin all those years prior. Lucky if he finds any carbon blankets to keep himself warm let alone shelter little doggie. 160 million empty buildings in the Unintacted States of America (USA) and no where to call home. Plenty of places to call HOMO though. The savior was lucky to have bedded in an animal feeding troth that night.

Crowder, married to his mug and his club. I hope he's happy.

Momma bird pushes the little one out of the nest finally even though the baby that is old enough to fly keeps telling mom that it's too dangerous as the wind turbines are everywhere now. Momma does it any way. What happens to the little one? a: it hits the ground in a thud and dies b: it gets chopped up by massive bird shredding devices labeled safe and effective camouflage movie set energy c: it flys south and stays in Mexico. I don't have the answer but the avian groups studying this are noticing some before and after effects.

Electric cars are like water

I figured this out as someone asked me "Are electric cars the wave of the future?" and realized yes they are! They are a tital wave like the one that hit Sri Lanka on Christmas 2004. Electric kars are not new, they were abandoned early on when gas power was more reliable, more efficient, and saved energy. The idea today in 2020 hindsight is that electric cars will fight blanket change. Blankets made of plant food floating in the sky blocking out the sun so heat can't escape is what these loons tell us. Think about that. Then we have those squirelly light bulbs that "save energy", those are a scam. How much energy do they save? Oh they save 50% over regular light bulbs the salesmen say. Then they sell you heat pumps that use 10x more electricity. The average home would when they are turned on be consuming 1000 watts with incandescent light bulbs, which are not left on all night in winter, and note even on in a room all the time they get shut off in one room maybe turned on in another, some are only 60 watts, even less, maybe 100, and when on help heat the home. Natural gas for heat saves energy. 10x less the cost of electricity. Natural gas being wasted to make most of your electricity now, and you thought it was being made by movie sets LOL. The green $$$ energy movement demands you install expensive to buy, install, and run heat pumps so they can get your green $$$ energy. Those are on all day and night during winter. See the scam? They get the public focused on the bulbs for their salvation, then offer more sinful ways to be reedemed by the energy gods by introducing heat pumps that waste more energy than ever while preaching "saving the planet". Never do they preach saving your green $$$ energy. I wish they'd just pass around the plate like these Christiandom mega churches which are another scam, then it would be more obvious.

On 12/21/2023 one of the loudest voices against censorship angrily said he'd kick off anyone on his platform if they continue to support egomaniacs. David Knight is a fundamentalist Christiandom January 1st Feast of Jesus Foreskin Cutting Celebrationist (FOJFCC). Still that log remains in his eye. Hell bent against TRANS forming genitals aborting innocent fetus foreskins, while heaven bent on TRANS forming born baby man's foreskin all the way for redemption. Mismalprohyperfunda MENTAL mediaism at it's best. We don't get the flu we create it. We don't catch a cold we create it. We don't listen do CDC anymore when EPA makes a better doctor.

TRUMP drained the swamp quite a bit and loved what he saw. Made many friends. Set up more casinos. Warp speed kaching.

12/22/23 David Knight rants about video game violence. Nothing about January 1 "Feast of the Circumcision of Christ" which makes me wonder is this "eating the flesh of Christ his foreskin"? Christians are delusional people always picking at the virus in other's eyes while they have a forest of felled logs in their own. Talks about violent and sexual video games "like a drug" claiming that it leads to addiction as if the Christianist theology doesn't do that very thing. So laughable.

It's been discovered the cause of climate change is clouds
better get busy stopping cloud formation or we are all facing the threat of our existence if we are to listen to the climate loony toonitics who's minds are up there is providing clean reliable information to save the planet filled with warped mind fields

Money is energy. Democrats are HELL/BENT on making you waste it put it to better use in their wallets, direct deposit into their portfolios, in order to save your energy for themselves. What they actually mean by their perpetual motions of hustle marketing manipulative cult mantras "save energy" is to keep putting yours in their bank accounts. Green energy is your energy handed to them. See which states have the highest uses of your green $$$ energy that relies 100% on fossil fuels to build those dollars in this chart. When a robot California Assembly person identity was asked about a number of technical matters, she repeatedly changed the subject as none of them even can tell you how much carbon is in the air "making blankets" of which such non-existent blankets is the foundation of their wacky claims of doom if they don't intervene, so based on their junk science you can stay warm this winter as you buy your carbon blankets here. knows how much carbon is in the air and what little is there and always keps in balance by Mom Nature it's not making any blankets. There's so little there it's not even making anyone sneeze and the junk sciences being used in both virology and CDC it's like they would (if they could) claim that your congestion is caused by carbon blankets stuffed up your nose while that delusional creature acting as president wants you to heat pump your way out of his imaginary world he thinks is ending.

