T h e D e s e r t H o m e . c o m        "Saving the planet from those trying to save the planet? How much energy will that take!"  learn about Arizona's massive new Hot Air Power Plants Yuck! (HAPPY)  watch the super spreader event of both virus variants and snowflake variants come in to Buffalo as it expects a whopper of a dump of snow up to 4 feet thru Sunday 11/20

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   Arizona's  WEST CAMP WIND FARM is another of many disabled energy projects  click here to learn more

SARS "virus" aka "covid" has never been proven to exist "Official UK document from the Ministry of Health reveals COVID never existed" covid is medical marketing fraud, Christine Massey called this fraud out 2 years ago and over 200+ institutions and health departments cannot provide evidence ANY virus exists! The science is so bad blaming viruses for disease is stupider and more disingenuous hustle than blaming carbon dioxide for weather, no human on Earth has ever isolated any virus to prove it exists. Vaccines are rape.

Watch Fauci and friends talk about how they planned in 2019 to "blow the system up" and "create an air of excitement" meaning PANIC to induce the public into accepting unproven genetic enginerring methods of reforming flu shots by going around all bureaucratic safety processes and procedures. The scam is now clearly visible with 2020 hindsight.

Blowhard billionaires behind building pipelines to your cash as they keep shredding Eagles and bats and other majestic creatures but since nothing is going to stop any of these altruistic billionaires from saving the planet with Disabled Industrial Camouflage Energy (DICE) that chops up Condors as well they need to be required to put protective grills over these things like with a table fan

Climate alarmist bureaucrat robot claims we need 62 million solar panels before their 2030 doomsday prediction to save the planet while this will kill all the wildlife on Earth as there will be no ground anywhere not covered in this crap they will push this as far as they can take your cash eventually it's all going to collapse but the hustlers don't care they got their pots of gold stashed and will use all the oil you saved the planet from

Electric skooters go to die here unlike cars that can be recycled electric crap just takes up space after it's short life is over

820 foot tall DICE get the approval in Navajo County that provide trickle disabled camouflage energy they are called camouflage as no one can actually see where the energy goes and if it ever actually gets to home appliances or if it's just powering night lights and portfolios

Green New Deal + Blue New Deal + Red New Deal = THIS?

Welcome to Arizona's New Green, Blue, & Red Deal where their gorgeous canyon areas south of Winslow and Holbrook will soon to be polluted with hundreds of thousands of wind factories made by energy scam centers as the state shut down reliable coal power plants that had small footprints and as the Navajo Indian Tribe which owns massive natural resources sells it's coal to China and makes a fortune and discriminates by preferentially employing Native North Americans at the facility and since China could care less about "saving the planet" which is made of carbon (coal) and Mother Nature could also care less about carbon as it's like a human worried about water in their body and so China just uses this efficient energy to fuel it's massive growth and portfolios while Arizona now has more of the same green energy governing that will make Chevelon Canyon look like the entrance to Palm Springs with it's spinning disorienting movie sets that waste energy though like with movies they do entertain and wow us with it's acting skills. All this talk about carbon sequestration and fake carbon footprints is as stupid as being concerned that the fresh water footprint from rain flowing into the sea is going to destroy the world's water supply as they quote the experts at hustling grabbing your $$$ energy as stating "the science says H20 causes water change".

Wind Farms Waste Energy
Their entire basis for their build is a lie, carbon dioxide is not a threat to humanity. Mother Nature always keeps it in balance, what man adds to atmosphere is nothing and it does not insulate. Exhale on an open window and see how well that works for a test. No additional science needed that would scam you out of more billions of our tax dollars. Wind and solar is actually better referred to as "disabled energy"

The only cause of climate ever changing is water, the sun, frigid space. Carbon footprints do not exist!

Why is this one wind turbine spinning on a no wind day in Palm Springs?? Answer: It's using power from the grid!

These are hopelessly dependent on the petroleum they claim they want to keep in the ground!

They are an industrialist's dream as they run on your tax dollars and electric bills shifting your energy to their portfolios. Their reason for existence is the false claim of need to control carbon in the air. These heavy industrial systems that use oil can not even produce but a trickle of energy and THE cause of climate change is H2O not CO2 as
carbon barely exists in the air it's a total joke to try to control it as mother nature always keeps it in balance by herself AND what little is there helps filter the air like your water filters that are made with, wait for it, carbon!

