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these are movie sets making the producers rich

and like on Gilligan's Isle these white colonists are trying to get back to where they belong, on the Sun
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Coachella Valley Mosquito Vector Control District agenda items include on 2/13/24 maximum $138,000 expenditure for arial drones to help control dangerous unicorns and no more than $2000 for a biologist to attend American Mosquito Control Association Annual Conference March 3-8, 2024 and there's also an interesting letter from the public as part of this 103 page agenda packet



on page 42 they claim there are "infectious mosquitoes" with a forecast like predicting the weather and climate change


on page 46 mention was made of their "medical entomologist" leaving job and the replacement, a "lab assistant" not fully trained "to achieve laboratory and biosafety proficiency for all project components" and that the district analyses mosquito poop (excrement) labeled "excreta" so what is there dangerous unicorns in the poop?


on page 47 they show some of the processes as in a flow chart, notice the many COMPUTERS used, this is what is called "in silico" sequencing which is junk science that does not absolutely prove any "virus" exists, note the word INTERPRETATIONS which are like trying to interpret what Martians are telling us when they land on Earth, the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) will insist their interpretations are accurate but there is no "gold standard" by which to measure and compare, their science is like explaining what Martians look like when they have never been seen nor quantified, ever.

on page 48 they present how they set sugar and poison "house fly" bait traps near crops. FDA allows a certain amount of bugs to be in foods. That means baited flies are in our foods and those poisons. This may be minimal amounts. Why are they baiting house flies? Are they carrying dangerous unicorns as well as mosquitoes?


In the discussion and conclusion the boric acid did not work, which surprised them. Notice "in the lab" they survived the bait and in the wild natural environment they were thought would be too "drunk" on the bait to be able to accomplish "host-seeking behaviors" and there is a big unknown in "the science" as is often the case there are usually MANY unknowns that like with proving viruses actually exist continue to be unknown thus the non-junk science would conclude that there is no proof just assertions about virus behavior regardless what can be proven or not regarding "vectors" that would by the way include WIND and air flow everywhere which carries such dangerous unicorns everywhere more than any mosquito could.

Also note, the "host-seeking" behavior of a mosquito is code for drilling into humans and sucking their blood, but if these were in deed "vectors" for viruses that have never been proven to exist by proper scientific method, then there is a problem in claiming such transmission as when they drill for blood, they are NOT INJECTING VIRUSES, they are sucking blood. To be clear, ask for proof by these agencies where the evidence is of any virus being on the mosquito knitting needle. There is no virus on the outside of it's drilling needle or on it's tip as for one viruses have never been proven to exist, and for two, they keep presenting this false notion that mosquitoes inject viruses into people when all they do is suck blood so the paradigm is a fraud. We might also look into the suggestion of using ATSB*, it's costs, patents, who's really making big money off that, and it's toxic effects on air, water, the body, etc. and exactly what the toxin is that is added to this bait that apparently doesn't work as in tended and how much was spent on all of this?

*Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait

Is this toxin getting on flowers and pollen? How do bees feel about being inTOXINATED this way?

search results on term "ATSB virus" provided this

further study on viruses found here at INTERNETMATTER.COM

Polar bears in the news again while the fish they eat gever get any press. They keep recycling lies, polar bears were never in danger, it's the fish that are in danger.

Net ZERO cult replaces efficient coal fired blast furnaces used to make steel with electric arc furnaces. that are not powered by wind mills hon, These massive furnaces that cause climate change with all the heat they generate are still powered by coal, or natural gas, that is burned to create electricity using 10x the amount of these ERRth based CONCENTRATED fuels. The whole net zero cult is a disgusting transfer of green energy, your green $$$ to their bank accounts. Same players that brought you Enron scam of the 1990's.

The Civil War was not a civil war divorce was not an option? Why? $

Trump "shoving" man video is fake news analysis by Tim Pool a very good presentation and warning on how medias manipulate the public.