More Horseshit In Virology (mHIV) from California health officials announcing a new strain of "virus" that they can't prove exists nor can they prove any exists, they said it themselves in writing. So this dangerous unicorn version is variant JN.1 as in January 1 as in remembering Christiandom's Circumcision Feastivities which occurs every January 1st when everyone's recovering from being drunk on other stuff that feast over foreskin is just starting. Reports are saying that with this variant people tend to sneeze. Hmm. Wonder why we never sneezed with the imaginary "Kovid" strain. It's such a strain to keep up with serial liars. Shake that pepper and you sneeze. Maybe the masks worked so well we never sneezed from "Kovid" the worst dangerous unicorn ever dreamed up by the Hustlers In Virology (HIV). The HIV claim they know what goes on inside of an atom. And people believe it. Now the story time hour says they are so good at it they can manipulate RNA. Hilarious. Frankly my dear, they haven't even proven RNA exists. We actually have more science showing that Santa Clause exists than any of these atoms called "viruses" or "rna". Their claims are so out of this world it's like they want us to believe they have created a new stick of dynamite that the atoms are all so intelligent because of "the science" that each atom knows whether to explode and destroy the other atomic size particle around it, knowing the good atoms from the bad, thus their new mRNA (modified Robo Nucleus Atom) will never harm the surrounding atoms like normal sticks of dynamite would. This really is the junk science they sell you with virucides that are all derived from HIV.

Astrobots discover coffee fields and dried up rivers of coffee on Mars. There's so much of it the astrobots there could not even see the Sun they thought it was creamer being poured onto them from giants. We asked NASA to confirm they just said they were on a coffee break which costs the taxpayer 666 million dollars per hour which oddly is the circumfrence of something maybe giant dicks.

The North and South fought the Spanish War of 1898 swiftly defending America together. 40 years prior they fought each other leaving 625,000 dead in the Civil War. Civil? What bloody massacre is "civil"? In 1914 the Reconciliation Monument was erected. It celebrated working together as slaves to a common cause in creating a new form of plantations. In 2000 lunatics in mostly Democrat parties that are often drug fueled festivities in house chambers like having gay sex and filming it were celebrating the Reconciliation Monument being torn down but last minute strategy stopped it. Democrats continue to fight to never reconcile on anything. Obviously the Reconciliation Monument is a thorn in their side making it so utterly painfully obvious to them the ERRth of their ways. To know that reconciliation is monmuntalized is too monumental a task for them to consider. They still haven't calculated how much carbon nothing is in the sky forming nothing blankets of nothing for them to get excited about. 625,000 dead fighting each other over what was ending on it's own gradually anyway. Who forced that war one might ask, oh it was a Republican you see him on money. Probably paid off by his masters. So today we learn from TV and social butterfly media that the war is on memorials. Many a warrior. Stupid self centered pricks. 625,000 dead fighting a war that Republicans started and the liberals are still fighting to be free from derangement syndromes. Syndromes are "unknown pathology". Think about that next time you hear or say Acquired Immune Eieio Deficiency Syndrome. Unknown pathology. But then they tell you they know the pathology. Watch who you buy those used brake pads from dearies. Might want to buy new.

You don't have a Jeep Wrangler 4x4? It's the most fun per dollar!

Roseanne has a cold she is in her bedroom she says how she thinks of her kids as if they are her personalities. Tell her she does not have a cold she has a purge. The body purges out the stuff that gets stuck and not processed. No virus, they don't exist.

There is no anti-matter only INTERNET MATTER

THE MOVIE SET LANDED & the inevitable transition to nuclear power has also landed

Seems we have proof man landed on the movie set. See if you can spot what the editors missed.

