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Healthy Living!

I M G A Y . C O M

Mental and physical health starts by first dumping the junk science of virology which has fooled the public with it's lies for a century and into millenniums as no "virus" has been proven to exist.

We are not virus breathing dragons. Virology is a hustle. To live your life afraid of dangerous unicorns interferes with your well being. My favorite people to follow on this path listed here are all doctors

Tom Cowan

Sam & Mark Bailey

Stefan Lanka

Andrew Kaufman

Tom has an especially fresh perspective on cancer and wote a book "Cancer and the New Biology of Water" explaining the structure of the water in our body is key element in health.

Then there's Christine Massey, a statistician, who took interest in finding out if viruses were ever isolated properly to prove they exist.

She compiled 220 responses by the so called "experts" in science and health and governing institutions that all tell us to follow the science so we did. Their responses were that there was no proof any virus actually exists by pure isolation of it from the junkyards of biological soup messes they create in "testing for viruses" and what they call "in silico" science and "culturing" virus in a biological landfill mess then telling us "well it must be there some where".

Pong me with viruses baby! Ooooooh yea!

The late David Crowe of the Alberta Reappraising Aids Society for decades pointed out the flaws of virology in particular the HI "virus" debaucle which also never proved any particle of matter had such grand powers of destruction. Early on in the Kovid-19 mess in 2020 he wrote about the fear of 5G being not at all based on science knowing first hand the technologies used and the wild claims of 5G "a rather poorly defined technology" allegedly causing disease as being unfounded in even the most basic analysis yet we have many today flailing their arms and podcasts about scaring the public about this extremely low wattage electron signal.

 Then there's Kovid Kapoor who was a model and appeared on Project Runway which should have been a clue in March 2019 as he wore a face mask and obviously he fell off the runway and people there caught him then asked others did you catch Kovid? and many said they did.

They say "Kovid escaped from the Wuhan lab" we discovered it actually escaped from a computer, a printout, no real virus, just data sets, all done on computers in labs, it's all fake trickery as virology in this new world of warped injectionism and alleged ribo dino nuclear acidology merely does everything now "in silico" which means it's all CGI fake nonsense. Here's the desktop that the dangerous unicorns ESCAPED from.

Notice they add theatricks to scare you, fake protection provided by these white coats, as they manipulate the fake new strains on their computers. There is no virus to escape from any lab to terrorize you unless they are talking abut CELL DEBRIS which is dust and cell poop which is what the world's best scientist in the most specialized microscopes stated he saw in the images decades ago. Modern virology interprets these images to match their visions of selling you weapons of war to "go out and fight with those viruses boy!" and the money they make from this fraud is obscene.

In other trickery schemes, what if the Bible was just another novel like viruses? As popular as it may be to believe in Christ there might be some other perspective missed.

Jesus is said by some in historical analysis to be an invention of the Roman Empire and that empire never actually fell it just changed form like The Devil In The Details (TDITD) often does as we look over spread sheets and fairy tales.

Creating Christ

Like with the long standing "belief" in viruses losing Christ might be another hard one to accept.

In the noble quest for "equality" it's nice that many places in the USA and around the world are providing special parking for disabled energy. As seen above Palm Springs has it's disabled energy parking zones as does Desert Hot Springs. Arizona's Little Grand Canyon is one of those newly designated special disabled & handicapped energy parking areas as it's providing bigger spaces than in Los Angeles which have none, so there's still a lot of work to do to make disabled energy be treated equally. Learn more about Chevelon Canyon's Butte Disabled Energy Project (CCBDEP) that will alone cover a whoping 49 square miles thus providing disabled energy parking for these disabled energy wind turbines with assigned 30 year parking permits. Then there's Arizona's handicapped West Camp Wind Farm project that will cover 100+ square miles and that's a great start but cities really need to step up to the plate and pitch in to provide an EQUAL and EQUITABLE number of handicapped space for disabled energy to be fair to everyone.

The Desert Home

The Sun Causes Climate Change
It's an existential three at, better put out the fire.

Seems a car is smarter than humans, it has an air filter that air flow only goes ONE WAY so that it actually filters the air and holds it. An air filter on a person spreads whatever is collected BECAUSE their mouth is also acting as a tailpipe. Like duh.

Instant Replay Syndrome (IRS) affecting the minds of Republicans Marco Rubio, JD Vance, Rick Scott, Tommy Tuberville, Mike Bronce who wrote a letter to the president asking him to lock down travel to and from China due to the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) latest marketing pitch of yet another fake "new deadly disease" they "never saw before" because all they do is meet with thier marketing departments and MAKE THINGS UP and create new names for old products called disease as the whole industry is a big fat hustle. This is how it starts. What idiots. Either that or they have interest in bio tech friend$ stock options. This Horseshit In Virology (HIV) continues to display it's manipulative marketing prowess but only the deranged are buying it anymore. David Knight comments

Lost in space Climate Control Freaks (CCF) salivate over new ways to punish us for being alive and I'm starting to see a Pattern here as they fill up portfolios for ohhhhhh "those poor teachers pensions" using gobs of your cash while giving you illusions and movie sets.

Renewable energy. The joke on you is it doesn't burn green it burns your green. The mischievists all laugh about it behind the shed as they all go smoke a joint using money they stole from mom's wallet and hope they don't get caught. Carry on.

Deal breaker. Lake Erie wind project freezes over. Plans halted. Instead of building homes for the NOTless they build movie sets that are seriously losing their audience as nuclear is the refuture.

During summer I decided to get prepared for climate change, I ripped out all my existing insulation and installed carbon blankets. Doing this by hand left a lot of carbon footprints. I am at a loss why now that it's winter my house is colder than before. I also replaced all the windows with carbon blankets which of course are made of air. When the wind kicks up it's especially cold. Why are they not working? Mz. Cortez touts these as wonderful in her Puke Green New Deal Bockle (PGNDB). They are great window replacements, never have any streaks, always stay clean. All I ever hear is how carbon blankets insulate. I don't get it. I even started a carbon blanket charity to collect used carbon blankets to pass out to the homeNOTness and everyone's mad at me, saying they don't work, how is that even remotely possible, we have been promised carbon blankets insulate and have developed new methods of removing them using tall spinning blades in the sky, something has gone wrong somewhere. For now stop donating your used carbon blankets no one wants them anymore. Others holding on to your green for dear life keep saying they are safe and effective but that's not what this guy says, specialist installer Darren Hoadley, a man nicknamed "Mr. Safety" at 42 was checking the bearings in the mechanism which spins the blades when the machine sliced through his limb like a guillotine in June 2018. The payout for his injuries come of of your green $$$ energy. Says the injury could have been avoided had the power that was turning the blade been turned off prior. Hear that again THE POWER THAT WAS TURNING THE BLADE. Once more, the power that was coming from the nuclear power plant or natural gas energy plant was turning the blade and it should have been disconnected from the grid while he was working on these. The wind was not turning the blade "evil" energy was.

This hustle power industry never tells you how they routinely draw earth based fuel power from the grids they just tell you that unicorns are pulling plows and tending the fields of robust clean green illusions providing lollipops and fake free energy to everyone, as the adult kids in politics get to wear hats with propellers on top and then to fight dangerous unicorn novel fiction story telling originating from Wuhan they build planes while flying them and tell you to get on board first. Wind farms are are movie sets providing you green energy theater. You pay admission. Enjoy the show but like with any performance it's not going to do anything more than entertain you and keep the gears of this movie industry lubed up as the keep drawing power from grids. At some point it's best to turn off the power permanently to these monstrocities to be safe. If only one arm is saved it will all be worth it.

"He reached his arm through a hole in the turbine brake disc to check a series of safety pins and was horrified when he realised the turbine was rotating slowly under power and his left arm had become stuck." ***

We might inquire exactly how much power was it DRAWING FROM THE RELIABLE ROBUST OTHER POWER SOURCES to do such a thing, I am guessing a hell of a lot more than an LED light bulb, more like enough to power many homes, but try to get that information from these Hustle In Energy Firms (HIEF). I tried with the sPower's (now owned by AES) Chevelon GREEN DISASTER ZONE of 666 hundred thousand square mile project in Arizona and was met with the "ancillary" power used "minimal" he says and that they don't know yet as they didn't pick out which pretty turbine they would use yet so I should check back another time. Unrein was the dude's name, makes a green living in Boulder, Colorado where he doesn't have to look at this crap.

*** at this point I can't help but view the MEDICUT industry as gears in a monstrocity like wind turbines pulling energy from the grid so it can amputate baby men's foreskin.

Electricity first delivered in Manandwohatten, New York to 82 customers, reliably, efficiently, constant flow. 100+ years later idiots and hustlers started messing with what works where the term clean energy messed up peoples minds as Bill Gates so eloquently put it as these climate freeks keep saying they need to fix what they keep breaking like spoiled children do to their toys. 1888 the first wind turbine was made of wood to generate electricity. They didn't catch on then as they don't work. These wind powered electricity sources were worse than stop and go traffic in a category 666 hurricane. Speaking of Fierce And Dangerous (FAD) air illusions I am an OXYGENARIAN so if you ever again tell me to cut off or cut down my oxygen supply to enter your building you will be violating my religious and civil rights so get your checkbook ready. Now let's talk about all that poison unicornicide you keep disinfecting what was never infected. Hand soap, paper towels, cleaners for the floors and walls, circumcising everything now including your blood cells, it's all loaded with repurposed chemical waste from China and it's poison. EPA, the agency that tries to protect the environment says CITRIC ACID KILLS DANGEROUS UNICORNS. Seems THEY should be in charge of providing us guidelines for our body environment rather than the drug pushers at CDC/NIH/WHO/ETC. The virus hunters declared another emergency this time it was real. Remember that time when "Tuesday was pretty fun". The once upon a time Navy secretary says the turbines will never cut carbon emissions, hey what would he/she know, let's ask the sales people, they say the ERRth's new beanie propeller hats on white sticks will cut emissions 24/7 thousand percent! Alternating Current (AC) at 120 volts became the STANDARD. There are no standards in fake finding viruses. Like all story telling in novels which is all virus hunters ever publish, you can go stupidly waste your time on tests and be positive in one and negative in another and fly to another country and be negative positive and indeterminate, it's all Horseshit In Virology (HIV) ever does because you are stupidly going along with their Hustle In Dangerous Imaginary Entity Hunting Organizations (HIDIEHO). It's like hunting for Santa Clause, you find him, you point him out say "there he is", looks like Santa, but what remains is an imaginary character presented by some dude getting paid minimum wage where the costume made from the imagination is what makes you believe he's real because you want to believe he's real so you have fun times spreading the gospel of wonders of Santa Clause each year, "look there's Santa!" Then after presents we are quickly over it. Viruses do not exist in any form other than looking as cellular shit dressed up as Santa and having our fun/drama over it till it makes us sick.

