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Mode RNA medi SIN wants us on a "Subscription Model of Constant Vaccines"

pHarma will sell this as saving the government billions when it's really about endless shifting of billions to their portfolios. Didn't they tell you vaccines are a fraud.

 Louis Pasteur torturer of animals. Rabies fraud. Symptoms of poison. That could even be food poisoning. Peggy Hall talked about this matter.

The stupid shot didn't work as they never do as they are chemical waste as these companies and politicians promised so what will people do they will go back to the a.faucidae variants and Centerd Delusion Controls and expect different results as they say "what do we do next master".

The girl goes to the internet for help. She needs help.

China is already at war with the USA is the insane statement repeated over and over again. The USA is their best customer. Everything made in China not the US. It is simply not possible. China makes statements. So do other politicians. That doesn't mean it's true. Read between the lies.

The Liberty Daily is big in the spikey scam headlines read stockpile McSpike's products made of secret herbs & spices. I'll go to KFC thanks. More protein for your bux. Supports my response system.

avoid those like the plague

Promotes natural immunity with his product. That's not natural and immunity does not exist nor do any form of virus. Moms on a mission invite Peety to talk and wipe away the hysteria while piling on the lies of man made unicorns to be concerned about as being a danger to our lives unless we buy his miracle immune provider package.

TRUMP is the biggest fraud and con. He says he thinks he's gonna winincourt. Then says the system is corrupt. That would be the system where he wins where if it was corrupt he would not win. That either means the system works or the system works and it's not corrupt. A corrupt legal system is like in the third world countries where there is no trials. This is why we cannot stand TRUMP and is a bad leader. We will NEVER EVER give him the corrupt vote even if he's in running to be a corrupt secretary that doesn't even take corrupt shorthand. Help the Fund-a-Mentalist Christians understand this will you please.

pHarma built a bridge that was safe and effective only when there is no wind. Their design and testing departments are like they hire technicians that will make you stop your car so rather than manufacture new brakes from virgin oil and minerals and steel, they pull brakes from a junkyard, sell them as safe and effective and say they will stop your car at least some of the time. That's how bad their injectible chemical rape shots are. Why would anyone let chemical companies rape them.


They had one job, to save the cat's life. They failed miserably. It ended up landing on it's feet. Don't they know this. How much tax payer's money was used. Look at all the failed responders that were there. Watch how bad they failed. One job to do. Notice the white cat on the pole right below the top responder's feet. I say top because he was merely on a roof above not top as in saving one of cat's 9 lives.

At the award's ceremony the presenter will of course say how they safely and effectively saved all 9 lives. To be clear we would call this failed feat not an attempt to save the cat's life, we would call it an attempt at retreiving the cat who might have fallen on someone elses feet feet first as they almost always do where the spring in their step always cushions their fall. The term "saving lives" is terribly over used. Humans have 66.6 lives. pHarma cysts will regurgitate the claim that they saved lives with chemical rape infusions yet never mention this many lives thing.

Democrats and their loony quest to rid the world of wearing protection on one's belt can be demonstrated with a simple example of a story about a beaver dam and BOY scouts not girl scouts or cutting cult scouts BOY scouts saving the life of one of their BOY scout troopers that was swimming too close to the dam and was violently attacked like doctors do when they see foreskin as they see it as a threat. Animals don't know better. Doctors and that whole industry should know better. The troops were there and stoned the beaver to death as that was all they could do. They dialed 911 and it was not available, would have taken too long anyway and of course it was a gun free zone. And of course ethical treatment of animal experts rushed in and then Democrats banned sticks and stones that as a kid they never learned that nursery rhyme they just learned about anal sex starting at 1st grade when most of us adults in the room learned the difference between what an ass is and what an ass hole is. The ass is the horse like creature and the ass hole is like a fox hole but much bigger. Sometimes people are stupid and fall into these ass holes.

The boy suffered immense cuts and damage after coming out of the water with beaver still attached bites everywhere. How long did the stoning take to put the viscious animal down. Had the scouts had guns it would have been killed quick. How many stones hit the BOY scout. How many protected spieces of bugs were killed. Dodocrats do not care about such facts. They are all in their delusional wonderland of freeing carbon from it's shackles. Wonderland is a movie. It's a street in Laurel Canyon! See what happened there and how big that horse was that follwed the donkey to water as down the hill people were busy making movies to entertain the world.

The wind turbines are marching in unified war on the countrysides world wide. The latest invasion: "This is the Cabrach, a breathtaking swathe of moorland north of the Cairngorms, where a scattered local community of fewer than 100 feels overwhelmed and appalled by the onward march of turbines." It's Scotland's whisky country. Gorgeous lands destroyed by handicapped disabled unreliable trickle energy that sucks more than it ever can produce. They are destroying the planet as are the systems that grant absentee landowners so much military force. "By the time, people say, ‘Hold on, how did we allow this to happen?’ all the participants will have cashed their pensions. It is a national scandal that will be recognised as damage done, which needn’t have been done, given the return."

 LOL look at this fake space floaty shit. WATCH


Notice in the footage from June 3, 1966 how the fake Earth rotates in a circular disk. The perspective is off. It's like they are going in a circle on a flat stage set. It shows right there this was staged on Earth in a studio. This was prior to the fake moon landings. It's priming the pump like what they did with Kovid on the runway.

Jim Fetzer and Gary King discuss this and many current events.

Better view of the plane we live on. The sun is a series of high tech lenses NOT 93 million miles away. Or maybe it is but not a ball but simply the entirety of space is the sun and the lenses above concentrate it's light like a magnifier.

More on solar analemma WATCH

Here's a real "satellite" image from "space". We all have space for new understandings. Here's what space theater presents.

1982 CBS news STORY primes the public with fear of global warming and Florida underwater and look who's there scam artist Al Gore with trademark smirks and priming that we need more research and look what happened in 42 years after, wind farms and solar farms destroying the planet and who would have thunk electric cars would make a comeback after 120 years that are now entering their phase of decline as they don't save energy and are junk.

"Poor" woman from Equador says she had nothing there. Asked how she got here. Paid $23,000 to Wile E. Coyote. Message she says to anyone that wants to come to NYC is don't come everything is a lie. ROFL. How do we know this isn't staged by the Republicans. We don't. She's got that lie thing right.

Kovid-19 does not exist. Hospital patients had the same old life ending diseases. In hospice care and the hospitals the grubbers relabeled their old fashioned causes of disease as the new fraud flu fake virus money grubbing scam as the cause. It's all corrupt from the top down. It doesn't have to bee that way we the people got led by the nose into this Horseshit In Virology believing these cult leaders. Who would trust their doctor and hospital after that. They still routinely amputate part of healthy baby boy's dicks for the same reasons GREED or are they stupid. Greed systems also amputate good open spaces that Mother Nature birthed in it's own image. Why does man have to always change everything to fit some other image. Why is any hospital offered protection from harm while they harm and remove protection from baby men. See the dislogic there. Be a good parent and offer your child protection from that harm.

Chemicals Of Waste Injection Rape (COWIR)

Why don't institutions have proof that pathogens "cause disease". All we ever hear and read is that they "cause disease". What the hell. Why are they all responding to Freedom Of Information Requests saying they have no records showing proof. What the hell is going on if they don't have proof. Scam that's what's going on.

THE/SCIENCE also brought you by pHarma chemical injection sites to dispose of chemical waste and keep you scared of the many colorful illusions presented as real on TV. At that time the illusions were only black and white like the sex lives of those who THE/SCIENCE hacked off a huge section of skin off baby men for fun and profit using lies that God made man in some other image.

The bee farmer in New Zealand burned the bees. Government orders to destroy stock. No compensation. David Knight covers this and other things like how goverment plays the confidence game on May 20, 2024. Keep believing the lies in the Hustles In Virology (HIV). It's based on the lies of preventing the spread. 2 weeks to burn the bees and slow the spread. It will never end if you comply. The dude complied due to his fear. America would not exist if the founders complied with Britain in the 1700's. How do we know that this isn't all yet another staged performance. Like with Cuomo now saying government never had the power to close businesses and is backtracking everything he ordered New Zealand is clearly in the prerevlolt period. In the show Dr. Spikey McCullough adds fake fuel to the lies of bird flu blaming it on lab leak nonsense. He's such a hustler. Humans don't get bird flu they don't get any flu, humans create human flu. Bird brains catch hustle flu. McCullough purposely keeps panicking people as he has his products to sell. Gain of function of viruses that do not exist in nature is a fraud. He's not stupid he knows this. McCullough is a cardiologist not a virologist so he just babbles what his handlers in the AMA and THE/SCIENCE tells him, he refused any further discussion with biostatistician Christine Massey who asked him for proof of any virus being isolated from the junkyard of body fluids to prove it's not just a marketing construct to sell drugs he walked away and since just calls people who are saying viruses do not exist as maybe being paid by pHarma to lie, which is a stupid claim. Judy Mikovitz talks in the show about chicken eggs and how every flu shot before Kovid was made using chicken eggs to purposely create the pathogen, inject it in they animal or human to purposely infect so that the body responds, that is the basis of vaccines TO FUCK YOU WITH THE INFECTION with the putrid claim that it makes you healthy. McCullough has stated CDC is mostly ok. I'd like him to stand on the graves of all my dead friends who these drug dealers gave my friends KILLER/AZT aids drugs to them with lies that they would die without them and say to my friends "Fauci loves you" and he believes in tough love that's why they are there, poisoning people is part of his and his friends sheming many who hate gays. McCullough comes off as a cute little boy. Look closely though you can spot the mean lying disingenuous side to this man. Avoid virus pushing excrement flu. Cover your ears in condoms, filter your eyes from media Horseshit In Virology (HIV). Here's some of the others that prance around in medias everywhere telling people the virus is real with NO PROOF of their stupid con game assertions. David Knight also talks about Planned Parenthood owning intellectual property, owning aborted baby body parts. Hold hearings. Do nothing about it. Disgusting institutions. Funded by Fauci and Collins. On and on. Evil empires. When David covers this matter protect your eyes as suddenly shows a segment with graphic aborted babies. Watcher beware. "Artificial intelligence is a lie". It's artificial. It's not a lie. It's a fraud. A lie is a story. Oh he's right it's a lie. Virology is AI! It's artificial intelligence. It's a lie. I died from monkey pox. I got over it. Then I died of bird brain flu. I got over it.

An0maly interviews the Kovid warrior who kept his business open and didn't get sucked into the PAN demic and drug pushers lies of 2020 - 2023.

An0maly meets with Tony Roman who was one of the few real heros and intelligents that fought back and bucked the whole fraud and KEPT HIS ITALIAN RESTAURANT OPEN in Huntington Beach with no stupid Oxygen Deprivation Device (ODD) air filter requirements during the worst days of the brainwashing of the public and the incredible stupidity of governing manipulative goon$. Shows interview on CNN (Conniving News Nausea) with Andrew's brother.

 New York SARS/MAYOR named Andrew Cuomo tells a different story from what he said during the lockdowns claiming no one had to do it and that "government had no power to enforce the suggestion of science". What a big lying piece of shit. All these governing goons fell for the lie or knew exactly what evil they were doing terrifying the public to manipulate the hell out of them on a grand destructive scale. It's unforgivable and there's many hustlers trying to wriggle out of it now, blaming staff oversights, and all sorts of things. That's what liars do.


Meanwhile those sucked into fake news medias that lie for their masters of pHarma stirred up their armies to attack those who did not inject the Kool-Aid. CNN part of the problem. Shut off the brainwash box. Cases were a fraud. PCR tests are a fraud. THE/SCIENCE has known this for 40 years. Watch the interview hosted by An0maly.

There never was a PAN demic unless you mean the mythical God of PAN being in charge of this mischief of which he and CNN and sleasy governers are all involved in. Mentions that An0maly is doing a documentary "can't wait to see it".

Moon "landing" in gold lame covered Kindergarten tinker toy project parallax error. The cardboard boxes were brought up to the project set by the janitor. Did you think this went to the plasma Moon> Omg rofl.

There is a universal language that understands a scam when it sees it.

Funny story about man sayin stuff about women on the plane.

THE/SCIENCE is now scamming us on the concept of "self assembly". Ok THE/SCIENCE please show us how you self assemble a skyscraper then I will look into a few shreds of your shit science as it would apply to the Hustle In Virology that claims we have immune systems when clearly only these harma-p companies get immunity so their bank balance skyrockets exponentially.

Climate blocking road activists cause problems in Neremberg.

OMJ what is this horseshit. Why do people watch television.

Cases cases cases the only way to stop cases is cover them in chemical waste. Loony toons of shit news babble fests as they appeared in twenty twenty asssight and where did the people go. Drug pushers right there in your face welcomed into your home.

Ask the science how high exactly do we have to go to see the curve in the flat plane we live on. I think the answer is 8 beers and some psychadelics or just many hours of television and educational INSTITUTIONS that spread THE/SCIENCE.

Maybe this was shot with a fish eyeless lens. Yea that explains why we don't see any non existent curve.

The Kovid ship sank so what does the captain and his crew say to the paddling passengers treading water, "It's time to admit that the ship should not have sailed." That's the jist of what the putrid lying disgusting former ochestrator at the Controlled Delusion Center (CDC) said about admitting the vaccines were shit. Did he not have internet access. We knew Mr. Na killed the rats in testing and most people in the world got placebos. So what does the public do. It votes in Kennedy as that's the only man that did not hustle the world on that. Every other goverining slime climbed on board the hustle runway.

Does bird brain flu affect the brain of course it does flu is not just in your left pinkie or foot it is the entire body inclding the brain that's why bird brains will get it and hustlers will sell you spike management kids at a whopping $300 and spread the fear porn far and wide to profit. WATCh latest hustle from the spike guy. The fear is presented in the theme of "OMG there will be no food". Peter McCullough slathers his hustle vomit all over the "incredible research" claiming a little birdie told him bird brain flu comes from gain of function research, meaning "the science created a virus in a lab modifying nature's viruses" but the problem with all this porn is that nature hasn't created viruses to start with. It's all science hustle and fraud. The pornography of viruses having sex and multiplying then highjacking the vehicle we live in is absurd and a pack of lie$ and has been playing reruns for the last 100 years and especially since Kovid was on Project Runway wearing next years new fashion statement, a face mask in plaid. McCullough has been asked to provide Christine Massey with evicence of any virus exists. He did not and walked away from any further discussion, too busy with his porn. He like all evangelists and cults use some truths mixed in with a base of lies. Blabbering "disease X" which was apparently brought back on Elon Musk's Tesla in space when it highjacked the FakeX rocket that comes back from space in reverse and people actually belive it's real.

Dr. Jane Ruby wears tin foil hat today. More fear porn. Guest claims we are batteries the government can use. Bill Gates patent proves it's real ROFL. She nails some stuff down in some of her other shows. It's like some broadcasts are on drugs and some whent to an AA meeting.

McCullough is also the spike doctor claims cure for spike disease. He's a busy little boy. He writes or maybe his AI pal writes many papers on top of papers that were piled on papers and more papers based on papers that all ignore that viruses have never once in the history of scientific fraud been isolated to prove they exist as all these hustlers assert. Here's another that piles yet another paper on top with the same paper porn with claims it's now proven "the virus" escaped a laboratory. It only escapes from being an artifial construct as it's not possible for any virus to escape any lab as an object as most people believe, they are only computer code models called "in silico" who McCullough routinely hustles and only virus theories based on totally 100% junk science. Headlines of asserted without evidence of a conspiracy attract eyeballs unless it's a doctor calling out the actual conspiracy of virology one and many now who have been calling out this hustle for 4 years and even decades going back to the 1900's. He's part of the problem. Only some who dig around a bit beyond all the portfolio owned money generating fake news medias everywhere find mention of the actual conspiracy of hiding the absolute facts proving there is no virus. This is due to the deafening sound of all the cash registers and busy body chatter. This guy has mile high papers of credentials from all the institutions that play into this game of "viruses are real". Ask a simple question, if they are real, in body fluids, why can't we just sneeze and hand the doctor the tissue. The entire industry is full of shit that is why HIV has always stood for Hustle In Virology. They are all on the same cruise ship. Bon voyage.

I wouldn't trust this liar with sealing an envelope.

Fund-a-mentalist Christian church Calvary Chapel hosted Peter McSpikey who presents himself as savior who started his Kovid marketing career early on and hustles early home treatment saying "we can treat this" while he sells his unlimited wellness multi-level marketing kits. He perpetuates the lie that there's a new virus in town. Touts himself as truth teller never tells the truth about the foundational lie of viruses not existing. Starts with selling courage from the Wizard of Oz. See where this yellow brick road takes you. Behind the curtain is imaginary spike protein treatments.

It's very easy to fool people. See this magic trick. Trust THE/SCIENCE. It will tell you that based on observation the person actually scientifically disappeared. They use this same trick to tell you that the virus disappeared when they use their magic vaccine cloke in gold which represents all the gold they are hoarding. They also use this trick to tell you and get you to believe that the virus reappeared. To stage this act better the kid on the right should have been visible further down the steps to the kids on the left and showed the same expressions of astonishment which is exactly what television news and doctors and THE/SCIENCE does to get funding.

hOUSEcAt Flu the next deadly PAN the god of mischief demic.