The sales pitch that wind turbines will provide free energy is as laughingly misguided. It's like how politicians in the cold virus war they rebranded as "covid" told us they were building planes while flying them as THEY HAD NO CLUE WHAT THEY WERE DOING. Corona virus is the common cold so says AMA why did no one point this out? Ask the cash cow! It was Milkin' you!

To protect our environment the only place wind farms should be seen is burning up

learn more at HORSEPOWER.net
which investigates the many colors hidden throughout the camouflage Green Renewable Electric Energy Development (cGREED) that transfers your $ energy to portfolios and provides you what is basically movie sets as wind farms are basically PROPS they are movie sets presenting an illusion pretending to be something they are not and ACTING as pacifiers.

The promises made of these systems powering billions of homes is exaggerated and it's like recycling these systems using their worn propellers and fossil fuel based hydraulics to build planes, while flying them, instead of using jet engines, and then claiming your design will power the airplane by breezes while also assuring everyone it won't act erraticaly nor crash, meanwhile you are being billed for all this wasted energy in the monthly electric bills, taxes, surcharges.

Green energy is DISABLED energy!

Wind and solar is DISABLED energy. Expecting it to function like strong & robust energy is like forcing the military to enlist everyone to fight wars no matter their strength. It's like expecting the person in the wheelchair to be as agile as the acrobat and when it's obvious they can't perform the task the politicians, in between counting all the money these pipelines to your cash provided them, lie and tell the public it's not the disabled fault, it's the fault of the bus that transports the disabled to the war zone meaning they blame the wiring, the transmission lines, they claim then need to overhaul it all. What these governments are doing as puppets of their industrialist masters' energy scams is like forcing the disabled to do things they cannot do. It does not matter how much you build up the transmission of the Panzer Tank for getting around in war games, if the engine is a clean energy sail instead of a power house using fossil fuel you might as well invest in white flags so they can both power the tank to nowhere and be used to wave in surrender. Wind and solar is DISABLED energy, call it what it is, these systems are suffering from Green Renewable Electric Energy Disability (GREED). They cannot function well.

It's not their fault we can accept them with their limitations but they should not be attached to the grid, they should be set up like in Holland or on an Amish farm, to grind grain. That is what they are good at. They cannot power our appliances. When they are hooked into the grid they cause chaos like expecting a disabled person to do tasks that they cannot do. Just because they appear like giants towering into the sky with big arms stretched out doesn't mean they are God, they are Godzilla wreaking havoc once they get started. We keep seeing the problem repeatedly now as they fail in winter storms and summer heat and bring the entire grid down with it just like if you had a disabled individual demand they be treated the same as every other pilot of a 747 jetliner yet they don't have that ability guess what happens.

Green energy cannot perform the task. It is a complete waste of energy to build these things. Notice how these White Colonists are being provided homes and people keep setting up tents as homes living in the streets while those with direct access to these CASH TRANSFER SYSTEMS keep getting more of your money.

Learn more at HORSEPOWER.net

Florida sees it's first 2022 hurricane evacuation notices. Hurricanes are an indicator that the climate keeps remaining the same, not changing as the climate cult keeps falsely claiming. If they had full control they'd send in the National Guard to bulild storm surge walls made of batteries. Yea, that's what they would do and claim it will provide unlimited power to everyone there not understanding physics nor electricity and shorting out of the batteries from the water. If climate was changing there would be less cool air from the North flowing to the South, thus, fewer hurricanes. Every time there's a hurricane the cult exaclaims the sky is falling and even Chicken Little says that's stupid as there would be less hurricanes if the planet was on fire. Marketing pitch is used to get your energy.

Hurricanes are what Mother Nature uses to keep herself and the planet healthy. For example they bring massive surges of flooding and rain to cleanse. In the Florida one Ian of 9/28/2022 the Tampa Bay was pulled out to sea as the hurricane sucks up the water this purching is a cleansing of the bay that is necessary for the environment. Imagine if the climate cons could actually figure out how to stop them, the planet would not be healthy at all. All their claims of controlling climate are bogus nonsense sales pitch to sell you disabled energy.

Going Green

It means creating cash cows that fart out your money and the green energy ranchers then scoop it up to recycle it often storing it in their pensions.