EVs are fake safe and totally not at all effective like vaccines & ships are being warned to throw them overboard as the EV freak$ go overboard with their hustles

200 year old pristine forest being cleared for more movie sets

Carbon credit will lead to carbon bankrupt.

Temperature data is another scam most of it is US based. Climate change is a fraud when you put all the pieces of the puzzle together the real picture shows up different than what is presented on the cover of the box. Like with the fraud of virus-lie-gee they use models too, they make up temperature numbers using computers all the time. FAKE DATA. They are making it all up out of thin and heavy air. Reason? Just like the CoViD-666 fraud, to sell products, funnel your taxes around obstacles, keep you afraid then calm when they pacify you, etc.

Mom says take your pHARMa and shove it. OMG why do people do "shows" in their stupid car?

Necklace cams? Time for cam free zones in public.

- U - - - - -    - -    - H -    - H - - -    who cut out necessary letters

Circumcision, only "allowed" in the circumcised states of America, why? If America is so great is this why they flock here from all over the world? I don't think so. Must be some other reason. Most sane cultures around the world forbid it. What it amounts to is cutting off a palm size amount of skin off the male sex organ. Usually done in the first week or day of life, this is like cutting off a finger or if we look at nerves and sensitivity more like cutting off lips and saying "it's not a necessary body part and will save the planet as the use of napkins on lips is desecrating forests".

Please dear public, pay attention and stop this horror.

Modern a Med I Sin Cutters (MISC) brush these Dick Amputation Ritual Klans (DARK) off saying it's not harming anyone but men are waking up to the horror of what was done to them by that sick cutting society and realizing that it's just like cutting off any other necessary body part where you still can live but no longer with full God Mother given function. How dare they! We've likely seen a few of these men screaming on YouTube when it was fun and only censored when people would call out the lies of the junk science of routine Dangerous Unicorn Hunting (DUH) aka viroliegy.

When men jerk off they start to notice there's a part of their mind that realizes something should be there with nerve sensations they should be feeling that isn't there and boy that hurts REAL DEEP so many stuff it. Some young adult men and older might blow it off and say there's no difference, but they are not paying attention, the mind was not amputated so it knows. It changes the sexual experience drastically for life. Pay close attention, meditate, relax, do your thing and notice. OMG what the fuck! What sick creature would do such a thing? Grrrrr.

So when exactly is a bandwagon to end this going to start? Oh, not right now, too many in denial of just how horrific this crime against humanity being done right here in the United States to this day December 8 2023 and surely into the new year as it's just not attention getting enough "to care" and we just came off FOUR years of modern a Medi Sin's most torturous cutting ritual ever of our normal lives so we are still recovering from that. Some have boldly started though effectively shocking the public enough to start to really care. Blood Stained Men is one group. First time I watched their stuff I was so horrified at the revelation of how sick the medical society that did that to me is and how horrific the cutting ritual is and painful I couldn't watch it all. There are others more polite less bold yet even their materials are very difficult to read as there is nothing more horrible and shocking than child abuse and especially that which modern Medi Sin does routinely to infants, a new one cut every 29 seconds in the US forever bastardizing sexual function for life.


Why do doctors routinely cut off that necessary part of their oath that says "First do no harm"?

New Year's Resolution for 2024 - end this unequal treatment & inequitable sadistic ritual of modern cutting cults by law. Successfully forge new rules that forbid this and restore all lost foreskins, all 666 million that suffered this holocaust. California governor Newsom made a law banning it when he was mayor of San Francisco, so please, all you California haters in and out of the state, especially those religious folk on high horses, if you would be so kind as to leave at least some of your California bashing in the toilet for once, it's a great place, and where is that list of other politicians that took such a stand to protect baby men, or is protecting baby men not important to public officials who rotinely stand on their high horses championing protecting unborn babies, women, and not men. That protection by law of baby men was of course overturned by the Jerry Brown form of rule as governor of that time, thus routinely ignoring the babies identifiable horrific cries in hospitals as their sacred body part was partially hacked off bloody as can be painful as can be. Again who would be so sick to do such a thing to any human being? How can people keep ignoring this? Turn on the TV puke box and zone out. Zzzzz. Crickets hear the cries. So did the audience at Harvard one day.

There isn't anyone that isn't aware so it's not about needing more awareness which often becomes a routine chant for $$$ generating bandwagoneering. I think it's about denial and how incredibly difficult it is to deal with looking at this holocaust all around us, and every time we take a piss and see that horrible scar, as a constant reminder, and being distracted and not prioritizing well as a society that has been deeply misled by modern a Med I Sin.


Meanwhile the war pigs arrived at their pianos and the hyper pro antiproless callers to end abortion in all it's forms except for circumcision routinely cut off any discussion pretty much proportionally to the routine cutting off of foreskin on this subject as if aborting foreskin is a stairway to heaven or something. If that's true where on ERRth would they derive such insane concepts? Certainly not from anyone with a functioning brain nor from The Church of Satan which forbids any harm to children.

December is genital cutting awareness horror month following after May 7th only getting one day to remember all foreskins that have gone before us in war at birth trying to stop the enemy from cutting it, but this will be changed to October to correlate with those festivities leading up to Halloween Day which then reminds us all that pretend coffins filled with dead foreskin should only be part of that day and no other day.

Imagine a doctor telling you that after you leave you can only be with your family and friends part of the time, like half as much as before, golfing only rarely which used to bring you great pleasure, or sports, this does happen to people usually though much later in age like when one is unable to take full care of themselves any more and have to live in a nursing or assisted living facility. Rarely does that happen early on in life, you get to enjoy a full life like most. No one takes full pleasure of your life away from you (except maybe work responsibilities) and if any one did you can sue them for damages. Now imagine at birth being cut off from full pleasure of sexual function to it's fullest, losing about half, not because of nature making a mistake, but because there is a cutting cult that insists on it and deceitfully promotes it with out your permission as it was done to you as an infant. That's child abuse. It's imprisonment. It's like puttin you in a cell that removes you from your Mother God given pleasure and speaking of cells modern a Med I Sin Circumcists (MISC) do this to your reproductive blood cells with their poisons. "Make it stop!" the blood cell yells as it's new baby cells are growing in it's womb and aborted by this sick cult.

This baby man amputation surgery is horrible. Dr. Steven Baker exposes it all. "They stick the baby in a plastic mold, strap it down, pull the baby's [dick] and just start cutting it." Asked himself, "If God intended me to have foreskin....." and "they use foreskin for anti-aging face cream" and "to develop vaccinations" they make money off it. I want both my foreskin back and the money they made.

Boycott modern a Med I Sin.

LGBTQ finally explaned legibly.

San Diego county meeting public comments 2022 during some of the worst days of governing in America in history.

Even Penn & Teller got into the act "Circumcision Is Bullshit" was how they put it mildly. Of course they got paid for this circus act.

Foreskin restoration market $1 trillion or more. So why isn't modern a Med I Sin driving those bandwagons? Gee could it be, they are the ones who did the cutting and they should pay + damages.

The Greek & Roman societies celebrated nude human body in art and sport. Exposed glans improper; men with exposed glans forbidden in olympics. Roman bathhouses nudity common, and sites of informal business & political networking. Exposed glans sign of religion. (Bigelow 1992, Schultheiss 1998) Foreskin restorer survey

The US society after the sexual revolution of the 1970's mutated into a model of extreme Imperialism (some call it Vickyism as in Victorian and "it's aaaaaalllllll about Vicky") where bathhouses were closed down completely out of business and businesses after 2020's blind hindsight debaucle, they fumigated every public space with viruscides causing many of these dangerous unicorns to become suicidal which is what they wanted. They also considered exposed breath to be improper so they forced humans to reabsorb all carbon emissions from their lungs to save the planet from humans and when they died off the hustle hawks swooped in and blamed "spike balls made of amino acids" and "vack scenes that came from a movie house cutting room floor". This was after the ongoing foreskin holocaust, a war on the full human form and expression that started 1940. 

I was assaulted physically and brutally at birth, who would do such a thing to a helpless baby. Who is who?

"Men who complain about having had their foreskins amputated [brutal rape and torture] without their informed consent are consistently treated as having something wrong with them rather than being treated as having had something wrong done to them."

Women who complain about rape [with no amputations no damage to their body what so ever] are consistently treated differently, provided lots of sympathy, and consistently told they did nothing wrong and to always believe them. In those cases the perpetrator is the one that did harm. Who in the room cannot see the glaring problem of systemic inequal treatment of a male and a female here? The elephant's intact dick noticed it.

My dick was partially amputated at birth, I guess that means I'm a transsexual as my dick was transformed into what some ass hole wanted to serve his sick dick cutting cult belief system and porfolios. I was robbed.

