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THE BEST DATE TO BUY OR SELL A HOME IS ON TODAY'S DATE we were told if you like your doctor, look what happened, we were told and are continually told that computers and the cloud are secure, look what keeps happening >

Instead of building homes for EVERYONE we build ILLUSIONS of clean energy

They are not clean energy solutions they are clean energy illusions. These are movie sets pretending to make clean energy. They actually cause more CO2 output.

Then when we read about a homeless person dying in a city park we go back to our symphony of streaming demanding more stuff after all they were homeless because they put themselves there as we emass more stuff.

I have a way to fix the homeless problem for good and it's easy to build homes for everyone, all we have to do is tax all these millionair presidential candidates 50% of their donations. Bernie Sanders the climate loon multi millionaire got 100 million US donation dollars. He's calling for spending trillions on fake clean energy like shown above. That would be 500 billion homes that could have been built instead on wind crap. 100 million, that's 50 million for homes. $100k home for 5 people that's 25,000 off the streets. This fake energy goon and others are always preaching the gospel of doom from .0004th of air particles of carbon floaters and taxing the rich to help the poor. If they cared they'd fix it. They just throw some trinkets to present the illusion just like how wind farms present the illusion of producing energy while they burn energy that other farms produce because they are chaos for grids and no one wants to buy the crap energy they make. learn more


even snow men have homes

It's that wonderful time of the year for many and for some it's that nauseating time of the year again, and yes I am going to beat this drum and hope it will be heard over all the joyful noise. For a real change imagine all the people writing gift tags TO: "HOMELESS" with a home inside the fancy wrapping papper and FROM: saying "A SOCIETY THAT HAS IT'S PRIORITIES STRAIGHT". Will this ever happen? Some societies do have these priorities straight. Even jungle tribes have these priorities straight. In watching the massive ponzi like schemes of renewable energy take over the world one has to wonder.

So everyone goes shopping and historic sales numbers roll in while homelsssness soars to touch fake carbon blankets in the stratosphere. And then we watch each other in the holiday spirit making our selves try to feel good we give to organizations that wipe out medical debt so that those in the medical industry who hoard money and homes have more of both. Like wow. One group paid off $5 million which equals 5 homes in Los Angeles that could have houses 25 homeless people for ever. If we used that money to buy dilapidated shacks in Los Angeles it could have housed 50 people for ever. THAT is a real solution to start.

Yes, the grinch stole Fakemas and gave it all to the poor and the rich whined endlessly and then criticized the messenger to again make themselves feel good while again having their robot vacuums sweep these disgusting messes under the rug while these "smart" appliances are all so stupid they hiccup everyone's data puking it on us all and we are too busy feeling good to notice. Mean while try to find any fake blues media report on sea change where in New Zealand the coastline rose 3 years before government which 'knows what's for greater good' declared everyone turn in their protection rifles and instead rely only on electric toy rechargable squirt guns and bubble gum for protection from the elements of grid and huckster caused chaos. What the hell is sea change? Must be caused by carbon blankets getting stuck in the Earth now.


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you might want to shop with me for a washer and dryer before you go spend one hundred thousand dollars on a new front loader

PUKE green and black energy is not the solution to non existent carbon blankets

smart technology is often really really stupid, inconsiderate, a tattle tale, and a nauseating gossip that pretends now to "welcome" your guests when they RING your door bell 1984 cam as they transfer all images to the constantly hacked by China and Russia and teenagers smarter than 5th graders atmoscomputeric "cloud" that "makes our lives better"

clouds of water vapor R US R 10,000% more prevalent than carbon dioxide and is THE CAUSE of climate change we must control water vapor and thus the FDA is banning flavored water vapor

it's amazing what a library can do that internet avoids at all costs

The internet is actually very lazy, schitzo, hooked on 1's and zeros, and like a welfare cheat it demands you give it what it wants, it expects you to type in a search term exactly as it requires, and maintain 50 million different passwords for "security" and it still gets hacked. Card catalogs never ever required this of you, nor did the librarian, or the book, nor the land line that always worked even in a power failure. It's like now we have a teenager sitting on the couch telling you to go start the lawn mower yourself.

