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Rancho Mirage in California has some beautiful homes.
Here's one with 6 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms.

The Taunton Estate might be another option though if you prefer countryside for nice summers.

2020 color of the year

Meritage Homes in the Phoenix area

I noticed there are some different interesting styles in their new homes but there's one version that I really don't like as a front entrance. Here we see an open sidewalk entrance area leading to the front door. It has an attached small covering that might help protect from rain. I think it's more of a style thing.

if you got money you can look for California desert homes GO THERE!

You also might want to shop with me for a washer and dryer before you go spend one million dollars on a new front loader

Green energy might not be the shade you were looking for as the amount of carbon in the air is virtually non existent

Smart technology is often really really stupid, inconsiderate, a tattle tale, and a nauseating gossip that pretends now to "welcome" your guests when they RING your door bell 1984 cam as they transfer all images to the constantly hacked by China and Russia and teenagers smarter than 5th graders atmoscomputeric "cloud" that "makes our lives better"

Why do some people want to control the weather that only God, Sun, Frigid Space, and Water can do?

some thoughts about having a home...

The weather control groups want the world to spend $2 trillion per year for the next 30 years to add oil dependent wind and solar as a way to save us from imaginary doom and the illusion that we can leave all fossil fuels in the ground while maintaining our desert lifestyles.

That money each year could instead provide 20 million homes at $100k each EACH YEAR to those without one.

Instead we are getting conned by industrialists who are becoming richer by the millisecond, buying theselves 3rd and and 18th homes.

We are being lied to about "clean energy. Money is energy. It takes energy to make all this extra money for these wacky weather control schemes.

Excess heat escapes into space that's a frigid 456 degrees below zero. There are no carbon blankets, air is subject to convection which is movement.

I want all these wasteful money transfer schemes going to renewable energy used to fix homelessness.

Until we have that permanent shift of using your tax dollars more efficiently please have all your weather control leaders send me their extra carbon blankets so I can donate them to the poor.

To date I have not received one blanket and I can't figure out why as there are no other carbon dioxide blanket charities anywhere on Earth.

Meanwhile man's best friend is being put down due to lack of funds for adequate shelter while it's potential caretakers are left to die in the streets as we hear excuses presented by elites that they put themselves there.

There are no homeless in Africa's Acacus mountains & desert تدرارت أكاكوس‎  Tadrart Akakus

image credit Christina Nöbauer

There is a stark contrast in the United States of America, a very wealthy nation, where we have countless homeless. How can we allow there to be any homeless people in such a place? In many parts of the world people build homes and survive. In the USA politicians who always claim to have all the answers to all the problems do not allow homes like this to be built, thus, people end up living on sidewalks and alleys and are constantly shuffled around. The problem never gets fixed and many of those on the streets turn to drugs to get through another day of hell an experience that many who have homes have never endured.

So much time and energy is wasted.

Windmills powered by electricity will not fix this nor will coming mandates for new homes in California to all have solar panels which create even more heat and are made from fossil fuels and will add even more cost to a mortgage which means using more energy to pay it.

Meanwhile more and more people have more than one home and stay in other people's homes that become vacation rentals thus diminishing supply. A country cannot effectively believe it is "great" when it allows it's people to suffer without shelter.

As homelessness in big cities soars as Los Angeles reports 16,000 people now live in vehicles.

This is simply unacceptable yet that is what we do.

As millions more millionaires are created throughout the world by job killing robots and tech and the rich are getting richer exponentially and people are catering to them by offering up their homes on Airbnb available rentals have almost disappeared. In these other countries we see a big divide between rich and poor but so much of the time these poor are able to build themselves shelter. In the USA we destroy what they build as they are "legal liabilities" for a community and "eyesores". And we call ourselves the greatest country in the world. Hmm.

When you consider buying a home consider it also a way to home others. Habitat For Humanity has been doing this for decades and I recently discovered they have thrift shops where you can donate and buy. I decided to start shopping there now rather than at other thrift shops as a 1st choice.

Many charity thrift shops offer services that do help people like those that assist the disabled by giving them rides on horses or other fantastic luxuries, all of whom have homes already. Those charities are nice, but as homelessness has become a very serious crisis I think it should be considered to take precedence over such luxury. Goodwill at least offers desperately needed rehabilitation to get people working again.
In 2019 we have more multi millionaires who direct their monies into things that they expect will help them make even more money so they can have that 7th collectors vehicle, or antiquity, surrounding themselves with luxury, but buyer beware, in 2007 everyone was on the same bandwagon and some got richer than ever buying all the cheap properties while more than ever people were losing their homes.

To create a really great country, and for some to call The Desert Home, we need to be mindful of all of our neighbors rich and poor. I hope we all can find ways to direct some of our world's massive wealth so as to create homes for everyone.