Vote KENNEDY to get your life and your country back. WATCH.

Or do the same thing of voting the "lesser evil" over and over again while expecting to not once again get more evil.

Oil rig workers throwing the chain. WATCH and even add it as a ring tone.

At one time English was only USED on billiard balls. Now it's used as an assault on free Palestine.

 If the inclusionists delusionists bring back the DRIVE-IN how will they include those who don't have cars. Note the ad for concession stand food where the Standard American Diet (SAD) is a featured attraction to parasites and worms. Maybe visit Mels Drive-In to see a viruses perspective where it is baffled why people wear Oxygen Depriving Device (ODD) fabric over their breathing apparatus which is as stupid as designing a car that exhausts the air back into the engine compartment. In this view ad the Mels Drive-In the virus decides it's not going to drive-in to their lungs because it does not exist.

More liars. 2x shot in the leg. Story telling. Live drills. Greiving families traumatized and smiling every time. Long legs impossible. Psychological test dummies. Laughing smiling representatives of the most trusted professions on the Errth plane. Yes drills are real no one is denying that. 6 min gets into CHARACTER. Bad acting knodding exaggerated. That's what CHARACTERS do. WATCH how uncomfortable he gets not knowing how to ACT. Theresa May. Manchester. "Who's plans." Drills. Everything is fine. No need to panic. In covid it was "everyone panic do not move hover in fear in the corner any open space was a threat". Look at this widely distributed FAKE/NEWS photo. Notice any anomaly in the shadowing. You can literally see the sun position reflection in the far right photoshopped dude in his sunglasses. TNBLSB.

THE/SCIENCE also tells us that this photo shows 2 different shadows and is not showing two suns. THE/SCIENCE says it is misleading to say that it's "photoshopped" as THE/SCIENCE tells us the three men on the left are tilted to the right the guy on the right is tilted to the left and thus the sun is beaming down on them as it should correctly.

Trust THE/SCIENCE like we did with HIV/AIDS lies ROFL that's pretty stupid to ever trust THE/SCIENCE by it's nature it's all over the map all science is. Yea let's keep going to FAKE/NEWS over and over again to get the truth and expect different results, that is the definition of insanity and delusion.

Minnesota jail ordered to paint over the ten commandments excerpt of the Fundamental Indoctrination Bible (FIB) because of one little dog that pissed on it which led to 20 little dogs pissing on that exerpt. Christians all have their feelings hurt again as they piss on others feelings repeatedly and by order of their false gods claim they are not being treated fairly and equitably as they lavish their churches with piles of cash to piss on the gay community and Cuttingsexual community victims that had their beanie cut off which oddly the FIB is both a part of both communities as it's written all over their bibles about the sick evil practice of slicing off part of man hood for salvation or some other sick ritual. Satan never did that nor did he order his followers to cut off body parts to please him. Many Christians are anti LGBTQ+C yet they fail to realize they are the C-ers.

Body modification on babies is sick. It's pretty mean to bodily modify baby men into transexuals at birth.

Transsexual procedure done on the males who were not born in God's perfect image. God does not have all that protective phallus skin to protect the head from rubbing on pants all day as He doesn't wear pants so the doctors and religious freaks think it's their job to make man into transexuals in the perfect image of God as He is.

What's missing there I can't put my finger on it oh this, they should add the transgender flag as tattoo so there is no confusion as to what they just did to this innocent child that grows up into a man and says one day "what the fuck is that scar, what did they do to my dick, why can't I experience sex in color".

50 year lease for energy wastefull solar panels made in communist China where the energy bulls are running amok in the china shoppe. It's so lovely how America supports communism so diligently now shifting all our industry to there so they benefit the most TRANS forms Mother Nature's natural sexual expression of natures bounty of farming wonderland to industrial mess once again ruining the landscape as all the delusional disabled energy illusionists remain lost in their matrix of fake saving the planet. The farmer with 12,000 acres put in massive solar farm no permits needed. 1/3 of his land. Now it creates dust for neighbors besides a trickle of electricity sometimes only occasionally used by the grid. It's about subsidies baby. These are not farms they are industrialist portfolio filling junkyards. Stop calling them solar farms as if they sprout energy like farms sprout real life giving energy they are nothing of the sort. They steal energy. They take it from the natural cooling breezes and only occasionally turn it into electricity which sometimes is dumped and not used by residents. They promise the moon and only deliver plasma.

Injections of chemical waste products are causing paralysis in dogs. Time to stop this shit. I will never be used by these monsters in medi SIN ever again. Vaccines are a total fraud. Viruses do not exist.

Look at this report on dogs hind legs going limp. This is so sad and pHarma could fucking care less. Are vets clueless on this. This is not the world we want of poisoning our pets with vaccines. Many of us have witnessed this first hand with out beloved friends. Do not comply with these vaccine hustlers demands. The people behind this poison injection scheme are psychopaths and fascist. Stop funding them. Show me the virus. The California Department of PublicHealth (note the squashed publichealth gives it new legal meaning thus avoiding responsibility for it's lies) has no proof of any virus existing.

If you ever mistakenly get food poisoning (spoiled and rotten food) and need to induce vomiting to get it the hell out for your health you might maybe use this video of the a.Faucidae strain of poison vomiting all over the public his lies, it will make you so sick you will vomit out all the other poison. The cult leader here talks about erosion of public trust as if it's a problem for them. Yea cults do that. We who are free celebrate the erosion of public trust in the a.Faudidae strain of massive amounts of junk science as it calls it a plague. "Bill Gates and I put no chips in the Kovid vaccine" the leader states with a smirk where we might note that smirk science research deserves much more funding than studying dangerous unicorns. Audience laughs. That's how cult leaders operate on you. Picks out one thing it knows the majority of the audience will think is laughable conspiracy then pours in all it's other poison into their minds. Then it goes to "vitally important childhood immunizations". These cults don't explain that immune systems do not exist except for pharmaceutical companies of which he benefits in it's legal immune systems and it enjoys it's conflict of interest donuts every morning with coffee as it sits on it's throne only they have immunity from harm as it was given them to congress in the 1980's, pHARMa does no harm to it's portfolios ever. The gay community and the puppeteers behind them created this mess. It's very sad. The public has been duped for decades, even the past 100 years.

Has modern A medi SIN cured flatulence yet with a pill or vaccine, I mean cure it so it does not come back. I didn't think so. So where the HELLth does anyone get off trusting these traveling side shows mostly no appearing on TV claiming that at the speed of light they discovered a new virus that is more deadly than ever and the only way to fix it is to be part of a big experiment to introduce completely different flu shot "smart technology". Good luck with that. Oh it didn't work out that well. If any virus existed it would be no differen than finding a different strain of human. These Hustlers In Virology (HIV) are basically getting people to believe a new mutant strain of human came from a lab in China that escaped and has super human powers to destroy all life. Virology is no different than those movies on DVD showing that fantasy.

Actors talk out of both sides of their assets. Redfield is on bullshitting tour again. Now he says there was lack of transparency, when he was in the orchestration pit as director. Scum. A lot of them are on this bandwagon now.

Playing a role now of savior yet again who sees what whent wrong, "vaccines saved lives" claim is bullshit no proof of that, never once told the public how many PLACEBOS of salt water were part of fake saving lives, it was an experiment to push new flu shots that Bayer CEO said NO ONE would have accepted manipulation by THE/SCIENCE of genetics without someone creating a panic and that someone was Fauci and friends in CDC and all those hustle agencies. The hustle of these players is so incredibly immense people even think now that the problem was a "lab leak". There is nothing to leak, it's make believe, there are no viruses, official agencies admit it in writing, never isolated. Isolation of an object claimed to be a threat to life is rather important to show that it actually exists is important they never do this. Alex Jones is also part of the problem preaches spike protein like McCullough, there is no proof of any virus or a protein with spikes.

Here's another hustler. Presents himself as if he's not making a bundle off his lies. Claims it's good to use virus insecticides shooting them up kids noses to kill viruses never proven to exist, he takes about this during the Kovid years. Sells his multi-level marketing kits to kill the spike protein that does not exist and is not even a living thing if it did exist. Liars liars everywhere.

Governing committee that included Ayok and others erupts in chaos in the "free" country acronym leader of the world of fake free speech the congress goons cannot deal with being calling not intelligent. Hundreds of man hours go by and they still don't get their priorities straight or gay. All words should just be banned as well as sentences and pro nouns and ad verbs. I'm beginning to think after watching this display May 16, 2024 that they make it there because their families couldn't stand the arguing anymore on how to make breakfast and days went by and no one in the family was able to eat and finally said "Honey you would do so much good for the country arguing in congress" just to get them the hell out of the house so they end up in the People's House. Gee thanks mom. At the end the staff was in charge to "figure things out". Whatta joke.

Newer new portrait of King Charles unveiled in Buckingham's Palace. This one is GREAT! Fit for any palace.

Brazil under water from flooding by viruses. Each gallon of water contains 666 trillion zillion billion million viruses so they declared an actual emergency one that is valid not because of all the dangerous unicorns in the water but because all that water is an absolute provable problem. If the a.Faucidae strain of mismaldis governing and painting lines in the sand at the sea shore as a child would do to make shure his dog would not fall into the water and was in charge he'd ban water and make sure all water was vaccinated to create immunity to water literally that is how his sneaky little conniving mind works. THE/SCIENCE has studied this for 42 years. In the Unintact States of Asinine Governing (USOAG) they declare an emergency any time they don't see anything happening and need money. San Francisco CALIFORNIA was a model city at that. Declared emergency every 2 weeks even after AIDS emergency ended and may be doing this still to this day. Had the public realized this when this was called out 28 years ago the public would have never fell for this Kovid fraud.

Government admits gain of portfolio research to create what they now call "Wuhan flu". This MODELS on Project Runaway Spanish flu which did not infect buildings in Spain or the ground there. Cities do not acquire dieases they are not human. This should be first clue but people don't get it they just trust their cult leader. Kovids can get flu. When they fall off runways in their face mask then people rush around to say "I caught Kovid".

Q: can bird flu jump to humans.

A: no flu can jump it is permanently attached to a body. If any scientist or governing con says it jumps have Toto come pull back the curtain. I know he's getting tired but we need the little doggie on this once again.

Best news ever. Victoria's secret fashion show is back after 6 years of hiding from the cuttingsexual mob. I don't see what's so appealing. Must be a gay thing.

Why would I wear this instead of a sexy jock strap.

Free speecher told he can't speak freely in Vegas city council meeting dragged out. Said booty is probably why but why. Tis' a war term. Soldiers brought back some booty. They show off spoils of war. Why does governing have such uptight rules about words. Where's that protocol dictionary for the public. Not even a list of words not allowed on the 666 trillion governing websites. That's maybe because it's a "free" speech country. Can't charge for words.

Would any of these media dumfux that scream race ism be saying that if Russians were invading.

Del Bigtree show "Bad Medicine". Medi SIN.

Multi billion $$$ handicapped selfish energy fraud crashes and burns. Tesla thick copper cables all cut off. No where to charge that car. How many more of these charging stations will be erected you say to fake save us praise Satan. How many homes could have been provided for the homeless instead of making toys.

A half naked (confirmed) Chris Sky or full naked (not confirmed) says he/she is in Greece when he/she arrived felt an evil entity. Tells story.

Ok what's the game now. Talks to religious folk who also beeleeve. Sees manifestations. Alcohol and drugs maybe or new gig. Why does this dude always show his warrior tattoos and muscles. Chris promises he will be an exorcist. ROFL. No business like show busine$$. The Kovid show is over so new gig. Big audience of Jesus freaks. Jesus was an invention of the Roman Empire used to keep people from overthrowing it. You thought it fell. Hahahahaha.

US surgeon general what ever the fuck that drama department is in 1955 said no vaccine can be proven safe and effective for children. What changed since then, no vaccine maufacturer distributor or participant in their injection schemes is liable for harm. ABOMINATION

During the AIDS/DAZE of the 1980's the SG of that vintage era said poison AZT drug which kills rats was fake safe and banned from use in humans as a chemical therapy drug for cancer as it killed every rat tested was magically in the 1980's AIDS/DAZE a new and glorious drug for those with imaginary viruses, and I watched my friends get sucked into that cult and die. They drank the Kool-Aid. They didn't call it rat poison then as it was used on people but if it killed the rats that's what it is. People loved that general of the con federal war on the gay plague headed mostly by pHarm a they presented as a threat to humanity like we saw this game of their play out in 2020 with many added touches of totalitarism and fascionism as he looked like Santa Clause, and his presents simply warmed hearts. The subconscious mind could not even consider such a gift giver extrordinaire doing anything evil or erroneous. 

Volvo tests smart car using stupid people. Apparently they are experts in science. This makes it clear why they want TicTok banned and why we need PERTS not ex PERTS.

Really now think about this after watching this clip, these are the scientists that design and test your cars and you TRUST them. They are just like those in fake news media vomiting out all their lovely reports on viruses that do not exist all over you and you rush to get in long lines at the drive-ins to see the medical theater in action live driving their poisons right into you just like this smart piece of crap car that was supposed to stop driving into you and the same smart politicians that drive right into you.

Pharmaceuticals. Dissect. Pharm a suiti culls. Law suit. Culling lawsuits. Big pharma exempt from liability. Congress gave them immunity in the 1980's after the hyper pro over activists demanded it. Came out of the gay community mostly who bought the lie there was a gay virus that wasn't a gay virus but was a gay virus. Congress was giddy they went right out and bought pHarm a stocks. 40 years of constant growth. 4 years of recent insanity would never have happened without corporate drug dealer immunity.

So here's how this works, we read things like this "European Patent Office Sides with Moderna In COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Dispute With Pfizer/BioNTech". It's kinda like WWF and other wrestling adventures, pretty much staged. No one really gets hurt. Big show. Lots of fun for the audience. Imagine a king on his throne. He owns both companies. Need I explain more. It's like he's playing with his toys and they are in battle. Also note the game is about money, patent rights is money. Chemical disposal into bodies makes even more money for the king as he owns those other businesses that need a safe and effective way to dispose chemical waste now called vaccines from all the companies he owns in Wuhan China that they can't get rid of without a big bill from EPA. The king first figured this out with fluoride. The king has a few place to put all his companies money, Blackrock, Vanguard are the biggest. Some of this wealth does get spread around to others but mostly stays in the kingdom and it's castle. See who owns most of the shares of pHarma. Telling!

New Zealand's Hustlers In Virology that are "trying to save lives" as they continue to believe in dangerous unicorns are ordering the burning of bee hives burning bees alive to stop the spread of DANGEROUS UNICORNS. Viruses do not exist. The farmers ask for the world's help to stop this horror fest of tyrrany that is out of control as we saw with the Kovid performance network. "Varroa in combination with viral vectors and bacteria have been theoretically implicated in colony collapse disorder." Note the term THEORY. This is rampant in virology, no proof, just theory. Big money treatments and fear fueling the fire. People who wear tin foil hats have more evidence of possible harm than virology has proof of it's theories.

The situation comedy "Disjointed" based in a pot shoppe was cancelled after this great scene see if you can begin to follow it. If you can you have been on the internet way too much but you are one of bright stars because of it.

Jude-o-Christian founding. Gave his life to an illusion. What does that spawn. Now the founders of drug cancer opportunism are saving us from our sins of not pumping enough essential chemical waste into our bodies. We wrote in 2020 hindsight about their plan to shift into cancer vaccines as their plan. We wrote about how Kovid fell off the stage a year prior to Covid to prep us for surgery the next year. We noticed all the surgeons everywhere that year. It's all Horseshit In Virology (HIV). Medi SIN theater. The cult cons you into praise of their gods of re search and dis search.

Distributing food in war torn region.

You crane cancelled another lecshun as the robots in America are stuck like a broken record repeating they keep fighting dangerous unicorns for "democracy". Jim Fetzer reports on something similar and agitators and debates that will never happen May 17, 2023.

Many are becoming Satano-Christians after becoming dis illusioned with religion.

Fake X follows the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Method (TNBM) much like how is done in making cancer drugs and vaccines.

Sane senator in California Jay Obernolte presents his district of San Bernardino County's people's view on the EPA dissane desire to have TRAINS be zero emissions. There is no TRAIN even available on this planet that provides enough power. At best is one offering "zero emissions" which is a fake construct as the energy is made by fossil fuels, provides a mere handicapped 5% of the power needed to push a train thus it's NOT EVEN POSSIBLE. We call this disabled governing AND MAKING THINGS UP and busy body governing work to fill time, build portfolios that run on other people's energy, and keep lawyers in business. Some governing does so by telecommuting from Uranus. They must know their plan is not workable in the real world. They are not dumb. Why don't they tell the public where they are governing from. Thumbs up to Obernolte. He also states BNSF Railways is planning to create 20,000 jobs based on workable technology in Barstow. It would allow ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles rail transport to there for better flow of goods which thus saves energy and saves lives. "It is about ten times more efficient to transport by rail than by truck" Mr. Obernolte points out. If EPA goes with California's CARB request BNSF will put the facility in Arizona. Listening to and watching the body language response by EPA rep Hon Regan seems smirky. Likely has no interest in genuinely considering the request as EPA seems to tend to under a Democrat run administration to have their minds made up. Too many smirks. Mr. Obernolte points out the concerning matter of states having their own rules on a nationwide system of almost appears the point is to create an unworkable system. WATCH

Peggy Hall talks about waviers, chips, pHarm full procedures on pets.