I experienced this high tech mess when studying climate change. I searched the term "chicken little" in reference to finding those old children's books as I want people to understand how climate change is like worrying about the sky falling. All I got was Disney movies with a computer generated puke character. I did not want Disney crap. I had to do all the work to find it figuring out who the author of a 1950's book was. I still have no idea if that's even the first incarnation of Chicken Little. I could go to a library and simply ask a librarian who are some of the smartest people in the world and get my answer in seconds along with being pointed to exactly what books would have that information. You can visit one of them online here that is located near the date farms in the desert 2 hours east of Los Angeles when there is no traffic that is, frankly you might even get your answers quicker doing this during rush hour, stayin over night, and driving back in rush hour totaling 24,700 hours than sitting on the computer frustration mental warp hole.

This RIZ (Real Information Zone) in Indio like many other libraries also present local resources for the desert areas of the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs and other cities) from of all places a real library that assembles more relevant information better than any one source online does not.

Interestingly by sheer luck and chance I was looking at my eBay mail and looked at a new phone case then thought I should see if Chicken Little is there. I typed in those two words and the second result was a 1932 book, exactly what I was looking for. Then I went to the market for groceries and the cashier said "Did you find what you are looking for?" which is the stupidest thing to ask, how about asking how I am doing today. I told him/her/whatever "Yes I have I was looking for Chicken Little and I found what I was looking for".

In English language we are not supposed to end sentences with a preposition but these days the language police are too busy with other words and thoughts to write tickets for proper use of language.

"Chicken Little is hurrying, umbrella 'neath her wing. She thinks the sky is falling fast, so goes to tell the King. But, after she has spread the news, and all is told and said the good old King just laughs at her and sends her home instead".

Today we have climate alarmists acting like this and certain Kings embrace them under their wings and raise their taxes to pay for new schemes to fix sky change.

deadlines loom

some thoughts about having a home...

The climate cons want the world to spend $2 trillion per year for the next 30 years to add oil dependent wind and solar as a way to save us from imaginary doom.

That money each year could instead provide 20 million homes at $100k each EACH YEAR to those without one.

Instead we are getting conned by industrialists who are becoming richer by the millisecond, buying theselves 3rd and and 18th homes.

We are being lied to about "clean energy. Money is energy. It takes energy to make all this extra money for these wacky climate control schemes.

Excess heat escapes into space that's a frigid 456 degrees below zero. There are no carbon blankets, air is subject to convection which is movement.

I want all these wasteful money transfer schemes going to renewable energy used to fix homelessness.

Until we have that permanent shift of using your tax dollars more efficiently please have all your climate cult leaders send me their extra carbon blankets so I can donate them to the poor. To date I have not received one blanket and I can't figure out why as there are no other carbon dioxide blanket charities anywhere on Earth.

Meanwhile man's best friend is being put down due to lack of funds for adequate shelter while it's potential caretakers are left to die in the streets.

There are no homeless in Africa's Acacus mountains & desert تدرارت أكاكوس‎  Tadrart Akakus.

image credit Christina Nöbauer

 There is a stark contrast in the United States of America, a very wealthy nation, where we have countless homeless. How can we allow there to be any homeless people in such a place? In many parts of the world people build homes and survive. In the USA politicians who always claim to have all the answers to all the problems do not allow homes like this to be built, thus, people end up living on sidewalks and alleys and are constantly shuffled around. The problem never gets fixed and many of those on the streets turn to drugs to get through another day of hell an experience that many who have homes have never endured.

So much time and energy is wasted. Windmills powered by electricity will not fix this nor will coming mandates for new homes in California to all have solar panels which create even more heat and are made from fossil fuels and will add even more cost to a mortgage.