Bill Gates said "Whoever came up with the term 'clean energy' [?] I think it screwed up people's minds....electricity is responsible for 25% of emissions." It's a message that should be played on TV networks and social muck medias everywhere world wide 24/7 until we make it to the goal of NET/ZERO. Then we can really have fun watching all the cleanatics heads explode and their master$ all walk away and leave the clean up to those of us who cannot afford any of these rich peoples fossil fuel based toy$. Also posted here in comments at Stop These Things. ROFL there's nothing more fun than watching people's bubbles of the world pop. Speaking of which I gave Fuzzy Bear a soda pop.

Traveling Med I Sin Side Shows (MISSS) used to be run out of town in the good ol Sheriff Andy days and prior, now the public welcomes them in to their homes and lavish the producers with 1/6th's the entire gross domestic product which is gross. Learn about pHarmacide and how to keep it going and going like the Energizer Bunny is he still famous? It's kinda like pHarma will run out of battery power though as more people are realizing it's a sick industry.

Instead of fixing homelessness with $12 million dollars which would certainly make a dent that you would want to see happen, Toronto decided it's more important to keep money flowing in the woke renaming schemes that keep all their friend having cushy jobs so they can "save the world" while ignoring those on the streets. They are all so full of shit. What's odd is that in the 1990's and 1980's there was no homeless problem there. There was in the US but that was rather confined to "skid rows". It was explained to me that Toronto did not have a homeless problem because "they take care of the people". Now they don't. They (politicians) take care of themselves using Other People's Infused Unendingsuppliesof Money (OPIUM).

A sad and touching and happy story about a family's struggle within the ravages of the war on dangerous unicorns during the wacked out virus hunting war that started 2020 +3 years with some surviving, some hurt, and grandma dying presented by Tom Woods and his guest @MartiniZealot on Twitter that is not inclusive of those who just want to view his page. Tom was there day one of the PLANdemic helping everyone make sense of the nonsense and assisted in helping us navigate course free of the HELLth industry lie$. The scam was so obvious to many of us even before they "shut society down" in order to hunt dangerous unicorn$ as they "authorities" who fly planes while building them as one stated rather delusionally were starting this all out psychotic war on the invisible months prior. Tom has a book "Diary Of A Psychosis". Never again let yourself, your loved ones, even your hated ones in society be abused by the systemic mental illness it forged in 2020+ years of fighting dangerous unicorns that wear masks that say "I identify as a virus" or ones that say "I am Satan fear me". He talks about "THE THING".

To those who are HELL/BENT on protecting children from knives that would massacre them inside Mother God's womb aborting the entire life of what is a fetus at that time, why don't they also do this outside the womb? They say they do and really make it known when it's like a 16 year old who is having sex with an 18 year old calling that young adult a child but when that baby man comes out of the God Mother of creation of life they immediately hack off it's most SACRED part, the size of the baby man's palm, instead of protecting it from this sexual abuse of massacring foreskin. They live in this delusuional fantasy land where every January 1st in Christiandom they celebrate "The Feast of The Circumcision of Christ". Is this where they get the idea of eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Christ, eating his foreskin and drinking the blood from that bloody cult ritual? It's pretty sick. They abort about 1/2 of what the new human who then as an adult feels ruining full sexual pleasure for life. "Something is missing" the guy says "it's in my head but I can't feel it". This holocaust of male foreskin is like cutting off a babies lips and saying "Oh it's just a snip" as if that wouldn't affect the entire life of those who were abused. Circumcision is sexual abuse and torture. I cannot forgive such a bloody sick cult for this. Nor can Jesus. Is it not obvious now why he never returned? He ain't coming back.

January 1 is now a day of remembrance of those foreskins lives lost in the holocaust

Elon Musk created a perpetual battery motion machine and a rocket that goes backwards and lands where no human ever gets to see it do this with their own eyes or they'd all say "Where's the fucking rocket, there's no rocket here."

Some news neworks seem to be stuck in the old. It's not news it's olds. It's like they keep throwing out the memos like that Stefan Lanka proved in German Court that measles does not exist as a "virus" causation model nor is there any spike ball mutant Ninga tortoise and the memo that points out that Kovid is either a model on the world's stage and a rebranding of flu, cold, and pneumonia rolled into one big ol plate of sushi from the cafeteria trash bin in China.