"Circumcision also ablates junctional mucosa that appears to be an important component of the overall sensory mechanism of that male body part." They cut off as much as what grows into the size of an average cell phone, 100 square centimeters (16 square inches).

In court case regarding baby man circumcision in 2006, Tortorella v. Castro, Court of Appeal, Second District, Division 3, California, "Even if a surgery is executed flawlessly, if the surgery was unnecessary, the surgery in and of itself constitutes harm."

DO NO HARM. Any one in modern a Med I Sin who does such harm to baby men should have their license revoked.

One baby man is amputated every 26 seconds in the US.

The Foreskin Holocaust has tallied 666,666,666.666 foreskin genocides in the US from 1940+ is this when this horrific war on foreskins started?

1% have adverse outcomes. 

15% want it back.

Here's a big fuck you to the perps.

Gender inclusive? In what? Certainly not in human rights applied to men.

The first woman to earn a medical degree in the US Doctorate Elizabeth Blackwell 1821 - 1921 pointed out the backwards principle of cutting to restore a man to better function as compared to what makes sense, leaving man as he was created by Mother God.

Circumcisers change one's identity.

Circumcision of penis or blood cells is not health care.

Circumcision is child sexual abuse and torture. 

Young men have taken their own lives due to the distress of what torturous Medi Sin Cults did to them.

WHO, CDC, AAP promote and embra$e this cutting cult Crime Against Males (CAM).


*** at this point I can't help but view the MEDICUT industry as gears in a monstrocity like wind turbines pulling energy from the grid so it can amputate baby men's foreskin as someone keeps forgetting to shut off the power.

foreletters restored  C U T T I N G   T O   T H E   C H A S E   

The time the fake news was real was when it accidentally exposed the fake space walks. Notice the models.

The Battle Of Dangerous Unicorns Hustles (DUH) was first thougt to have started in the westernmost part of the United States. You might think this was San Francisco known for it's promiscuity and sidewalk dirt piles but this westernmost is not Los Angeles either, it's Attu, small island in Alaska waters close to Russia. After researchers found out 40 years after the start of the war and $666 trillion dollars gained later, they realized that it was an uninhabitated island, so they threw their dangerous unicorn theory to the wind which caught it and spread it world wide.

The professor had a problem with the artificial intelligence screen so he called for help. If you studied the pseudo science of junkyard virology and how it operates you'd see some similarities. Let's watch what happened.

And for our next show once again the resurrectionists of "virus causes disease" nonsensense flail around their credentials and sometimes throw that "I was a secretary for" stick at us to bring us the latest greatest variant show on ERRth, the new more deadly monkey business unicorn that "only affects the homos that have too much sex" though there is no proof of this anywhere in any room or messy halls of the junk science of virology. The article is the biggest pile of monkey shit being flailed around we have ever been exposed to since the insane hysteria of the 1980's. There are no viruses. The author of this garbage even points out the excess drug use and completely ignores that elephant in her face. The article uses fear porn inducing terror in the reader showing damaged hands which was more likely a photo of someone woring in EV battery mineral mining which corroded their skin. These fear pushers could care less of the facts. They get off more than gays ever did in bath houses by jabbing the public with their "stunning" reports. It never ends. They spread their lies because they live on high horses, any time they can they trash homos because they are getting a lot more sex than their tea party guests are and they just love their holier than thou bash fests then waving their fake Jesus and throw their self righteous bibles at you. They are the problem. They are the ones that created the illusions of dirty disease spreading sex spreading disease TO THEM as that is all that concerns them, and as that's that's the big log in their eye and when Jesus comes by to pluck it out they dump on him saying "Fuck You you're not Jesus" he hasn't returned yet. Not once do any of these plasmatics consider nor point to skin conditions being caused by chemicals now being dumped onto everything to stop dangerous unicorns and workers in Africa hands exposed to chemicals all day long. The gay sex bashing article was written by Andrea Widburg with the button pushing title Monkeypox is back, this time with enhanced lethality. We have seen this show so many times already. "Enhanced killers everyone run these nano monsters will kill you" and "unlike anything we have ever seeen before" bla bla bla puke garbage.

Listen to the exPERTs in virus studies?

PERT - Program Evaluation and Review Technique - a system of planning, scheduling, controlling, and reviewing a seriews of interdependent events in order to follow a proper sequence and complete a project as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Yes, this is in the dictionary do get your diction pens out and start noting that the ExPERTs don't do this PERT thing very well if at all, they are like ex wives, husbands, jobs, so I'll stick with the PERTs thank you for general and effective health advice, seems all the exPERTs do is hustle their repurposed China chemical Wuhan waste ware$ and smart stupid lock down technology to hunt for what does not exist and if it did exist your body would look at it like a gnat and swat it. Really it's like people are running amok after hearing George Orwell's "War of the Worlds: Alien Gnats Invade" as they trust the science that when mapped by ex PERTS at these failed hell agencies and flip out over nothing. One might respond "well gnats are real and swarms could harm". Good point, but there are no swarms of their dangerous unicorns they deceitfully label and define as killer threats ever found on ERRth or the sun where happens to be the best place for green energy to be most efficient. Viruses do not exist, if they did they could simply get a culture from the lungs, and find it, no they don't do this, they prefer their dog & pony $HOW$. It's show business!

Married Alive

So I talked to a PERT, me, and he/she/it/they/what/ever said that my cell phone cannot charge by WI-FI. Why not? 5G is said to be do dangerous by the "freedom community" exPERTs with their hands wailing in the air wildly trying to get your attention like those used car lot sock puppets wearing signs saying "stop right on by and get your 5g elixer here those spiked amino acids will kill you" as they never promote how amino acids are the materials that build protein and the body has a plethora of imaginary "spike" amino protein breakdown removal tools at it's disposal if they existed. Apparently when we leave the spike protein TWILIGHT ZONE there is not enough power from that RADIO WAVE THAT JUST SAYS HELLO AS IT'S PASSING BY to even power my phone or a mini light bulb, let alone my whole body. We get so tired of these exPERTs in producing fear and stress for people. Trust the PERTs. 5G and anyG signals do not have much power, like about .666 trillionth of a watt or some rediculous jule, just enough for the power of the phone to pick the signal up and then the battery sends signals to the processor. Our bodies do not work off of 5G signals. There is no double-blind study on these. There are no here's a paper there's a paper like McDoctors often site "in a paper by" either only hustle. Relax you are not a computer managed by 5G. Signals from the air are grounded. Stay grounded in everything you do. That does not mean you need to have a wire attached to you either connected to the ground unless you keep floating away like so many others.

Karen Kingston looks over the data says that in 2021 the shots of pHARMa viruscide also known as pesticide killed 15% of the elderly in the US and we never saw such numbers before. Seems like a bad idea to ever inject pesticides into your body but that's what vaccines are, when they are not placebos of saline, they are pesticides. So anyone promoting this crap is either and or all 1) delusional 2) very ill informed 3) living in a fantasy world 4) waches TV for their health information 5) trusts their brainwashed doctors who also watch TV news for their health data 6) scamming the public 7) trusting the science saying that whatever pHARMa cysts tell you it is gospel where at least we can prove gospels exist unlike viruses or Jesus which was a construct of the Roman empire to keep it INTACT. 

NY/GOV says something about executing taxes or something to make cities walkable and getting rid of gridlock. Is not NYC already walkable? Hello hon. And DON'T WALK too fast while excited they are not giving axes the chopping block, and they tried that with car pool lane$, didn't end gridlock, so now it's about resurrecting new taxes just like fake Jesus. And as NY does what NY does it's circumcising and removing more factories again probably raze this one and create more handicapped parking stalls to ruin the planet with a couple of wind turbines that use and waste energy and only save the portfolio of governors and public officials and their friend$ on Wall $treet. So as cities give $5,000 gift cards for the illegals America can't fix home-NOT-ness nor provide enough pots to piss in on the streets, while it claims to be fixing grid lock which they NEVER EVER fix, it's all about getting your cash.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but here goes, #1 we are not monkeys, #2,


We don't live in a world free of hustles, let's explore some.

Look at this lovely village destroyed by wind turbine garbage. Rich industrialists and portfoliosts install these to fake save the planet to grab your cash and make you slaves for decades, you pay for these net losses of energy machines every single time you pay your bills, buy something, every single thing that uses electricity and your taxes as these systems feed pensions in Canada and portfolios around the world. They are scams.

World Hellth Organization of corrupt liars, con artists, scammers, fire their ass. Cut off all their funding we don't need them. Cut off everything virology it's all junk fucking science. Virusology is a rotting tree branch of biology with such a putrid preventive smell now it does not deserve any more of our green $$$ fertilizer. Their empire now is mostly built on the sandy washable soil of things that do not exist with claim$ they need to hunt and protect you from these illusion$ of modern Med I Sin Cults (MISC).

A doctorate says he scanned 250,000 brains and claims coffee is killing those who drink it. Quack quack. What about the scanner that puts out 666 trillion times the radiation of 5G along with the quackinary amonium cat ion virus insecticides sprayed everywhere, it's so ODD that a doctorate would not count in the RADIATION of modern a Medi Sin's RADIATION when their own more measurable science points this out already.

Sloppy pSeudo pSience - the hustlers in virology (HIV) can't even get that new fun acronym right. There is no such thing as COVID-19.666 as it violates the rules of acronymizing. CoViD-666.19 is more accurate as that would be Corona Virus Disease which used to be called cold and flu. The sloppiers in Medi Sin brush it off, but this is vital. They did this with HIV also and AIDS incorrectly, the firstone has "I" for "immunedefencieieio" and the other 4 letter word has "I" and "D" for "immune deficiency". Should be either AIS and HIV or HI virus and AIDS and HIDV and their assembling of HIV/AIDS is sloppy also, but they do all this on purpose, to confuse, create panic, then embed new ideas into the mind such as the lie that there is a new fiction virus never seen before, made on a lab, with out telling you any such thing was merely a computer printout of data, the only novel object was computer code.