Tim also talks about the far left being a dangerous cult pay attention to the "mic check" chant!

Starting in 2012 with the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act hoaxes became stronger for the "greater good" of manipulating the public

Be ware the array of covid-19 theater cult actors and players on the world stage

Solars are not what they seem and they don't flare so no it did not cause a glitch in electronic systems for cell phones.

Peggy Hall invites RFK Jr. for an interview

Sports news caster hot mic moment after he had said "What a guy!" questions himself saying What a guy? That's fucking gay! annnnnnnnnd of course all the phobics are calling for his removal from the flat PLANE-t called ERRth to solve their mental illness.

Disease X, Misease X, Malease X all coming soon to an internet theater near you!

Yea sometimes we saw those wires on Betwitched too, didn't stop us from enjoying the show

House committees ignore billion-dollar cost of Renewable Energy Standard – what is going on? 

The idea of moving to Russia is becoming vogue don't tell the DBWOERYUAPOEJMWELABGT+ cult though that "It's ok to be gay in Russia" they will lose too much funding for their constant propoganda campaigns.

Shill Gates says not to plant trees. Notice after people lie they always need water. The science keeps telling us this. It also then tells us this is proof they are trees.

Race #1 says they are being replaced by race #2 and they now deserve repirations by all races except their own. There was racism in the 1970's, such as how Archie Bunker was claimed to be racist, and as a racist invited in his race #1 neighbors in all the time to be courteous and for fun having their arguments like boxers do in sports, discussions about race, presidents, and work. There is also livingism still happening today, living varies quite a bit amongst people, are all different yet many are forced into treating other lives equally, thus the person who lives with pets needs to be equal to the ones that don't so there are new policies being made that makes it all equal so no one feels unequal, this is also being applied to science, although virology is already insane they say they need to make the number 4 be equal to 2 so 2 + 2 is not equal to 4, 2 is 4. Good luck with your insanity.

Never forget how the leaders of the fake free world psychopathically shut you down to wage a war on dangerous unicorn$.
John Oliver realizes Russia is friendlier than the Unintact States of America but they still put their video guests 6.666 feet away to be safe from dangerous unicorns
San Francisco governing is high horse acronym elitist retarded banning bans makes more sense than their retarded ban of the city from doing business from conservative states
Poland is the latest country to join the Europe-wide nuclear power renaissance
Unintact States of America (USA) vetos humanitarian cease fire Jim Fetzer reports but then guest goes on into microwave target nonsense

What more proof does anyone need the Unintact States of America is a dangerous cult. As a country and "unity" of states that all are bound to religious freedoms and equal treatment it lavishly and unequally supports a religious state that embraces and exercizes ancient bizarre religious sacrifice rituals that permanently disables baby men routinely and horrifically and painfully and this practice has been allowed in the Unintact States of America violating human rights as it routinely ignores this Holocaust on man HOOD. Actually though the Unintact States of America is built on a great foundation of the US constitution, Bill of Rights, endeavors for freedom to self govern, and other documents, ideals, fundamentals of balance, and has operated on the public in some fantastic procedures that have indeed protected human rights, for example completey banning cutting off female private parts but it fails miserably at protecting baby men. Once that is done no longer can the individual as a teenage boy and adult man self govern his sexual expression as half of it is cut the fuck off forever making sex like a black and white silent film instead of full living color. The Unintact States of America has just been hijacked and brainwashed by television and cults in certain matters of ongoing wars on dangerous unicorns and protecting religious rituals over the most blatant abuse of children. Never throw the baby out with the bathwater nor the man HOOD they say, so they just put it in face creams to fake look pretty as some of these sell-ebrities boast which makes them look real ugly. I will never forget nor forgive Sandra Bullock, Ellen, Oprah for laughing about foreskin face creams as they cared more about food sources being housed in chicken coop Taj Mahalls instead of protecting children from sexual abuse at the hands of the medi sin's dick cutting industry that removed their protective 60% of their phallic skin for profit and sick religious sacrifice rituals. Well, maybe I would forgive them if they handed over their riches to those who were abused as children that they laughed at and apologized and worked diligently to restore equal protections and REPIRATIONS for all who were abused this way where they thought it was all so funny on their huge TV broadcasts. I can't see them ever doing that though. They will continue to ride their high horses, chant the "woman's rights" drivel while trashing men.
Rule by infinite "emergency" was tested out 40 years ago in San Francisco when it repeatedly kept declaring "health emergencies" with a new label for 68 old diseases "AIDS"
People called out the lies and abuse then and got no where, government continued to declare a public threat every two weeks for 40 years and of course the lie spread to every state and county HELLth department which by the way none can prove any virus exists, they admit now they have no evidence anywhere that any virus exists. So when 2020 arrived, those who noticed these tactics all knew exactly what was planned with covid-19.666. Article by looks at our commitment to freedom 4 years later. The problem always lies with lies. The public gets brainwashed. Many never understood the fraud of a virus never proven to exist except on TV drama land causing all 68 diseases that all had different causes so they were not prepared when their masters at pHARMa scared them into a novel science fiction virus that also does not exist. They got sucked into the lie of any vaccine protecting them, they offer ZERO protection every time.