Homesteading was a path at one time, what happened to that.

written by Kenneth Wegorowski


development news

Desert Hot Springs is planning a development at State Highway 62


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Properties for sale

9.3 acres in Morongo Valley $38,000 I saw this as sold for $22.5K now it's showing available. It is a fantastic location near the hills tucked down into a rural canyon this area is just up the hill from Palm Springs and often 10 degrees cooler than the summer hot desert floor yet you can actually walk to local village shops in the center of Morongo Valley's tiny village.

$700 per acre Arizona mountains, cool summers outside Phoenix by about 2.5 hours very rural off grid 40 acre parcel

Palm Springs homes for sale

Palm Desert, California homes

homes in Arizona come with fabulous sunsets

search for desert home open houses
Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City, Coachella, Indian Wells, Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley and surrounding desert areas

Fully furnished model homes for sale at PGA west

The Villas Collection • GO

"Designed and furnished to perfection, these former
model homes are available today for purchase.
Experience turn-key resort homes ranging from
1400 to over 3400 square feet in the heart of the
world class golf resort of PGA West. All you will
need to bring is your family, friends and of course
your golf clubs!

Hesperia had a Valentine's day pet sale

all pets were only $14 adoption fee how cool is that

Clean energy news

Whoops! Instead of building homes for all we build ILLUSIONS of clean energy!

This is getting bad. We keep building monuments to white turbine propeller supremacy in energy endeavors as if it's going to make our world better, cleaner, and free us from fossil fuels. They are movie sets presenting a fantasy of clean energy theatre. Wind farming actually ends up using more energy and we are now covering the Earth with these things that devour land and view scapes so much now that soon we will have no where to go to recharge.

It has to come to an end or literally our vast vista beauty everywhere will come to an end. The most recent one to invade the beautiful landscapes of our planet is happening in Arizona's Mini Grand Canyon just south of Winslow, north of Heber, and southwest of Holbrook above the Sitgreaves Forest at Chevelon Butte, next to Chevelon Acres, Chevelon Canyon Ranch, and Chevelon Retreat and will cross over Chevelon Canyon.

Take a look at how awful this will look.

Next take a look at some nice Arizona desert homes that in reality never get any of this fake clean energy from wind and solar farms as Arizona's energy to homes comes from fossil fuels and always will.

Legacy at Homestead at Honeycutt Road & N. White and Parker Road

These are smaller 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom homes outside Phoenix. They are in the $200k up range and exceed energy guidelines with nice floor plans, weather sensing irrigation, low volitile organic compound materials, filtration, light emitting diode lighting.

Also note "N. White and Parker Road" is the name of one vehicle routing system, not two separate roads, and is made using efficient energy saving fossil fuel based pavement using asphalt which is a by product of the steel industry.

Meritage Arizona


This next one has a fantastic open walkway but relies only on the indentation into the footprint of the home as protection from elements. It's nice and practical with clean lines yet the added stone brings in some warmth and character of the elements we enjoy.

Next we see obtrusive wide columns of stucco that structurize the small roof to not really protect from anything, certainly not rain, maybe protects a tad from sun. It is primarily aesthetic but to me these 4 columns look awful and are in the way. Imagine walking through this obstacle course with as many groceries you can carry in as you park in the driveway walking in also with dog on leash and kids following behind and trying to get in front of you as they always do during 6 months of blazing hot summers. I'll pass.

They get in the way of walking up to the front door especially if there's a group of individuals doing so at the same time. I can't stand this design. Another terrible problem with this design is that you can hit your face on the corners of the tops of these. Your desert home should never be hurting you.

Hesperia animal shelter in Southern California high desert area near Victorville has some fantastic German Shepherds and other breeds for adoption right now


Feb 13 - 15 all pets were only $14 adoption fee!!!

Forget candy and flowers get some lasting unconditional love!

Meet Shelby Bracco! I think she was adopted last year!
Touch her nose to see other great dogs!

For more information about many wonderful pets available that make a home absolute heaven call: Hesperia Animal Shelter at (760) 947-1700

There are often lots of other pets that do not appear online that are available at local animal shelters


here's young pup named Evan who has since been adopted that knows how to say "yodelaheehoo"

visit for all areas

visit site


Phoenix homes by HomePath is a government "clearing house" of extra homes that the government obtained many through foreclosures. As the 2008 property crash winds down the inventory on this site has dwindled especially in high demand areas like California. During that crash you could get a home near Palm Springs for $35,000. Now you are lucky to find one for $200,000. Once again I missed out while all the people with money made gobs more of it by getting into this greedy flipping craze once again. These things crash eventually. Prices have soared way too high. Buyer beware. These areas that soared are topping out. Long term your investement is likely a good thing for you if you want to live in a home and stay a while. There are other areas in the country that have homes at rock bottom. Southern California has soared so just be a bit more careful these days. 


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