There ain't no 8 billion on ERRth more like 3.

Tom Cowan webinar December 6 2023 he is always so polite. In this webinar, Dr. Cowan discusses the following topics:
    - The Analemma Water Wand. [Is that like "anal enema"? May I suggest a new name.]
    - Reviewing a study titled "Cell morphological analysis of SARS-CoV-2 infection by transmission electron microscopy" from the Journal of Thoracic Disease. The link to the study can be found here:
    - Rabies. No virus exists. What causes the incredibly RARE Illness Condition (IC).
    - How the "freedom movement" has been going full attack mode against COVID Shots, and discussed if this is good news or deception.

    - WHAT'S SEEN in electron microscope is Particles Ovunknown Origin (POO) budding from the cell which is taking a shit and wants some privacy.
    - They don't isolate any virus, why would you have to culture them in kidney cells, the lungs would have enough culture medium, they should be able to find them in a culture directly from a patient's lungs, the junk science of virology again exposed.
    - Virology is not a science.
    - There are no spike proteins.
    - Tom is one of the few in the world that points out placebos were used so asks "Wouldn't that be a better approach" [to calmly point that out] as compared to the fear porn that "the freedom community" keeps pushing.
    - Those who keep "calling out the pharmaceutical companies" and suing them and all that nonsense, are using their other hand to write prescriptions for and suggesting pharmaceuticals so the "freedom movement" is an obvious contradiction and "false heroes quest" at best and at worst becomes diahrea.
    - False Assertive Quests (FAQs).
    - Viruses do not exist. You are in control of your health. No fear needed.
    - Suggestion on how to live life FEARFULLY without the fear, did I say that right?

Why do viruses only exist in a computer? Who told you they exist in real life? ROFL. They are all models. They are not real. That's one reason they called it a NOVEL virus this time. Fiction. Getting it yet? They are throwing it in your face now like a monkey throwing it's dirty busine$$ model$ and toys it's bored with at you, then as you are playing with it's broken toys it grabs your wallet and won't give it back.

Steve Kirsh got 2 shots of the repurposed chemical waste because he trusted the government. Shares his story with Russell Brand and started stepping back from that trust once he heard others were hurt immediately after receiving injections of pHARMa harm. I knew on day #1.666 that the whole thing was another drug pushing fraud but bigger than ever. It's interesting how the public is so enamoured with stories like this where he's inter viewed by Russell Brand when if they listened more to Tom Cowan, Sam Bailey, Stefan Lanka who proved in court viruses do not exist, Christine massey who as a biostatistician in Canada compiled 220+ responses to FOIA requests to world institutions of health and science who all responded "we don't have the proof that viruses exist as you requested" and Andrew Kaufman who also as all of these people did called out this ongoing Hustle In Virology (HIV).

Wile E. Coyote welcomes the digital age to his home abode, steals all the "security" cams from the Road Runner's house.

Claim is made the proof ERRth is flat found in Canada Fundy Bay referencing a distance of 30 miles away which is nothing.

Use of laser pointing allegedly perfectly straight shows no curve and note the video does show disabled energy handicapped parking spaces for ugly ass Flashing Red Light Propeller Movie Set Props That Present The Illusion Of Clean Energy But They Are Better Referred To As Masters And We Are On Plantations As They Make You Slave To Pay For Them (FRLPMSPTPTIOCEBTABRTAMAWAOPATMYSTPFT). Ok so now prove that your allegedly https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c7/The_Dark_Side_of_the_Moon_Cover.svg/256px-The_Dark_Side_of_the_Moon_Cover.svg.pngstraight laser line is not curved. The atmosphere can create a prismatic effect, thus curving straight lines. In virology their pseudo science is so bad they would blame this on a virus, a dangerous unicorn they never once proven is real. In the 1970's artwork on the cover of the musician rock band Pink Floyd featured a prism, it not only curved the straight line it broake the thing apart into a gay rainbow. this prism artwork is in the public domain and was the cover artwork of Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon" which today might be called "Dark Side Of The Plasma" or "Dark Side Of Reflected ERRth".

One photo proves we never went to the plasma, just one photo, shows two lighting sources "on the moon". So here's what the Moon Landing Mongers (MLM) will say in response, "astronauts used artificial lighting powered by the space craft" and "no government could orchestrate such a hoax" said after the governments of the world just orchestrated the biggest hoax of all time of a novel fiction dangerous unicorn threat to our existence and getting people to stupidly wait in long lines to self inject themself with China's repurposed chemical waste to be ZERO% protected from illusions AND gleefully pay for it and to even cut down their oxygen supply "for their health".

Then there's Doctorate "Spikey" Ryan Cole who keeps that spike protein PONG BALL alive like the one in PONG like a little kid sees the ball and says it's real on the video screen. None of these spikey things have been proven to exist except using junk virology bullshit claim pseudo science. Notice the fast talking slide presentation, "next slide" "next slide" "next slide" in rapid succession is like that "in a paper by" McSpikey dude hustler McCullough. Both have financial interests in pushing this unproven propoganda that induces FEAR into the minds of those most suseptible. Cole has a biotech company he runs. The problem is these dudes keep going to governing bodies with this nonsense and they eat it up as these dudes are ex perts when we need to listen to the perts.

Why is MERCURY in the flu shot? Do they put paint chips of lead in the flu shot too? When asked about a particular concern of parents who watch their kids go from healthy and happy to autistic right after vaccines, the X community was retarded in it's responses questioning what studies "proved" no cause of autism. The studies have never been done, who told you they were done? CDC can't provide anything but smoke & mirrors and mouth pieces that talk different out of each side. The High Wire helped Mississippi become the freeest state in the USA. With Del Bigtree's ICAN help they secured full legal protection from pHARMa scum injections based on religious and personal belief exemptions. California is the worst having removed exemptions so they can keep the war on dangerous unicorn$ going and going like the Energizer Bunny as it fuels their portfolios just like how these mostly DEMO-c-RATS blame Republicans for endless wars, they have their own versions, fighting FOR MASSIVE PROFITS with things that are imaginary.

Most of North America is now Native Americans. They were born here. They are natives, not naieves, natives. Caucazoidians, Negroidians, Indianians, Spanishians, Italians, Frenchians, Russians, Germanians, Egyptians, Alaskanians, Arabians, Indians, Japaneseians, Koreanians, Chineseians, all Native Americanians. Also many other races. People that dispute this are those like the QWERTY+tribes that like to make  labels, ever expand them, and add infinite numbers of new categories to put people in to their select non-inclusive boxes while they, out of the other sides of their mouths, say they are being inclusive. Much of it is just another scam to see who can con the public the most, for profit. Follow the money trails through the "clean energy" farms you will find lots of it there stored underground deep at the core.

Fake Space CRAFT as in childrens art & crafts project claims new moon rover called "Roo-ver" ROFL they never once have been to the plasma. You probably also believe rockets can go in reverse and land on a moving ship platform and that viruses exist. In fact those rockets of X have scientifically been proven to also refuel themselves as they come back to ERRth so when they land they are full of it. Very entertaining. Moon-On-The-Man me baby.

Beagle rescued from modern MED I SIN science experiments where they torture and kill puppies like this little guy "for your health" who "for the first 18 months of his life he was in a laboratory". The scoundrels would tie them down and let them be eaten by bugs until they died. Modern MED I SIN keeps doing to similar experiments on people with their poison pills like what they fed my friends who died of AIDS/DRUG/POISONING. Not these drug and chemical pushers poured all their poison waste products onto paper towels, hand soap, fumigating with pesticides with QUATs to poison us more. HELLth departments are in on the game or they are entirely stupid and lost in virus wonderland war regimes or both. Why does CON gress not ban all medical experiments on both humans and animals and directly poisoning every inch of the spaces we visit and touch? Pasteur was also accused of being a tortureous fraud.

The first "HOLLYWOOD" sign prototype was here. They started off thinking they would call it "CABLE CROSSING" as they saw the future like how climate crowds could see the future and THE LINE could see the future as discussed here they saw cables crossing everywhere through Los Angeles knowing cable was the future. Turned out though that internet was the future so now the plan is to remove the HOLLYWOOD sign and replace it with THE FUTURE.

New Ukraine captives surprised at Russian hospitality.

Dude replaces beautiful incandescent bulbs that lit up his dash gauges well with blue LED ones that make it difficult to see. This should be banned. Notice in the video the LED bulbs are all plastic (at much more expense) and the incandescent are all glass and metal base which is actually friendlier to the environment.

Coming soon the .666 minute city where going no where is pure HELL thcare.

Gain of function is another of many of Medi Sin's multi-level marketing pitches. The only gain there is remains with their story telling as we inquire "function of what, a virus never proven to be a real thing?" You can't add new bells and whistles to a dangerous unicorn and expect the people to believe it will fly and carry them off to new whispy lands of wonder. Some do believe and wonder why they haven't gotten anywhere with circumcising their immune system with Modern A Med E Sin (MAMES). 

The science cannot even explain why one conjoined twin got measles and the other did not. This alone discredits the virus causes disease theory.

Kevin Kiley calls out Gavin Newsom's lies in the debate on the Senate floor. Points out Newsom's TRULY PEVERSE thing, an excess mortality rate, geeee could it be because of poisoning the air in public buildings using China's chemical waste turned into flowery fragranced pesticide "disinfectants" to try to massacre dangerous unicorns they disingenuously call "viruses" which do not exist, poisons that coat the lungs and kill cells? Can't ask the canary it died in the room from the fumes.