She suggests putting "safe and effective" into the National Anthem and removing "freedom".

Prime Time With Alex Stein Hilarious Guy (PTWASHG) saw transportation short hand deficient Secretary of Transportation in the Unintact States of America board a Boeing jet craft not using witch craft.

Jeff Berwick talks about the APOCALYPSE we are now experiencing because of course a new 666 variant virus that does not even exist nor do any other fake variants and his doggie responds. This is Bruce.

Lucy died. Bruce is now part of the show. He mentions he dismarried to alcohol and his life is so much better. I would add people should dismarry their worship of medi SIN and ask forgiveness. New religion that would accept your request is much better than Jew-day-o-Christianity is Sataneo-Christianity. Satan is a better healer than Jesus. Jesus is a good partner to practice singing with the choir.

The funniest thing of all the funny is after calling people stupid and fat he shows George Carlin clip where Carlin basically just pointed out how to spot the stupid people, those who call people stupid. I don't know if Jeff just didn't notice this or if he's so brilliant that he's changing minds around without people knowing it. I'm beginning to think he did this on purpose. Study it. He may even be so brilliant that he's doing this without even knowing it as that's really one of his goals in life. He's a good guy. Warning about Oz Empic we might also notice how Bruce has a direct line to Toto who again pulls back curtain.

"All the best actors in the world no one knows they're actors".

What are we getting for our money besides stories.

New expose on NASA fakery. See if you can spot all the actors stumbling over their lines. 8 min 30 sec look at the transparent made in China man walk into the frame and notice how the "shadow" changes to match the transparency. Proof that is FAKE FAKE FAKE computer graphics. Time to ask for a refund. We have been hustled. THEY DON'T REMEMBER SEEING STARS FROM THE MOON like hellooooooooooooo. Maybe the stage lights were too bright. I don't remember ever seeing stars when I was in the glaring studio lighting which reminds me of driving now and diode lighting in my eyes from mandated always on headlights, nor even seeing the audience with all that glare in the studio. It's an obvious mistake in the script, the astro NOTS had to think quick. If they were ever on the moon you'd see that wow expression in their face and not a fake one as we see on TV all the time by the many actors there interviewed for fake news spell casts and you'd hear that genuine wow factor in their voice as they immediately responded from MEMORY instead of ad libbing that "yes there was a blanket of stars in the billions" like we have seen in places like Yellowstone or Arizona's Big Grand Canyon or even it's Little Grand Canyon where they are installing billions of square miles worth of handicapped energy wind & solar junk energy where some say to actually help save the planet.

Del Bigtree offers a great analogy of what government sometimes or often does when it performs surgery on our lifes perceived actions as non proven threats, "it pulls out a chainsaw" as heard on on May 16, 2024 TicTok "ban" and Murthy vs. Missouri. The "ban" faces legal challenge with the laywer Aaron Siri of the Informed Consumer Action Nework.

Now lets look at that Roman Empire that never fell, it just created Jesus out of thin air to keep the people from refolting. The story worked. Now the Vatican is panicking with how the internet is epxosing the many institution's of governing that has turned more into creating pipelines to your cash using lies over lies so NOW it's plugging new stores about aliens with guess who NASA and all the other players that are all in this together.

Is the world still hopelessly lost in the lab leak conspiracy theory. Yea mostly as it trusts the same media liars everywhere and are addicted to drama. Viruses do not exist. Story telling exists. has a STORY to tell repeating this Lab Leak Vomit (LLV). They call it a smoking gun. If I had a dollar for every time that repetitious drivel of "smoking gun" was portrayed in STORY telling I'd be a trillionaire. I'm not studying guns I'm studying story telling and smoking mirrors and smoking as a healing mechanism and liars sometimes referred to as actors in governing and sales pitch that make pornographic amounts of money stolen from the public on their lies about what causes disease, what can actually resolve disease, fantasy of imaginary objects that are now proven not real in court, the imaginary variants we call dangerous unicorns they call "viruses" which is word they made up to define their monster tales. The only thing that leaks out of any "laboratory" of which many are merely prop houses and stages for science theater is computer printouts and theatricks and games that show "virus variants" that are as real as the 1970's video game pong ball. Imagine a friend telling you to grab the ball on the video screen, that's what they do in virology. No virus exists, it's at best a computer generated image. Dust and dirt called cellular debris exists, they often call that a virus to scare people, assign blame, and bill bill bill.

If you haven't figured out that FAKE NEWS is real you better start figureing it out now. It's called Artificial Intelligence (AI) so it's perfect as news has been artificial since Tell-a-Vision was born and it's infecting all major news websites and the entire internet search world to make it safe and effective at conning you even more. Want to save the planet, ban television. That's like telling a drug addict "no more, I am not supporting your habit another day" though.

The internet in the 80's

If you want to save the planet ban wire.

In 2020 hindsight the psychos of society and governing became fearful of viruses that are NON EXISTENT in this world. In 2024 it becomes fear of sound waves as well. David Knight talks on 5/16/24 about superstitions in medi SIN governing and not in his religion. ROFL. He makes some great points saying in 2019 he could not go into a bank wearing a mask then in 2020 he couldn't go in his bank without one. That is a symptom of a psychotic society and governing.

Here's Peter "Spikey" McCullough Myocarditis Diagnosisist (MD) at an official governing committee hearing back in 2022 telling lies about viruses as if they are proven variants. He mentions the "omicron variant" of calculations made on a lab computer and how "they know this using in silico science". It's a bit like knowing a ping pong ball "exists" by looking at a 1970's pong game but it gets worse, in virology these hustlers NEVER EVER isolated any object from the messes they create to fake out the public so they can sell patented products and bill big for services. Viruses have never been proven to exist using proper science ever. He's gaming you as all of them are.

Here's a report we saw in Jeff Berwerk's performance featuring Bruce and how Bruce feels about modeRN A medi SIN and the alleged increase in myocarditis in kids, not in goats, in children.

Diagnosis is a funny thing. Modern medias too often shun the Devil in the details. In the Kovid drag show starting in 2020 they ramped up testing for this fake new virus fraud alleged without proof "cause" thus made many cases using junk tests that can't find a single virus, and made DIAGNOSIS suddenly of Kovid running rampant. This 117x increase could simply and likely be differential diagnosis, meaning... say there was typically an annual diagnosis rate of heart issues in children at 100 per year with one diagnosis of myocarditis total of 101. After 2020 they start using this label "myocarditis" instead of "heart issues" then the numbers are 117 diagnosis of "myocarditis" and only 1 of "heart issues". The rate of myocarditis in kids then is reported to be up a whopping 117 times yet the only thing that really changes is the LABELS. That's how they tricked the world with it's 2020 shutdown and rearrange flu shots scam. Hear them all talk about it on stage saying "why don't we blow the system up" and "we need to create an air of excitement [panic]". So this label "myocarditis" is the same disease, oh but now it's caused by a lab leak or a new vaccine or whatever else they want to blame with no proof, again, only the labels change. They do this always to sell products using fear and label games. McCullough show us his hustle all the time plugging his emergency kits costing a whopping $300 bucks. Great way to fix this problem with label making in this scumbag medi SIN industry would be to ban the English language and go back to grunts. The child shows with their hands where it hurts. The witch doctor that wasn't brainwashed by modeRN A medi SIN offers up some natural plant based brews that provide results in a day. Costs nothing. The doctor knows that indigestion from certain food combinations causes gas that causes "heart issues" now labeled "myocarditis" and a smile and a touch helps heal.

 Peggy Hall analyzes the Long Beach fake emergency of "TB"

A mere 14 "cases" with no absolute proof of impending "outbreak" to others and the hellth office of errors declared need for money money money money money for the health of their deparment, pensions, employees pay, friends & family of physician$. The declaration "authorizes" the city of Long Beach then to lavish all their hellth branches of "prevention" to do all sorts of coersive manipulative fear porn stuff to keep this modern A medi SIN gravy train a rollin. Disease is a condition it does not spread in the air as it is a part of a human body. A fake virus that does not exist is their game they claim it is what spreads but they always leave that part out they just repeat that a disease is spreading. Their fake emergencies are worse than someone yelling FIRE in a busy theater that's playing "Towering Inferno" as the public is not stupid, they are not going to panic when they don't see any fire but that's what these HELL thfire department$ keep doing and the public is becoming wise to their Horseshit In Virology now so no panic needed, what is needed is governing and lawsuits that will stop these money grabs but you see CONgress won't do anything as they gave themselves and pHarma immunity which human bodies never get. Really now, getting terrified of something you can't even see with claims it's floating in the air, can't be seen, measured there, or smelled like rotting meat or even smelled like the poison "disinfectants" sprayed in public spaces now of dangerous sQUATchemicals even sprayed in kids noses as "viruscides" to KILL THINGS never isolated to prove they are real objects is insane, delusional, and a brainwashing technique of cults. That's why we call modern A medi SIN a cult.

Drunk driver hits police car "stopped ON THE HIGHWAY for safety" as he's doing a "sobriety check" for "safety". 

Safety safety safety it's all about Marcia Marcia Marcia and safety safety safety. Jan saw the problem.

Why was police vehicle in #4 lane and not on shoulder. The sobriety test vehicle and person and the officer was partially on the road. The drunk driver came around the bend and meandered into the lane. Why couldn't that car the police stopped and thus the police car be moved wayyy off the road. Same with stopped pick up truck it should not be stopped on road it should be wayy off the highway. Maybe there was an absolute immediate need to stop the driver. Maybe the sobriety test car would have been hit by the drunk driver and killed both had the police vehicle not been there stopped in the lane for "protection". Still it seems they should all be on the shoulder out of all lanes especially at a curve as even drunk drivers tend to want to drive ON THE ROAD in traffic and not on a shoulder. Were there reflectors showing this curve for SAFETY or does traffic just rely on stripes that tend to only be seen short distance. Was it possible to stop the driver on a straight section. It is NOT SAFE to ever stop on a highway though there are times where safety is relative to actions occurring around them but the diode lights are blinding.

Political candidate in Germany and his "offensive" antics shock

People say they got sick looking at his porn like videos, well don't watch that crap then. His artwork in expression paints the best picture of what ALL POLITICIANS DO. We are all forced to watch political porn and antics daily 24/7. The offended who make fun of the offended in response to this political porn that offends them will go to the ends of the Errth to make sure he does not get elected, have a job, or ever be allowed in public again so that they never have to see his video shit again and hope someday he can be sent to a colony on Uranus where he belongs. Becomes the priority, avoid the message while mean while no one in public office parties and porn stops the Foreskin Holocaust, a real time horror that if offensive to many men after birth and for their entire lives as each time they piss in a toilet they are reminded how politicians continue to make light of and doctors in the medical mafia profit of the slicing off about 1/2 the baby man's most private part that severs nerves that go directly to the brain forever negatively affecting the human being that was born in a perfect image of GOD before modern A medi SIN and religions of the world bastardized it.

Astrology clearly proves TRUE/ERRTH learn more and Tic less


It's interesting when people claim the government does this or that disingenuously then they get all giddy and quote the government admitting things they did disingenuously as if that proves it's a fact and not part the game.

Always do what your ex tells you to do no matter how abusive. Here's one of them.


That's what you are doing if you listen to a shred of the lies spewing out of your ex CDC director of orchestrated mediCULT Hustles In Virology at it's Centers for Deceitfull Corporations. Details on this creepy actor here and here.

That lying scum hustler is now pitching avian cock a too all species of avians flying creatures bird brain flu porn. Hopes to ruffle your feathers to sell you business stealing lock downs and chemical infusions of chemical waste products they call treats or at least to rape all your food with it's chemical waste brews to fake be safe as they all put your money in their safe and make sure you never see it again as it's safe and effectively secured in places like Geneva where oddly they all go for CON ferences. Mabye ban ferences to save the planet.

Feeling pooped on.

Television is a brainwash box used by disingenuous people behind the curtain of Oz to make you obedient slaves. They know what they are doing. Study the smirks. Notice the SICK ening taste of flat soda and all the CO2 used to make it wear a face it mask it's poisoning you. See how Kovid was featured with the following years biggest fashion statement!

Trans energizing beefy masculine trucks in to petite battery lack of power weaklings would double the use of green $$$ energy used to maintain those abusive relationships. A truck stop that doesn't say would need dolled up petite energy from these handicapped energy wind farms to have 23,000 turbines running non stop sucking energy from the wind when the wind wasn't having fits and redecorating it into something they saw on HGTV.

Dr. Ardis and others are saying to not comply with these pharma run liars dictates on the fake bird brain flu scam. Start at about 36 min. Begins with a story about grandma being abused by medi SIN that is always looking at more billing, how in her dying days the doctor pushed and succeeded selling grandma a used car that had more sickening radiation to "treat" their portfolios while giving "treats" to the cancer. The powerful sales pitch made most of the family cave to the sleasy drug pusher sales pressure. The doctor wouldn't give a simple enema for relief. "Why do that?"

One hour 3 minutes and 35 sec the star of the show Dr. Ardis chimes in. The science vaccinated the bird for bird flu, of course they all died. Study shows black seed oil cured the bird brains. Drink Lipton green tea for bird brain flu with some virgin coconut oil. No patents on that so don't wait for the Hustlers In Virology to share that news. Of course Ardis products is part of the same system of profiteering, who do you think owns all these natural pharma products, Black Rock, investors all own everything industrial product. Basic cleanliness principles cured most diseases. That means INSIDE your body, not poisoning, cleaning.

Ardis pitches his "bio defense" product claims it prevents bird flu. #1 ingredient is salt. 2 oz. costs $54.95. You can buy a pound of salt for under a dollar. It would in my guess make a good one gallon of salt water which would be 128 oz. for still under one dollar. One gallon of his magic elixir sold at online roadsides side shows would cost $3,516.80 if bought in those small sizes. I just figured out why that guy is always smiling.


Protein modifier? Is that a chemical? 4 herbs in miniscule quantities. Primary raw materials is a light dusting with herbs and I mean DUSTING. Cost for that if you grow it yourself is nil. Salt is #1. Wow. Eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, get your bird flu treatment there. OMG if you can sit through this nauseating presentation to it's very end of driveling prayer to god you are strong. Here's a vomit bag for you in case of turbulence while flying the Christian nauseaus skies. I had to shut it off after 3 prayers. I went through 666 vomit bags. I wasn't going to hear this repetition of "father we just ask" pleading to god and jesus and other drivel and claims we need to "pray pray pray pray pray pray pray". Yuck. Prayers to "father" to protect her bees. OMG. Go away.

Here's more news, it's a dewormer for dogs cats and livestock on farms ROFL.

Check out this chemists product it has the EXACT SAME INGREDIENTS. What a hustle. Salt based protein modifier, it's meat tenderizer!!! It's salt. And guess what also tenderizes (modifies) meat, baking soda, wow. So basically this product is baking soda or salt with a sprinkle of cumin, spearmint, peppermint, and fern. OMG CAN'T STOP LAUGHING SUCH-A-HUSTLE. See how hustlers in every industry use words to deceive. See spot run.

So ParaBe-Gone (aka- PBG-51) is a proprietary blend of herbs manufactured from 100% of plant extracts of the finest quality. The main ingredient in this natural plant extract is one of a salt based protein "modifier" which can enhance or breakdown and destroy bad protein molecules. The determination of whether or not it enhances or destroys the protein molecule depends on the percentage of saline in the molecules in which it comes in contact.

Other Ingredients: 100% plant extract of Negella Sativa (Black Cumin), Mentha spicata (Spearmint), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint), Cyatheales Dicksoniaceae (Fern).

Great Dane dog. "I love tenderized meat with spices".

Ardis claims 35 year study "proves" peanut butter causes cancer. ROFL. Blames fungus. Please, really now how much fungus is there dude. There's more in the air than in 6.666 servings of peanut butter. Hustlers never get into details. That's where their Devil is serving us delicious nutritious food for healing. Meanwhile Jesus "the healer" is brushing up on his magic smoke and mirror skills.

CON clusion: Ardis is selling meat tenderizer with peppermint flavor as an expensive "bird flu" defense for bird brains that would buy it. In the performance Ardis said he has about 500 on order or maybe it was 900. For ease of math if he sold 1000 that's $54,950. No wonder he's all over the internet. Buyer beware.

This is same problem with Dr. Mc Spikey Mc Cullough Peter piper pumpkin seller who's "wellness company" prevention and spike cure kit is a whopping $300. Spikey goes around the web touring everywhere but he is especially diabolical as he speaks as an "expert" in health as a cardiologist to many a public official meeting selling "in silico" junk science as if it proves any virus exists. He's always pushing the virus scam.