Vaccine injury reporting system shows woman has the RSV vaccine shot in her arm, now permanently disabled. When did it make a shred of sense to inject chemicals into your body? It is rape.
Modern a medi sin is a DANGEROUS cult. Viruses have never been proven to exist they are like believing Satan and Santa having gay sex is real. We live in a world free of viruses. Trump pushed this crap on the public and profited as did other politicical monsters and idiots and sales scum that only care about making the sale and emassing/maintiaining wealth. Remember when truckers protested this Horseshit In Virology (HIV) that claims to have a life you have to be pHARMAs roaming lab rats. They are still fighting for freedom but keep winning. In 2022 Canadaian's government run by pHARMa banned travel across borders unless they were roaming lab rats and showed their devotion to the cult by submitting to the Kool-Aid as in Jonestown in the 1970's. Government there owns patent on the injection technology. Conflict of interests abound. Same with CDC. What a shit period of time to be a human. Let history recall this treatment of people on grand scale by mentally ill cult leaders. Healthy people corralled and penned up made into slaves of this shit system of drug pushing scams. Many so brainwashed they thought it was a good thing. IT IS A CULT.
The best doctor in the world Tom Cowan Wednesday webinar February 21, 2024 references a friend Bill Huston

American National Parks no longer accepting American National Currency. Did some other country buy the US?

AF is revolutionizing the food industry. Naysayers keep coming up with conspiracy theories about Artificial Fruit not being healthy.

When "the science" looks at this photo it can easily figure out that it's not real fruit. When "the science" looks at "viruses" in electron microscopes and it's song and dance theatricks it cannot in reality figure out anything absolute, they make stuff up, then the dangerous unicorn salesmen will insist you buy their lies as they keep telling you fairy tales about what their science fiction characters will do to you if you don't buy their products typically using fear like all cults do, fear of death it the most prevalent tactic.

Similarly artificial women should not be appearing in real women's lockers. Canada's possible new premiere agrees. We can see examples of real clowns and artificial clowns here. And another clown is seen here, you decide if it's a real clown or artificial clown. Spoiler alert: the big huge gray airplane is a clown.

Tim Pool has an excellent analysis of New York committing fraud against Trump. I like to call it Same Ol' York.

New improved covid-19.666 lgbtq-sa-mRNA vaccines

The "sa" is self amplifying like the "lgbtq" that always amplifies itself as in tempertantrums. So we now have a vaccine that is based on fighting dangerous unicorns that has fits makes demands turns pyramids of logic upside down. Also it's approved in fake emergency use there is no licensed product approved by FDA in any of these fake ass prevention measures filling portfolios of the drug lords and their friends who have drug stocks in their portfolios. As everything they say is fantasy it's easy to make improvements as it's all based on illusions.