Jesus is the sun of god? That makes the ERRth the world then. Since the world contains the universe we are universally certain that Jesus is not the moon. Jesus is an immigrant and like many today was not provided housing when he needed it as people were occupied with shopping for presence.

"Planet Suddenly: The Movie" 1888 to 2023+ now playing everywhere unfortunately ruining open spaces where we would recharge, and the film plays on loop so no one ever leaves the Enron 2 Energy Theater as they are waiting for that vintage command "THE END" so they know it's time to leave the show. Could someone please bring them food?

Please pray it doesn't matter what FIELD of study you are in war with as in war there is offense and defense and offense and offence and defense and defense of offense. In language no one can offend you only you can do that to yourself. Language is air. If you want to say that the actual particles of HOT/CO2 offend you that could be a correct statement as they are on the offense when explelled in breath, hitting you with 1 particle per 2499 other particles of whispy air. Owwww.


When NASA astronauts came back from the moon in 1969 if that year ever existed they were asked if they saw stars from the moons surface as they looked up into outer space. One said right away didn't remember seeing stars, the other said yes I remember, the other rode the fence.


Weightless environment in space he lifts weights total of 1000 lbs, so what happened when he went up floating, did the weights hit the ceiling and break stuff? That should be all the proof you need of these $ide $how$ I mean did you like believe Samantha was floating too on Bewitched? Need more, he goes so high and out of the picture that would mean the craft has 20 foot ceilings. Impossible except on motion picture stage sets. It's so ROFL and we believed it all for decade$.

Zirself teaches us about the new world of pronouns.  Notice there's now "herself" and "hirself" pronounced the same way. Everyone in the teacher's class is confused and always will be as it's nonprosense. To avoid being hit with hystericals that flip out when you mislabel them with made up stuff, your kids will be required to take 4 years of gibberish instead of 4 years of English.

Med I Sin Cult Marshall Law Marketing (MISC/MLM) David Knight spoke about the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) today 11/5/2023 and the fake modern Ribodino Nuclear Acid (mRNA). Everything these companies tell is is lies, what spike, where is the proof they modify, amplify, nothing they say is proven, they are all sleasy drug & drama pushers. Fired for not obeying non-doctors orders now they are all being hired back as THEY are the healthy ones that can do the job David points out the case of the NY Shity firefighter who was forced to take 2 injections of pHARMa septic sludge experments now is disabled. Won't pay his disability, your taxes paid shitty news outlets to promote this shit.

Zee Media in love with Doctorate Peter McSpikey with his junk science claims that EVERY person who got a KoViD shot has heart damage. She starts by "thanking him for his service" to humanity as if he's up there in ranks with military and God & The Devil In The Details (TDITD). Listen for his signature mantra "in a paper by" spouting off this hustle line as if 10 trillion papers by a Hustle In Virology industry (HIVi) mean anything. It's amazing how medias latch on to endless repetitive studies that they never study themselves, studies that never prove any assertions, studies that are a huge waste of time and money to KEEP THE PUBLIC IN PERPETUAL FEAR of something and always SELL PRODUCTS. The good McDoctor claims they are all searching for causes of cardiac arrests, not once have I in 4 years of his nonsense heard him mention 1) diet and exercise and food choices as primary cause 2) stress as primary cause and there was a lot of it over the last 4 years 3) those vaccines were also saline placebos OF SALT WATER in quantity less than having a cookie as the whole thing was an experiment using the public as roaming lab rats, 4) never blames smoking as where is the study that evaluates who smokes and who doesn't in those endless studie$. He is consistent though in blaming the injections of alleged RIBO DINO DINOSAURIC ACID FAKE Alleged Manipulators (RDDAFAM) and then as all hustlers do shift to selling you a product that he has there as a miracle cure, his spike ball elixer. Fast talking salesman. Buyer beware Mode RNA Med I Sin is filled to the brim with junk science hustle. He claims a "spike protein" exists with no evidence just hustle and that his product "dissolves" it. ROFL. Reminds me of Amway and Herbalife and all those muilt-level marketing hustlers that tell you the sky's the limit. Keep in mind the sky is only at most 6 miles from here. An expert biostatistician called out his lies and failures to provide evidence here & read and watch more on the good McDoctorate Peter McSpikey ball proteinism here where he catches corona virus after he's been circuit partying all over the world touting his magic cures and prevention pitches. ROFL.

EPA says citric acid kills viruses.

I think I will have lemon water now at every meal instead of poison AIDS & HI virus prevention drugs like PrEP, thank you.

Wikipedia says citric acid is part of many "acidic" fruits. I think I will have orange juice every day instead of poison PrEP pills every day to prevent viruses. CDC says to kill viruses use poison AZT which is rat poison, killed all the rats in the 1960's when it was an experimental chemo drug, never approved for human use until Doctorate Franken Fauci came to town with his elixers and traveling side effect shows. CDC is a chemical company, recommends Quaternary Amonium Cat Ions (QuACI - pronounced "quacky") poisons be poured and sprayed on everything all day and all night, even pouring it on those Oxygen Deprivation Devices (ODD) to breathe in instead of chloroform. Doctorate McCullough says to kill spike balls made of protein that kids play with you need to take his herbal remedies then appears online selling his nonsense, tells us he caught corona virus (common cold). Spike balls nor viruses never proven to exist but that does not stop drama in it's tracks. Fresh air seems to do a much better job.

Christmas is over. We now celebrate Xmas. This was started by Elon Musk who resurrected free speech online, and then it was crucified again, and again, and again with the crucifiers thinking they would get different results.

"we would pretty much have to destroy the environment in order to produce the same amount of electricity that fossil fuels are producing today"

NEOM - The Line planned for Saudi Arabia is absurd. Peggy Hall comments. The name NEOM rubs her wrong. Arrange the letters and it's MONE(Y). The direct LINE to your MONE. New future money. How are they going to make the mirrored glass for "equitable" views, with bird shredders and batteries? ROFL, no, they will use oil and lots and lots of it and send you the bill one way or another. Basically a stunt. Will never be built. Theater. Who would want to live this way? Don't answer that. Ignore this project, it's a distraction, pay attention to other things such as all the ways they are ripping you off.

Nothing quite so environmentally mentally deranged as to create a mirrored wall to confuse wildlife. Maybe the point of this is the absurdity of building walls everywhere, there should only be roofs. Or maybe as with most everything it's about keeping the masses entertained so they don't notice the bigger pictures.

The Bidenconocrat admin plans to phase out coal in the US while Navajo Indians in Arizona that have massive coal mining operations and are racist (only mostly hiring their own race) are sending it to China, via clean energy sail boats tankers that run on diesel, and the Rich Folk Climate Con Gabfest (FCCG) 28 is happening in a country that is so incredibly rich due to man's discovery of OIL. They will of course not take sailboats there like Christopher Columbus, that would take a month, and it would be racist. Instead they will continue to be ELITIST and grab what they can and leave you with scraps.

What's Cooking With Bill Gates (AI) video! Just like with artificial intelligence he uses artificial ingredients in everything. Mmm tasty and effective. He cooks with energy efficient clean natural gas and has said many times in the past "Whoever came up with the term clean energy screwed up people's minds.......electricity is responsible for 25% of emissions".

The TRANS ition to "clean energy" is like a drag show performance in Palm Springs, it's a fantastic display, very entertaining, draws in big crowds, excites, makes people laugh and feel good, but it's still just a performance left right and center stage!

What's on Tap Today? Massive Toilet Access Problems (TAP).

Ask Your Doctorate (AYD) if they have studied Kovid Kapoor syndrome, they won't have a clue then they will tell you to get injected with more viricidals for your HELLth and their wealth.

Russia goes to war with rodents.

The new smart ass 14.666 minute city will feature shopping at stores like Walmart where everything is locked up so it will take you 14.666 minutes each time you need to reach something for a clerk to open up the case to get it for you so when you shop at these new 14.666 minute cities from HELL thcare DEPARTMENTS be sure first to head to the isle that has foot stools and small ladders. Anytime a government tells you it knows how to fix things like by injecting you with China's chemical waste repurposed into vaccines you might ask why haven't they fixed something less complex like theft and homelessness.

It's so funny, the internet ad space is now making us look up in the sky and see charcoal falling from clouds. It tells us to "scatter this charcoal throughout your home". It's supposed to clean the air of toxins like those TOXINS in many disinfectant pesticides sprayed in homes and businesses and slathered on floors and equipment which eats away at it like it eats at your lungs and blood cells, toxins they now keep selling you as safe and effective just like other toxins they sold you do inject directly into your arm which is pretty stupid. This carbon charcoal in the sky CO2 in smaller particles also cleans the air. It cleans the air. CO2 CLEANS THE AIR. Hello anyone listening? Ahhh there's my cricket audience, they are reliable!

Anyone see a problem with thick extension cords blocking walkways? Not those wearing green colored glasses! And when you trip over them they just pull out their cameras and start recording so they can make fun of you!

Why are "smart" refrigerators now labeled with explosion warnings? They have a new refrigerant that's MAN DATED for all new food cooling centers to fake save the planet but this new warning on them is unsettel-ing. Are these going to explode in homes when there's a fire making it all worse? Has ANYONE even asked this question regarding what happened in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii? Every time we turn around we see some new discovery of how utterly stupid all this smart ass crap has become an EXISTENTIAL threat.

Russia prioritizes HOUSING for it's displaced people. Already much of war tornb Mariuopl is replaced, repaired, and restored. In California, where it's sleasy used sales governor says "California is the model for the country", they took Federal funds, poured it into central valley "bullet train" to no where over the last 8.666 year$, while homeless are everywhere, allowing the already rich developers and construction firms to get richer and have more homes and more cars and vacations in homes that are locked away from those needing homes (they call this AirB&B). Looks more like Russia is model for the world based on how it makes real housing for it's people #1 rather than relying on models that don't exist or models in show business named Kovid that PrEP'd the dumb m-asses to be CONNED yet again by big pHARMa so they too could emass all the homes for themselves.

