Multiple Sclerosis: Causes & Treatment 1/31/24

by Tom Cowan


some show notes:

offering access to "enrichment services" in The New Biology Clinic

includes access to talks with the new vet, guided meditation, group support

called a "specific disease" but is a "constellation"

analyzes a scientific paper of the higest prestiege

as Tom starts reading the paper I already see how it's nonsense with the claim of "human remains 34,000 years ago" and their claim of "sequencing"

claim made that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) proven from these ancient "genes"

(this again like most published scientific papers are all about selling funding for endless studies that go in coronas)

previous studies 233 proving......"astonished them all" (more nonsense sales pitch)

Tom Says "If you heard these statements in normal context you would never believe them"

Uses example of trying to predict someone paying rent or not.

Makes a simple yet rather profound observation of developing hypothesis, noticing correlations if any, determining cause or not.

He basically determines that the leaders in the scientific community at Oxford are mentally ill.

(I would add or just hustling the public as they all mostly do)

He concludes there is no relation between MS and genetics. (I concluded that 20 years ago)

Tom is one of the world's best perts in studying imaginary viruses (dangerous unicorns).

The emperor of this paper at Oxford is wearing no clothes! Utterly amazing!

Tom calls it all out especially this lunatic view presented in this paper that you are a victim of MS because 34,000 years ago your genetics are flawed.

There is no evidence presented in the paper from the scientist who obviously has a mental thought disorder at Oxford.

Many of these medical conditions and diseases are created by those who have thought disorders, making up stories, selling belief systems.

Not a genetic code variation more likely fat solulble toxins.

Vaccines and pHARMa suiticals interfering. Possibly radio waves. Affecting nerves.


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