How's that pension pipeline working out in Europe? They have since 2000 been going green by going pension, pouring your green into their portfolios and now with the Pre-War III in place and gas being cut off from Europe as it and other countries like the US keep lying about everything "crisis" the winter of 2022 is looking very cold.

The European grid connects 32 countries and 520 million consumers. Renewables are NOT DISPATCHABLE. Imagine running a dispatch center and the employees were disabled and NOT DISPATCHABLE. That is your green energy plan.

If liberals ran Florida.....

The hurricane that devastated Fort Meyers in October 2022 under the Republican run governorship of the USA's next president DeSantis who did not buy into the lies of medical marketing scam "covid" saw a key bridge be restored within a week after the hurricane subsided. If this was a woke governor the priority would be equity and it would take 10 years or more.

My car battery can power 1.999999 million homes!

Next board of supervisors meeting suggest building a nuclear reactor that only supplies energy to the grid when the wind blows.

When you understand reverse radiative forcing you see there is no blankets made of air

The Great CO2 Myth presentation with Patrick Moore who was once working with Greenpeace in the 1970's

IPCC purged the following site in 2018 that explained that it's impossible to predict the future regarding climate because it conflicts with their current propoganda push to control every aspect of our lives based on the fake ideas, this snapshot was from 2001 when there was more honesty, it's all been hijacked now

https://stopthesethings.files.wordpress.com/2022/10/nat-17.6.22.png The promises of covering the Earth with wind power exaggerates how many homes they can power

They always leave out how much power they provide and for how long. Most of the time it's only powering night lights, and sometimes some devices and a toaster. On this day the wind farms were not powering the washers and dryers and stoves or TV's and computers as the reliable power had to be turned on for stable generation of electricity like with natural gas peaing plants. On this day and many many others the reliable (not disabled) energy came to save the day again using Mother Nature's power packed natural & effecient clean fuels that are regenerated with it's core and can provide power until the year 230,250. There are many days like this, they never reach the capacity of 100% and barely ever get to 20 the wind industry is worse than the Enron hustle. In fact at every turn now from the CV-19 FRAUD and the many big pHARMa and medical treat hustles that bill you for a product that has a ZERO absolute risk reduction rate and energy subsidy hustles to the GREED new deal hustle they are all so out of control now all we do is provide endless streams of all our energy to power all the hustles and then the hustlers claim this is saving energy.

LED lights are energy hogs, they are made of plastic which is made of oil and use up a lot of energy (fossil fuels) to manufacture and are filled with mercury so this is kinda funny how these climate idiots go babbling on and on about saving the planet while they make more plastic than ever and mine more toxic minerals that should be left in the ground. They should study Wizard Of Oz it's all right there, get a brain and find out who's behind the curtain pulling all the levers.

If only the Wind Hustle Industry Plantations (WHIP) could be hooked up directly to politicians plentiful supplies of hot air that keep blow harding constantly about Rainbow New Deals that take your $$$ energy from taxes and bills and feeds it to pension monsters and portfolio lizards then we'd have an endless energy supply that wouldn't cost you anything but since all their hot air is dependent on oil that puts them in a quandry when we look at the physics and analysis presented by those who are actual engineers and not sales pitchers and worthless politicians. Take a look at this chart showing how little energy is produced when there's no hot air blowing. These pitchers always say how many homes they will power but homes don't use power, they are made of stucco and wood or brick and mortor, it's the appliances and lights and devices that use power.

Arizona race for governor called winner as being Katie Hobbs a Democrat. Kari Lake was the TV news personality running against her in tight race. I don't like either and I think although there are SERIOUS SERIOUS problems with the Democrats platforms on face diaper Hijabing with Oxygen Deprivation Deviced (ODD) and their loony climate in the clouds approach to energy that's sucking all the oxygen out of the room and then they blame people fainting due to oxygen deprivation on a virus that does not exist, there was a serious EGO MANIA problem with Kari Lake. Just like Trump who stunned us with declaring WWIII on dangerous unicorns there was something maniacle about Kari that I did not like. So the scale tipped in a tight race, and Navajo County will have this green energy freak on their side as they destroy 82 square miles of Navajo County open space with Ugly Disgusting Putrid Energy Sucking Wind Plantation Energy Factories (UDPESWPEF).