Trump tested positive for criminal case. That does not mean he's a criminal. This was the problem with testing for BIRD/FLU and testing for COVID/FLU people tested positive for accusation. That's all those junk tests can find is accusation. So then people got duped into accepting injections of pHarma's chemical industry waste products based on cases and cases of accusations which all ended up proven not guilty. The real criminals are the medi SIN industry but congress gives them immunity so congress are the criminals but they give themselves immunity so they are saints and most of humanity tests positive for being sinners and to gain redemption from sin they have to go to the saints. Beginning to see the correlations yet. It's one dimensional chess. The kings & queens basically used eminent domain on your body seizing it to squeeze out cash flows for the greater good of their portfolios and crucifying your ability to avoid their control.

Virus hunters. Some are idiots. Some are hustlers. Others are marketing geniuses. Pray pray pray they go away and watch nothing happen or make choices that make them unhappy like "no thank you I'm not an idiot and choose rape of my body with vaccines" and watch them go insane then get them the help they need to study i N T E R N E T M A T T E R and the works of those like Tom Cowan that point out all their illusions thus giving them hope as we pull them down slowly and gently from their floating virus baloons they keep traveling the world in in their magical mystery adventures.

When HELLth departments and public "officials" who claim they know what's best for my body when they haven't even met me tell the public stuff these daze what it really looks like is how Henry Rollins presented how to know who liars are and how they really appear when you know what they really are, LIARS.

Henry Rollins - LIAR

Notice the huge SQUARE video. Who the HELL came up with wide screen as a standard. Puke.

Her first time hearing "LIAR" rofl way too long interview. She looks like she wants to go get coffee.

David Knight rants often about free speech and public squares. This coffee maker did that too, also burning its bra and filter. See what happens without filters.....

Coffee Makers United For Free Speech (CMUFFS)

Isn't it interesting people think of the internet as "the public square" and get pissed when some companies censor speech and they never ask where the actual internet "public squares" are. If these were "public squares" they would be owned by government, they are private/public companies. Youtube and others are more like private homes having big parties. Guests are invited, party crashers are expelled. To anyone like David Knight who keeps whining about these imaginary public squares please show me where to log into the "public square" on all the city, county, state websites. Tim Pool blabbered on and on with a guest today on "public squares" and about Red Lobster having problems closing 50 locations. Endless shrimp leads to endless losses. What do we need restaurants for? Who cares. Better off without them. Saves the planet.

Rumble sues Google on it's "ad monopoly" as marketing figured the money spent on a lawsuit was a better investment for publicity rather than placing ads on Google. ROFL it's funny so it's true. Really that's how companies operate.

Getting immunized. That is not possible. Vaccines do not provide immunity. People don't have immune systems. There is only response systems, building crews, disposal workers, and computer programmers. It's like claiming a city can be immune to trash, crime, lying politicians it's not possible. The city has a response and maintenance system not an immune system. Same with the body. That's why in the example above of grandma a cleaning out of impacted waste would have been helpful. Dropping radiation bombs in the body is not helping. Grandma was screaming of burning pain from RADIATION and doctors are always too focused on billing.

What if Ko Rona is a military intelligence operation. People told to stay home what did they do, got on the internet, making videos, artificial intelligence scraping of massive data and identity streams. It's all good.

Hellth department cults tell us to monitor our symptoms when we have no symptoms! That's like the mechanic telling you to monitor the symptoms of your car making noises when it makes no noises, it's like telling you to monitor the symptoms of lying politicas as they tell you lying politicians do not exist. Peggy Hall has a great analysis on May 14, 2024 of the nonsense presented by HELL th departments that are in business of duping the public for big pHARMa.

If you have been bit by a mosquito today you should get tested. Each time you get a mosquito bite be sure to get tested. They present some pretty scary stories about mosquitoes you know. You might need to get tested 300 times each day as there are variants in the trillions test for each one. How would that be any different than the logic of public HELLth telling you to get tested for things that don't exist. They are stealing our money. Defund HELLth departments like CDC, NIAID, NIH, ABC, CBS, NBC, ALL OF THEM. They are ripping off the public.

If a fly has entered your home it's likely it dropped a deadly virus in there. You should spray your entire home with 2000 cans of bug spray to make sure you are safe. Ignore the label that says how poisonous bug spray is. Then call your mosquito control district like in Coachella the valley of bugs in governing that lie and tell you that mosquitoes spread disease. Disease cannot be carried except by your own body. If you drive to the doctor and have a disease you carry your disease to the doctor. It does not get carried to anyone you sit next do or hug along the way, only the doctor gets it. He or trans she carries the disease in his mind analyzing it a bit and gives it back to you. He or trans they rarely keeps it for themself as it's only a medical construct of information. The condition of the body is only yours. You cannot transmit conditions of your body you can only explain them to others.

Al Gores climate hustle is based on junk science

Al Gore hustled the world on CO2 after his failed attempt at becoming president of Florida as we look back is barely even existent in the air and Mother Nature keeps in check anyway while hustlers in climate cults keep counting your cash. Learn better @ this here in this short video presentation. Historical records indicate that "temperature leads the CO2 around by the nose" while hustlers in climate engineering nonsense lead the public around by the nose for fuller cash flows of your green $$$$$$$$$$$ energy all made based on the fossil fuels they tell you to stop using to fake save the planets. "Obviously carbon dioxide is not the cause of that warming". If you look in the sky on a SUNNY day you see the cause right there in front of you. Note you SEE IT. Biggest source of CO2 and oxygen is the oceans. Do your climate cult leaders tell you this? No of course not. Oceans take hundreds of years to warm and cool in ways that affect climate that hustlers in climate blame on driving a car. Clearly the climate of scamming the public by taxing the air is reflective of how the more hot air BLASTING out of anyone that is or was in public office the more their cash cows provide them all your money through the pipelines they create to get it from you to them.

To save the planet from all this hot air the science says to ban processed cooking oils. People do not need them to survive. American Heart Association another scam company taking big money to promote oils that are not heart healthy at all. They are only heart HELLthy and waste resources.

600 mph planes low altitute into twin towers said to be impossible if it were planes they'd break up.

Unsafe And Innefective a love story.

Never mediCULT your body ever again. I look at buying vaccines and having them installed on your body like buying brakes for your car and having them installed by a sleasy used brake saleswoman that says yea these brakes are safe and effective but you later find out after a car crash that they came from a junkyard. The chemicals they put in vaccines are like used brakes. Do you know where they come from. Straight out of pits of chemical waste dumps maybe it's not like big business does not do this with many other things, fluoride is dumped into clean water supplies but it's a poison by product from manufacturing. Saves the corporatists billions in disposal costs. Detergents also have waste products proccessed into them for disposal. Pharmaceuticals as well. With brakes you do have assurance of testing and proven safety results. You don't have this ever with any injectible chemical waste product. Kennedy has pointed this out for years. No safety studies that are properly performed, only marketing pitches. Meanwhile presidents former and current pitched them like used brake pads on a car, maybe it will stop the car if you are lucky. Drug companies have no liability they are immune. You think you receive immunity. ROFL. CON gress gave them immunity and kaching away all your money into their cash cows. "pFizer said their vaccine was 100% safe and effective in young teens". No liability for mistakes. Kaching. Their marketing ARM of television brainwashed the public. Shut that piece of shit off.

The Safe And Effective mediCULT

There is no more dangerous cult than that the would inject poisons into the body for salvation. WHO would vote for the president of the US to be a pHARMa salesman. Biden and Trump were vaccine salesmen and profited from it immensely. Obama and other formers joined the chorus. Kennedy did not promote it. It was always a hustle. Justin Trudeau's brother "was always worried if Justin was in power". He saw the signs. Canada had royalties on the vaccine so why wouldn't royalty seek more royalties.

Tucker interview with Kyle Kemper on the savior vaccine cult as seen on TV.

New Biology Clinic came about as the covid fraud ramped up, holistic health not public HELLth discussion about all the 2020 circular reasoning by modern A medi SIN with Alex Zeck, Steve Falconer, Mark Bailey.

Wi-fi (wireless fidelity) is also safe and effective at killing us as seen in school experiment or is this more fake news bullshit. Looks fake. It's like sorting through the fake news that claims Jewishers at schools are being harassed. No one cares what religion or race anyone is in school. They all make this shit up to sell ad space. Whoz the guy "in the industry" a janitor with a suit. Beleeve!

Guy with a huge surfboard does nothing to save her from the bull.

Disabled man insists on ADA accomodations on the bus and since that act has acted to protect those who are disabled such as needing a place to LAY DOWN and not just sit he asks where is the no hammocks sign. Instead of just driving the bus it becomes another of many stick in the mud adventures much like the demands to oxygenate lungs less for one's health as a demand that was placed on the mentally ill disabled people that went along with what they thought was spelled covid when it's really spelled Kovid who started the trend one year prior in 2019 when he was a featured model on Project Runway wearing a face diaper air filter device setting the stage for the show to come. If you are still mentally disabled after viewing that page and think you caught Kovid seek ADA advice.

The winds that helped fuel the Maui Lahaina fires was not due to the hurricane 600 miles away but there are concerns that legislation is attributing the false claim of hurricane causation to booster the hysterical claims of climate change nonsense. 80 mph winds was exaggeration and misunderstanding but that does not stop politicians and corporate interestes from fueling that claim. Hawaii has also spotted counterfit bills besides counterfeit claims that they missed about viruses. See if you can spot the one in the bill in their local news report. It could keep your wallet from losing cash. This video was not scrubbed like the bill was scrubbed and reprinted.

Meanwhile Cali gov jets across world to make deposits in his Roman Only Bank Bust Accounts (ROBBA) to tawk about the weather with the Catholic Poop or something over tea and jokes instead of fixing problems in his state as he money laundered $100 billion sur+ into a $100 billion deficit and made bridges to nowhere fashionable like Kovid did for face diapers.

Instead of valuing this in dollars how many pothole fixes is this valued at. Some estimates are at 700 million.

$135 ride the longest zip line in Dubai!

Seems whe whent to the moovie set either that or stage hands also went to the Moon.

Scouting the obsessive compulsive imbalanced corporate Scouting About Wars (SAW) led us to noticing the BOY SCOUTS corporate offices cut the identifiable word "boy" from scouting like cutting off the identified baby boy's newly born phallus private foreskin that continues in this cutting holocaust as if it does not have a purpose. The word "boy" has a purpose and it's insane to remove it. Scouts had a field day with the Weblows tranny group as well. This is not done to females such as Girl Scouts who have cookies to sell and need to maintain that boy less identity or sales would TANK right into the toilet. May I suggest we follow their lead. Girl Scout cookies is a trademark. How about we all become as and identify as trademarks. Tank the fake equality bullshit.

Here's some of the TIES to Horseshit In Virology (HIV)

Dr. Jane Ruby noticed these ties as have many others. She is diligently, honestly, honorably involved in routinely circumcising the medical system's lies.

She's cut off the dirty parts of modern A medi SIN's constant stream of lies.

He uses that porn to sell his spikey smoke and mirror cures. He and CDC strain of virological hustles are good buddie$$$$$$$. He is often seen wearing his golden goose poop beanie at many a hearing where he babbles his virus porn to unsuspecting public officials.

Be sure to watch this episode of Dr. Jane Ruby calling out this Horseshit In Virology of late called bird flu. Humans cannot catch bird flu. Humans only create human flu. Only bird brains catch bird flu as it's a manipulative medicult construct. Later in the episode be sure to use government funding to study the constant SMIRKING by one of the many actors this one named Jeremy Ferrarr with acting title of chief scientist at the World Hellth Organ iZation as he vomits out the ongoing lies about their latest porn. He claims they know the porn virus jumps from birds to cows but they don't know how it transmits. Obvious crock of shit coming from these Hustlers In Virology. Stop funding these creeps. Fix homelessness and other problems we are tired of their porn being flailed in our faces.

Learn Amazing Polly's perspective on Mc Spikey's "wellness company" where the rich and powerful are claiming they are the victims in this brave new woke world. Foster Coulson of the "spike protein cure" multi-level marketing kit sales pitch son of a billionaire condescending the little guy (Polly) it's amazing. Polly has some comments on thyroid pills that were making her sick, pharmacy did not take responsibility, and analysis and updates about how Peter spikey McCullough's "wellness company" gang of virus and spiked campaign hustlers is harassing her for calling out their lie$ after asking questions. How the thug$ go after the minions that are easy targets. She tries to provide the facts. exposed user data 2nd time TO WHO is a good question, got paid for it maybe. There was something disingenuous about that website's owner who immediately put out videos trashing the public officials after the Lahaina fires to promote that site that presents itself as a dating connection site for straights that are anti injection of thin metal tubes and China's chemical waste installed into the human test subjects as if they were computers needing an update of firmware.

Chemtrails disappear in Tennessee after the state bans chemtrails. Another conspiracy theory proven accurate. Or maybe it's just that summer finally arrived with dry skies and there's no moisture to turn into vaportrails.

Gain independents from the DANGEROUS UNICORN PORN GRID built to keep their PAN god happy.

Pan having sex with a goat, statue from Villa of the Papyri, Herculaneum.

Chem-o-therapy is a $300 billion industry. Chem. Chemical. Poison. Chemical-poison-therapy.

Dr. Tom Cowan has a better take on cancer read his book "Cancer And The New Biology Of Water" and watch his 4 years worth of weekly videos. The problem is TOXINS not a lack of chemicals which are toxins!

Climate thugs in Canada refuse to accept petition with 35,000 signatures from it's people who do not want a tax on the life saving mineral of carbon that makes up 99% of life. They thugs have made it into an imaginary POISON while they absolutely and effectively poison your indoor air with chemical waste to kill what does not exist. That poison air cuts down on oxygen supply and escapes into the environment. Carbon blankets do not exist.


Con man warns if you don't buy his gasoline additive your car won't run and it will crash into other cars. That's the cruxt of what the a.redfield strain of governing fear porn industry has presented.

As seen on The Liberty Report .com May 14 2024. Gain of FICTION research is a better way to describe it but con men don't care about things like that. Throw everything that man says in the trash. David Knight talked about EXISTENTIAL LIES that affect all of us on his show on this date. Study smirkology. Farmer explains fake bird flu is an attack on property rights. Gee when has government ever done that. Theme is climate scam sameness of course. Trump at least does a 180 and points out the "left wing lunatics" trying to abuse the public once again and suggests "do not comply" with insanity and con artists. We will see if farmers comply or not. Did you know that antibiotics were taken out of the chicken you eat but mRNA horseshit vaccines were put in almost a decade ago. ROFL. Same con games over and over again.

Dizzy's "Splash Mountain" replaced by woke nonsense as Florida bridge dumps raibow "pride" crap on it's Sunshine Skyway Bridge at Tampa Bay a bridge that pedestrians nor bicycles can use oddly enough after spending all that money changing to red, white, and blue, colors that represent all people living in the Unintact States of America and freedom rather than putrid drug pushing gay pride crap in a country where the horror of partial dick amputation remains non-illegal so the doctors can sell body parts for Sandra Bullock and Oprah's face cream instead of saving other foreskin's lives which many that suffer from the scars of medi SIN hackism find offensive and no one in governing cares though Californi's governor when he was mayor of San Francisco made it illegal rightfully so for a while until it's governor of that time caved to special religious interests circumcised the mayor's law and doctors were free to again cut as many cocks as were provided them for profit. When I was born I made it illegal to invade my private parts and steal them and doctors ignored my screams for help and strapped me down and sliced off part of my dick and that was decades ago and still they get away with this Horseshit In Medi SIN that favors RELIGIOUS CULTS.

The United Corporations And States Of America (TUCASOA).

Suitable for framing "Love Bound" sheet music from 1920.

In the 1970's sitcom "All In The Family" Edith & Archie sang about how their old La Salle ran great here's one for sale! 1938 Cadillac LASALLE FACTROY $62,500

What's Playing!

On mother's day this dude did what his mom asked him to pick up for her. Watch the discussion at the door bell it's hilarius.

RFK/JR there is no better choice


Or maybe Mister Ga Ga Phil Godlewski live on Rumble May 12 2024 with 35,000 viewers. He was talking multi-level marketing crap 'get in on the ground floor' nonsense is the typical line of that SALES PITCH nonsense. He says he doesn't know why people call him G. O. A. T. yea right.

Here's the only reason you need to vote KENNEDY if hellth departments declared another virus hunting emergency there's only one president that would tell them to fuck off and say "we're all going surfing". Vote any other way you get ticketed for breathing. Maybe that's the whole plan of the deep state to make it so obvious that it's foolish to vote for either of the two stale parties both Republican and Democrat are dinosaurs and dodos.


If you ever need to check if your computer is on GO HERE for a great hack.

Never forget this.

If you have a pool do this to save pets.

Damon and Whoopsii discuss Trump being sent to a jail on Jupiter on The View

Joe Rogan's hustle or is it being another pharma brainwashed sellebrity. Loves vaccines.