Meanwhile more and more people have more than one home and stay in other people's homes that become vacation rentals thus diminishing supply. A country cannot effectively believe it is "great" when it allows it's people to suffer without shelter.

As homelessness in big cities soars as Los Angeles reports 16,000 people now live in vehicles.

As millions more millionaires are created throughout the world by job killing robots and tech and the rich are getting richer exponentially and people are catering to them by offering up their homes on Airbnb available rentals have almost disappeared. 

In these other countries we see a big divide between rich and poor but so much of the time these poor are able to build themselves shelter. In the USA we destroy what they build as they are "legal liabilities" for a community and "eyesores". And we call ourselves the greatest country in the world. Hmm.

When you consider buying a home consider it also a way to home others. Habitat For Humanity has been doing this for decades and I recently discovered they have thrift shops where you can donate and buy. I decided to start shopping there now rather than at other thrift shops as a 1st choice.

Many charity thrift shops offer services that do help people like those that assist the disabled by giving them rides on horses or other fantastic luxuries, all of whom have homes already. Those charities are nice, but as homelessness has become a very serious crisis I think it should be considered to take precedence over such luxury. Goodwill at least offers desperately needed rehabilitation to get people working again.

In 2019 we have more multi millionaires who direct their monies into things that they expect will help them make even more money so they can have that 7th collectors vehicle, or antiquity, surrounding themselves with luxury, but buyer beware, in 2007 everyone was on the same bandwagon and some got richer than ever buying all the cheap properties while more than ever people were losing their homes.

To create a really great country, and for some to call The Desert Home, we need to be mindful of all of our neighbors rich and poor. I hope we all can find ways to direct some of our world's massive wealth so as to create homes for everyone. Homesteading was a path at one time, what happened to that.

written by Kenneth Wegorowski


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home is also where your pet is so please consider saving one from a shelter as pets make great people

As homeless in the USA soars and individual wealth for many shoots into the stratosphere we have those living in huts while corrupt United Nations officials stole millions of dollars in donated food, medicine, fuel and money from desperate Yemenis

How is this even possible, where are the checks and balances to prevent such corrpution? In reading about this though I noticed these Yemenis ARE NOT HOMELESS. Meanwhile back at the USA homelessness is out of control for some and for others homes are being collected in huge quantities. They don't even get to live in huts and when they live on the streets in tents they routinely get swept out.

And as presidential candadates step over each other to get that elusive prize nomination that will too make them rich, they push the homeless out of their street beds for their rallys where they will do what politicians do best, never solve the homeless problem ever anywhere in the United States as they collect more homes for themselves.

There's always money for candidate rallys though.

If I am elected President of the universe there will be a new law, 50% of all political campaign distributions will go to buying homes for these people. Then after they are finished with their term in office at least we can say they got one task completed.

No we will not cancel all school debt including that of those who are rich, no we will not provide 1/1024th of a real apology for systemically scamming the system by claiming Indian heritage, and no we will not use your taxes to give every one brooms to continue sweeping this issue under the rug, we will solve this problem.

A world of fantasy awaits us, just raise taxes for it

Here's an artist rendering of how to fix it, spending 1,00,000 times what a small tiny house would cost to create "affordable housing" providing the most costly elaborate "solution" I have seen presented anywhere. It's a fantastical imaginary impossible in reality "solution" that entertains us. There's a running track and spa and daily massages and concierge and....

image appeared on the Huffington Post and it appears this is called the Star Apartments

Where we can get the money for such a fix, of which fixes seem more like they are a chemical dependency fix? I think it would be best to call them an "entertaining fantasy" fix not that that is bad, we do this with Noah's Ark, movies, and many things.

Zoning regulations appear to be a big problem and no sitting, standing, rallying, or twitting President of any United States can fix that. What's needed is "the power of persuasion to make a real impact on the way America's cities and states implement their zoning codes".

