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AZT is rat poison. It killed rodents in testing.
It's an ingredient in PrEP the daily "safe sex" prophylactic pill.

Why do they keep saying it couldn't harm a mouse??  

Now the claim is you have to take a daily pill to have safe sex? Absurd. Sex has always been safe, actually safer without HELLth department meddling to push their pHARMa buddy porfolio products. Condoms never stopped dangerous unicorns either. HHS secretary in the 1980's even stated the truth before truth was routinely circumcised and cut off and put into face cream for sell-ebrities "to think that wearing condoms stops viruses is absurd, it's like thinking a home with an open front door with no screen is going to stop flies" as viruses are 1) dangerous unicorns in reality and 2) if they existed, based on virology's junk science, they are too small and go right through the stretchy membrane! TV and hellth departments never got the memo, or, they threw it out and deleted all references to that file.

page 29 from Christine Maggiorie book "What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong?" shown HERE we see the skull and crossbones that was on the drug label before the label was sanitized so as not to offend, reality can be very offensive so what some do is censor rather than deal with the issue, and wear rose colored glasses instead

Virology is a rotten branch of biology and needs to be cut off, from all funding, forever. It's been falling on everyone and killing many.

PrEP has a FAILED chemo drug in it AZT. AZT never made it to market in treating cancer in the 1960's due to it's horrific toxicity, a time when FDA had some scruples. Fauci Frankenstein and his traveling sales pitch brought it back to life giving it to all my hustled gay friends who died within years from it in the 1980's dixco daze and 1990's pre millenial cocktail syndrome period. Some call this the gay holocaust and many remain in gay holocaust denial. Others are in perpetual indulgence of denial. Chemo drugs are not supposed to be daily pills, they are short term treatments for almost terminal cancers. They used it to wipe out the homos then with $$$ in many eyeballs Frank Faucistein the mad slithery many faced science fictionist said it should be used for prevention and poof it became daily preparation H iv to keep you fake safe while adding necessary toxins for HELL th. PrEP has AZT in it. Helloooooooo. Did you just not hear anything I just said?

Label of AZT was pasted on the product used until it offended someone as it made them think of pirates of the HELL thcare abeann pretty mean, ruthless, and nasty as the pirates mandated injections of China's chemical waste or maybe it was a little marketing department problem where they said "OMG if people see this they will never use this horrible death inducing product.

Page 29 from Christine Maggiorie's book from the 1990's "What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong?" points this out explicitly. Take note especially the statement "This label has appeared on bottles containing as little as 25 milligrams, a small fraction (1/20th to 1/60th) of a patient's daily prescribed dose of 500 to 1,500 milligrams." It was never brought to market until the rat named Fauci came along. I watched my friends die horrible deaths from this mega dose of this poison. Now it's sold in smaller quantities like candy as a daily pill for fake prevention of fake viruses that do not exist.

This "lifelong" treatment shortened lives. I saw it happen to friends. When the "cocktail" arrived in the 1990's that was a disaster. Doctors realized it was killing patients and making them very ill. After that they started lowering doses of the toxic skull and crossboned chemicals. People lived longer because there was less toxin but it still was a horible drug causing deformities in the body. The whole concept of going to war with "viruses" never proven to exist by anything other than junk science is not the best approach. Instead of declaring war on AIDS they should have decalred HEALING on AIDS but they never could let go of the dangerous unicorn causation model and CON gress allocated trillions to research, funding more on that than cancer research which had been failing so they needed a new kick. 


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