His guest compares vaccines to hurricanes says not to tell injectees that it's low risk. Guest also says the Hotez strain of Hustles In Virology "is a dear friend of mine". That's like saying the tidal wave coming is a friend of yours and you should meet him "Let me introduce you." Then goes on to praise the vaccines but doesn't praise hurricanes how they can save lives. Stop listening to these delusionial idiots and hustlers.

More proof wind farms waste energy.

"In May last year, Enefit Green’s 75-megawatt Akmene wind farm in Lithuania suffered a breakdown when the tower buckled. As a result, production at the wind farm was suspended from May to August. Enefit Green had pre-sold the output of the Akmene wind farm, and when the farm was idle, it had to buy large amounts of electricity from the market to fulfill these contracts." ROFL this is paid for using massive amounts of energy based on fossil fuels. Wind and solar is disabled energy systems that loons in climate cults as prodded by their corrallists think is making their gods happy. Please stop calling it free and clean energy, it's disabled handicapped parking. At another location only half the turbines are working the others needing $15 million in repairs! $$$$ produced using FOSSIL FUELS. Fossils should go on strike. It's wasting their energy to deal with these systems and keep PROPPING these movie sets up to make the producers of energy theater rich.

17 million trees massacred in Scotland alone during the holocaust in fake clean energy delusions of the last 20 years. These were efficient energy trees that without anyone having to do anything were scrubbing the air of carbon dioxide. Instead the climate goon cult used more fossil fuels to cut trees to sacrifice to their gods.

Just like a sex porn star that's aging into their 90's and thinks they are still relevant the porn industry of virology keeps presenting it's dying aging models again and again with more and more make up as they make up more stirries to create fear of a "new mutant e-bowling virus". Of course to make the fear porn more titilating the story adds lab test tube and actor wearing fake protective gearing to keep the Hustle In Virology gears well lubed for each performance. And of course the fear porn site offers the Dr. Mc Spikey fake cure for this fake news story on fake viruses that are merely dangerous unicorns, in fact unicorns are more real than any virus, no virus has ever in the history of man been proven to be a real object, they are stories.

Turn the freekin frogs GAY!


Watching Jeff Berwick saves lives!

The internet is now a big whistle. The over hyper pro obsessive manipulative use of whistles is getting annoying. Every one is blowing them. Freedom wavers are on one hand saying no government interference in their lives while waving the flag of documents piled up to the sky as the way to freedom. They all did this in the 80z/DAZE with virus hunting, test your blood, invade it to make sure it's safe, then at the same time they banned gay blood. If their shit test was accurate they would not need to ban gay blood. It's all Horseshit In Volume (HIV).

Trust the science will unscramble eggs.

The fraud of virology animated.

Did the USA ever have a "defense" department. Seems like it's always been an "offense" department much like modern A medi SIN that hacks off baby boy's private parts as if they don't have a purpose. Circumcision is about removing sexual function. Hello. It's about manipulating behavior. It's evil. Men think with their dicks. That's lobotomy to remove part of their dicks. It's offensive not defensive.

Why do all the new Altruistic Inclusion Diversity Systems (AIDS) keep excluding.

Jim Fetzer on RBN Authentic News May 13 2024 there was even a brothel at the labor camps no holocaust needed the real holocaust is on baby men's dicks 666 million murdered so far.

Massive floating solar plant destroyed by climate change. They clearly are not building them fast enough to fix climate change so they are calling for a warp speed installation of 666 trillion more panels in this hurricane zone with the cult members thinking that if they keep doing the same stupid things over and over again they will get a different result while the cult leaders all enjoy their new toys.

Illegal immigration is about forcing digital identification on everyone. Like with covid fraud the herd will demand this as the way to get your life and your country back. Have fun being slaves.

Wall Street Is Pulling HUGE Climate Scam On Latin America - Whitney Webb on Jimmy Dore

The  banksters and industrialists who ruin the world and use the most energy are in charge of selling off carbon in the forest as "credits" what a scam. "It's like the junk bond scandal of the 1980's." Sounds like Enron 2.0666 wich added cover of ALTRUISM.

Let's download some sellebrity retard syndrome in particular those delusionals that suffer from delusions of invisible monsters floating everywhere there is oxygen and nitrogen.

Excuse me (being polite) I am not white that is so demeaning to be called a color. I am much more than a color. I am Caucasan. There is a very rich history there. It's not Caucasian that's Caucasan and Asian, just Caucasan. Please refer to me with respect from now on if you feel the need to bring up race.

We see from shining see to see an end of the war on FORE SKIN & and the end of MONKEY BUSINESS


Are these two images of the same actor. The one on the left had a career in military then oddly became an actor in the Hustles In Virology show busine$$. The one on the right was featured in a play in the northeast around 2012. Do smirks exist. "Redfield served on the board of ASAP, which gay groups criticized for anti-gay, conservative Christian policies". He or she became director of the long running performance that killed my friends with rat poisons called treatments.

When did he or she get his or her first acting job. Maybe just another conspiracy theory like when they warned us about Kovid falling off the runway and we should rush in to catch it. Or is there something to making scientific observations as such and establishing theories. Let's ask congress for funding in smirk research. We might start research on congress and it's smirks and every performance in governing presented the public on TV.

Bernard Valter "Sanity For Sweden" podcaster and artist one of his many works seen here.

The RATS are jumping the sinking ship of pHARMa poisons. It's going to take about 100,666,666 years like with the Coachell Valley and California's central valley sinking slowly. Doctors are merely people who have been in school 8 years or more. To trust 8 year degree people is stupid in particular those who sound like they are selling multi-level marketing kits promising you things like "your life back" and "unlimited potential for protection from viruses". The wind is blowing against the pro-vaxxers and he also notices Bill Maher goes where the wind blows. Maher is part of the problem, as is everyone in modern A medias his entire career he was on board with the fraud of HIV and endless streams of funding for AIDS nonsense and from Maher's high horse trotting along everywhere he would condescendingly put down any one that questioned or pointed out the contradictions and lies of the WHO as if they were THE authority to trust.

WHO casts more spells broadly.

In the 1980's I never understood the demand of over activists claim that the government needed to solve the dangerous unicorn problem with more research more funding for dangerous unicorn studies more money to find a cure from Dangerous Unicorn Disease (DUD).

Moon over my doggie. Howling success on homo piano.

Tom Woods epi sode 2490 "The definitive smash of the 2020 madness?" in the episode a high horse pro pHARMa total lockdown pusher goon makes claim with no proof that our bodies did not have any defenses against the dangerous unicorn plus a big pile of Horseshit In Virology (HIV) delsions. Tom Woods though called out the lie of Kovid and governing's mania right at the start. GO EARLY GO HARD mentioned which compares to AIDS/DAZE drug marketing delusion HIT HARD HIT EARLY which fed my friends HIV rat poison. Tom gets to REFUTE the claims and does a superb job of showing us how the whole thing was a hustle.

Cult leader Kenneth Copeland is freaky. He was asked by Inside Edition "who paid for his 50,000,000 US dollars private jet" watch his bizarro face contort all weird ass sicko cult maniacish as he answers the reporter that asks why he doesn't fly in a commercial jet, that he does not want to "get into a tube full of demons". That would be people like those common folk who give this cult leader their money.

The Never Again Cult

Gas chambers were SHELTERS. Civilians went in to test gas masks in case of war. Gas chambers were built to save lives. War time Germany's life saving gas avoidance shelters. In the article we read this "It is well known that although poison gas was used extensively in the First World War, it was not used in the Second." Modern A medi SIN does not ever tell us this yet we hear nothing but the same old lies and deflections that a "virus" caused the plague of the Spanish Flu 1918 after this war. Obviously anyone with a brain can see that it's much more logical to deduce that chemicals used in that war would have direct responsibility for disease afterwards if indeed there was such a "plague". We also learn when we dig a little in to real historical facts that aspirin which is also a chemical that was used in warfare on the flu was given to many people in bombard ment doses of 20x what we would consider ever taking today. It poisoned them. It caused severe bleeding. Many bled to deth from treatment. Retards with degrees. It's 2024 and the last 40 years we saw these same warfare tactics on people in the WAR ON "aids" crisis that clearly were the cause of many deaths.

World War One - 1914 to 1918
"Spanish Flu" - 1918 to 1920

Where exactly in space precicely is that Space Station located on the Google map that unfortunately got too wet to read.

What if space is merely a pitted windshield.


Aqua colored areas show microwave pulses at night caught on radar

Just because microwave bursts show up on radar does not mean they are doing anything to our health. Maybe they are internet bursts of data done at night when no one is on the internet as an efficient data transfer mechanism. The bursts may show up easily with radar as they interact with moisture and then show up using this ultra sensitive technology. The fear porn is likely as bad as trying to scare a child about a monster under the bed or virology telling humanity there are invisible nano particles that have monster size abilities to kill you when they have no proof of such a thing. Beware believing the story tellers that draw you into their world wide web of lies!

It's now illegal to inject the trusted science that safely and effectively makes the scientifically conniving drug industry rich.

What happens when the science can't use it's dangerous unicorn to cause an infection that does not exist, it asks for more re re re search funding of course.

The best fight ever!


Do payphone exist?

$300,000 for a pay phone call with Candice Owens.

Planet Fitness purple goo exercise center raises prices 50% after dude is allowed to shave in women's locker area. People are cancelling memberships. They don't care for this inequal treatment.

Chemtrails? I don't worry about those I think most of that if not all is merely vapor trails, in other words condensation like on that cold glass of refreshing drink with ice in summer. What I worry about is INDOOR AIR TRAILS. The gassing of all public spaces with dangerous corrosive sQUAT poison.

Anti anti semenism is not treating people equally.

Main Street downtown Los Angeles. Nice weather. Many for lease signs. Hotel Barklay closed. Businesses next door closed. It goes on and on closed and for lease signs. You can see many have been updated not that long ago. The whole redev thing has fallen apart. It's better in Tijuana.

There is so much graffitti that's been washed down some and removed and it sorta looks even worse. When I see all this I think "why can't they fix the simple matter of graffiti this is not a FIX it's a band-aid". The science claims it can solve a much more complex problem of "viruses" and it can't fix graffiti. Hmm. Maybe the science IS THE PROBLEM.

 For the past 20 years of existential threat of imaginary blankets in the sky spurred on industrial revolution of adding ugly inefficient handicapped energy wind turbines that were supposed to provide according to the marketing departments unlimited income and free oil-less energy supplies that oddly need 500 gallons of oil and oil changes just like cars. It's just like all the scam multi-level marketing companies promise that sell you kits and unlimited potential and independents who need to be president. How is this possible there be a "Canada's Declining Electricity Abundance".

Poland is protesting VOMIT green energy. They call it "Expensive lead, painted green".

What ex actly are climate deniers denying. Read between the lines. everything orbits POLARIS. Prove them wrong. See if your calculation device orbits the science and the hands of time and time again and again being told one thing then observing another.

Did government and insurance [which always work together in the halls of massage clinics] did they give 1/4 mil $$$ incentive to doctors that would vaccinate 70% or more of their subjects in their practice not perfect. Dr. McSpikey says so but keep in mind he has kits to sell.

The family dog uses it's nose to determine if something is safe to eat. The science uses chemical waste to perform complex tests and analysis to determine if food is safe to eat. Then to make the food safe they spray it with poisons. Meanwhile the people die of starvation waiting for the science. That's life in your new smart city that still can't map streets correctly leading you with guidelnes off cliffs. The dog already ate it's dinner after 3 sniffs. Meanwhile dead people are billed for the science that killed them. Then the science found that dogs had completed their master plan but then were overcome with sadness realizing what they once had, the utopian world of humans that are all perfect in their imperfections just like the trees they piss on.

God made dogs to put out fires that's why they piss on hydrants.

WDIV/EQU/INC is demanding business suit wearers be treated equally. The claim is that those who wear their suits backwards are not being treated the same. Here's an example of The Podcast Of Lotus Eaters middle man wearing a suit the way most people wear them.

In that episode they talked about red flags and green flags. The guy on the left had a red flag moment where he was busy consuming an energy drink more facinated with the ceiling than the rambling discussion. ROFL.

AI is generating an overwhelming number of submissions to editors for review in placement for their content. It's becoming such a problem that as mentioned in David Knight show May 10 2024 Clarkesworld a science fiction magazine has halted accepting any submissions until they can figure out how best to handle it. Can't they use AI to fix this problem that AI is generating? AI is a joke and another scam of big tech players and investment hunters. I would suggest if they want good science fiction content go to the CDC and peer reviewed studies on viruses which are dangerous unicorns the science fiction is endless in virology and a best seller as people think it's real. It sold more copies than the Christian bible.

The science created a science fiction novel. It was called Kovid. It fell off the runaway and every one that's hooked on drama said they caught it.

PCR fraudulant anal-ysis procedure is going after your cow meat and milk big money is always looking at how to breed it's cash cows.

I say put in e quality where you can.

Electric cars keep exploding as if they were bombs and THE/SCIENCE of misgoverning and marketing prowe$$ doesn't know why but the conspiracy theorists predicted this and kept warning the public every day thereafter when electric cars did this same thing 100 years ago. Maybe tiz time to go back to making ourselves the priority instead of climate which retards think they can control and going back horsefull carriages and hustlers in Enron 2.0666 energy systems present their pitch to get the publics green $$$ energy pipelined to their portfolios using none of their own energy. "Fires are a grave risk in any vehicle accident, but they can be quickly brought under control in an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle."

Tightrope energy is a rediculously stupid addition to reliable stable fully robust balanced energy. In 2021 in Texas this tightrope energy caused about 250 deaths when the grid failed because of retarded energy failing them. 250 DEATHS of good people who had no electricity when it was below freezing because the junk energy wind turbines failed. Let's talk about saving lives in real ways investing our energy in stable energy instead of this wind and solar handicapped garbage energy transfer system that stuffs rich ass holes with your green $$$.

Range angxiety is a huge concern. Dr. Tvfill will likely (if you are paying a lot for attention) suggest you get expensive therapy instead of having a guest on the show business that explains how to rid yourself of what is causing that anxiety, that handicapped electric car and the delusions of saving the planet that power it.


Read about the Felicity Ace disaster. They abandoned the ship. EV caught fire and burned at over 2700 degrees melting hull of the ship. 9/11 nuts quickly came in and dispersed their stupidity to put out the obvious fact that yes burning things can melt steel.

TV is the worst most destructive thing for the planet. For the last 2 decades TV brainwashing has been out of control. High horse energy is all in. Sierra Club promote this dangerous handicapped energy crap. They fill their portfolios this way using your energy.

Globe Errth loses in court 2x.

Virology is like "the science" of moving a junkyard full of unidentifiable stuff thrown away and broken in pieces to a new location next to a residential neiborhood. The science of virology comes in theming prevention and looks at what is there and sees what it wants to see moving around (because of the wind) and says kill it. The young child looks and asks why are they killing junk with bug spray and then the mother asks the new neighbor WHO has more intelligence my child or "the science" and the neighbor who just got vaccinated 666 times now says of course the science. The science actually would be smarter trying to kill shadows from shadow boxing as they pose more of a threat to the boxer than any dangerous unicorn.


"Single use" discrimatory bags that were almost never used only once win their day in court on basis of equal treatment. LOL. Bye bye bag fee. It was a rip off and a gain for the grocers associations and the stores saved billions of $$$ while they caused more oil to be used anyway. You bought bags that are 8x more plastic per bag and used them 2x or once.

Toxic bag of fluoride chemical waste from Japan added to municipal water. How many teeth's lives did this bag save. Where's the data. No where. It saves no tooth life ever unless you mean making sure that portfolios have teeth as they have no better way to both make money AND to dispose of manufacturing toxic waste than this.

When China goes to CGI space they film the Errth as the flat plane that it is. It is a PLANE not a PLANETTE. There is not a small planette we call home it is a massive infinite plane.

The image actually represents Earth as it would actually look if anyone was in orbit which they are not. While up there they should be able to see stars. In the US after the first moon walked on the man the not astros were asked if they saw stars. They said yes and they were forming a pattern similar to those patterns we see of chronic liars THAT DISTORT reality and the bigger pictures in to a manipulative money grubbing mess.

Religionists often could care less about other's beliefs and even do whatever they can quelch others beliefs while demanding those they trash honor their beliefs. Let's hear from the drunk former funny star Roseanne who like every throne to the dogs sellebrity has a podcast. The lowlight of her or his career was when she or he took a big dump on his or her parents when she or he was drunk on comedy career and attention as is once again on her or his high horse throwing cater pillars and maggots on everyone again thinking they are butterflies and UFO's.

Squatting going illegal in NY? Probably unconstitutional the detailed trans Devil says. This makes the other squatters that have real estate portfolios happier than a cash cow in a bank vault and it drives up prices as there is more demand than supply then. At one time it was taught that there is a balance created with "squatting" laws that did not give landlords right to just keep accumulating property and letting it sit. It can ruin places like in rust belts and Los Angeles downtown that's now become the model for how to create demand for "FOR LEASE" signs. The law said under certain circumstances abandonment of property goes to one who squats and makes it useful to the community again. It provides a test for such alleged abandonment. NY is a funny place tho, they often do things that are improper like forcing businesses to close to be drafted into dangerous unicorn hunting adventures and mandating rape by modern A medi SIN and chemical gassing of public chambers and play games to offer incentives for people to accept medical rape products called vaccines to introduce chemical warfare into their bodies to keep supporting the unicorn war machines that make massive sums of money.