This is yet another way to also save energy so we don't have to keep wasting energy building puke green energy plans that feature as their star attraction, wind farms that barely produce anything other than blight.

Here's another example, a dude has new master plan unlike anything ever done before to solve homelessness he says. It's a joke. It's like trying to reinvent the wheel using a bizarre object shaped like a triangle that merged with a square made of slime. Here is an artists fantasy of how it would look complete with chaotic wind energy that causes more carbon dioxide emissions as these make grids use more stand by power using reliable fossil fuel. Artists make so much money these days presenting ideas and fantasies of others.

Supposedly a new master homeless culture. Outside the urban centers and thus will not have a NIMBY problem he says. Oh really? Where will that be on Neptune? Says in 11 years when this project is finished they will never have to deal with homeless ness again. Isn't that the date the world ends according to that whacka Congress child and all the other Democrat loons pushing puke green new deals where they plant thousands of land consuming wind sticks in the ground making white colonists take over every inch of land there is to "solve global warming"? These nuts have to understand first what they are doing with this climate crap is making it all worse. We should not be spending billions of our subsidy dollars on wind and solar we should use it to build homes, not renewables that cause more energy to be used and the energy they produce often gets dumped.

Housing projects for the poor have so many embedded problems. For one they are a net expense, they don't produce. He claims there will be tunnels so the public doesn't have to see the homeless. What? I thought he said it was going to be a non NIMBY problem as it will be outside the city, it would be cheaper to build "cages" in buildings like at the border, obviously there will be a nimby problem.

Tunnels. LOL> the city of Los Angeles closes tunnels all over the place because of problems. Can't walk through a tunnel under the freeway to the other neighborhood that the freeway cut in half because of problems. It's an absurd plan. Give your money directly to the poor not this dude. He claims build one city for 150,000 people. It's more like a concentration camp. Efforts are complicated, as is human nature in these matters. Hitler did this with the Jews that were homeless. That ended bad.

Here's a little math. To live in this kind of luxury someone living in the real world (not this dudes fantasy world) has to make a good $100k a year. Projects like this are very expensive. Says it would house up to 150,000 people. So in all reality this would cost 100,000 x 150,000 x 50 years life span (keep in mind all this has to be financed by banks and paid over time) = $750 billion. Projects like this always cost more than lowball estimates, all we have to do is look at that bullet train to nowhere in California central valley or ten million other projects that loser California Governor Newsom refuses to let go of like a bad relationship, so this project would easily top costs over $1 trillion, maybe even reach 2$trillion.

Again, give your money to the homeless on the streets or organizations that deal direct with homeless like churches and local community groups that feed the poor, not this project that is powered by unicorn poop. It's even supposed to provide a video gaming room with hundreds of Pac-Man and other games! ROFL. Dog park, TV PODS?, botanical garden of a ful 4 acres!, bowling alley, skate park, museum (this way the public does not have to deal with the homeless at their museums), movie theater, his calculations of all the buildings and costs comes to $3.4 billion.

So my estimate for this fantasy land comes to 588 times greater than what he presents.

The dude's Linked In page shows his websites of which one is which links to an account suspended.

Q: What's wrong with this picture

A: It's too hard to see the grey type.

There is 'act of God' and there's 'act of PG&E'

They determined Getty Fire in Los Angeles that burned down some very expensive homes at the canyon (museum not burned at all) was caused by downed power line which God threw on it from one of God's trees. In the Paradise Fire they determined it to be due to power lines being 'faulty' so that was not God's fault. God should trim his or her or they's trees. I believe that all churches that worship God should pitch in for this instead of rate payers.

California shuts off power to save us from fires

This wacky state's leaders preach the gospel of dirty clean puke green energy that all rely 100% on fossil fuels then tell us utility companies must shut electricity off during windy times which is exactly the time that wind farming should be making the most energy but with the grid turned off all those white colonists do is spin producing nothing while we keep paying for them in our taxes and utility bills.