How do you know you R famous? When you see a well done and funny parody of your identity like this of Amazing Polly who hasn't been seen in a while on camera because something happend with getting an infection in her eye and she would not go see a doctor. Hon, doctors are not all bad, they do have some talents and antibiotics can be helpful.

The future of clean energy hit a warp'd speed bump, and this was in the 1930s!

The Hindenburg promised to be a role MODEL of safe and effective clean energy travel at one time in history repeats itself over and over expecting a different result with hydrogen energy.

Here we are in 2023 - 93 years later - and that TV/BUZZINYOUREAR/BOX keeps screaming at us that "the future is hydrogen", so now class, what have we learned? Nuclear Expert Doctorate Adi Paterson (NEDAP) says the buildout of renewables "reduces the efficiency" of the grid and there is "no way" the grid proposed by Labor [australian labor party] will work the way they say it will work. So basically all these hustlers in wind and solar energy say it's efficient but it's not, it's causing the grid transport system to become inefficient thus even just in that Devil in the details, the whole thing is a waste of energy! The future is not hydrogen nor propeller bird shredders in the sky nor the other handicapped energy systems which oddly are not given enough parking spaces in the city for these disabled energy systems. "There's no way we can build this and have it backed up by batteries" the pert states. He's not the expert he's the pert. Experts are hustlers. They were perts at one time but then were revealed as not really knowing anything. We need to keep consulting with perts like Doctorate Adi Paterson WHO SAYS "from an engineering perspective it cannot work". It's like all the egomaniac greenie freaks got hold of the controls and tell the engineer of a train he must go full steam ahead (based on burning coal) as they are rounding a dangerous bend and when he as an engineer says that's insane they all go totally insane and mandate that he do that just like the insane people did with mandating injections of rat poison and making kids wear Oxygen Deprivation Devices (ODD) for their "health" which turned out to be about making public HELLth departments puppet masters all richer. This is the sickness in all governing worldwide now.

Going "green" with industrial plantations of wind and solar and absurd nonsense of hydrogen that is highly flammable and difficult to contain which consumes a lot of energy to make is a Manufactured Energy Technology Hustle (METH). Now that all the cooking of the books in Squeaky Kleen Energy (SKE) is becoming obvious and now that Wall And Street Portfolioists (WASP) have stung themselves, well some were stung, others bought put options and always make money up/down/sideways/inrabbitholes no matter what markets do, now the news outlets are catching on, calling it another Enron all over again. I wrote about this in 2019 what I called "Enron 2.0". It was NEWS so hearing these "news" outlets report it as news is laughable, in fact in 1997 I was told by an investment broker that wind farms are a scam, investors only put their money into them when government PROPS them up with YOUR MONEY. I broadcast that news to crickets and they listened. News outlets are in on the games. They first and foremost are concerned with eyeballs, what ever gets the eyeballs gets big pHARMa ca$h which all comes from your wallets. Poor use of your funds.

The Shammies Awards makes it's annual appearance brought to you by pfliezer which pflies away with your money your CON gress so gleefully gives this industry while removing them of all liability, giving these companies immunity which is the only entity in the world that gets immunity as humans cannot become immune to anything. Immune systems only exist in this pharma corporate sphere of influence.

Package insert for the vaccine BLANK. Must be a sea water shot placebo. How many trees were massacred for this fraud? Viruses never been proven to exist. There's no genetic sequence, no original, no variants, no way to test for this imaginary particle as it's never been shown to exist. Terrain the film documentary.

Drug pushing propoganda uses lovely music and lies. Claim they will erradicate HI viruses that don't exist by 2030 with new shots once every 2 months. Nothing but more Horseshit In Viroilogy (HIV). They never PROVED any virus exists. Trillions of dollars flowing to all these companies all on board with these lies for 40 years of repeated promises just the same old crap.

Fake computer graphic image of "the sun" and big corona virus black hole.

Doctor Jane Ruby has a heart cup and 3 hoaxes. She won her lawsuit against the very rich Dr. Robert Malone who built his riches on the drug hustle industry. He had got all pissy about being criticized even though he's a public figure. She mentions "little minds". Forgets to mention that little minds are like little people, they don't understand everything so be patient as if they are a little child. White Lung Syndrome (WLS) is the new bandwagon. Jane says when you have pneumonia that's what happens, nothing new, just new marketing ONCE AGAINNNNNNNN, shows white in an xray. Calls out Ken Paxton who's suddenly going to pSue pFarma an industry that is immune to lawsuits, granted them by CON gress, so it's another dog and pony show again. Pfizer will go bankrupt, that's the plan, you think these drug companies are run by stupid people? Mode RNA is the replacement company. They are all wayyyy ahead of the gay me. They all have full legal immunity in an emergency. CON gress gave it to them in 1986 and in the PrEP act, in great part due to public demands back in the HIV/AIDS/DAZE that government MUST fix the "problem" using none other than the lunacy of more medical THEATRICKS. She misses the boat on ALLEGED rna manipulation and "spike proteins" never proven to exist. She has a substack page.

THE/SCIENCE never lies Fauci said "I'm the science" which was pretty much the same old sick delusions that man puts out all the time. Here's some science, there was a 2.666 earthquake in Banning, California. The government website shows no reports of anyone feeling it. THE/SCIENCE then says "no one felt it, no one, I have proof right here" pointing to the map where the red star shows the location. The science used by those on the ground differs, many said they felt it but never reported it. They call those people "conspiracy theorists". The when they start reporting it they say they are spreading disinformation butter all over everything. Then when the truth of the lie really catches on they say they never said anyone should go get a vaccine.

THE/SCIENCE in virology is so bad it's like they study what happened when a house exploded the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) determine that houses should never be built ever again. Really, if you can understand the stupidity and story telling of THEIR/SCIENCE it's that bad. Most science is rather logical but this simply is not the case with virology as it works with MODELS of imaginary imaginatives that are not in any physical form.

Look at this dog and man walking on sidewalk with varied levels. This is how the viorologists present viruses, it's just as we imagined and see them. Unfortunately most TV networks, social media outlets, and doctors that advise them and chemical companies like THE/CDC that people learn from nor those WHO advise them ever throw a bucket of water on their research and claims. It's obvious in the imagery that the varied levels exist. This is what virology presents, only, they cut out the bucket of water. They edit out that. If they left it there in their presentations no one would buy their new varied levels pitch, variants, many many variant levels, illusory. They paint pictures in the mind and in their studies. Time to build more buckets. Congress needs to allocate billions to build more buckets and distribute them to everyone to expose virology for what it is, an illusion.

Look at this dog, a beagle, rescued from Modern Med I Sin's Exper I Mental Torture Chambers (MMISEIMTC) one of Mad Scienctist Franken Fauci's "clinics" that had routinely murdered beagles for fun and profit by strapping them in and letting bugs eat them alive and you trust their science as they now spray all yoiur public places, your soaps, your paper towels, your dumbells with poison QUATs? You need to love yourself more then and rescue yourself from these new torture chambers of everywhere we go where they keep poisoning the air we breathe 24/7 now. How about we all get on that bandwagon.

Rainbowticks in Canada village of Westlock get their way painting a QWERTY+PRIDE political statement flag on of all things a cross walk. There 2 big problems with this, if these political action committees that walk all over everyone with rainbow paint can paint their flag on the road then all others can too. Next problem is they are dangerous. They are not seen as well, they are confusing, they go against standardization in road warning guidelines. Even horses freak when they see these rainbow crosswalks as seen in a Rainbow Pride Cult Parade (RPCP). Looks like they goofed.

Off Beat Off Shore Propeller Energy (OBOSPE) wins the "Floating Circus" award this year. Complete with floating rubber duckies these systems are a circus from HELLven. All it needs is it's propeller hat to provide the world an endless supply of free renewable energy floating off shore as your money flows out to them to provide them power to present the illusion that they are hard at work providing you power.

Rubber Duck photo, by Florentijn Hofman, in Parramatta Park as part of the 2014 Sydney Festival.

Laughter is contagious it actually gets in your ear and moves you. Viruses are not contagious as dangerous unicorns are not real. You cannot catch any dangerous uincorn and be jabbed by it's spike protein. Unicornology does infect virology though making it a hustle.

HorsePower.net explains why these ducky systems of energy duck when spotted that they never do anything they pretend to do and they are the past, not the future, they are past failures that never caught on because they are failures. Hustlers FLOATED ideas to FLOAT wind turbines at sea as the whole industry is sinking.

Elon Musk doesn't care about advertisers. Listen in and mind you, he's already scammed the world with rockets that fake land in reverse (merely CGI) and that electric cars "are the future" he's already filled his portfolios overflowing with perpetual energy coming from you and the grounded energy coming from ERRth in abundance so why would he care. He's like a rich kid breaking all his toys now that he's bored with.

Virology is so dislogical, it's like they believe that the balloon will come down if you throw the sandbags away as seen in this film 1927 "Now We're In The Air", virology is a comedy act just like this film with too many producers nit picking with too many very good chefs in the kitchen.

Psyenclopedia first use 12/3/2023 6 am pt exactly

PANicoverafakeepidemic aka PAN I cover a fake epidemic aka PANdemic aka panic over a fake epidemic aka PANdemic. PAN is the god of mischief and debauchery. Ancient gods are always so much fun. So if you are one of those religious folk that get all bent at warp speed about other gods you might want to avoid particpating in PANdemics and it's belief systems that may go against your God.

This book on THINKING should be required reading mandated by any governing body that interferes with your body with man dates that would invadeinate you with pHARMa cyst body fluids.

