Democrats started the process eventually Republicans joined in. They gave immunity from liability to drug companies. This is why they are so protective of Fauci. He's their cash cow. He pushes drugs that make them all money. Don't be fooled with thoughts of sugar plums and altruism. Fauci will not be prosecuted for anything.

Congress gets it's priorities in a bunch. In grilling A. Fraud. C. on the bar Q they did not like that the witness was being called Mister and not Doctor so they had a hissy fit about that instead of stopping the horrors happening daily in hospitals and misters offices wars on viruses that do not exist. The purpose of the commitee infestigation of the doctorate of fauci was stated as TO PREPARE FOR FUTURE PANDEMICS. This means the federal government which is run by pharma has no interest really in anything but continuing to find ways to make money with biological weapons of cell destruction. Certainly you don't think that they are in buisiness to body build, anyone can do that at home using food, no it's about war, on dangerous unicorns, stories about disease cause and how best their share holders can profit in this CORPORATION. WATCH 3 hours. Much commentary on The Desert Home where the House is not your home it's their home and they misrepresent you and mostly represent portfolios. Dr. Wenstrup begins the hearing stating we the government need to be more honest. Good luck with that. They can't even begin to grasp that viruses do not exist. It is so deeply embedded in the culture and the profit centers that DC is built upon that they never will. Why do we have a doctorate heading this they are all in their medicult together. They believe in modified viruses that don't exist. They went along with 6.666 foot distancing without a blink of their eyes wide shut. Claims "kovid-19" was clearly a novel virus. Yes it's a novel in the fiction section of the library and on "We landed on the moon". ROFL. No we did not. Raul Ruiz a DEMOCRAT senator representing Palm Springs and Coachella valley starts his shpiel 19 min. He's all in the virus lie game. "Whether the "korona virus" emerged from a lab or nature it's essential....." There is no virus dude, show me the virus, show me any virus, California Department of PublicHellth cannot provide such evidence they say they have no records. Imagine that, a health department that keeps telling the public at great cost to them to do all their Horseshit In Virology (HIV) that was spread like sticky peanut butter and chocolate syrup over everyone and everything that viruses lurk at distances 6.666 feet away and to keep your distance. Ruiz says A. Fraud. C. had limited information on a novel virus. Paleeze, he wrote the novel. It's a best seller. Raskin lavished A. Fraud. C. praise did not mention how he DID get gays to consume poison AIDS prevention and treatment drugs that murdered them. DEMOCRATS routinely deflect the roles they constantly play in feeding our friends pHARMa poisons. Ms. Castor repeats lies that "kovid-19" killed 1.4 million people and it is more deadly that the flu. What flu hon. The flu disappeared from the record books those years. It was magically cured. The conspiracy theoryists say "hey what the fuck how could flu disappear, obviously they renamed the flu". DEMOCRATS never will allow themselves to look at solid conspiracy theories like that proven as fact. They always delude themselves or just keep lying. She claims we as a government and bandwagoneers in medi SIN that zika, and ebola, the ways transmission occurs are not obvious at first. Hello hon, is it that some drive Porches and others take the train. Stupid. They all transmit the same, they are stories, they are spread by talking and telling these stories. If their made up stories were true they'd all spread the same ways. We all saw this Horseshit In Virology make itself knowns in HIV story telling, eventually they landed on "body fluids" are the spreader. Never made any sense, full of contradictions, they'd say it doesn't spread in the air as if air is a female and the virus was a fag so they would never have sex together and spread to other places. 40 years of this horseshit and all these bobble heads never learned. Be sure to use the 2x speed slide to sail through the bullshite. She says it's not too late for the logical level headed REPUBLICANS to join them she says. No fucking way hon keep your delusions orbiting around your planets. A. Fraud. C. then talks opening statement. The whole time acts as if there is a virus. There is not. It's even documented there never was a virus. He does this kind of crap his whole career. The virus this the virus that. He always acts like he is objective. He is not. He never allows anyone in his circle that would expose the facts. 49 min Fauci answers he discussed with other agencies bioweapons falling in to the wrong hands. My next question would be if he knew about 6 billion dollars given to anyone at the start of the PAN mischief debauchery falling into the wrong hands such as his. Coachella Valley Ruiz harps on there's a legal definition for GOF and a broad definition. Funny how these people pick and choose when they want to sort out legal definitions and not bother with others like what is the legal and common definition of isolating a virus to prove it's not just a fariy tale. California Department of PubicHellth could not provide any documents showing proper isolation of any virus using the legal definition and he's surely not even aware of this as he's just another puppet.

Accurately points out REPUBLICANS rely on the broad definition misleading the public so he might want to know how he's being misled by the constant use of not the legal definition of viruses but the rampant use in the entire industry using the broad definition of virus isolation. Mentions regulations found in the P3CO framework. C3PO in Star Wars. Yea something's up with that. Ruiz says "we have a P3CO committee". What did C3PO do in that movie. Another of many word games they play on the public. Crafty little fellows. Ruiz thinks sars/co/v/3/p/0 exists and the movie of possible dangerous uincorn escaping the lab comes up. He keeps referring about viruses he should be saying DANGEROUS UNICORNS or deadly unicorns. There are no viruses, that is a story, made up nonsense used to scare people and assign blame leading to medi SIN treatment protocol$$$$$.


"While on the Death Star, C-3PO and R2-D2 shut down the space station's trash compactor to save the lives of their companions."
"When R2-D2 is damaged during the Battle of Yavin, a grief-stricken C-3PO offers to donate his own parts to repair his counterpart."
"Wookiee later tries to rebuild C-3PO, but puts his head on backwards."
"captured by Ewoks, but are released after they perceive C-3PO to be a deity"

In the 1970's sitcom "All In The Family" Edith & Archie sang about how their old La Salle ran great here's one for sale!
1938 Cadillac LASALLE FACTROY $55,000. It was $65,500 so that is how to view the statements often said that the value of the dollar keeps shrinking.