Who are those two hot gay dudes that "defiled" the congressional chambers as if that's never happened in any building before ? The Christiandomists call the sex act "defiling" which is a simple thing to fix, just refile or properly file the chambers where it was disfiled. The men did this disfiling in a building owned by the people but represented by big pHarma that routinely defiles, so it's quite the artistic expression, but the Christiandomists that on January 1 every year celebrate the Feast of Circumcision so, er, in this feast does the priest symbolically eat the foreskin like how they have their cult followers eat Jesus flesh OMG is this what they are doing in that sick ritual it's no wonder he never came back. They all seem to all be into some fantasy world head space as usual, claiming it will spread AIDS which actually is not a disease it's a syndrome & label for 666 other diseases all with different causes. Thus they better fumigate the chambers with those QACIs (pronounced "quacky") for that dangerous novel unicorn, thus fumigating pests that include humans, now routinely being done everywhere with people still shopping, or using bathrooms as toilets, as if they think that the US government never defiled, misfiled, malfiled, or disorganized humanity in many horrendous ways, a system that thinks wars are the Stairway To Heaven, and it's chambers are "sacred" places same as in hospitals where the doctors of Med I Sin Cutting cults routinely destroy an errogenous zone of baby men's dicks and think that is not child abuse. In the article it compares to the imaginary Jesus they worship having "drove out the money lenders" as if that makes a shred of sense. No one ever drives out pHarma and all it's money lenders out of the people's house, they run it.

Circumcision is child abuse and torture. Imagine a doctor cutting off part of the child's tongue. That's the horror of them cutting off part of a baby man's dick. There are nerves that are never again felt just like losing half your tongue. I would have rather been raped than have my body be TRANS formed BY YOU SICKOS in Med I Sin I could have recovered from that INTACT. It is a sick profit driven scam. Why would any one trust their doctors that do this shit. It's organ theft. They sell the parts. No one has a right to steal my body parts. Oprah Winfrey sells expensive cream with foreskin. Sicko rich woman. The future is INTACT.

Hustlers In Virology (HIV) do some pretty interesting song and dance to get you to believe their lies. As pointed out by doctorate Tom Cowan who's looking out for you better than wind farms, he explains how they allegedly find viruses in a cell culture of bizarre biological septic mess, that they CREATE. Instead of just pulling a sample from someone who say has some severe respiratory problems, no, they have to make a stew, and get this, "After adding toxin the kidney cells in the serum broke down into a million pieces and that is what they called viruses" so these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) never have ever proven that these chemically manipulated BREAKDOWN OF TISSUES OF THE BODY do anything remotely like what is claimed of being "dangerous" and "infectious". It's on par with the used car salesman that works out of a auto graveyard telling you that that heap without an engine will run fine because "Look around there's lots of engines here, I'll make sure one of them is put in" while you can see none match and every vehicle there is in pieced that broke down like the tissues of that sample that these pseudo science hustlers keep babbling on and on about as being a threat so they can sell their magic elixers. Actually many communities outlawed these traveling Med I Sin Shows (MISS) at one time, now they go right into your homes through modern a medias.

Sick care in Brazil to mandate babies receive 3 doses of pHarma cyst goo on top of other piles of their goo. It's sick care as it's a sick system of raping babies with chemicals. We could also call it "health care" as the baby would be healthy and the pHarma run idustrial profit complex cult found gold in those thar veins making their cash flows healthy. The Medical Industrial Sick Complex (MISC) are caring for the healthy that don't need their intrusions. It first/foremost cares for their portfolios keeping THOSE healthy as that is where we see them place most of their care. Our bodies keep ourselves healthy with proper nutrition, diet, exercise, hydration. Most of what goes on now is HELL thkare.