Home generator companies are making a killing now. The orders for fossil fuel reliable back up generators is soaring into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide delusions and slick marketing con games.

Once again the rich are taken care of with their free flowing retirement and investment portfolios all fueled by fossils while the poor can't even toast bread when the wind blows with their clean energy toaster anymore as all the promises made to save us are like watching Superman slam into the tallest wind turbine and get shredded all bloody and body parts everywhere just like California's Bald Eagles which used to be the symbol of freedom from any more of these energy scams that merely feed the rich using all of our energy.

Not only that the rich are hiring their own firefighters now, money almost all of them made in part from all these energy scams.

College admissions is now considering your browsiing history

Welcome to the post 1984 world. Speaking of admissions Felicity Huffman was released early from her 14 day jail sentence. What The Felicity.

Immoral walls used in SF to stop homeless from traveling

As to be expected in San Francisco which is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's district she represents has erected barriers in alley ways where homeless and drug users would travel through, stop and catch their breath, get high, and poop, this time with the city's blessing. Fancy Nancy has been very vocal in her claim that walls are immoral so this is rather contradictory. Residents said the walkway was a burden. I guess walkways now are immoral too. Word is the plywod blockade was taken down. Fox News rambles on and on how this is a "liberal policy problem". That's such garbage. Former loser mayoral candidate agrees, "This is classic San Francisco, where the downtrodden are celebrated and coddled" as if there is something wrong with celebrating and coddling people who fall and keep falling as the filthy rich keep ramming them and running them over with their greed?

Another great fix for homelessness

This seems like it would be a ADA violation. If I am disabled and need to lay down sometimes don't that American Disabilities Act cover that? How dare communities put bars over these benches or like this one remove them completely.

SCE power shut offs due to weather cause traffic lights to well, be off

Suddenly those old stop signs and hanging chads are looking smarter every day over technology. At night people rely on these intersections to present their red yellow or green. This has created an additional hazard in the name of, er, public safety. Remember all your leaders tell you that that when these things happen you will be on your own. For the elites they don't worry they have their expensive security personelle following them around when needed while they make sure they get to those House votes that will take away your forms of security.

Beware Zurixx home flipping seminar promoted by celebrities featured on HGTV

Restraining order issued

Deceptive practices alleged.

Zurixx purports to offer consumers coaching and training on how to make large sums of money by buying houses and quickly updating and reselling them, a practice known as 'flipping' Its advertisements routinely feature endorsements from celebrities like Tarek and Christina El Moussa from HGTV's "Flip or Flop" Hilary Farr from HGTV's "Love It or List It" and Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour from A&E's "Flipping Boston." The ads entice consumers to free events that Zurixx claimed would teach consumers how to make large profits by flipping "using other people's money".

What's a home without hack free health care if that even exists anymore?

An entire hospital health care system was hacked thus shutting down their emergency operations. The increasingly popular ransomeware way of shutting down computer networks and demanding ransome to give them the code to unhack their systems just seems to be getting worse and worse.

Just when and after a decade after the politicians and "smart" systems promised more reliable records that can be accessed easily by other health care providers to provide you the best care available it's providing easy access to hackers just like those chad free voting machines that were promised by all these hacks to free us from errors and is also considered by many in health care to be a night mare to work with.

Meanwhile the rich just keep getting richer and richer, so obscenely rich it's caused homelessness to soar. It seems to me old systems with merely a few paper based errors might be worth looking into. DCH did not disclose how much they, no actually YOU have to pay these hackers to get functioning again.

Dick's destroys $5 million worth of rifles

What a waste. Instead of returning them to the manufacturer for a refund they used more carbon based energy to destroy them as I guess they now have a strong no-protection sitting duck zone policy for all who shop and work there as most certainly they would also rid the store of "assault security".