Sun Fruit Dan takes on the question of is it safe to take IVERMECTIN poison drug daily. Let's ask that dead rat over there that took it daily. Let's also study Dr. Peter McCullough's ivermectin pushing does he ever tell his audience the dangers no. Does McSpikey tell his audience about liver damage from the many poison pHARMa suiticulls, no. Does Peter tell his audience that maybe it's not the Kovid vax saline placebo that caused harm it's the ivermectin drug poison or 100 other possible causes, no. Same problem with gay drug PrEP it's the same toxin AZT they used to kill my friends where as we find some Christian fag haters in medi SIN considered the homos as their lab rats just lower dose to do it slowly of if they are lucky they piss it out. Pure poison ivermectin available. Not recommended by anyone typing here.

Now there's a company that has a vaccine to stop climate change. It will stop cow farts. ROFL. Mentioned at start of David Knight show May 13 2024. It's of course another in the race to the top of the pile of endless new biotech startup scam. No product yet. Who would be stupid enough to invest. All those who were stupid enough to do what their TV told them to do when Kovid safely walked the Project Runway wearing the next year's medical con game incredibly success full fashion statement. Rice also has a methane problem. Insects have a methane problem. Kill everything to be safe OR make a vaccine, are you catching on to the scam yet? Vaccines are all junk science. The company has brought in $26 million startup capital. I bet this is merely just a blip in what they need to keep this narrative going. It's an advertising budget. Keeps people entertained, talking, ingoring the totalitarian laws being installed as a side effect.

Need something to boycott? Boy cott pHARMa and it's daddy big chem. They used you. They invadee your territory! Build the wall to protect your self, oh right, you already have that it's called skin, then you make an appointment to have invaders come in. This is called rape. It's rape of your body's countryside and barriers that are there for a reason. It is unnatural to be injecting chemical waste from China and India factories or saline placebo into your arm to be fake safe. Your body says "NO" and your mind doesn't listen. The child screams "NO" and the clinicians rape and abuse children anyway. There are no viruses they are imaginary constructs used to con. They in STRUCT you to obey or you are a bad person. Just like religious cults. The real purpose is disposal and filling up pHARMas portfolios. One of these just boasted about making $100 billion to inject people with chemical waste to keep them "safe" from dangerous unicorns. Go figure how stupid and weak people can be to not even stand up for themselves against such harmful inujectorats that have the biggest US criminal fines in history such as pFizer's at $3.6 billion blip which is as you can calculate nothing to these Hustlers In Virology (HIV) and they just laugh their smirks on at everyone they use and abuse along the way getting them to believe they are their masters.

Noticed the putrid smell of detergents these days? More chemical waste for disposal. It's brilliant. No body is paying any attention. Waste spread out over the entire planet at no cost to the companies. Goes right into the water tables. You think sewage treatment gets rid of it? ROFL. The portfolioists create new companies that spread more chemicals out for treatment. It all ends up in the water. Notice that ding ding ding ding at the end of stock trading days, they are happy. This alarm has been rung by some who care and understand the problems, some of these are called forever chemicals. PEG breaks down very slowly like plastic bags. Look at the Tide label there's PEG as C10-17 pareth top ingredient. PEG is used to preserve waterlogged wood. It displaces water. What does a water displacer do in the body that is mostly water. Replaces it with wood preservative.


Notice the GAS/MASK.

"It is the sodium salt of a sulfated polyethylene glycol ether." Poly means plastic derived from oil as in polyester disco pants and and leisure suits made of poly esters.

C6H8O7.xC2H7NO is just one of the many chemicals shown on the label as "MEA C10 alkylbenzenesulfonate". MEA is monoethanolamine. Part of the deceit in naming is creating these smushed words together to make one word then give it an acronym. This is not necessary but it's an effective tool to confuse and distract. Better said as mono ethanol amine. Mono is like ONE thing not two things, ethanol is like what's in BEER to get you drunk, and amine is like amino acids which make the protein in foods. That's why there is a warning about accidental consumption your clothes might get drunk and behave badly and breathing in the fumes is warned about as VOC on some products such as paint thinner though those are not warned about on this label. VOC is a strong petroleum based chemical fume in the air such as when you paint or use acetone. There is a strong chemical smell with detergents that was not there before 2020 hindsight to stop the spread of knowledge as much as now after the Kovid runaway adventure plagued us as presented by governing hustlers who have agenda$. The addition of protein might be to keep your clothes well fed.

Some have pointed out drugs have chemicals that people throw away and flush end up in the environment. No one is paying attention to the dying smelly elephants in the rooms, just the natural deaths of whales on the sea shores and the heart strings that make that a good story. They should be paying attention to the poisons in disinfectants and detergents that are dumped in MASSIVE QUANTITIES into our local waste water systems and indoor air some ending up in the oceans still after it gets treats and in our soils everywhere as both logic and these poison chemicals go out the window. The chemical companies all just keep kachinging away and when the kids complain of trouble breathing the ex perts that go in circles keep blaming unicorns when there's a poison in the room air that also gasses your food and gets absorbed into food and every cell of our body that does not want these chemicals "treating" them.

A fourth subcategory is determined by the connectivity of the substituents attached to the nitrogen:

It is also possible to have four organic substituents on the nitrogen. These species are not amines but are quaternary ammonium cations and have a charged nitrogen center. Quaternary ammonium salts exist with many kinds of anions.

Note the Errth depicted as flat like a merry go round on the World Hellth Organization logo and enveloped in whole grain wheat to symbolize healing obtained only from food once the spinning stops.

World Snake Outfit

Snake wrapped around needle as in vaccines are the fabric of pricks.

Markets the gain of function of fear a most effective sales hustle.

Is there a new rubbery toxic banana and a new butterfly flu that has species change surgery to become a caterpillar again that then spreads caterpillar flu to tree bark.

There is no HIV or Kovid test there is only PCR processing. It's what created fake cases used on CNN and other shit junk news networks to scare you into submission like no time ever in history to abandon your business and go to drive thru rape sites. Like processed trash and sewage it's not good for much but they use it on the public to fake find virus because they have been hoodwinked so bad so brainwashed they insist their gods are PAN and the acronym agencies and their gods would never be mischievious. PAN is the god of mischief! They are having their fun.

Former CNN anchor suffers with Multiple Vaccine Snake Bite Syndrome (MVSBS) one of the many retards of TVs drug dealers who did not even once open up one of Dr. Tom Cowans books or Tom's 4 years worth of informative videos that you can bank on to safely and effectively explain viruses do not exist is now trying out a different poison IVERMECTIN the horse dewormer poison that poisons the body to kill living things that are there for a reason can also harm people and animals as it too is another chemical poison so be sure to not take it like candy which too can cause harm. There are warnings to not kill those worms too fast as that then breaks down the worms that then release more poisons that they contain into the body and can cause death but has this idiot former CNN goon said a word about that, no, it's readily available information. Joe Rogan the expert wrestler swears by it while his body swore back saying "You stupid shit this junk science chemical waste technology is recommended poison".

Proud conspiracy theorist and prover of most con spear I sees are coming out of the closet.

Maybe man will make it to the moon one day. For now when in Southern California's guidelines of Hevn on Errth you might want to do what trailers do take the back road to or from between Big Bear and Yucca Valley (Pioneertown) on Burns Canyon Trail.

To get there safely and effectively don't ask a doctor and don't rely on smart maps they are stupid. Sends you down roads with blockades like on Black Lava Trail. HI instead of AI will tell you not to smart turn on Curtis as it will lead you for miles to a dead end but rather to turn on Roadrunner. Apparently Wile E. Coyote and Google (formerly Acme) are in a partnership.

Long flu. Now called long Kovid Acquired Runway Syndrome (KARS). To find out if your feeling sick means anything they sell you testing nonsense that finds no virus, and sell you China's chemical waste products to dispose of in your arm.

Coming soon the next PAN fraud the everything vaccine and turbo cancers caused by dangerous unicorns the scammers will never stop. Remember even the CEO of Bayer admitted they had to create a panic or the public would have NEVER accepted alleged genetic engineering of their body (though that is only claimed in patents and not proven science) with new rather old and not new waste disposal technology that is based on junk science. Bill Gates is a hustler as all these drug dealers that claim it's about your health when it's only about their wealth. Then there's this a.faudicae hotez strain of clowns hustling "we got to figure out a way to get over modern A medi SIN rape hesitancy". Watch the smirky smiling and chuckle I think his name is really Dr. Smith when he says he got the new annual two teeth vaccine bite as he lies through his spike teeth, there is no way in HELLth kare he is so stupid as to be bitten by synthetic snake venom in all vaccines as he too laughs all the way to his portfolios of wealth. People were USED. Wake up if you are not woken you are being used. Take off that Stupid Air Restriction Device In Neurological Exercise (SARDINE) as the dangerous unicorns are smaller than the holes that let air in so they go right into your lungs anyway.

Lost In Space episode leaving the space craft to deal with environmental space matters to collect carbon blankets or something. Ever ask public officials how high do carbon blankets hang permanently in the air? Ever have a home perm in your hair? Never lasts. At least that's real. Where is that carbon blanket I need to donate them to charity.

The most popular podcaster on Youtube Tim Pool claims he makes no money. Sure and I have a vaccine to sell you that will prevent you from being infected with shadows. He kinda dumped on his fan base saying he doesn't need to do this anymore then smooshes his fans faces into the shit of how rich they made him. He's getting more like lying politicians and stupid rich sellebrities every day or was he always that way!

Pediatritians can't stay in business without penetrating the children with pHARMa goo? David Knight and Children's Health Defense report. Insurance companies incentives. Whata racket. Poison injectorates. Syndrome, means by definition they don't know what causes it. Acquired Immune Defense Syndrome - AIDS - syndrome - cause unknown then they go around saying to get tested for an unproven cause. Horseshit In Virology - HIV.

Medical CODER blows horn on covid fraud. "There weren't any cases in the hospital" that's not what lying skum medias were telling you which are owned by pHARMa and are all about drama. Remember the news legally does not need a high threshold of accuracy when it comes to rapidly informing the public of important matters such as in fake emergencies claimed to be real. They can report anything that's told them so when you analyze how they stole your life from you then coerced you to be a locked up lab rat until your arm was within reach to get it back now you know. They reported cases of healthy people testing positive for having blood and it scared you. Next time shut off the boob toob.

Tom Cowan analysis on hormones May 8, 2024

Pattern recognition does not prove homone science as it stands currently. Biologically identical hormones is another fraud. Virology makes the claim it finds a novel fiction virus found in the library's section of FICTION by first taking a bunch of snot from your nose by raping you with a stick. Excuse me dear clinic if you need a sample from what's in my nose I will sneeze or blow my nose in a hanky and give it to you, you can rape that hanky all you like, you can keep the hanky like you keep the public's money once it's used up. Modern A medi SIN always plays favorites which is inequitable, preferring patented lucrative nose rape devices over non patented hankies. If you are gay you can use one of the rainbow hankies though the dyes could mess with the results like the problem with all of virology's particular brand of virus hunting that uses chemical warfare using various chemicals and biological sludge. This should be first indicator of medi SIN's fraud, there is no reasonable explanation as to why they can't collect a sample from blowing your nose.


We live in a world free from objects called "viruses" but not free of drama and tactics used to manipulate and sell stuff you don't need. Viruses are no more real than the Roman Empire's creation of "Jesus" who the story tellers said he said she said not to believe in other GODS or dangerous unicorns so what do people who believe in HIM do, spend more time battling dangerous unicorns and spraying shadows down with chemical disinfectants to get their life back to one where now the air they breathe everywhere is GASSED.

Millions and billions invested in revitalizing Los Angeles downtown. Look at it now. They will come up with another plan to revitalize and this time the businesses will be required to install expensive auto-gassing systems where the air is constantly moving and thus using more electricity up wastefully and more chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere to protect you from alien unicorns.

Common side effect of HIV medication is nausea and headache. The TV blurble box makes it sound like nausea and headache from medi SIN's venom is no big deal while doctors say if you have symptoms of pain and nausea it's indicating likely something is wrong. In the HIT HARD HIT EARLY WITH A HAMMER campaign in the 1990's it killed my friends are dead, many of them, from side effects and direct effects and over the top effects and HELLS thcare fire below effects and patented money grubbing brew effects of HIV medications that mamed their bodies visibly to treat dangerous unicorns with poison candy provided by drug dealers in shopping centers that have big signs saying "drug companies are the only ones that get immunity as the public got sucked into the PrEP ACT signed into law by congress in the 1980's as under Bush in the 2005 regime, it got hoodwinked into believing that was good for people but hey we make a lot of money from it so we focus on what money can buy and giving the public what it wants". Hey where did that sign go it was there every time I drove by oh there it is, they ground it up and used the chemicals of the polypaperester into another new life slaving product.

Questioning the idea of any virus existing often receives a flurry of kicks OF SAND in the face by school bullies who now teach their lessons at the beach where people simply believe in viruses because they have heard they are true all their life and insist they are real with no valid science just hear say. Looking at the foundation though we see missing virus. Like building a home a foundation could be missing a section yet the home can be built, similar to a home on a cliff in Southern California hillsides can remain standing while part of it's foundation lays down below on the beach. It would be insane to build onto that structure either vertical or horizontal but as the structure of virology keeps being built up on layer by layer, at a point the whole structure built in virology like building on a bad foundation of a structure on a cliff, gives away it's foundational flaw and missing piece and the whole entire thing falls into a destructive mess. We are now past this in virology after the 2020 fake pandemic mess. Virology sits there in ruins. This is exactly how the house of dangerous unicorns is built which explains why these systems keep crumbling every time they build on this delusion of viruses existing.

I hear pHARMa is getting in to the business with Trump to create safe and effective land mines after the success of the warped speed campaign to get snake bites into every arm.

Dr. McHusilas claims he is a "cardiologist". Goes around to committee hearings on "covid" blaming the vaccine for heart problems. Not once in the 4 years of studying his pleasant voice have we heard him highlight some basic facts such as the spraying of poisons (gassing) people indoors to kill what does not exist, viruses, nor have we heard him mention anything about salt water placebo shots, nor have we heard him mention the link of heart disease to starting in 2020 in order to make the "pan demic" appear like a real thing when it was FAKE that suddenly people were forced out of  their normal lives made to sit at home with nothing to do but tune in to PHARMA owned news broadcasts, watching tell-lie-vision babble on and on about the fake new disease and the problem for the heart when people sit around and get stressed nor does he ever highlight that people worked from home instead of the office where in offices even when they sit they move around a hell of a lot more getting much more exercise for their heart there than at home. No the pleasant voice just babbles on about fake spike protein computer graphic imagery in the shit science of virology that he's been called out on is a pile of lies piles and piles of documents all put out by peers in this hustle industry of lies as a base of it's entire structure. In almost every talk he pitches though sometimes subtly, his very expensive dangerous unicorn preparedness kits that remind me of attending a multi-level marketing scam meeting where they promise you unlimited potential to make unlimited income as they leave with yours.

Diversity is another cult.

And the foundation of almost all cults is money. The participants are a diverse set of people who of course only allow certain members in to their cult as do all cults. This includes the churches the governments the hot air holes.

Discrimination is being peddled incorrectly. Discrimination is a right. It is not a right in certain circumstances in some countries governing systems such as in employment. A church can discriminate they expell Satanists and those who are gay as it breaks their bibles whack-a-mole rules. A business can discriminate they do it all the time. They discriminated during the PAN hustle. The hustlers in media keep distorting this matter. Distortions is their business model as is hiding all angles of view. They did this on Good Morning America in the 1980's. Dr. Peter Duesberg, top retro-virologist of Berkeley was going to chime in on the alleged new virus. He was going to calm the PANic and explain why it's just harmless cellular dirt. When corporate got word of this they cancelled his appearance that morning. It would have massacred ad sales for their biggest clients, drug companies.

It's odd that some are claiming they are animals as animals don't have as many protections as do humans though their foreskin is never hacked off as is done with humans so in ways they have more rights or at minimum more polite considerations of what they would prefer such as having a life free of sexual abuse where as in the modern A world doctors have a special right to sexually abuse a baby man which is actually using the force of law to continue the abuse which is unconstitutional violation of human rights. This is why we support and all people should support TOTAL SKINFULLNESS. Ask your politicians if they support total skinfullness or just ask "Do you support skinfullness?" If they say no ask how much skin should be allowed to be removed from humans in the Unintact States Of America, especially at birth, 50%, 5%, zero percent? Pose this question to the intact fetus crowd too.