If I said "I worship Satan" would you treat me like I was novel spirit unicorn? Would you run? Novels are fiction why would you? If so watch out for the many mine fields of pHarma syringes filled with it's poisons, they stick out like a sore thumb drive. The drug deal & wheelers park themselves on many a corner offering rat poison like AZT in AIDS drugs and PrEP prophylactic poison preventive nonsense to protect from dangerous unicorns that killed all the mice in testing, often hanging next to food stores that also sell rat poison. In odd contrast, the Satanists don't want you to get hurt as they watch you freak the fuck out over nothing and run into all sorts of harmful things in a panic like those "CoViD-666" shots lined up for which was pretty stupid (see below what to do in a panic).

Make peace with your body, your mind, your blood cells, your internal environment, NOT/WAR

 EPA says citric acid kills viruses. Seems healthy.

I will now get a prescription for lemon water instead of poison AIDS drugs.
I will now drink orange juice every day as a preventive prophylactic measure against the non-existent dangers of sex.
I will take effective steps to stop shining my private parts with slick Silicone Tire Dressing (STD) that notably helps create monkey business shine!

CDC says rat poisons are better. :-/ view the skull and crossbones on this page to see the warnings they don't offer

So we can clean our homes the way grandma did with lemon juice and vinegar and kill viruses but if we do that what will all the chemical companies do with China's waste chemicals they put in all our cleaning supplies to get rid of it while charging you for this chemical waste? It's also in vaccines.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but here goes, we live in a world free of viruses

It's heavenly news as the good doctorate Tom Cowan introduces us to this reality that
we live in a world free of viruses although we don't live in a world free of drama. Watch his presentation here

Just imagine what the human population created in the image of their GOD in the entire world could do when it realizes that the world is virus free and we don't have to war with dangerous unicorns anymore. In an other of the many dangerous unicorn wars "the Australian government is spending up to $1.5 trillion (US$974 billion) to reach net zero [which already exists] by 2030, which is almost 30 times more than what is spent on defence every year" and as the Sierra Club looks the other way or looks at their streams of cash created by fossil fuels (they prop themselves up as being propeller huggers) the Koala Bears are being massacred to make large handicapped parking spaces for more stale wind propeller movie sets producing only energy theater that it's performance is now so bad it's like watching disabled who are in wheelchairs ice skate on a lake in summer. Of course that bad performance will not stop any of these hustlers in energy from continuing to use your energy to keep their portfolios filled and it's engines running smooth all based on massive consumption of fossil fuels behind the camouflage energy illusion.

Disabled energy systems featured at Arizona's Little Grand Canyon are ruining it

Light pollution just keeps getting worse everywhere and wind farms just add more of this crap

In the video that's selling us on radar enabled sky collision preventive warning systems they call it "safe and effective" RUN!

developer of a project in Alaska called Shovel Creek shows the public a photo that is disingenuous of "how they would look" from a distance

public comment and info page here comments due Jan 29

one comment by the public was how they are barely seen, though for all we know that may be someone who doesn't live in the area and would object to these ugly wind spinners messing up views

the photo is purposely made as an artist's rendering so that the turbines are seen less by the viewer here on line looking at it on their computer by adjusting the amount of gray, they don't show clean white turbines like would be seen on a clear day like this, they also will present these where there is haze in the back ground so you don't see them in the artist's rendering but they are stark white sticks with massive propellers on top and they NEVER produce the amount of energy they claim, more like 10% and they NEVER lower costs for energy, this industry lies to the public constantly, here's that image blown up a bit, notice the grey becoming more obvious,

here's one even more magnified, you can really see now how they don't show these as they are in stark white as a way to deceive the public

there we go, now we see how not white they portray them, look at the page all around this photo, that is how white they should be, it would if approved and built cover 22 square miles of pristine open space, slaughter birds, change the climate, add annoying flashing red lights all night long (don't buy the lies of radar systems FAA has to approve those and they rarely do) and shovel your money into their portfolios, ones like the Canadian Teacher's Pension Fund

LOOKS LIKE the 1970's game of PONG! We can learn about how we are played by other industries like a pong ball too, those ones that claimed humans are virus breathing monsters and hustled the public into new flu shots made "in silico" so they can make up new strains as often as they like to keep the public in fear and sell them their "fix". learn better

here's a better representation, a photo even with a bad cell phone represents how stark white they are when built, and this was a cloudy day, 3 to 8 miles in the distance as compared to maybe one mile in their deceitful images

notice on the far right is 8 miles away at Desert Hot Springs. Photo taken at Palm Springs on Gene Autry.