They called them "assault rifles" as is the buzz term more attention but that is such a misleading use of adjectives, there is no rifle that assaults, it is the person that does any assault. Most rifles are used for protection or sport so this incessant categorization of them all being assault weapons is deceit. They are overwhelmingly "protection rifles" if we are to insist on adding adjectives all over the place. It's like they would be calling kitchen knives as "assault knives". It's absurd and basically a lie. We could also call them "security rifles" or we could call then "superCali-docious rifles" whatever the flavor of the political bent that works.

What irks me about this is $5 million could have bought 10 homes in Los Angeles housing 400 people comfortably. It could have bought 100 homes in many fly over states. It could have paid rent in a small room for 1 year for 833 people.

Instead the homeless remain on the streets and Dick's got some press out of it using lies about what is guaranteed citizens for protection in the 2nd amendment that some companies throw in the trash.

I'm so tired of companies not doing their fair share to prioritize ending homelessness. I will never shoppe there ever as this shows me they are not good stewards of the environment or public safety & it shows they disrespect or simply don't understand what those who knew better than any corporation can possibly knew about governing and protecting property and life. The Forfathers of our US Constitution knew better giving people rights GUARANTEED for owning protection weapons so they can respond immediately for protection not sit and wait for minutes or hours or sometimes days. What happens if there is another 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles and people don't have "protection rifles"? Did the owner of Dick's experience the horror? DMV was burned down by rioters as were big box stores. It took many days to start caliming things down. Those who had protection weapons stood on their mom and pop stores and rioters did not torch those. No one stood on the DMV. These small businesses and family and friends were protected. What happens when like now in California they shut down the power for days "for public security" to prevent the unlikely occurance of a power line going down and starting a fire and the traffic lights are out police are scarce and your public officials make statements like "you are on your own"?

I assume Dick's also threw out their security detail which carries "assault weapons" for protection of all their inventory which of course is a priority over selling protection weapons conveniently so people can live in protection homes.

I am sure that if police killed a thug stealing from them they'd be ok with that or would they do the woke thing and not call police because they carry assault wepons?

Dick's calling in security forces that carries "assault weapons" would be like the GAY community calling in Chik-Fil-A to cater a movie award ceremony, it would be doing exactly what you claim you are against.

You have to wonder about businesses that are that massively hypocritical in their policies, or are they just being stupid? Is this just publicity? How could it be they have lost money since they have banned adjectivized weapons.

Dog uses "assault weapon" to shoot it's owner

Scared of the oncoming train it jumped into the back seat which caused the thing to fire and hit the woman in the leg. Ouch. This proves all cars should be gun free zones as then only the zones would have weapons. Should we not ban assault cars? They do more killing than guns that sit around the house doing nothing all day.

It's the good people that get screwed

San Francisco removes homeless problem fix

They say they are now in possession of the rocks, which the homeless had just moved into the street after residents put them there to "do something" about homelessness in front of their many homes. With the rocks in their heads they now have quite a collection. This is the city that started the HIV/LIES mess that spread around the world, and hands out hypo needles so drug addicts can keep using drugs without being affected by dirty needles that "spreads AIDS". Why don't they hand out clean drugs too in that theme of health AND give new clean needles to mosquitoes. Why are politicians so stupid.

Sierra Club doesn't say much against wind farms, hmmmm

Seems their massive cash flows are tied to fossil fuels as are most all cash flows but they are reported to have huge doners who get theirs in big quanties from green energy thus they are causing censorship of certain articles that would state that wind has it's problems harming wildlife and finding this out is quite a shock to us as we all thought they were pretty much the bastions of protecting birds and other critters but are they just another corporate cash flow entity? Are they glossing over the harm to wildlife that green energy is producing?

read the article

read the item censored from Desert Report

key member in Buffalo claims the impossible - to leave all fossil fuels in ground