First it was the reappearance of bird flu. Now it's Avian Bird Flu? Rather suspicious that they would call it Avian Avian flu which is the same as calling it Avian Bird flu or Bird Avian flu. Just say BIRD BIRD flu then. Maybe it will be Avian Feathered Friend Bird flu which would be saying there's a new BIRD BIRD BIRD flu. So it has a fever, so what, fever is not a transmittable disease. Even in the 1970's The Brady Bunch episode on "measles" was no big deal they all just got over it. TV doesn't like that model. It's a drug dealer. Ever since the 1984 administration installed legal unliability for harm of drug products after the whiney demand crowd insisted on giving them immunity. Try to watch TV and not be hustled drugs that all have death as a side effect. Maybe congress can fix this problem of drug dealing on TV a problem they created. Might ask your doctor who probably doesn't have a clue "How close does that drug push me to that side effect I get scared as I drive too close to side effects." Hell care guidelines of the a.faucidae strain often place those guidelines right to the edge of the crumbling cliff where the house is long been evacuated but the a.faucidae strain of virus hunting tells it's crew to go where ever the virus leads them. Viruses do not follow guidelines, they are unicorns.

Hustle In Virology (HIV) latest fraud. Pay attention, it's part of their perpetual motion to make sure your cash flows to their portfolios. Next up it will morph the marketing into claiming it's jumped over to different species. The only thing that jumps is the marketing pitch. It will be spread around that brainwash box and associated industries like governing as Bovine Bird flu in other words COW BIRD FLU. Then it's Bovine Bird Brain Flu Syndrome Disease.

No cow gets bird flu, they are cows. They get cow flu. Question their logic. If a bird spreads flu to a cow then the cow spreads it to a bird that spreads it to a bat that spreads it to a cat in the hat that spreads it to an insect such as a mosquito that spreads it to a bird again that spreads it to a human is it called human flu or is it called Avian Bird Brain Bovine Cow Bird Feathered Friend Bat Feline In The Hat Vector Mosquito Insect Avian Feathered Friend Bird flu (ABBBCBFFBFITHVMIAFFBF).

No human gets Avian Bird Monkey Brain Flu either, they are humans not birds or monkeys. No human gets bird flu, they are humans, only birds "get" bird flu but they really don't "get" it, they create it. Disease is not floating in the air only dangerous unicorns do that. Disease is a condition of the body processes, you cannot catch other people or animals BODY PROCESSES.


No human gets monkey pox, they are not monkeys though the title sticks with the gays as most of the public looks at their sex patterns as "monkeying around". They can catch Monkeyingaround Delusions (MD) when they visit the doctor. That does travel in the air. The public has been delusionized in their brain cells that tells them the gays have multiple sex partners and they spread disease. They alls do the same with mosquitoes and their knitting needles that collect blood just like the Red Cross collects blood. Gays can't spread BODY PROCESSES that are created by recipies and ingredients none of which ingredients are unicorns named Hannibal Variant Virus. You see this is the game these hustlers play to sell you their shit science of virus hunting. Viruses simply do not exist but in the mind.

Monkey Business & Pox Business

Disinfectants? Kills viruses? What else does it kill? Lung cells? Smart targets "the" virus? Laughable. It's a stupid chemical. It's like giving a drug addict that won't leave a china shoppe some more psychadelics and a shovel and tell them to target the mad unicorn in there. The war on dangerous unicorns is insane and yet the public keeps falling into the trap of fighting with what does not exist. If you have proof any virus exists please contact any of the 222 and counting world institutions that are well accredited that boast of being all about health such as California's Department of PublicHealth which has no evidence of the actual proven existence of any virus or contact Dr. Tom Cowan who's laid out precisely the need for "the science" to prove it's lies are not the pseudo-science multi-level junk sales pitches they keep presenting. How many shovels of bullshit have our tax dollars bought in the Hustle Of Virology Errors Ruse (HOVER) so far? Some estimate it at the entire gross product of every country combined over 40 years.

What's missing in this discussion???

Do Oprah or Sandra Bullock know where I can buy some foreskin restoring cream? They bragged on TV to millions of their audience about using foreskin face cream made of little boys partially sliced off phallus skin an important body part God put there for PROTECTION and pleasure so I thought they might know where to buy the foreskin restore product as there are many of us that are trying to look our best instead of look our hacked and ripped off lobotomized self. Hacking personal computers personal private emails is illegal while in the United States of circumcision and it's In Never Ending Profiteering Trust (INEPT) the ripoff is claimed to benefit those who are ripped off. This honest and sincere request of where to find what we are looking for is in part selfish after having been raped so horrifically at birth by modern A medi SIN and also in part in considering the future need for foreskin restoration cream to be provided for the baby boys that grow up into teenage adult HOOD as this child abuse brutality continues and realize there's this ugly scar on their dicks and start asking questions then as they learn that part of their dick was cut the fuck off AMPUTATED for no good reason other than modern A medi SIN's bizarre justifications and their man's sex life is mamed for life never to be what it was created to be by Mother and Father GOD and are told by the delusionists to get help by a psychologist if they feel they were abused when they don't need that horseshit they need to talk to a congress that in response tells them if they even bother, asking these governing circumcised bodies of power if they can respond with "I understand this is violence of the most agregious kind and we will stop this AMPUTATION ritual immediately" but congress only wants to live in their worlds of religious cult delusions that includes amputations of baby men's dicks as it pleases their gods, and wars and more death and more cash flows and then when the people protest their insane behavior they say "did you find everything you were looking for" and the response is "No are you stupid, delusional, or just not listening? At least can you point me to where I can find foreskin restoration cream and at which counter of the store that also has been circumcised by governing that makes it no crime to shop lift any more" at bare minimum and congress cannot even point me to this on any one of it's 666,666,666 trillion anyoctillion million billion zillion web pages it created to "serve the public" even going so far as to blow up the food pyramid which had a stable foundation which means tranfer wealth to big tech once again, but will instead at least try to help by referring me to the many pages and agencies that support Judeo-Christian values as they claim this country was founded similar to that example of Washington, DC being built on that eroding cliff on the Pacific Coast on whereas they celebrate their sick amputation ritual on Christ at his birthweek every January 1st and deposit our money into their wealth accounts for all the good work they did serving the public.

No one seems to have noticed out there in delusion land that the Nazi party changed it's name to Covid and insted of realizing the gravity of the situation they just kept asking the party leaders what to do. Some still don't realize this name change just new marketing propoganda.

Aztra Zeneca rebranded FLU VACCINE yanked from market only after making the profits they deserved for killing people with drug assisted assault side effects.

If you had a dollar for every time you turned on the slime stream medias and listened to their brainwashing you'd be a millionaire. Instead every time you or your government buys their shit products you make THEM all millionaires. In 2020 hindsight which many foresaw even in 2019 when Kovid appeared on Project Runway for the first time and then many lied and said they caught Kovid as if he fell off the stage delusionally thinking they Kawt Kovid, the public threw all the conspiracy theories in the trash like idiots and took their venom shots like rats in the field being hunted by snakes. The criminal drug companies claim death caused by injection is extremely rare. Rare? That means it happens. Death by placebo saline as happened in the get your life back scam is rare. Murder is rare, we strive for zero murder rates. Where is the call for ZERO death rate from junk science garbage they sell for 666 million% mark up? Zero tolerance. Imagine building a skyscraper with zero tolerance, there is tolerance in everything, without it it becomes impossible to build and without tolerance things break, these political goons claim zero tolerance is workable.

They don't tell you how it's never rare for them to make themselves rich selling junk science. Now they have bird brain flu to sell you. Rape your cattle and poultry to have safe and effective hustle over and over again kaching. It's all hustle. It was rape and effective at killing the public except when they received a salt water PLACEBO which could have been 99.666%. No side effects from salt water in small injectible dose from what seems to be the consensus. Don't tell anyone about placebos as that would ruin the passport scheme as most were let in to public places for merely having a salty injected to be safe body, as doing that would quell the other fear campaign, scare for what the rarely given full venom shots might have done, and probably did do to harm, OMG run to more hustlers for a cure. Duh. That's what people keep doing expecting different results. For all anyone knows the after all the capitalist enthusiasts that with brooms in hand in stock markets merely sweep your cash and other people's money that lose it, into their portfolios made all the  profits they could possibly squeeze out of PAN demia's latest mischief that presented 2020 insight and hindsight as to HOW THEY ALL OPERATE ON YOU so that you instead operate on each other. Pan is the ancient god and belief system of mischief. Pay attention to the names of these Hustles In Virology (HIV) a pseudo science that makes up horror stories to scare you so they can sell you China's chemical waste in a tube inserted into you as if you are a tire and need air and then when you are gasping for air in the chemical GASSED business HELL th compartment rapetopia tells you to cut down the supply. Even tires know better. There are no new diseases, only new marketing campaigns. Viruses do not exist on this planet. Maybe these dangerous unicorns are real in Mars or the Moon atmospheres but we haven't gone there yet but the reason is it's not patent friendly so there's no money in it. Speaking of tires and marketing the religions present that humans were made missing the valve stem and claims that humans were provided excess private parts that are better used for sellebrity face creams as seen on TV by the all in it together crowd of Dr. Fulls and television performists that brag how they apply sliced off baby foreskins to their face to look "pretty" while the crowd then can never see them the same after hearing them stand there bragging about such a thing. Hustlers In Medi Sin (HIMS) should market a permanent install of syringes in God's faulty product, surely that's on the way! Since we were made in the image of God that would make God imperfect and not all knowing as he would have the best search engine in the world he created with fingertip access to all the worlds he created and all it's disinformation as contained in THE/BIBLE. So if you seek the truth, might want to drop that faulty God's creation that needs redemption theory. We were made in God's perfect image, not from parts thrown together in a junk yard and the male anatomy was made perfect until Modern A Slithering Kovid (MASK) raped us.

Coachella Quest turns into a super hero air fucking QWERTy+ drag stupid smart fest OMG yuk.


Why are dodocrats so fucking racist that's all they talk about is race. Bernie Sanders psycho senator makes claims that the only way to have good health care is from same race. That is pure race baiting at it's most evil pinnacle of conism.

Handicapped wind energy parking lot planned next to Buddah meditation camp. Supposed to help them meditate better knowing that added planet dissolving industry is now saving the planet from those who use electricity.

Example cited for "benefit" to the community of a 50 MW project "would provide approximately €280,000 per annum to the community benefit fund" which is basically stealing it from ratepayers and taxpayers and shifting massively larger amounts to retirement portfolios like is being done for rich Canadians by Pattern Energy.  

OU's division of DEI to change name to Division of Opportunity and Access (DOA) so it's back to the Acronym Drawing Of Your Tax Dollars Board (ADOYTDB) once again.

Taking toys too seriously leads to misdismal interpretations of the data.

Lab leak my ass. It's all show business.

Here's where viruses leaked from, a calculator.

It never demonstrates the existence of an actual particle of matter called "viruses".

Notice the scary costumes the actors wear for effect.

These props made their appearance in the documentary film exposing virology for the lie that it is by Dr. Mark Bailey "A Farewell To Virology" on page 64 of the script and in one of Dr. Tom Cowan's 4 years of broadcasts on why viruses are simply made up nonsense.

If the junk science of virology was valid then why does the brilliant non hustler Dr. Tom Cowan ask the question "Why is there not a single published paper showing the direct binding of any pathogenic virus directly in the fluid of any sick plant animal or human being not once"

Conservation movements are now owned by big energy of all colors green, black, and rainbow.

Jim Fetzer news May 7, 2024

That face made hearing the new Harley pipes first time.

Vaccines are rape. They are snake bites. Pay attention.

Dr. FULL shills for big pHARMa industrial complex don't buy his crap. He's now shilling THE NEXT FAKE-A-DEMIC, TO BE PREPARED, he's such a scum. He claims "no one knew". I knew and Dr. Sam Bailey called out the lie day one so did Jon Rappoport and Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman you won't see any of these people on his show.

There are no viruses to prepare for. The entire industry is a scam. But people love their drama so they will keep going to their TV and do the same insanity over and over then blame others or "not being prepared" rather than looking at the obvious VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST ON PLANET EARTH. The whole "preparedness" scam is part of their plan to have introduced by force or slimy coersion and fear campaigns new flu shot technology that then will/is being used to scam the public into believing that they can "prevent" cancer and viruses that do not exist which are all now made on a computer as nothing more than one's and zero's in their "in silico" pong science. At best the scary label label label label label do I have to define what a LABEL is of "virus", is merely cellular dirt that your body dumps in the toilet every day. No need to go to war. This is what is seen in those electron microscope pictures, scary dust and dirt. The entire Hustle In Virology (HIV) industry belongs in the toilet. Flush.

The dude teaches kindness and that's bad because he wears a dress? Apparently this is coming from those who see only what they want to see much like virology that sees monsters under the bed when there's nothing there.

Snake wrapped around garden of eden tree is symbol of health? Dr. Bryan Ardis on snake venom in hellth kare. Nicotine for health! It's been studied in depth already no more wasted money needed you have food to buy! Nicotine is in foods. Ardis claims eggplant is highest in veggies of nicotine. Does not provide the amount. Does not provide amount in a cigarette. Makes a lot of claims. Maybe it's true. Do you really think that HELL th Kare provided by big pHARMa corporate profit centers will tell you what would destroy their business models? Nutrient/nicotine like calcium magnesium. Published by scientists around the world. Eat the plants.


See the 666?

They now say take 2 shots at the same time! Snake bite! Two teeth. Can it be any more obvious? Does the doctor have to wear a snake outfit?

Would you trust a fortune teller's prediction? What about the disfortune teller's prediction? That's what doctors do all the time, predicting what your genetics are going to do to you in the future. Same garbage.

They isolated venom. They did not isolate any virus. Which do you think is real? If you chose venom you win.

Modern A medi sin is built on patents. They steal mother nature's medicine, rape it with technology, replicate it, put it in a pill or snake bite syringe and watch the cash cows dance at the hospital when they should be working.

Dr. Ardis seems like a nice caring man. He goes through this process with valerian root known to be used in a tea for it's soothing properties. The raped medi SIN form in synthetic is called Valium. Dr. Ardis gets the apple thing wrong, claims you can get Vitamin C from an apple, they have no Vitamin C. He apparently has not studied food content at much like I have. Why the fuck has stopped listing all the nutrients, look up apple and you can't find Vitamin C listed at 0.000 like years ago but it does appear for an orange at around 59 milligrams this is more of this same old governing hustle to keep busy work that makes no sense just keeps boated governing employed and feeding their pensions. Now it's confusing to look at the tables. I want to see it like before, it would show Vitamin C 0.0000, now it's just lost in the ozone no mention of it. I typed in on Ardis website apples do not have Vitamin C and look what it's retarded artificial fruit intelligence AI (not his fault) gave as a suggestion "vitamin c appl plai long up nutrit gov west". People are eating AI up thinking it's healthy! What a joke.

Swallowing venom for blood pressure. HIV drugs using venom.

Made in China cone snail venom for anti-aging cream. It's right there on the label.

Key word "peptides". Synthetic versions of venom are made in the same principle of synthesizing aspirin that originated from bark of tree. Ever got a tree bite, no. Spraying venom on crops. It's everywhere now. Ozempic. Diabetes and weight loss. Venomize me baby.

People are injecting Gila monster venom as "weight loss drugs". Watch this show!!!

Popeye's Training Camp

He ate spinach to be strong. He did not eat artifical spinach. He did not take snake venom pills or injections. Spinach has iron and Vitamin C. We buy synthesized Vitamin C. Many studies show it helps like natural Vitamin C. Some say it doesn't work like natural Vitamin C. Which would you prever to try, synthetic of what's found in food, or synthetic what's found as venom in snakes. The entire field of medi SIN is based on biting you! It's in their logo!

Psychos are calling the death penalty hotlines in record numbers.

Tucker Carlson also works for pHARMa David Knight Show May 8, 2024

Boy Scouts of America is having a sex change to be Neutered Scouts but the non-scouts are not feeling included so the means they will change to America's Funniest Home Scouts and when the non-scouts are there at camp they will not be made to do any scouting as that would be some other woke puke neutering which all started on The fucking Price is write more checks using tax payer dollars so they will change the name to blank so as not to offend other names and when one non name gets offended anyway they will dissolve the whole program of teaching scouting which is what the whole point of woke bullshit is about. It's all very scick. The foolish prideists and sexists win again though it's not really winning it's like caiming you won by throwing OIL BASED PAINT on a Rembrant covered in protective glass and wearing a "Just say no to oil" t-shirt made of oil. We would give them a medal but that would be disinclusive of wood. Now in following the Ellen Regime everyone is a winner even when they are losers so they get sucked into the commercial enterprise in charge it. It's interesting how the boy scouts name gets circumcised removing it's man hood and this is not happening to the girl scouts name it has cookies to sell and it's protected from such sex name changes.

Hensell and Greta and Rebel News notice reserve military knocking on doors.

