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Central Bank Digital Currency safe and effective just like that other penetrant they promised would be helpful.

New PAC "Illegals For Trump". Since the democrats want open borders to get voted they figured they would too!

Kevin Kiley is excited the Supreme Court is giving communities power to clear homeless encampments. Where are they going to clear them to, landfills? People like him think of them as trash that needs cleaning up so I'm NOT impressed. Claims they will "get them the help they need". Is that a home in a tent on a landfill far outside city limits? FEMA prisons? A home on a leper colony where they belong? Will Dr. Fill portfolios up with endless streams of our tax dollars for expensive treatment that doctors and admins get all giddy about be their ticket to all the help they need? Will they be asked every day "Did you find all the help you need" as they are checking out this new scheme?

Governing is playing word games again. Call them entrance, not illegals, entrants, pronounced entrance, en traaaance hypnosis do as you are told welcome entraaaance. Watch Peggy entraaance you. There is only one race.

Wind farms - the new route to entitle retirement riches that milk cash cows. Pattern Energy owned by a retirement fund in Canada is channeling US taxpayer and rate payer dollars to provide wealth for retirees while participating in this scam called clean energy. Massive transmission line carry's handicapped energy and surely must also carry robust and 24/7 reliable NuClear energy. Native Indians tried to stop it from their back front and side yards in and around New Mexico while the portfolioists never allow such destruction around their living arrangements. In other tribes though they welcome retirement wealth transfers such as with the tribes that own land at Chevelon Canyon Arizona's Little Grand Canyon. Saving portfolios is what these are all about not saving the planet. Climate change is a lie to create illusions to motivate people to do nothing to stop these things and instead push to have these handicapped parking spaces installed. They are disabled energy parking lots used to provide unreliable trickles of energy and consume more than they put out and did they not tell you, they rely on oil to function and to keep things stable they will burn up energy they create. With out using your tax dollars made with fossil fuels they cannot function!

Wind farms are not sustainable.

Portfolios are planning to ruin beautiful open space Wyoming with this handicapped disabled trickle energy crap. Each little square in this map below Interstate 80 is one square mile. These will generally cover an area the size of 20 x 10 square miles which mathematis out to 200 square miles. They would not provide anything anywhere near a nuclear power plant would on 1 square mile of land as they are intermittant and barely produce any usable energy. They waste energy. Wind farms are a scam to farm your tax and rate dollars. They are movie sets. They are props for energy theatricks. They make Enron look like a children's carnival. Stop these things.

Present your opinion to the BLM

The climate cult can't be bothered with facts any more than a used car salesman. Same MOLD.

End of the line. The 100% straight not at all gay city draws a line in the sand and scales back way back. WATCH


It looks more like it could be a dam. Where would the water go if we saw Noah building his imaginary ark with 2 of every species one male one female and one trans of each fake ass sex change species. Guy talks about the line and then sells us clean my name from the internet service that protects you safely and effectively from data collectors as they collect your data so they can use it instead. DO NOT MISS THIS PERFORMANCE before you reach the end of the line and realize that we all got on the wrong end of the road and didn't quite notice who keeps painting guide lines.

The Liberty Daily fear porn report on dangerous unicorns 21 days into April Fool's Month.

If they could prove any virus exists to manipulate, well then Dr. Tom Cowan and friends would like to see the evidence. No hellth agency in the world has it. Why is it so difficult for humanity to understand viruses do not exist. Is it that difficult to admit we were Fooled for not just one day but one full century? Maybe that's it. Or maybe it's that drama sells more than reality. What would people do with out a Hustle In Virology to blame their cares on?

Preemptive war and preventive medi sin, both are terribly aggressive. Starting a war to prevent a war is insane and robbery. There are no viruses, we live in a world free of viruses but we are not FREE of dangerous unicorns they are everywhere. Gain of function for war on viruses that don't exist. War machines grind to a hawlt. No need to war. Call the cleaning lady. Hire brooms. Clean out all the shit.

Young forced to be raped by pharma's violent penetration protocols

Teens and youth were between 221% and 290% more likely to die than those who didn’t get medi SIN's poisons. So now after being warned that this was a medical fraud, have hellth departments got the memo yet or do they keep going through shredders? Dr. Stefan Lanka proved absolutely zero viruses exist as a real object anywhere on Earth be it flat round or trapezoid. Hellth instutitions world wide have responded to FIOA requests that they have no document anywhere that shows proof of any virus existing. Even Dr. McSpikey jumped on the bandwagon a bit saying that the childhood schedule of vaccines are all bad though out of the other side of his mouth says he's adding tamiflu to his multi-level health marketing kit and doesn't mind spraying insecticides labeled viruscides up little kids noses. The poison medi SIN cult is a mess and many are having a hard time getting out of it.