this is the view they want to ruin to feed your energy to pensions or other investments you likely will never get a piece of as these systems present mirages and act more like movie sets for energy theatricks

I don't watch TV anymore. It's more entertaining watch people chase unicorns and avoid dangerous unicorns. Sometimes I just sit and watch the birds get shredded by wind farms. Sometimes there's a spark when they hit those red flashing lights, that's pretty awesome. Other times I watch those who we sometimes lean on spray pesticides all over us they say wouldn't hurt a fly and watch the birds die from eating too many pesticide infused mosquitoes and dead flies like when your dog eats a rat or mouse that was poisoned with poisons you buy at of all places where you buy food and it gets sick and the vet-o-doctorate in drug dealing says "it was due to a virus" that does not exist. It's like Halloween horror flicks every day and going to Dizzyland every day never again going back to the real world. Most people are also glued to their fantasy box. Glue also comes from oil. Show me a glue made with wind. Wind can't do shit to create and maintain an industrialized world. It's an illusion. It's the Green New Steal.

Junk science master who keeps pushing "viruses exist" garbage Doctorat Peter McSpikey now blames low testosterone on Kovid. He's a hustler. Listen to him say "superimposed Kovid" what the fuck is that? More hustle. Pushes his "wellness" products and virus suicidal nose pesticide sprays.

My body is an environment. The Environmental Protection Agency is doing a better job with it's recommendations for my environment than the CDC. The EPA points out that citric acid kills viruses. I now drink lemon water for protection and to kill viruses. I use it to kill viruses in my home instead of using chemicals. I threw the rotting branches of the CDC and the NIH and who knows who is in the WHO and all their drug pushing garbage in the septic pit 40 years ago. I was one of the lucky awakened ones. My friends that followed the CDC guidelines are now dead, 99.666% of them are dead, they died of CDC and pHarma cyst chemical poisoning with AZT. I miss them. If you think about this, the CDC is a drug disposal company, they are always pushing chemicals to be disposed of in your body. Maybe we need to dump their paychecks in the trash and let the EPA classify bodies as environmental or would that be an even worse horror show. They are obsessive compulsive about everything in the air including carbon which filters it. They would probably mandate surgically implanted air filters on your mouth ignoring that it's also a tailpipe just as those did who told you blocking your air passages is healthy. Try that on your car someday, stuff a sock in the air intake to be safe and effective" and one in the tailpipe to keep your car running smooth. NO DON'T that's an anology to point out the stupidity of listening to anything these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) tell you, they are glorified traveling side effect shows using song and dance and smoke and mirrors pHoneyness to sell you crap. Wyoming banned CDC guidelines for their health why doesn't all the other united pHarma states of amerika do that? For those reading this in the year 2525 if man is still alive, yes, we lived in a retarded system that derived all it's energy from capitalism and it's inevitable greed energy systems that like what happens to broken machines was at times completely out of control when just one component broke.

CDC recommended AIDS and HIV "prevention" drugs to "kill viruses". We never see the warning label, they never show you them on TV commercials for PrEP and such, but we found one here in Christine Maggiore's book "What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong?" page 29 shows AZT with the skull and crossbones. The chemical is used in biological chemical warfare where you are the warfield using pHARMa cyst products they call "viruscides" which rhymes with "pesticides" and "homocides" and blood cell "suicides". It was reported though not confirmed that CDC says "It couldn't kill a mouse, oh wait it did, still it's not rat poison because to call it that we would have had to have tested it out on rats, we only used it on humans and they are not mice so the science says it's safe and if your friends died horrible deaths from this poi- er I mean treat meant it was the virus that did it."

Even if you survive these wars on dangerous unicorns, what does the terrain look like afterwards? Duesberg pointed this out 40 years ago with AIDS/WARS, using AZT was like dropping atomic bombs in a forest to hunt for rabbits, you might get some, most go down the rabbit hole to study the internet so they survive, but what does the forest look like afterwards? What forest? So many innocent blood cells killed in that ongoing war, many circumcised cells losing part of their natural function of protection.

