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About aka a bout

They say you have a bout of this or that disease.

In the last 400 years the medicineitionists have installed a new dialogue that exclaims that "a virus did it".

The junk science in the last 40 of those years has become so absurd they now claim that all they have to do is run a computer simulation on "viruses" never proven absolute as real things as proof of new strains.

It's so bad it's really like they are telling us the PONG BALL in the 1970's video game is real.

It's become quite the strain to understand any logic as it no longer exists in this rotten branch of biolo gee whiz why is this PrEP pill $33 each!

Virology is so horrifically full of fungus and tree rot now that this branch is dangerous and it needs to be cut off completely from all funding or the main trunk of biology which remains fairly healthy will also die.

One of the better places to study this rot and what to do about it is at viroLIEgy.com

Also some links to the left like InternetMatter.com which features discovery that Dr. Stefan Lanka actually proved in court the measles virus is non-existent as are all other fake viruses and how some caught Kovid when he we guess fell off the runway during rehearsals.

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