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9.3 acres in Morongo Valley price drop $34,000 what a fantastic spot near the hills tucked down into a rural canyon this area is just up the hill from Palm Springs and 10 degrees cooler yet you can walk to local village shops

$700 per acre Arizona mountains, cool summers outside Phoenix by about 2.5 hours very rural off grid 40 acre parcel

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homes in Arizona come with fabulous sunsets

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Phoenix homes by HomePath is a government "clearing house" of extra homes that the government obtained many through foreclosures. As the 2008 property crash winds down the inventory on this site has dwindled especially in high demand areas like California. During that crash you could get a home near Palm Springs for $35,000. Now you are lucky to find one for $200,000. Once again I missed out while all the people with money made gobs more of it by getting into this greedy flipping craze once again. These things crash eventually. Prices have soared way too high. Buyer beware. These areas that soared are topping out. Long term your investement is likely a good thing for you if you want to live in a home and stay a while. There are other areas in the country that have homes at rock bottom. Southern California has soared so just be a bit more careful these days. 

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The Desert View

There are no homeless in Africa's Acacus mountains & desert تدرارت أكاكوس‎  Tadrart Akakus.

image credit Christina Nöbauer

 There is a stark contrast in the United States of America, a very wealthy nation, where we have countless homeless. In many parts of the world people build homes and survive. In the USA politicians who always claim to have all the answers to all the problems do not allow homes like this to be built, thus, people end up living on sidewalks and alleys and are constantly shuffled around. The problem never gets fixed and many of those on the streets turn to drugs to get through another day of hell.

So much time and energy is wasted. Windmills will not fix this either.

Meanwhile more and more of them have more than one home and stay in other people's homes that become vacation rentals thus diminishing supply. A country cannot effectively believe it is "great" when it allows it's people to suffer without shelter.

In full consideration of this situation I would like to propose a solution to the homeless problem in the United States. Agents offer 1% of their commission to place in fund that fixes this problem. If we will not allow huts to be built down the street from us because "they affect property values" then those values that soar must be in part given back to human beings that are being literally thrown to the streets.

I will feature prominently any agent who will do this here on for free. As homelessness in big cities soars as Los Angeles reports 16,000 people now live in vehicles.

As millions more millionaires are created throughout the world by job killing robots and tech and the rich are getting richer exponentially and people are catering to them by offering up their homes on Airbnb available rentals have almost disappeared. This is hardly the society we want is it? When you consider buying a home consider it also a way to home others. Habitat For Humanity has been doing this for decades and I recently discovered they have thrift shops where you can donate and buy. I decided to start shopping there now rather than at other thrift shops as a 1st choice. Many places offer services that do help people like those that assist the disabled by giving them rides on horses or other fantastic luxuries, all of whom have homes already as the homelessness is a very serious crisis now and takes precedence over such luxury. I hope you will consider doing the same.

Meanwhile we have more multi millionaires who are investing in things that they expect will help them make even more money. One project is Tyson Ranch in Desert Hot Springs which is supposed to be a 420 acre resort for pot smokers. Note the choice of acreage sizing. It's planned location is next to the 10 freeway on the north side. There was a groundbreaking ceremony and articles abound touting it's glamor but I don't see how what they have planned can work out. The sand blows fierce there in this exact location many times through out the year. Resorts in Palm Springs just 5 miles away are sheltered by the mountain, that is exactly why resorts have popped up all over the base of the mountain going 35 miles to the south, not here. The zone at the freeway is referred to by the locals as a "wind tunnel" as the winds whip up pretty fierce through the pass. The only things that survived here are some industrial parks, storage, motel and gas stations right off the freeway exit. Even the street signs get blown off regularly in this spot it's horrible at times. I think someone was 420ing something when they came up with this idea which to me is hype and not sound. The city council is all grandstanding along with it. For ground breaking they had a stage and a "music festival". With winds that regularly kick up there I don't see how this could be a good location. Desert Hot Springs was scammed in the past for 1/4 of a million dollars by a festival promoter who promised the stars. He  called his business "Tresed Ventures". It's desert spelled backwards. Get it. He played them big. Not one of the 5 on council, nor the attorney, none of them figured out they were being played until I pointed this out. None of them even read the contract that stated in writing the promoter was not even required to put the thing on. Backwards Desert Ventures. He ran with $250,000 never to be heard from again. And we still have a homeless problem, gee how could that happen? That money would have bought 7 homes during the market crash. Politicians never fix this problem as they are always shooting for the stars. Time for this to change. Seek out and support all those groups who are fixing this problem.



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Desert Hot Springs is planning a development at State Highway 62


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