Democrats in Florida cancel the democratic process primary.

Everything was going well on the space craft until they dropped the ball, the card, the screw, the whole craft & arts project then becomes obvioulsy computer graphics but they are authorites so we should trust their $henanigan$. They lost the telemtry data rofl. The Don Petit identity said more recently, "We don't have the technology to go to the moon again" that he's go in a nanosecond but they destroyed the technology decades ago. ROFL. Obviously face is spake. Let's ask one of the astronauts that BUZZ Aldrin dude.


New Zealand payment administrator BUILT THE SYSTEM for database management for sucking your cash for those Killer Kovid Tomato Shots (KKTS). He has a MASTERS DEGREE. Most of your drug pushing cons have doctorates degrees. This guy is your master, the doctors are not. As seen on The David Knight Show he analyzed the batches, all numbered, which ones KILLED PEOPLE. Keep in mind those with doctorates degrees are all clueless that this was an experiment and placebos of saline, meningitis injections, or the Mode RNA "miracle prevention device" As Seen On TV (ASOTV) boob land and the amounts varied as much of 20x higher dose. Well duh, some died like in the 1918 fraud pandemic where they gave doses of aspirin 20x normal dose which corroded through their stomachs and virologists blamed the dangerous unicorn. 

Hooligans In Virology (HIV)

The case against Bonnie Henry DICTATOR IN PUBLIC HELL Obamacare, Canada.

Christine Anderson with Rebel News on the power grabs and rape perpetrated by the World Hell Organization which presents itself as ruler of the universe but its an unelected body run by billionaires cannot be allowed to govern anyone's individual health. All they really care about is money using the fraud of viruses as one of their biggest crowbars.

PCR "testing" for never proven to exist viruses uses mathematical calculations that are in the trillions to guess what's there. It's not exact science, it's pseudo science. It's junk science. HIV test results and CoViD test results are as accurate as what any other sleasy used car salesman or repurposed chemical waste from China product tells you.

Del Bigtree covers WHO bogus claims they need more power to fake control fake pan demics.

Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox case against Governor of New York is a loss in the latest court battle on egregious "quarantine powers" which are all unconstitutional, evil, unnecessary as viruses do not exist so their claims are bogus of need to "protect the public health" as there's nothing to spread nor any proof anywhere their dangerous unicorn could do harm, as they are not granted by the people. She explains how the court sides with the state quarantining anyone with no proof of any absolute health matter, all they claim they need is to suspect, at the sole discretion of HELLth department. It's so unconstitutional it's not funny. She will take it to the next level. She explains on her Substack page. The argument the court made was that the plantiffs are not yet injured thus the court cannot recognize injury. This interesting as many areas of governing in the United States and the hellth departments have long ago moved into a realm of "prevention" of both crime and disease and this quarantine rule, not a law as it was not made by legislature, is based as such so the court argument seems to contradict. The case is "prevention" of the plaintiffs being harmed by error and abuse by an already well proven abusive hellth system. Throughout history and every day of our lives we are exposed to real things that are a threat such as those people who use words to scare us into doing what they want as it serves them not us.

Tom Woods on "The Fake China Threat And It's Very Real Dangers" and interview with Joseph Solis-Mullen.

Just stop oil protesters have forged new laws against themselves giving government broad powers to move them out of the way. People driving to work are giddy. Buyer beware. Whenever you give government more power they will abuse it. 2020 hindsight will always remind you but foresight is what works best. It might be good to wonder a bit, did someone have this planned as the goal? Who is funding these people, they can't be so stupid as to believe we need to stop using oil "to make life better". In the 1980's we watched this same thing happen with FAKE/AIDS. There was never any virus but those who play people know how to manipulate, they create chaos, stir up emotions, instill fear, then people demand government fix it. The gay overactivists - bless their good intentions - activated and then "new" over activated experimental old failed toxic killer drugs were approved for human use. AZT, an old chemo drug that never got approved by FDA as it killed all the rats, was fed my friends, I watched them die. They were told "ask your doctor" the doctor said "keep up the good work". Their bodies were distorted by the drugs, their insides rotted, they had consant diahrrea. Some realized it was the rat poison and survived and lived for 400 years now or was that 40. Caveat emptor, activism always activates something. Overactivists need to be careful what what they activate. It forged the gay holocaust, death by prescription offered up by the Med I Sin Cult (MISC) a killer drug you can pick up at your local pHARMa cyst and often have to wait in line for it. It's even in PrEP. Why do that to yourself, viruses do not exist.

McCullough continues his fear mongering citing "peer reviewed" stacks of 3400 "papers" as "proof" the common cold vaccine hustle experimental hustle injections are killing people. Says these reviews are "non controversial" yet these reviews are all opinions and like most peer reviewed studies usually ignore fundamental logic and proof. Remember it was the opinion of 99.666% of these same peerers TO GO GET THE EXPERIMENT that McCullough is now trashing. Modern Med I Sin is a joke, and it's not funny. This good McDoctor claims "blood clotting we have never seen before". Really, how exactly? Never lets the Devil In The Details (DITD) get a word in edgewise. At the end of the day we see McCullough always has his mirical "spike protein" cures to sell. Caveat Emptor (CE). Here is a statement he made, "The Spike protein is proven, in 3,400, peer reviewed manuscripts to cause four major domains of disease. One is cardiovascular disease, heart inflammation or myocarditis. ... When there is myocarditis, whether it’s symptomatic or not, people cannot exert themselves in athletics. It will cause a cardiac arrest. ... I’m telling you as an expert cardiologist, these cardiac arrests are due to the CoViD-19 vaccine, until proven otherwise." Actually dear Mr. McSalesman good science PROVES it's assertion first, which you have not done with ongoing claims "viruses exist" as Christine Massey points out in discussions with you, nor have you done this with the experi-MENTAL vaccines of pHARMa cyst goo as being the "cause" you just go around flailing your "credentials" at everyone as if you walk in the room, thrown them down on the table, then start and never stop talking so fast and so all over the place no one even remembers what a table is anymore. This is what hustlers do. Everyone goes around blaming "since the introduction of the vaccine" while totally ignoring the science that quietly and politely says to all these hustlers "since the introduction of massive fumigation measures that are constantly gassing public spaces with dangerous QUATs". Another thing this hustler does not harp on is the real, not fantasy (fantasy like viruses and spiked proteins which he never even explains what proteins are made of if he's ever even taken one single nutrition class in school he'd know) possibility that people's stress levels went up 1666% during 2020 and 2023, 4 years of stress, more stress than in wars in some ways though that Donald Trump thing when president declared war on viruses that don't exist then pushed all this pHARMa vaccine warped garbage that started in 2020 hindsight March 2020 as retards in governing started babbling "2 weeks to slow the spread of dangerous unicorns" which of course mutated into the usual never ending war on viruses that DO NOT EXIST. I really don't like the good McDoctor's approach. I feel it's deceptive to keep trashing "the vaccine" for complex health matters when stress kills and is considered #1 at that. Anyone can feel what stress does to the body without any of these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) having to study this heart issue using any more of your money or getting stressed that if you don't buy the McDoctor's products you will not be able to get rid of the fantasy land of "spike proteins" which have never been proven to exist. McCullough routinely travels the world and country speaking at governing committees, Senate hearings, etc. Here is a critique of one of those hearings where he babbles on about "knowing" that a variant exists because "representative samples" are used and "in silico" science is used to deceive the public by all the Hustlers In Virology (HIV). "In silico" is merely computer models based on what has never been isolated thus we don't even in this world have any idea what viruses actually are. It's like these people all say "the dobmweoriodcxx does this or that" yet the dobmweoriodcxx has never been actually seen in the real world while they claim that thier "cell cultures" do because their dobmweoriodcxx is there somewhere in the putrid smelly cell culture septic sludge that is comprised of aborted baby cow fetus blood, monkey kidney body parts ground up into a smooth mess, chemical waste from China, and stories of what they make up in their minds of what they see there which then creates variants of the Caveat Emptor Emperor (CEE) as the good McDoctor that claims to have the miracle cure for Spike Ball Disease (SBD) can't even cure or prevent the common cold seen here having been infected with corona virus! ROFL

Fall For It Again (FFIA) there's a new PAN-demic in China China China!

Joe Rogan on Trusting The Experts (TTE)

Jeff Berwick realizes that trees are living things even when they don't have leaves.

The Spaniards didn't "bring the flu" and spread the flu, it was created in a Rockefeller Company here in America. This Bio-Weapon was FIRST GIVEN TO OUR AMERICAN SOLDIERS at Fort Riley Army Base. The meningitis vaccine injected a pussy cultured pietrie dish kind of sick medicine derived first from horses into men to "make them immune from horse puss cell culture septic messes". Why does no one mention that FDA when they approved in November 2020 the Warped Injection Trump Speed (WITS) that it could be 1) saline salt water placebo 2) the alleged Ribo Nuclear Acid broth (RNAb) or 3) a meningitis vaccine of horse puss culture brew technology from 100+ years prior.

Who's standing up for cat rights? It's Alex Stein! Speaking to the public at the city council meeting.

On Ron Paul Institute page on "supporting the I-word no matter the cost" which is insane, we see this:

The resolution, H.Res. 888, declares in part:

Resolved, That the House of Representatives—

1) reaffirms the State of Israel’s right to exist;

(2) recognizes that denying Israel’s right to exist is a form of antisemitism;

The House also resolved to 1) lose those extra holiday pounds from gorging themselves on cakes and cookies and alcohol and wayyyy too much food 2) to stop blaming a virus for when they are sick after the holidays 3) to stop the routine fumigation of pests in public spaces they call dangerous unicorns whereas consideration of the incusion of humans as pests in an "emergency" in endless wars on dangerous unicorns shall not be determined in all ongoing fumigation efforts using dangerous QUATs (quaternary ammonium cat ions), and of course they broke all of their resolutions. Resolutions are like New Years Eve resolutions, they are promises, coming from politicians that often to go with the flow of rivers of money they print out of thin air and then say that inflation is a good thing and that they didn't cause it then resolve to fix that and as always they never do. This whole antithisorthatism is absurd wacked out abuses of language and are very deceitful. Congress should not making such promises when drunk.