NO vaccine "stops transmission of disease" as disease is a complex CONDITION OF THE BODY disease is not a package that arrives air mail.

Multimillionaire having bought bitcoin cheap a decade ago who lives off the wealth of the system of banking and commerce worldwide as THAT is what makes any croto graphic "currency" have ANY value tells us how bad banking is and how horribly tyrranical governments are as he sells the public his idea of having 7 billion governments on ERRth instead of a few hundred. What a hustle.

DISCO IS BACK but no body's dancing

Listen to smug ASS/HOLES that shit on everyone else taking everything for themselves, want you to eat bugs that fed on rotting garbage besides the rotting garbage they all laugh about everyone else suffering, the smug John Kary calls air in a green house pollution so next time you are in a green house wear a gas mask they are self centered lying psychopaths and their followers are lost in a cult.

The "first person to die" of the stupid injections of Wuhan chemical waste products was alleged to be "Tiffany Dover". I remember it being "William Shakespere". Or was Billy the first one to die of "covid" oh yea that's it, then the fake solution was a vaccine, we saw that coming on day one of the fraud. So this video of Tiffy looks fake. Who dies right after a vaccine? Hello? What if the world's a stage? What if the entire 2020+ madness was a screen test. Notice more people on screen than ever. Who's paying attention, who's not, who's the best customers! Who's there becoming stars? Bingo. Even Kovid became a star, wearing a plaid face mask in March 2019 one year ahead of the game. What are the chances of that?

Man threatens to set himself on fire. Police arrive. They want to save him from hurting himself. That's great. Why don't they use a hose?

Theater Of The Obserd (TOTO) by Dangerous Dames

reliable robust dependable energy poses serious threat to handicapped sputtering energy being treated equally
Dubai features conference where the new buzz is octupling exponentially NuClear energy by 2050 instead of tired losing climate change goals as full coal powered steam ahead the European Union of Fascists want to ban repairing cars after 15 years. They should do that with buildings first. This will be automatic with new extension cord cars as batteries will die and car will not be worth repairing. Planned obsolescence at warp speed making portfolios mega rich and the people poor. That's just what kings and queens want. EVs to be hit harder with fees. So you have to go to work 5 more days that week using more energy going there and back and at work using energy to fake save the planet as those managing all this marketing hype get richer as you trasfer your energy to them so they can use more energy.
e-i-e-i-o-bike scooter fires in London every 2 days a fire! Thus all that carbon emission savings goes up in smoke!
Why is it no one has someone that can hold the camera and take a photograph any more?

French Senate needs to destroy the bill that makes it a crime to not follow an army of bullying drug pushing peers' Delusional regime (Dr.)

Art. 223-1-2 . – Provocation to abandon or abstain from following therapeutic or prophylactic medical treatment is punishable by one year of imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros, when this abandonment or abstention is presented as beneficial for the health of the persons targeted when it is, in the state of medical knowledge, clearly likely to result in serious consequences for their physical or psychological health, taking into account the pathology from which they suffer…

as if modern a medi sin isn't a train wreck

That would make warning people that PrEP contains rat poison illegal as you watch them die in front of you while your other friend stopped taking it after one day and you tell the friend that keeps ingesting pHARMa poisons that it's killing them like when you told them in the 1990's Hit Hard Hit Early campaign of chemical toxin "cocktails" promoted as necessary to kill the dangerous unicorn of Hustles In Virology (HIV) that it was not a unicorn that was killing them it was the drug cocktails made so strong no one could drive, and then finally 10,000 years later the doctors woke up and said the same thing you were telling your friends, some of whom listened, so they got the warpled guidelines straightened out enough to not cause them to crash all over the place just some places as big pHARMa always sets up drunk prescribing to fill their portfolios as the more accidents the more they jack up insurance rates. You see the problem is all these "representatives" are brainwashed. This is a long standing problem in the world but people are starting to understand more as they visit places that surgically remove the embedded concept of a particle of matter 666 trillion times smaller than superman's worst enemy, crypto currency, could act stronger than a speeding bullet train to nowhere in California. These kinds of rules of what you are not allowed to say is no different than what we saw in Hogan's Heroes, who were the model of California's lockdowns in 2020.