The man did what his government hellth czars told him to do, he got vaccinated at the Bronx Zoo instead of the Hospital Zoo or the LGBTQWERTY-Alpha Bet Zoo (QWERTYBTGL-ABZ). It is reported he died, possibly from medical poisoning that we all stupidly fall for the insane idea that poisons make us well and diversity in muscle strength makes us stronger. I saw this happen first hand with the AIDS drugs in the 1990's and a friend who worked for one of the AIDS drug pushing gay centers. None would listen to reason. This guy was immersed in the multi-level hellth drug dealing marketing system as a hellth director. He was a fully participantive in the medi cult. Directors only do what their orchestration pit tells them. They all pushed vaccines like candy and dancing syringes on delusional TV night late shows? Appears that way.

 Of course everyone blames the dangerous unicorn instead of the poison penetrants that fuck us without a condom. We have watched this virus hunting nonsense four decades now. There is no virus. There never was. Like hello, what do people think it's a magical music tour and symphony of instruments dancing with your blood and samba? It's being pFucked with poisons get it through your stupid thick brainwashed skulls. They killed all my friends with AIDS drugs already. It's an ongoing medi cull holocaust. Has any one of trust the science bullshit artists even asked how the poison penetrant or saline placebo or meningitis vaccine placebo used in this Kovid performance interacts chemically with alcohol or other drugs? Ever see what happens when you plop Alka-Seltzer in a glass of H20? Chemical reaction. Drug dealers in medi SIN could care less they got quotas. It is a sick orchestrated dangerous cult.

Executive Order 13887: Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Health. Signed: September 19, 2019 by D. Trump.

Event 201: October 18, 2019 pandemic exercise limited to actors in a theatricks lab.

2 Weeks To Slow The Spread: March 17, 2020 exercise including all of humanity goes live continues for 3 years winding down after the experiment officially ends on January 31, 2023.

October 2020: FDA authorizes experiment on humanity using placebos of saline or meningitis vaccine and modified ribo nucleiac acid unicorn with solvents as carriers of what does not exist.

Today's Date April 22, 2024 we meander to and see some of the players for this fraud used to introduce quack paced flu shot technology.

Dancing Rolos. It was a 1970's commercial to sell us Gulp Sugar Spills for our gut making it seem like it's a party instead of a disaster. It reminds us of the other junk science of dancing penetrants a product of China's chemical waste and methods of disposal in our bodies. Sugar is a most prevalent toxic food product that upsets the dynamics of the body while people get distracted and obsess over pesticide residue that is basically non existent, they do wash the stuff off you know or don't know. So when people write articles saying Mommie Dearest that's being too nit picky as he Jennerizes to push to ban sugar product commercial brainwashing of kids one has to consider that there are no studies on how any vaccine reacts to sugar while there are mountains of proof sugar is disasterous for health. Maybe it fizzes up. What are the correlations of direct effects with the poison penetrants plus sugar plus Gulp Oil Spills and other pHARMa poisons? Maybe it makes blood cells dance like deranged pieces of caramel that was suffocated in chocolate face masks made of cow puss milk that sits on a shelf unrefrigerated ignoring that milk spoils when not kept cold as it's then sold as treatments to cure boredom.

If you wanted to verify that E=MC squared would you ask someone in government hellth systems of abuse or would you ask Einstein? Obviously you have a brain, you would ask Einstein as he is the inventor of that equasion. Thing is often these days we get bamboozled by some or many who distort absolute science as presented by the true masters of it and inventors of technologies and replace it with relative science. We saw this with kovid selling the lie that a vaccine was necessary and that it was effective, they used relative science and sold it as absolute. Since the 1980's when an alleged virus was blamed not absolutely to "cause aids" the lies have been pouring out of the government's mouths continually as it was pretty much forced to latch onto the junk science of virology in some ways not knowing better but in others such as what comes out of Fauci's octopussy mouth he knows exactly what he's doing to con people. To verify the claim that we need to get tested as they insist we looked to the inventor of the PCR technology testing that is used to "find HIV" and "find kovid". The inventor is Kary Mullis. He died in 2019 of old age like Einstein did so he couldn't jump in when governing once again went hysterical and made wild claims at warp speed this time. He's on record saying in effect that Fauci and friends [hustlers] have an agenda that "is not one we would like them to have" and Fauci promoted that PCR illigitimately, saying that his invention cannot find a virus nor can an electron microscope. Hellth departments world wide threw out that memo about the inventor Kary Mullis stating PCR is not able to find virus as it would hurt drug sales and grant monies for research that really was not needed. They all profit from testing, drugs, grants, plus it would have brought everyone back to the nagging question "how do we find it and diagnose it" as the public was hysterical. So they pacified and profiteered. Governing often works that way. Thing is IT does not exist. That memo keeps being shredded. Dr. Stefan Lanka proved this in German Supreme Court unequivocally. Many are now highlighting that evidence and speaking out. The most vocal are Tom Cowan, Bailey's Sam and Mark, Kaufman, Polly. They are ones that routinely cite the words of the inventor of PCR calling it out as unable to find any virus and how it's junk science usage created an unnecessary for the public panic as in panic endemic or pandemic in slanguage. The hustlers that be they in TV news, hellth departments, drug dealing, gay rags, gay centers all jumped on to push the lie once again that a dangerous unicorn was the cause of a fake new disease that was merely rebranded for diseases that have been with humanity since the beginning of time. Some were ignorant but many were told what was being done and they ignored the truth. The hustlers lumped in flu and even wellness claiming if you have the virus (IT) YOU CAN SPREAD IT to spread fear and their multi-level marketing kits and many hopped on board. McCullough has his kits and he's one of the most disingenuous of all the hustlers. You can't spread what does not exist. No virus has been proven to exist by any absolute measure only by using the theory of relativity which is a science that assigns blame for the Earth and all it's species, microbes, inhabitants, minerals, etc. existing because of an explosion which is retarded as it comes.