Now the really bad news, Katie as part of the pHARMa complex side of things will declare another emergency in February as the FDA and CDC have now approved the garbage "corona" virus vaccines for kids as they corruptly added it to the schedule as the end of the experiment of this new technology forced on people ends January 31, 2023. Didn't TV news tell you that? I watched the 8 hours of FDA hearing end of 2020 yep that's when it ends, then all the hustlers (I call them Hustlecrats) will all be lock step just like all the politicians were with fake pandemic exercise measures that killed businesses for the only reason of them all stealing your energy (they call this pandemic preparedness to deal with viruses the science has NEVER PROVEN ANY VIRUS EXISTS). So get ready for the Comirnaty push and other new demics based on respiratory syndroms and see if anyone tells you what syndromes actually are in these polluted stream medias. Syndromes in disease are, wait are you sitting down, maybe you better grab a beer......

"Anything that's a syndrome is an unknown pathology" that's what was said at the start of this long presentation about SARS where the last S is Syndrome. AID Syndrome is UNKNOWN PATHOLOGY so where do all these Hustlers In Virology get off claiming they know the pathology? learn more

No virus has ever been proven to exist, it's a HUSTLE!  CoV-19 does not exist  they developed "a test" without having any virus proof! what the hustle is going on?

"Every institution has failed to provide or cite even 1 record describing the isolation aka purification of the alleged "COVID-19 virus" directly from a patient sample that was not first adulterated with other sources of genetic material. (Those other sources are typically monkey kidney aka "Vero" cells and fetal bovine serum)." full documentation here by Christine Massey who compiled so far 211 Freedom Of Information Request responses from institutions world wide asking to provide PROOF of isolation of any virus and they cannot provide any WHICH NOW HAS LED TO A criminal trial in Ontario against all who orchestrated the pandemic fraud event Nobody Anywhere On Earth Had OR Caught OR Got CoV-19 (NOAEHOCOGC). Chris Sky points out the PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING in Canada they are bringing back the scams of wearing hijad face diapers to falsely protect others while cutting off your oxygen supply it's all evil.

If politicians and health care systems cared they would instead of hunting viruses that do not exist which expends trillions of dollars each year including the endless scams of testing that find nothing, they would instead channel that money into buying everyone homes and installing in each home fire extinguishers and masks that actually filter out small particles (surgical masks do not) for safety. Here we read of an elderly couple who died not even of the fire but of the smoke. Congress could care less. They have their stocks and retirement to prioritize as they pay close attention to what they vote on how they benefit most as well as their ideologies that make them feel good about themselves like superheroes. The testing with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is used to simulate a pandemic. 4 year old used to push the panvaxdemic blood stream pollution devices sadly dies from pneumonia wasn't that shot supposed to protect from that? World Economic Forum GREED bozos plan on technology that does not exist to track everyone's fake carbon footprints which DO NOT EXIST. I wrote about fake carbon footprints here.

COVID-19 is a medical marketing fraud that was used to introduce new anti-viral new genetic engineering treatment technology without long term safety study. It's a scam and as usual they are all in this together to keep......

milkin' you!

In 2019 Fauci and friends such as Michael Specter Staff Writer for The New Yorker and Rick Bright of Health and Human Services (HHS) were talking about how to get the public to accept a new genetic modifying organism (GMO) technology to replace flu shots. watch them discuss this here

They were frustrated with the resistance of people to get what is basically
injections of anti-freeze and polyester pants "for their health" as more people have become aware over the years that vaccines DO NOT WORK so they said they needed to "blow the system up" and "create an element of excitement" to motivate people (create a panic) and that is how the corona virus fraud started some months after their discussion.

And as the fraud is become so well understood now even the Pfizer CEO claims he was hoodwinked but we know they are all in this hustle together.

Watch them discuss this here

More Milkin!

California Air Resources Bureaucracy (CARB) votes to ban by 2030 all natural gas heaters in homes. This is such a farce as they use natural gas to make 95% of their electricity and always will unless they go nuclear and electricity is many times more expensive and conversion from natural gas to electric wastes energy. Physics has always proven that the direct use of natural gas for heat is the most efficient use but boards that have pensions and investments in mind and fancy buildings and lavish salaries have to prioritize their needs first while claiming it's about the environment, that's their scam always as carbon dioxide in the air is not a threat. It's interesting to note that CARB spent multi millions on their new building. All these bureaucracies need to go the way of the dodo.