Timcast called Los Angeles a "fecal palace" that is so unfair. It's a fecal empire. Actually no it's a pretty cool place. There is more freedom to be yourself in Los Angeles than anywhere though we might include San Francisco which even with it's problems is still a very cool place. is intertraining.

California has a history of establishing concentration camps

Transpeople don't exist. There is only MUSS. Made Up Sexual Status. If they can make up what they were born as then we can make up anything, thus we declare we are the ERRth now get the fuck off us and return to the planet you whence came.

Damon Imani appears on The View yet again & gives the ladies who discriminate against gentlemen as there is a disproportionate inequal inequatable number of men on The View a chance to once again provide any example of their assertions to the crickets about WHO's puppeting WHO who who hoo hoo

Artificial intelligence is like artificial fruit,
doesn't even look real let alone taste good
or actually provide any substance. Most of television relies on fake intelligence. We already see where that gets us.

In 2019 Fauci and friends found a way to get people to take flu shots that they were shunning because they simply do not work as the sales man promised, they created a panic, declared a fake emergency, made all their friends richer than they already are. What a nobel thing to do. They are so nice.

Get in front of the 8 ball instead of behind the 8 ball

File:8 ball face.jpg

If you like 8 balls check out this vintage 8 ball corkscrew see if you notice the 8 ball was put on upside down. I notice things like this. I am a pert scientist. I am not an ex pert scientist, those are not as smart. Not one scientist I presented this to amongst all the ones you have been told are experts could see this error. It was so obvious to me and some other perts I work with at no charge to the tax payer. If the ex perts can't see this they can't see anything in virology. They look at this under their electron microscope and say they found a billiard table. It's a magic 8 ball.

 Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Luke Storey discusses HIV does not exist nor any virus and germs are not cause of disease

The science is so bad even Nobel Prize winning Kary Mullis the inventor of PCR "testing" for viruses went up to the guy Luc Montagnier who was assigned credit as having discovered HIV with no absolute proof any such particle exists and the guy couldn't prove it existed! In other words the man who is credited for discovering HIV never discovered it which is pretty much par for the course in the world of hunting dangerous unicorns they call "viruses". The junk science claims on one side of it's mouth "the virus mutates rapidly" while the other side says "ok then dude what # mutation are we up to now after 40 years of this crap it's like you are telling me tales of 1950's based science fiction stories that because it showed us moving images of monsters destroying Japan it proves they are real and you haven't even shown us your viruses moving, you just keep passing around ink blots at parties and smoke cigars entertaining all your rich friends who are filthy off all these lies about dangerous unicorns." Other claims that side of his mouth claimed that radio waves could recreate "pathogens" as the other side said "ok then if that's true then radio waves can also create whatever is needed to flush that shit down the toilet every day."

In 2020, Montagnier argued (people argue too much) that SARS-CoV-2 the virus that causes COVID-19 (never proven to exist as anything more than an idea) was man-made in a laboratory (on a computer not in a pietrie dish they just do things in-silico on computers now) and that it might have been the result of an attempt to create a vaccine for HIV/AIDS which is the most retarded label ever made it's like saying you caught the SNEEZE/FLU as the science says sneeze causes flu because it spreads viruses. If you really break down their bastardization of language you see HIV is assigned cause of AIDS but AIDS is a broad category of other diseases as many as 68 different ones or combinations thereof, thus they are saying HIV causes 68 diseases, but the science also says that all those 68 diseases have different causes, this is a direct contradiction in their science that is better referred to as their science fiction. One of the stories in this science fiction was "the virus hijacks the cell and makes copies of itself". Nothing in nature does this. The hijacking is the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) hijacking health care for massive profits based on lies.