This would mean absolutely no plastic, no wind farms, no turbines made, and the return to the 1500's using only sail boats made of wood and tar, the time when Columbus was made fun of with jokes like "Hey Chris I hear you are going to prove the world is not flat" where today people are so stupid they think those statements were serious, that people actually believed the world was flat. Duh. All one has ever had to do is see the sun, moon, and rotations of stars, everyone knew the world was not flat back then. Thing is this Sierra Club member is actively working to change zoning laws to allow monster skyscraper size land devouring even more ugly white colonists to produce dizzying shadows of illusive fanticies of clean green mean jolly energy that is 100% dependent on the things she claims must remain in the ground.

They're fixing homelessness in San Frandisco with boulders

More song and dance as if we are stuck in the 1979. There's so much wealth everywhere why can they not build these people homes? To fix it they are putting boulders on sidewalks so the homeless can't build their tents there. Meanwhile the homefull buy themselves another home somewhere in the world where it displaces more people. America, the best country in the, well, now, if we can't house people how can we be so great? Great for some. Wealth all over the place. Congress soon to approve 500 billion $ for more boulders. They were all calling that the city "do something" not "doing something to actually give people homes".

LG suds lock washer

Adds 30 more minutes to your 75 hour laundry wash. Using detergent "pod" leaves soap in the comforter. At least it uses a whole 3 tablespoons of water instead of 2. This is Trump's fault of course. Oh wait, it's not, it's actually Trump that's working hard right now to bring back washers, cars, and other items back to their original glory with less stupid smart devices forcibly embedded in them in the schemes that make high tech rich and California full of it. He's working to bring back washers that use water instead of pretending to use water. Listen to this reviewer's last few minutes of his video.

71$ for socks

OMG I went to a website to shop for socks as seen on TV promoting socks that fit and fell off my chair. They are $10 a pair. These are for the rich who have gobs of money off the burning of fossil fuels.

Insulating your home with eco-nutty carbon

Instead of closing the window to keep the house warm at night I went all eco-loon and placed a carbon dioxide (CO2) blanket over it then I ripped out all my fiberglass fossil fuel based insulation which still would let heat escape as the air-conditioner this summer kept cycling on and off all day.

So to eco-save the planet I installed only carbon dioxide blankets of air BECAUSE that is what eco-nuts keep saying is an insulator wheras if I don't hand over my vote to them I will die.

I found it was insulating so well trapping heat that I had to rip it all out as there were so many eco-nuts attached to it expelling so much hot air that the house was getting so warm in the winter the eco-loonlightbulbs all made of fossil fuel plastic, which Democrats keep telling us they will ban or we will all die, were melting.

Noticing that the house was not staying warm I opened the curtains and there was Al Gore at the controls. The wicked witch had already melted. Eco-insanity exposed.

The greening of elitism

US taxpayers using their green $ energy provides desert based shelter for illegals coming in to the country unauthorized with fantastic new accommodations while leaving homeless US citizens to live on all our city streets in squallor without shelter then they move them to other streets while focusing on the all important task of saving a few fish and turtles from plastic straws. As we listen all day long to loons in congress tell us we then need to spend 666 trillion dollars to completely transform our economy, dump oil in the recycle bin which no country will take any more thus the end of ecoPlanet recycling centers, and then watch the Obamas buy sea level homes that were supposed to be under 100 feet of water and watch all of the eco-ELITISTS make gobs of money off all the carbon dioxide emitting based industries one cannot help but notice the corruption and lies and it is disgusting and while many desert landscapes were prodded by government to forgoe their green grass for eco-reasons grass that made a simple desert home a fantastic lush sanctuary those who pushed those bans on green grass and plastic bags all waste so much energy it's not funny anymore.