I'm curious how can anyone believe we went physically and absolutely "to Mars" when we still haven't gone to "the Moon". When you take off your Mars colored glasses you see it's merely a photo of a desert river bed and if we meander down this path a bit we see the world's a stage and the audience is a classroom so keep learning you will figure it out eventually. Time to move on from home schooling to insteada schooling.

Image above is the original "Mars" roving inchage after the camera lens was coated in coffee when it fell into a river of muddy coffee dust. We do not have the original image of the canyon on ERRth but my kindergarten klass was able to do a pretty good job showing how the picture of the place on ERRth looked on a sunny day during a dust storm with dustout blue skies and the exposure setting was off. Anyone can make a picture of anywhere on ERRth look like it's run by caffeine addicts.

Mental and physical health may start off wellness by first dumping the junk science of virology which has fooled the public with it's lies for a century and into millenniums as no "virus" has been proven to exist. Many doctorates have covered this in the past, recently our 2020 hindsight has uncovered many more. Doctorate Sam Bailey wrote a book on it "Virus Mania".

We are not virus breathing dragons. Virology is a hustle. To live your life afraid of dangerous unicorns may interfere with your well being. My favorite people to follow on this path listed here are all doctorates.

Tom Cowan    Sam & Mark Bailey    Stefan Lanka    Andrew Kaufman

It's a really nice hike there's lots of beautiful trees and flowers and butterflies and views along the way. Other paths tend to be full of monsters and wild animals that stalk. Doctorate Tom Cowan has an especially fresh perspective on cancer and wote a book "Cancer and the New Biology of Water" explaining the structure of the water in our body is key element in health. His talks on this are especially intriquing and informative. Some are found here and one where he appears as an angel of light is here where he explains WE LIVE IN A WORLD FREE OF VIRUSES which is such a fresh breath of air that it causes 99.666% of those who watch it to throw away their air filters forever as they realize there is nothing deadly to filter out and that face it, you are not a car, your mouth is also a tailpipe blowing out exhaust so any dangerous unicorn they might catch would be thrown back out anyway.

Then there's Christine Massey, a statistician, who took interest in finding out if viruses were ever isolated properly to prove they exist. They weren't. She compiled 220 responses by the so called "experts" in science and health and governing institutions that all tell us to follow the science so we did. Their responses were that there was no proof any virus actually exists by pure isolation of it from the junkyards of biological soup messes they create in "testing for viruses" and what they call "in silico" science and "culturing" virus in a biological landfill mess of aborted baby body parts of animals brains and kidneys and fetuses with added chemical brews and then telling us "well it must be there some where". Then they go on TV and say "we found a new virus" and scare everyone with their lies. Their pseudoscience is like saying the ball in the 1970's game of pong is real. Actually it's even worse science than that, at least the ball is appearing on a screen and it does something, virology is a hustle, Hustle In Virology (HIV).

Pong me with JUNK/SCIENCE baby! Ooooooh yea! I like the way it feeeels.

The late David Crowe of the Alberta Reappraising Aids Society for decades pointed out the flaws of virology in particular the HI "virus" debaucle which also never proved any particle of matter had such grand powers of destruction. Early on in the Kovid-19 mess in 2020 he wrote about the fear of 5G being not at all based on science knowing first hand the technologies used and the wild claims of 5G "a rather poorly defined technology" allegedly causing disease as being unfounded in even the most basic analysis yet we have many today flailing their arms and podcasts about scaring the public about this extremely low wattage electron signal.

Then there's Kovid Kapoor who was a model and appeared on Project Runway which should have been a clue in March 2019 as he wore a face mask and obviously he fell off the runway and people there caught him then asked others did you catch Kovid? and many said they did.

They say "Kovid escaped from the Wuhan lab" we discovered it actually escaped from a computer, a printout, no real virus, just data sets, all done on computers in labs, it's all fake trickery as virology in this new world of warped injectionism and alleged moderna Ribo Nuclear Acidology (mRNA) merely does it's pseudoscience now "in silico" which means it's all CGI and mathematical manipulation fake nonsense.