full 1.5 hour interview here  Wikipedia entry reference on "discoverer of HIV"

mean while as good producers of information continue the slime stream medias ignore that yet another mandate has been quashed as illegal and a violation of human rights in New Zealand which was one of the worst shut down countries in the world as it jumped on the bandwagon of chasing dangerous unicorns and mask manufacturers are suing Canada for $5.4 billion for being misled with their misinformation and disinformation and malinformation and coersiveinformation on fake covid which was merely a huge world wide rebranding of the flu and other diseases just like what they did in the 1980's with one new label AIDS for old diseases no problem they will just print more money as always

the WHO was founded on IMMUNITY to prosecution for any crime points out David Knight on 2/19/24 show thus a criminal operation no one gets immunity from vaccines and says pFizer killed more people than the head of Russia

Covid is such an obvious fraud. If there was a plague as seen on TV shit boxes wouldn't the homeless that are most suseptible living in squallor be all dead? Yes, if there was a floaty invisible thing that travels every where air travels, yes, they'd all be dead, but you see modeRN A Medical Delusionsists (mRNA/MD) and its hypnotists has an agenda, and it's often pretty ugly. The vaccine was THE TOP GRO$$ING gross abuse of the public for profit over any drug in history.

There's a land and power grab by UN masquerading as repirations and helping indiginous without defining "indiginous" they can make a claim to your land by merely saying they once used it, as if Indianigiounous never "took" it from someone else. Time to give land back to Barbarians and Vikings that never fucked anyone with medi sin's septic chemical brews. It's like saying Caucasions took land from Germans and French and whales took ocean from tuna and it all has to be given back. Buyer beware of all this huslte in race traps, beware it's the kings and queens and mega corporations that will benefit from this, not you, they will present it as for the greater good, that would be THEM not you, and the Indian Tribes as they sell all their rich mineral resources to China to make it's communist parties able to party and use all the resources they want while it all drains your savings it is a very important discussion! Courts are saying Indians own all land under Vancouver. That lays foundation to take land. That means mandatory pow wow's coming and whatever else they decide to gamble on like rain dances to fix climate sameness that always changes on it's own dance schedule. Oh sure indiginous will protect us from Russia and the fake threat they strike a pose. While you were shut down for experimental medi sin land grabbing your entire body, all this scheming was happening though it's been in the works for decades. This is a part of the UN 2030 agenda of Fascistio-Communistic control and it's marketing schemes being used to mislead and enslave the people everywhere on Earth. Many more videos presented here start with this on UNDRIP and who is indiginous

Illegal visitors: the US is going to need them all to inexpensively clean up all the exponentially growing piles of waste from all rich people's toys including their poor use of energy electric cars as they break down, the batteries and wind turbine blades need disposal, all of the "save the planet" crap that will end up over filling land fills so whatever it costs to house and feed them now will be pennies on the dollar for what it will take in money down the asphalt tar roads that are all made from fossil fuels.

Clean energy chemical waste dump catches fire

Notice the massive tonnes of carbon being emitted by clean energy. Are they (you) being billed or given carbon credit increases so they can keep up this scam.

Net zero is a marketing scheme, we already have it in nature though climate is really not a problem, for those who are worried about it study reverse radiative forcing.