"antithisorthatism" (v.n.adj.adv.pronun) first use in the world called space 11/30/23

Yea, that Freedom Convoy of truckers and great residents of Canada that came to it's capital to protest Med I Sin vaccine tyrrany and insane lockdowns was not violent, in fact crime rates dropped to ZERO when they were there in Ottowa, yet the government claimed it was violent. It's all in court as they accuse Tamara Lich. News analysis on day 30 of this long drawn out case is provided by Robert Kraychik found here

The CDC has no scientific evidence of Chlamydia psittaci causing "psittacosis", of any "dengue virus", any evidence showing acinetobacter baumannii can be deadly or cause any adverse health effect, no evidence that bacteria cause "lyme disease" nor of any virus. They also can't find any studies demonstrating contagion of colds/flu/fake-covid... because they don't exist. And they get paid to do what again? Scary story telling about viruses running around in drag performing their shows to entertain us? Virology is a total fraud. Trans mission the biggest drag show in history showing 53 citations of poor porformance and no one throwing up when the show ended and not one of the 36 that were infused with alleged SARS-CoV-2 got sick. It's the end of virus theory.

Suddenly those trying to save the planet ruined it with clean dirty camouflage energy. This is also referred to as Clean Renewable Undeniable Disappointment (CRUD) as they waste energy, are unreliable, they are chaotic actually better described as schizophrenic, and are disabled systems that need more handicapped parking in the big cities like New York City and Los Angeles City. San Francisco does have the room as there's too many trucks parked in what could have been disabled energy handicapped parking to prioritize "poop cleaning" as a public health matter.

There's only 74 parrots left of this species and they are plopping down more disabled parking spaces for massive bird shredders on the island of Tasmania to "save the planet". Planet used to mean something like "world" and was used sparingly, but now it means "portfolios" like those filling up in Canada by Pattern energy using Southern California electricity customers dollars and those spent at Petco. Wikipedia has an interesting entry there on Tasmania. One item of interest is the massive fires, February 7, 1967 where one day in 5 hours it consumed 1000 square miles of forest and brush with 110 separate fire fronts. View of part of the island from above.

Talkin Turkey! With Doctor Tom Cowan on the day before Turkey Day 2023. No new "nipa" virus. Lots and lots of wonder! Tom Cowan recalls and comments on "anti-venom" having recalled studies that showed greater risk of death for those treated.

Virology proves Big Foot is real in this electron macroscope photo aka CGI. Now if only they would do this with viruses as the problem remains we know what Big Foot looks like because we have seen him so when you see an image of Big Foot you know what to look for, but no one knows what any virus looks like as all they ever look at in physical form is poisoned cells taking a shit all over themselves and when they look at it, rather than saying "what we see is cells and cow baby body part puss and monkey kidney puss in a putrid mix of septic repurposed chemical waste cellular cultured glue goo taking a shit all over themselves and falling apart at the seams by the see shore in La Jolla home of the fraud called Pasteur, literally, and breaking into billions of pieces". No, instead they say "we see the virus" or "we discovered a new variant we need another $666 trillion to develop a vaccine" that now takes them 10 minutes at most as they do it all on a computer making more models of treatment fakery now called Mode RNA and often misspelled as ModeRNA, Moderna, or modern A. Here's more evidence of Big Foot in Colorado! If it served their agendas virology would claim this is proof like they calim their pictures of cellular breakdown and poop is proof of viruses.

Often in the world of "viruses" we hear things like "representative samples" and "modeling in silico". Here we have an old photo of smart & very talented students with air plane models. These models are not "in silico" as that would make them air plane models made of data, ones and zeros spit round about a computer procesor, not real, just data sets. Here these planes are real models. They are not air planes we can travel in as these are models of air planes.


Model students with wooden model airplanes in Sonta, Serbia. Trgovačka škola, Sonta, 1936. Every single one of these students shown in this 1936 image is smarter than any virologist as they would never claim that these models are REAL airplanes but that is EXACTLY what virology does with it's models, claims they are real and that they fly in the air all around the world. Then there's the politicians that say "We are building planes while flying them".

Virology claims a virus exists, then they make models. Problem is, they are only modeling what's in their imaginations. No one on earth has ever isolated any virus from other particulates, and fully proved that what they saw was "a virus" that where these story tellers penn with claims of what it "does to the body" when it's more obviously just cellular debris. How does a student make a model of an air plane when they can't see a real air plane or a photo of a real provable isolate of an air plane? They can't if they don't have proof an airplane exists.

Virology never does this so what are they modeling? It's like they claim that you can fly a model of an air plane and because these models might fly and it's made by students and because you can see a picture of it it proves it can fly exactly like planes that look like this actually do fly that you and scientists have seen every day flying.

Virology never flies it's planes that they claim to see in their computer printouts. Virology just scares you with claims that their models are going to crash in to you and kill you unless of course you run to them for $helter.

Many that follow pretty much like a cult the HI virus wonderland often claim they plan to end HI virus transmission by 2030 or some date that's relevant in the future (they keep going further out each 5 or 10 years when they never do what they plan. Ending HI virus transmission is easy, stop believing they exist, they were never proven to exist. If you continue on the journey, well good luck with driving that without a trans mission.

Why were gays given rat poison to treat AIDS?

They haven't ended the Santa Claus trans variant mission after 2023 years that pops up it's ugly head dripping lies every December where the Christian elves (not elvis) give themselves an entire month and more to celebrate that fantasy land then complain when other religions have one day to themselves. Releusional Christians don't understand yet that Christ was a made up construct to maintain the Roman Empire, which never fell, it just mutated like viruses mutate into new illusions to monkey with you and sell you more pHARMa cyst junk.

Why is it called "make up"? Because it makes up a story. It makes up that you are a model when you are not. That's what makes up humanity.

Relusional Christians also have the month of April for themselves as they whine the gays have an entire month of pride. Gay pride is a masquerade party when did those become so bad? HI viruses are all Santa and Easter Bunny Strains, and the Peter, Paul, and Virgin Mary strains, they all originated from some lovely imaginationists to keep the imagination going and the fake HI virus wonderland continues.

Meanwhile the foreskin cutting cult has supplied foreskin face cream in some of those stockings while the baby man cries and realizes as he becomes a young adult and an adult that the CULT destroyed 66.666% of his dick skin and sexual pleasure for his entire life, skin taken from him that as a man would be the size of his palm, and CON gress is too busy with all it's fantasies and portfolio management team$ to do anything effective at stopping this torturous child, teen, adult, and elder abuse that's written about extensively in their bibles.

The foreskin cries out for peace and goodwill to all men without whom keeps crying out.

Here is a MODEL of a football stadium. It has a protective cover like foreskin.


image by Moti Bodek (Moti Bodek) Wikimedia Commons permission to use public domain

It may or may not have been built. We know what stadiums look like and how they function. This is a novel design modeling of a stadium. Notice that football stadiums always have grass playing field. We know what a real football stadium will basically look like and how it functions we can see it in action even thought it doesn't move. We cannot see that in the lab with "viruses". They never actually see what they claim are "viruses" as they describe them.

One might note also that the ball the the models there would be playing with could be round corona shaped or double pointed rounded cone shaped and depending on the ball they play with the entire game is played DIFFERENT even though it's called football either way.

In virology their MODELS look like other models, they never see them in action with an audience, players, and the game being played, all they see is models of what they imagine happens. We can imagine all we like at great financial expense what life is like on Uranus but it's all speculative and never proven. This is what virology is like.

The above stadium has likely passed the structural integrity test in modeling based on real life structures and absoulte calculations or maybe not, but in virology all calculations are speculative as they do not ever isolate "viruses" from brews of septic sludge they concoct in the "lab" to prove they actually have a structure to test.

I cannot offend you no matter what I say. You offend yourself. I am not in control of your mind and emotions only you are. Any time someone says something or you read a series of letters and "are offended" know it's you doing all the work.

If we go to the doctor and insist a virgin had a baby they will refer you to someone who can help you sort through that illusion. It's not physically possible to create another human being without the standard routine of insemination. Any such claim would merely be a belief. It could also be a model for society.

A model on the runway is not the actual person wearing the clothes, it's a representation of how one might look wearing the clothes presented. They are not at an airport unless they are modeling on a runway there. There is a runway in Cathedral City which does not have an air port. It is a model city.

In the CoViD-666 hysterical response few realize this was all modeled on a runway project which projected imagery to minds everywhere in 2019 and the MODEL was named Kovid and the model wore a plaid fabric face diaper that presented the illusion of it being fashionable.

Dr Sam Bailey points this modeling problem out even though she's not a model but is a model for the world to follow.


Modeling is basically the fabric of life pokeing you with a lot of dots

.   .   .

The Desert Home


not a website not a real or fake estate venture in home building or cooking show this is art it is a collage it is like a dictionary cut into pieces and reassembled the way that virology does when it claims it's discovered a new dangerous unicorn it is like a childs scrbbling and art mom puts on the refrigerator proudly and is hailed as wonderful it is like the fantasy world of THE/BIBLE and HIV/AIDS all big messes of delusional nonsense so if you appreciate art you understand other wise you get caught by the cyclones that form in your mind as powered by renewable handicapped energy spaces & hustles that this masterpiece of expression here does not partake in such activities only you do do