TV your trusted source of mismaldis information and drama.

This man ice plunges every day. It's been 469 days now. He should stop at ice plunge day 665. If he plunges on day 666 he will become an ice cube. That's what he should do for his audience avoid the plunge that one day but do a deep fake showing him a little scared about the day and then he's there stuck as soon as he plunges in the water instantly freezes he freezes and that's the end of the show that day. The internet explodes with intrique. The news cycle freezes on that story. Climate cult blames loose change. Government bans water.

Bitcoin makes you inflation proof? ROFL. It's junk money. It's backed by speculation, manipulation and greed. US dollar is backed by SUBSTANCE. Just as how for 40 years people didn't listen to our warnings that someday the drug dealers would use quarantine laws and their HIV against us as was done in 2020 hindsight to install new improved as seen on TV hustle penetrants using warped injection deviciveness people will learn the hard way that cryptographic currency is safe and effective just like 202019 vaccines were yet another warped every scam there is.

In the first  "world war" the industrial medi sin complex just kept injecting poisons in stronger doses. It was a common expression that the solders were being killed more from the vaccine shots than guns. The medi cult killing fields. The stupidity of treatments are endless. It's all based on going to war. When they got sicker starting in 1911 after accepting being penetrated with poisons the in the military the readiness doctors just upped the dose. When that made them sicker they upped the dose again. Who's that stupid? Modern medi SIN. It's like using acetone on plastic seeing it destroy the finish and using more to "make it better". The fake Spanish Flu was a real medi SIN cover up. They knew what was causing harm, not a disease, the treatments. They renamed it to blame the Spaniards instead of themselves. They do this with everything. This industry is literally sick. It's based on sick ideas that make no sense in the field of logic and reason but makes plenty of dollars and cents IN THE FIELD of portfolio management. They always blame something else never take responsibility. To be healthy they say to accept their poisons. Who does that. WHO does that?

There never was a PAN THE GOD OF DEBAUCHERY demic so there can't be "another one". It's a multi-level MARKETING drug pushing scam.

$60.8 billion for Ukraine to fix homelessness donated from the US government that can't fix homelessness at home because they are 1) stupid 2) don't care 3) only care about their illusions like Jesus coming back some day so they can celebrate hacking off part of his dick a second time as it brings them pleasure to see saviors be subject to evil.

The dodos thought they were US flags. What other explanation could there be?

2009 a movie was made that everyone should have seen. It would have clued everyone in to avoid the plague of mismaldis governing that created 2020 disease fraud. House of Numbers by Brent W. Leung and Knowledge Matters Productions.

AIDS propoganda and lies from 1987 hellth department in the United Queendom.

Black Coffee Matters with Jerm and the Bailey's.

David Knight: "TWO BUREAUCRACIES in USA are working to BAN CARS" using rules not laws to pretend the US is part of a Paris Climate Honda Accord.  "The Senate has passed a resolution to nullify the less dangerous rule (which Biden will veto).  But they continue to pretend we're bound by a treaty that was NEVER RATIFIED (call your Senator). And, what better way to scare the public to death about climate than to use Ghost Weather Stations?" This could be done by managing emissions while ommission of logic, reason, proof any such ban would fix their fake climate change agenda missions.

So much time wasted. So much energy wasted. Corporate greed. Political greed. Then we rush to our TV's to see how to fix it this day. Spin. Cycle.


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