Delusional Nancy Pelosi preaches to the crowd at a NYC festival about climate and gets booed

The Climate Cons want you to believe they can stop this, storm surges that destroy homes as seen in Fiona storm in Nova Scotia, by installing the planet with wind spinners of energy hell.

Chris Bowen "energy and climate change minister" fast talker slick sleasy hustling salesman makes promises to build pipeline to your dollar energy calling it an undersea cable.

Canada now has a fantastic new choice of parties to vote for as the Independence Party welcomes Artur Pawlowski as their leader

Patrick Bet-David interview with Dr. Tom Cowan author of the book "The Contagion Myth"

The new premiere of Alberta is the first public official anywhere in the galaxy to publicly COME OUT and APOLOGIZE for disrespecting, marginalizing, discriminating against those who were NOT STUPID and saw right through the medical markeing SCAM OF COVID-19 and never accepted injections of Fauci schmooze.

More on these matters & other intertaining stuff at
i M O V I E S

Save the planet from those trying to save the planet

Hunga Tonga & Hunga Ha'apai -These two small 'islands' in the South Pacific were actually opposite sides of an underwater caldera ridge that were peeking a couple hundred feet above the water. Starting in 2015 underwater eruptions lifted the caldera so much that the 'islands' were NOW tied together by a substantial land mass. January 15 2022 a 15 megaton eruption obliterated it all. The umbrella cloud consisting of Dust, Ash, CO2, and sulfuric acid expanded to a 300 mi diameter, and up to 19 miles high, in a matter of hours.

Since it was a substantial UNDERWATER eruption, the accompanying Hyper Steam Explosion elevated water vapor by at least 10% across the entire South Pacific ALMOST OVERNIGHT and was quickly carried by the Jet Stream. It was all captured by at least a dozen satellites and the videos are stunning. A VISIBLE shock-wave was recorded literally going completely around the world and was HEARD as far away as Alaska. THIS ONE EVENT WILL DRAMATICALLY DISRUPT WEATHER PATTERNS FOR AT LEAST THE NEXT FIVE YEARS. Man made Climate Change IS A TOTAL LIE.

Chevelon Canyon Ranch property owners are fighting against 82 SQUARE MILES of wind turbines and many miles of solar panels
82 square miles is like covering all of San Francisco twice!

A lot of this cash cow money goes to the ultra rich billionaire Tom Seyer (and many others) who lives there free of this greed energy blight who certainly will never see these junk energy systems mucking up his views of the San Francisco Bay area and other portfolioists. Meanwhile if you look at the streets there you see none of these billionaires do anything to build homes for the many living in tents on sidewalks, no, they use your money to build movie sets to present the illusion of creating free clean energy so that you don't notice your $ energy flowing through these pipelines that feed directly to them. The drive past these ugly monstrocities from Route 377 after these are built will be 10 miles of wind turbines on Hutch Road! This area is like the old west extremely rural, there's not even any power lines to the homes there and it's insane they are building this and no one there will get power! Billion$ spent and they get no electricity. There will be homes 1 mile away from this massive 82 square mile project with no power! How are they going to charge their electric horses???
Wind Turbine Factory (WTF) industrialization plopped down all around the Chevelon Canyon and Ranch area in Navajo County. Residents are upset that yet another giant wind farm now to their East will feature 104 count of 820 foot tall windscrapers skyscrapers, they are literally SKY SCRAPERS with spinning sky scraping blades and flashing red lights all night long and destruction of pristine views they voiced their opposition while as expected the Navajo County Board of Supervisors rubber stamped the entire billion dollar project as they are all in this together while doing nothing to provide electricity to the rural parcels that will be affected by this energy dump site as it uses your constant flow of your tax dollar energy.

article archived here

minutes of Navajo County BOS meeting 9/13/2022
presentation by the county here includes photos of the project locations with misrepresentation of how the ugly wind turbines will appear SUP 22-007 click on image for large and click here to see how bad they will look at night. They never show how they really look instead blending them in with the sky or haze, imagine them standing out in white like the stripes in this image below for a more accurate visual or go here to see some more accurate comparisons at STOP Chevelon Butte Wind


It all sarted a few years back when a special use permit was approved for
49 square miles of chaotic power production wind farming at Chevelon Butte at Chevelon Canyon in Arizona. This is not saving the planet it's only making certain people very rich using your green $$$$ energy and there's more of this greed energy coming!