Land for sale near Palm Springs

9.3 acres in Morongo Valley seems to be back on market for $29K I saw this as sold for $22.5K now it's not showing sold. It is a fantastic location near the hills tucked down into a rural canyon this area is just up the hill from Palm Springs and 10 degrees cooler yet you can walk to local village shops in Morongo Valley from here. And if you love renewable energy you can drive through massive wind farms every time you drive into Palm Springs and enjoy their facinating beauty.

Legacy at Homestead at Honeycutt Road & N. White and Parker Road

These are smaller 3 bedroom and 2 bedroom homes outside Phoenix. They are in the $200k up range and exceed energy guidelines with nice floor plans, weather sensing irrigation, low volitile organic compound materials, filtration, light emitting diode lighting.

Also note "N. White and Parker Road" is the name of one vehicle routing system, not two separate roads, and is made using efficient energy saving fossil fuel based pavement using asphalt which is a by product of the steel industry.

Meritage Arizona

Meritage Homes in the Phoenix area

I noticed there are some different interesting styles in their new homes but there's one version that I really don't like as a front entrance. Here we see an open sidewalk entrance area leading to the front door. It has an attached small covering that might help protect from rain. I think it's more of a style thing.

This next one has a fantastic open walkway but relies only on the indentation into the footprint of the home as protection from elements. It's nice and practical with clean lines yet the added stone brings in some warmth and character of the elements we enjoy.

Next we see obtrusive wide columns of stucco that structurize the small roof to not really protect from anything, certainly not rain, maybe protects a tad from sun. It is primarily aesthetic but to me these 4 columns look awful and are in the way. Imagine walking through this obstacle course with as many groceries you can carry in as you park in the driveway walking in also with dog on leash and kids following behind and trying to get in front of you as they always do during 6 months of blazing hot summers. I'll pass.

They get in the way of walking up to the front door especially if there's a group of individuals doing so at the same time. I can't stand this design. Another terrible problem with this design is that you can hit your face on the corners of the tops of these. Your desert home should never be hurting you.

Hesperia animal shelter in Southern California high desert area near Victorville has some fantastic German Shepherds and other breeds for adoption right now

Meet Shelby Bracco! I think she was adopted! Touch her nose to see other great dogs!

For more information about this animal or the many others that make a home absolute heaven call: Hesperia Animal Shelter at (760) 947-1700 ask for information about animal ID number A041950 though she may be already adopted here is another great one


here's young pup named Evan that knows how to say "yodelaheehoo"

Properties for sale

9.3 acres in Morongo Valley seems to be back on market for $29K I saw this as sold for $22.5K now it's not showing sold. It is a fantastic location near the hills tucked down into a rural canyon this area is just up the hill from Palm Springs and 10 degrees cooler yet you can walk to local village shops.

$700 per acre Arizona mountains, cool summers outside Phoenix by about 2.5 hours very rural off grid 40 acre parcel

Palm Springs homes for sale

Palm Desert, California homes

homes in Arizona come with fabulous sunsets

search for desert home open houses
Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City, Coachella, Indian Wells, Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley and surrounding desert areas

Fully furnished model homes for sale at PGA west

The Villas Collection • GO

Designed and furnished to perfection, these former
model homes are available today for purchase.
Experience turn-key resort homes ranging from
1400 to over 3400 square feet in the heart of the
world class golf resort of PGA West. All you will
need to bring is your family, friends and of course
your golf clubs!
visit site


Phoenix homes by HomePath is a government "clearing house" of extra homes that the government obtained many through foreclosures. As the 2008 property crash winds down the inventory on this site has dwindled especially in high demand areas like California. During that crash you could get a home near Palm Springs for $35,000. Now you are lucky to find one for $200,000. Once again I missed out while all the people with money made gobs more of it by getting into this greedy flipping craze once again. These things crash eventually. Prices have soared way too high. Buyer beware. These areas that soared are topping out. Long term your investement is likely a good thing for you if you want to live in a home and stay a while. There are other areas in the country that have homes at rock bottom. Southern California has soared so just be a bit more careful these days. 


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