I wrote about the gays boycotting Exxon/Mobil many years ago how it hurts the small business that doesn't take sides. No one listened of course they did what e-motions dictated. It was West Hollywood, the mob boycotted the gas station there on Santa Monica Blvd. The owners suffered great financial loss but it wasn't their fault what the big corp was doing that pissed off the gays, the QWERTYs did not care. They do this crap all the time. I wrote billions of times why viruses don't exist, starting 40 years ago HIV was and is a fraud unless you are calling it Horseshit In Virology. That led to demands government fix the problem of people dying from abusing their bodies with drugs and alcohol which led to repurposing old toxic medications that were never approved by FDA in the 1970's as they killed all the rats in testing. Guess what happened to my friends after that drug was authorized only for experimenting on my roaming lab rat friends, it was never an FDA licensed approved product ever. It's the gay Holocaust. So now we have the truckers who usually don't get into petty boycotts but they are mad now as the liberal goons keep throwing them under electric busses all tied up into knots now from the stupid extension cords everyone trips over to fake save the planet which is code for build my portfolio. The truckers in the east plan to stop delivering to New York City after the bad judgement on Trump telling him he owes now hundreds of octillion$. Again I say stop boycotting everything you are hurting small businesses and 99.666% of them are all good people harmed. Watch mad trucker explain and listen for liberal whines and endless demands and con jobs and lies and the usual crap like "if they live in this country they are our slaves they cannot refuse to do what we say, that is a threat to Democracy" but we are not a Democracy we are a REPUBLIC. If you really feel that bug up your ass to boycott something you might consider this instead.

Sick societies think baby dick cutting is funny as seen in ritual skit performed on SNL in the 1970's where a diamond cutter rides in the back of the luxury car with the ultra smooth ride to show how they cut diamonds the fuck off about half the baby man's skin from his God given body part from what is rough. Note that most of this was done on baby men without their permission so to blame any man for the horrific effects of such torture and child abuse done on them as a baby would be unfair. Where is the repiration plan for indiginous foreskins stolen? It was on the indiginous territory of many a man's body and removed by force during the Holocaust then and now. And what the fuck was done with that skin? Was it the body and blood of Jesus used in sick religious ritual for real? No of course not no one would ever do any thing sick and torturous to a baby man to his body part that is connected directly to many functions of his brain in underground tunnels or above ground where it's obviously seen and known as happening anywhere on ERRth ever in any time in history or present when he can't escape as a baby. All references to such possibilities occuring in history must be lies.



The Hugely Inefficient Energy Fraud (THIEF) keeps pick pocketing our green $

this is what Arizona's little grand canyon is starting to look like at Chevelon Butte

these are movie sets presenting energy theatrics, some are calling this wind and solar farming scam Enron 2.666

they are powered by your cash which is all made by abundant natural fuels

to the right of Interstate 10 here at Palm Springs, California is a reliable natural gas "peaker" power manufacturing facility it's hardly seen

it reliably provides the energy this area needs especially in the summer to keep those air conditioners running

the tall illusion of powering the area with wind is severely handicapped energy it's that simple

they simply cannot produce the power needed ever

In 1997 an investment broker told me these wind turbines are a scam that only get built because they run on your money
in subsidies (taxes) saying "Investors will not put any of their money into them without the taxpayer
propping them up". So as homelessness and other huge problems grow more
of these white colonist propellers in the sky provide us pacifiers
to make us think we are doing good. They are better labeled PROPS.

They present an illusion of clean energy. Behind the scenes they are a net loss of energy and create chaos in the grids,
like a broken down car in stop, go, stop, go traffic, the grid tries to push them out of the way
having to do this all day every day, and every going no where fast,
they rely 100% on oil, gas, coal, and Nu Clear energies to even function at all,
they draw power from the grids, they sit here parked doing basically nothing
but put on a show. If you watch closely you might notice how they redirect your money to pensions THEY POWER PENSIONS.

Chevelon Canyon in Arizona will be the world's largest handicapped energy parking spaces allocated at a total of 150 square miles!

learn more or less @ i N T E R N E T M A T T E R . C O M


The Desert Home tends to base itself on concepts and adventures in natural healing and prevention of dis-ease instead of modern a medi sin and it's ongoing Hustles In Virology (HIV)

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