The developers disingenuously present "simulation" pictures of how they might look but they never really show how they stand out. This photo should have the turbines look about as white as the dotted lines on the top that your county signed away gleefully seeing nothing but $$$ $igns rather than the realities of how these systems are inefficient and net losses of energy

make it bigger

this next one is at Lx Ranch Road at Angel Light Lane

make it bigger

Here's how they really look from 4 miles away at Palm Springs they are bright white sticks. At night this is flashing red lights and look awful.

Energy delivery got caught in an Uglifying Planet Stream (UPS) of ruining landscapes LEARN MORE

Watch how they keep the planes safe while doing nothing to keep the birds and bats safe from being chopped up as they destroy also the serenity of pitch black skies changing horizons into endlessly blink flashing bright red (which uses energy) thus causing us to have to waste even more energy to drive further away to recharge CLICK THERE

Arial view map of planned location on 82 square miles! If you look to the left all those small boxes are parcels in Chevelon Canyon Ranch, each is about 40 acres!

make it bigger

This wind farm MASSIVE ENERGY FACTORY that hardly produces any energy will cover 82 square miles! 104 turbines 820 whopping skyscraper feet high approved for Chevelon Canyon near Holbrook spread out over 52,500 acres see archive of meeting agenda here look at how it dwarfs the ranch to the left those are 40 acre parcels each where you see the pin points in red and no one there will get any power!!!!

Navajo County
Board of Supervisors

Public Meeting


Letter to Arizona Game & Fish Department as seen in the NCBOS presentation page 19 states the project "would include" not "will include" radar activated Annoying Red Flashing Lights All Night Long (ARFLANL) this is important to understand that these greed energy hustlers always present that they would add these lighting systems that are off more of the time and only come on when aircraft approaches BUT this is only if the FAA allows it and like with the project in North Dakota (or was it South Dakota) the FAA kept denying it so it's very likely the FAA will not allow it here. This use of the term "would" is a legal protective of the seller marketing trick often used to deceive those who would and will find flashing red lights on all night long very objectionable and destructive to their peaceful dark night skies they enjoy out there. There is no guarantee these radar systems would be approved by the FAA.

West Camp Wind Farm greed energy hell map shows it to be placed directly north of Hutch Road at Chevelon Canyon Ranch

AES is the corporate greed system that is putting this destructive project together to ruin the dark skies out there at Chevelon Canyon Ranch and so what's so egregious is their website shows dark skies and wind turbines without annoying red flashing lights

make it bigger

The company AES boasts the project will create 30 regular jobs but does not tell us that the reliable efficient and clean COAL power plant that was closed in that area of Coconino County which had a footprint of about one square mile had regular 265 jobs nor do the BOS make this comparison as they are all in this cash cow that feeds pensions and portfolios together.

Solar is going in also on the north side closer toward Interstate 40. When solar is put on the grids often the energy cannot be used, it's either burned up by wind farms so they look like they are creating energy, or just shut off as the grid often cannot use it look here is how the northern part of Chevelon Canyon Ranch ares will be looking with solar panels and notice how it changes patterns of travel for wildlife and people in areas where we can recharge when the landscapes are considered to be important.

We also don't hear about how the Navajo Tribe mines coal and sells it to China which burns it like crazy to manufacture the world's products.

In the August 9, 2022 Board of Supervisors meeting for Navajo County the minutes state that District 3 Supervisor Jason Whiting "talked about the beauty of Navajo County in the different areas" so we wonder how beautiful he thinks this greed energy project will be on Hutch Road that he benefits from financially through investments and pensions and perks while no one out there gets any electric power lines brought to their properties. Even the tribe got free install of power lines when for publicity power companies from all over were brought there. Something is very inequitable here.

GREED ENERGY systems are direct pipelines to your cash they do not save the planet they save portfolios for example Arizona has some that feed Canadian Pension Funds!

subsidies for rooftop solar systems transfer wealth upward to the wealthy, THEY ARE PIPELINES TO YOUR GREEN DOLLAR ENERGY

learn how drug companies and Fauci are
Milkin' you


wind and solar farms suck your energy and feed it to pensions and portfolios