Here's the lab (desktop computer) that the dangerous unicorns ESCAPED from

Notice they add theatricks to scare you, fake protection provided by these white coats, as they manipulate the fake new strains on their computers. There is no virus to escape from any lab to terrorize you unless they are talking about random arrays of natural CELL DEBRIS they call "virus" which is dust and cell poop which is what the world's best scientist in the most specialized microscopes stated he saw in the images decades ago when asked about interpreting the imagery regarding alleged never proven to exist HI viruses. Modern virology interprets these images to match their visions of selling you weapons of war to "go out and fight with those viruses boys and girls!" and the money they make from this fraud is obscene.

Latest bandwagon to replace the silly face mask up one that solved the criminal spike protein problem is to ban wearing facial coverings. So horrah it's now illegal in some places to wear these facial condoms. This means that in many Western Towns The Lone Ranger will be banned from saving the day. This is how Smart App Politicians (SAPs) solve crime.

See how at the entrance to Palm Springs the Lone Wind Ranger came in to save the day while all the white colonists just stood by and watched.

In the Hustle In Virology (HIV) the pitch tells us that The Lone Ranger was not a novel character. The science tells us it's fiction like The Lone But Popular CoViD Ranger. Both of them plan to round up the wind farms in Palm Springs and send them off to where they belong, on the Sun. Many people believe that if they allow modern a Med I Sin Cults (MISC) to shoot at them it will make it happen. That's as ODD as wearing Oxygen Deprivation Devices.

Wind and Solar "energy" pretend to be something they are not and like Halloween it can be fun.

The Lone Ranger is a fictional character. The Lone Novel Virus is also a fictional character as is EVERY/VIRUS.

In other trickery schemes, what if the Bible was just another novel like the "virus" dog and pHony show? As popular as it may be to believe in Christ there might be some other perspective missed.

Jesus is said by some in historical analysis to be an invention of the Roman Empire and that empire never actually fell it just changed form like The Devil In The Details (TDITD) often does as we look over spread sheets and fairy tales.

Creating Christ

Like with the long standing "belief" in viruses losing Christ might be another hard one to accept along with learning that every January 1st Christiandom celebrates the dick cutting ritual of circumcision that removes a palm size amout of skin away from Baby Jexus body that was MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD so here we have religious cults making God in their image which they also preach about NOT/DOING. Funny, the Satanic Churches don't do anything like this.

sissor guy comes after Jesus dick

In the noble quest for "equality" it's nice that many places in the USA and around the world are providing special parking for disabled energy. As seen at the entrance of Palm Springs has it's disabled energy parking zones as does Desert Hot Springs and many other places but all located too far from the stores entrances. Arizona's Little Grand Canyon at Chevelon Butte and at Chevelon Canyon Ranch is one of those newly designated special disabled & handicapped energy parking areas as it's providing bigger spaces than in Los Angeles which have none, so there's still a lot of work to do to make disabled energy be treated equally.

Here we have Chevelon Canyon's Butte Disabled Energy Project (CCBDEP) that will add 49 square miles of disabled energy parking with permanently assigned 30 year permits. Then there's another right near by that one in Arizona a handicapped West Camp Wind Farm project that will cover 100+ square miles and that's a great start for disabled energy equity but cities really need to step up to the plate and pitch in to provide an EQUAL and EQUITABLE number of handicapped spaces for disabled energy in their communities too to be fair to everyone or be honest and tell everyone that they lied about camouflage energy and nuclear is a better more efficient and energy and environment friendly way to go or just tell everyone to stop using electricity and go back to using horses.......and then the other over activists kick in.......AGAIN AND AGAIN.....and we all do the same things over and over again expecting different results which is the definition of clean energy.

handicapped energy parking area in Palm Springs and Desert Hot Springs

so odd that during the inclusivity inquisition there were so few disabled parking spaces for them in the cities

wind energy is of course claimed as "safe and effective" while suffering it's handicap where it just cannot do the work an able bodied robust energy source can
so to feel included they identify as Olympians and throw their blades great distances now

The Desert Home


learn better@ Internet Matter &@ Wind energy blows



Tom Cowan

Andrew Kaufman


Sam Bailey

Peggy Hall

Christine Massey

dedicated to making the desert a virus free zone oh wait it already is it was always virus free zone the world in it's entirety is virus free so now what do we do with ourselves?

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