Bible devotionist extremists in congress hold teachings in their "holy book" on their high horses over the US constitution thus they are not fit for public service. An0maly debates Conservative Mama! Fundamentalist Christians and the "Freedom Community" are often hypocrites. They were first to stand for freedom from the ko-vid lockdowns then were first to call for gay blood to again and again and again to be locked down. They claim sex causes their blood to be disgusting. They point to the science provieded by the same Hustlers In Virology (HIV) that brought them co-vid. They are all too mesmerized by their bibles. They prioritize their "faith" over the constitution. The Mama says a lot of these people put their faith first then their country. That's fine if they are NOT IN OFFICE as for anyone in public service the constitution is what is supposed to be first. These religious freaks in congress who have no problem circumcising the constitution and those who are prioritizing another country have shredded the 1st amendment of free speech as of late and are not even prioritizing this country. Mama says if she is told she can't do something it makes her want to do it. Yea right. Someone would tell her she should not drive her car in a ditch and she's going to do it? She's full of it. All of this is more distraction and mainly about donor money. That is the primary goal not to study how Jesus was an invention of the Roman Empire and never existed any more than any virus. Beliefs baby! An0maly also talks about the comparison to psyops in the Vietnam war which killed 666 billion young men in that holocaust and the abuse of "patriotism". The mindset that Christians have is why America is failing.

The President of the Unintact States babbles on about standing for human rights today May 7 2024. He Stands with a foreign government that slaughters rights to life it's all over the news. Tells us to stand for human rights that our "ally" is one that tells us to stand with knives slicing off part of our man HOOD of our baby men forever changing our sexual experiences both male and female. The leader stands and doesn't trip this time but says nothing about Total Skinfullness and the human right to have it all remain intact. The leader does nothing to stand up for fully intact body from birth to adult HOOD rights. Others stand with those who protect total skinfullness. Others sit with those who don't stand up for full 100% guaranteed bodily integrity from birth to death and as the carousell spins many on this spin-cycle-ride will throw up.

How to play musical chairs of this committee and that committee

TV is a pile of drug pushing junkyard. The TV commercial for an injectible chemical's penetrant to give you better vision most common "side effect" is giving you cataracts. You can't even imagine that as you still can't see but those who can see will tell you how big penetrant keeps raping you. The needle got so big that they had to find a different place to put it instead of your arm.

The cabal of the border-go-round is apparently run by enterprise they always make money! Explaned.

Find the strollers on the beach at Waikiki in 1952 before all the high rises. I can't find them but it's said they are there.

I bought a small bottle of Tide. It's got PEG all over the place. Poly Ethelyne Glycol. Poly is like polyester. Plastic. Oil derived. What the hell is this crap doing in detergent and vaccines. Let's ask the ex pert stye in the eye. PEG derivitaves are used as surfactants. Surfactants are slippery. Salt is a surfactant. Ocean water is a surfactant. Detergents for washing clothes are loaded with chemicals probably China's chemical waste. The bathrooms now smell like they coated detergents on everything without rinsing it all off. It's a sickening smell. Key word SICKENING that means it makes one sick. They will instead blame a virus then double the coating requirements. PEG is a basis for many sexual lubricants. Nothing like coating your private parts in chemicals that stick like glue and expecting your skin to stay healthy and not hellthy then blaming a dangerous unicorn. Is this crap in coffee now. Feels like drinking silicone.

Dr. Sam Bailey spoke out against the virus fraud in 2020 which is now hindsight. She explains her journey having been part of a TV doctors show prior and warning people against the vaccines. She calls out the slick marketing of The Wellness Company and Peter McCullough and the many AVATARS on the internet that pretend to be truth tellers that are all in this big money game together all of it based on the fraud of dangerous unicorns claimed to be a threat to humanity and the business model of "go buy their products or you will cause others to die and get them for free and pay for them later with your taxes and other costs hidden to pay for it all as nothing is free".

The family lived in the country less that 3 miles from a wind farm. The infrasound booming caused by the farm traveling downwind ruined their lives. They had to move. They ended up next to a freeway. They healed there. The booming was so bad the freeway noise was better.

Why are politicians allowed to own stocks in the companies they have decision power over as they claim they represent the public, that is conflict of interest.

Doctor says you can't stay in business as a doctor unless you provide all the penetrants the CDC "suggests" be given to all human cattle. It's said to be an attempt at HERD immunity but we HEARD that immunity only belongs to corporations. WHO the hell are these people corralling human beings into these injection schemes with claims penetrants provide immunity when human immunity does not exist. They don't care about health they care about wealth.

Behind the scenes of modern A medi sin and politics that wash each other's hands and feet and other body parts and resell some parts stolen soon after birth of males, Bernie Sanders a US politician scum like all of them are working behind the Oz curtain to make drug prices higher while their mouthpieces (often confused with mouthing peace) keeps babbling lies. How about making drugs banned. How abour repealing the PrEP act that immunizes their portfolios from legal harm. Oh we can't do that they save trillions of lives they say to their overflowing portfolios. Drugs are all based on oil. They are chemicals probably repurposed waste.

Part 1. Congress does not care about freedom it cares about it's delusions and blowing bubbles. Jim Fetzer writes May 6, 2024 for his show "The new Antisemitism Bill passed by the House grossly violates freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion (in the name of Israel). It got 320 votes! Egad! Every one of those who voted in favor should be booted from Congress." Take note it has not passed the Senate, both are required where only then it would be law in the womb and then aborted by the Supreme Court. Part 2 has a good explanation how properties are bought up on the cheap.

Conservatives always act like they care about the fetus then after it's born they cut funding to help them survive in the world. We saw Donny Scump do this as president instead of sharing his wealth. They are all like this. Vote Kennedy. Kill the two party system. You don't have to vote for the lesser of two evils you vote for the better of 3 evils.

Fear porn producers add nanoparticles to the script. Conservatives jump on board. It's interesting many conservatives are hell bent on porn. They publicly will say it's so damaging yet they manufacture porn all the time.

OMG/MAGA are people still stuck on that swamp thing. Trump is psychotic. Trump called for the return of the death penalty for speaking freely. Fetzer said he at one time would "take a bullet" for the man now says after hearing his sick drivel wouldn't walk across the street to shake his hand. The other thing couldn't manage a dispute in a old folks home card game. Kennedy is the people's choice. There is no other qualified like Kennedy. Go independent. 4th of July is INDEPENDENTS DAY. Dump any party that is not called INDEPENDENT. America is about independence not democracy or republic.

Recently Donald Scump claimed his audience was 120,000. A real photo of the event shows it not even being a concert crowd at a stadium, rather it was like at a park.

Jeff Berwick noticed something hilarious about protests and flags. The formerly known as gay flag needs to be retired.

The Brady Roast on Netflix was so funny it's being laughed about until the 3rd millennium after Jesus met scissors guy.

Iceland was conned into not banning circumcision also known as brutal and bloody child abuse torture of baby men usually soon after birth used to steal a body part for profit and religious delusions gee who could have been behind that.

Pronoun lessons in Spanish. I'm sorry I don't speak woke in any language. Share with your pronoun freaks.

The new Planet of the Apes movie publicity stunt had them riding through San Francisco. They moved on through the city apparently wasn't civil enough for them as some of them were looking for public toilets.

We are not Caucasians or the stupid and offensive label of "white" we are Caucasus. We originate at and near the Caucasus Mountains.

The internet is so stupid. DEW blame is such crap. The trees don't burn because they are WET. Homes are dry and filled with chemicals, fabrics, easily combustible materials. Here's a direct energy weapon that is real, it's called a tornado. These DEW chasers got lucky and filmed Toto and Dorothy flying around in circles along with all the other delusions that humanity gets swept up into. Many dangerous unicorns were seen in this vortex.

David Knight show Monday May 6, 2024

The democratic PARTY actions are that of a faux democracy like in the Soviet era. RFK Jr. points this out says the DNC has a department dedicated to keeping him off the ballot.

RFK Jr. visits Hawaii. Woman that runs shelter says he will "bring all the people of the world together" which is interesting as when the peope of the world come together to talk about the Republicans and Democrats they say "they will continue to bring all the corporations and portfolios together."

The latest stew pid bill proves exactly what the bill is intended to prevent. It's laughable and Jimmy Dore points this out. This is what we call circular scamology and virology is full of it FULL OF IT. Another name for this is Hustle In Volume (HIV).

US Mail delivery problems explained and it's being made more INEQUITABLE! Follow the money and see surprises of the same ol' corporate and investment portfolio games.

Multi millionaire maybe billionaire running the USPS based on corporatism has people crying foul. Letter to be sent one block away first has to go many cities away then to another city and back thus traveling hundreds of miles instead of 100 feet but the portfolios are giddy then they say they have to raise the stamp price again with the claim that costs are rising. Well well now we know why costs are rising.

Science fictionists create new vaccine for cartoons. When is humanity going to realize we live in a virus free world. Not as long as the public keeps going to the sales man and believing the pitch.

Virology is a fraud.

Don't need a rocket scientist to prove carbon credit scheme creates more emissions.

Circumcision was designed to DAMAGE the male changing him from God's image to something different. Transformed. Transexual. Eric Clopper studied the history dating back thousands of years. 12 minute clip from his presentation at Harvard "Sex and Circumcision A Love Story". This can be a very hard matter to come to grips with but it's worth it. Also view the Rumble list of associated videos on this topic. Full 2 hour presentation here on Rumble. More commentary below.

An0maly analyzes recent statement from "Dilbert" creator on so called free speech. Pelosi exposed who her masters are and it's not the public she's supposed to SERVE. Billions "given" to Israel, Ukraine, etc. they say. No one points out the money is a LOAN. The only empire that is a threat is the one of DISTRACTION. Point being no one noticed the Roman Empire never fell it was just TRANSformed like that phallic device you use every day. An0maly presents a great analogy on the word "ally" comparing it to seeing your ally (wife) banging the neighbor.

As the variant scam has been exposed by a little dog that pulled back the curtain now the old man in Grand Ol' Oz (GOO) is telling us that cows are responsible for birds having flu as if that makes any sense either. They are setting you up once again to then acclaim that it jumped to humans and need for shutdown 2 or their latest penetrant made from China's chemical waste as there's no other way to steal your money safely and effectively. Thing is IT does not exist. Virology is 100% pseudo science fraud. There is no IT.

I went to the FICTION section of the new library today. There was a ton of books on viruses there. The librarian realized in time so she categorized them properly. They were planning to put them in the non-fiction section by mistake. That's why they are called novel viruses they are fiction.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. is the only pick.


Drug COMPANIES get immunity you don't you never are given immunity. You are given sales pitch, hustle, lies built on lies, hope, more pitch, and never immunity. Your body has no immune system. That is a marketing construct. You only have a response system.

No one can find a virus in nature. Dr. Sam Bailey explains. Dr. Tom Cowan also explains.

Drone TV


Eric presented this play in 2018 at Harvard. He gets into this matter pretty deep while composing a light hearted approach into a symphony of understanding now is time to change human behavior that ignores this Foreskin Holocaust that slices off about 1/2 the natural God given skin on the male's most private part that he thinks with, thus, that would make it lobotomy and it transforms the phallus for his entire life experience removing needed protection thus causing a life time of irritation down there all day every day, thus all men who had this child abuse transforming of their man HOOD done to them are now transexual literally cutting off their man HOOD. Why are women protected from this violence amputation horror and men are not? It's roots are sexual pleasure diminishment and it continues to be allowed in a democracy in 2024 where sick politicians with their head up their butt hole portfolios do nothing to stop it and just babble their fucking "democracy" mantra repeatedly like a mentally ill nutcase, what liars, delusionists, and hypocrites they are. Calls to stop that and provide repirations to all who have suffered this abuse and torture should be repeated not this babblefest of the word "democracy".


They took his whole milk away and he's distraught LOL

Foolish pride monument to be erected in Canada.

Remember the time Jim Carrey told the truth about the fake moon landing on the Jay Leno show?


Obviously the looner laander was made in a science lab by 3rd grade art class with some guidelines provided by Fauci and NASA.


Bird brains. What doesn't exist acquires more mutations.

Not funny, survival rate of crash SUV. Pick one.

Lost another one

Solar panel owners having difficulty getting them serviced fortunately there's a new app for that, it calls around all the junkyards that will take them for disposal. So far only 3 places in the world will take them and you are responsible for removal and shipping. READ THIS WARNING BEFORE BUYING THESE DISABLED ENERGY SYSTEMS

Brazillian women are good sports

1970's movie billboard on Sunset Strip for rock opera "Tommy"

 35 mm slide for sale eBay WHAT A GOOD BUY!

What NOT to buy is sales pitches by Hooligans In Virology (HIV)

1970's Quaalude and Coke Bacardi Rum Billboard Ad Sign 8x10 Photo

The science now discovered 3x the water of Earth's oceans under the Earth.

Shame on medi sin and church cults and their rutualistic shameinism

Jesus is coming back to have his dick cut off a 2nd time? Get a grip.

Canada laughs at the public. Look at it's new capital gains tax.

USDA mandates poisoning cattle and tagging each one for ongoing Hustles In Virology and the relatively nobel quest of prevention of disease when there are better ways than using poisons and complex surveillance. Cows just say moo to raping their ears this way so since governing in the USDA did not hear "NO" which they don't listen to anyway it took that as a yes. Tech and pHarma stocks again cheer. Ranchers are horrified. It's obsessive compulsive neurotic nanny state hovering and it's not necessary and will cost a lot of cash to implement and maintain and could drive them out of business. This is what government wants. This is why some ranchers are farming handicapped energy instead of providing the public food. You can uglify your night landscape with handicapped energy like this at Palm Springs too like the ranchers that are uglifying Arizona's Little Grand Canyon. What do they care their cash flows will be gorgeous. These also waste energy more than making energy as it makes electric grids unstable and is 100% dependent on non handicapped petroleum and are barely ever producing anything much more than entertainment jobs.

Poly ticks is always made with big oil

The dust is settling. It's time to vote Kennedy. This time's the charm.

Time for INDEPENDENT president as neither Democrat or Republican are working. To continue voting for one or the other is schizophrenic. It's doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Kennedy presented in May a message on remembering the Armenian Holocaust which we never hear about. Nothing said about the Foreskin Holocaust yet by ANYONE in public office but that day is coming once all circumcised men realize what really was done to them usually within the first week of life where some are forced out of the womb by those who claim they value life to it's fullest and then are transsexualized away from their God and mother and father who had naturally given the child a hoodie of protection and direct connection to a full colorful rainbow experience potential of sexual experience that instead was violently TRANS sexually formed into a black and white silent film experience of sex for the entire life performance. All circumcised men are trans sexual.

Another Kennedy in the Senate grilled a witness on climate SAMENESS and the real change that can be absoultely measured of 30% increase in electric rates under Biden when under Trump it was only a 4% increase. Under Kennedy in the 1960's it was only 1%. He asked about "tweets" that included F-words for the RECORD. Is that 78 RPM record or faster speed such as the immesurable Trump boasted warp speed record of insanity or a record of the Earth that on it's spindle only goes about 1/666,666,666th the rotational speed thus no one unfortunately ever flies off the Earth because of it's spin which the law of gravity should define that only those who spin heads should end up lost in space.

Tim Pool has a good analysis of the break off of part of Baton Rouge to become new city of St. George. It's because they don't like all the strife in the city school systems. Eventually then St. George will grow and take over most of the rest of the city and make schools safe again.

Mode RNA/CEO claims cancer is caused by a unicorn. Promi$e$ cure. He beeeleeeves the product will work so you don't have to. Watch closely when he smirks and what he just said the 2 seconds before each smirk.

You thought the money goes to Yu Crane? ROFL

Joy Behar. After discussing Simpson dying of cancer she said this about Trump "Until he's gone [too] I will not rest". She hates Trump while preaches the gospel of love. What a sad life. Don't even waste your time praying for her do that for those more deserving of it.

Mismaldis representatives of the people it's supposed to represent decide to follow the laws of another country instead of ours as if they never read the US constitution.

CON regress needs to pass the Marxist Awareness Governing Act (MAGA)

Make note when ever "congress" passes something this could be like saying a marriage decided on something when only the wife decided and the husband was set against it because of the exhorbitant cost. There are two parts of congress SENATE and HOUSE this vote was in the HOUSE. Reporting often purposely doesn't present which part of the marriage "decided" and just like with a marriage that decision might not be final. Basically this antispeech bill is too costly so maybe the other half will say NO and the item will be returned to the junk yard where it came from.

Hitting a high note

Galli-Curci was a famous opera star of the beginning of last century. A press photo currently on eBay from the 1950's shows her standing in front of a Vaudville show she attended captures her bright smile. Details on her life and as sample of her singing found here and a view of a rare signed portrait signed by her is seen below.

In Sweden Bernard Valter recently hosted an art show with his paintings.

This piece is called Observing Obedient People.

Oljemålning Zofia observing obedient people av Bernard Valter

The theme of the event was about the Kovid style pharma cyst show that had a 4 year run that featured those nasty separative and not equal "vaccine passports" that pretended to know anything about your health while it provided great wealth to those owning and profiting from those systems of monitoring. Bernard is a calm man who regularly spoke out against the insane dangerous unicorn hunting and avoidance regime the kind of guy you need to go to when people all around you lose their minds.

View the Bernard Valter official website here. He's become quite famous.

Got virus?

They are merely computer printouts. No absolute "virus" object has ever been proven to exist. Modern A Medi Sin keeps shredding the memo.

It's primarily fancy dancy smoke and mirrory mumbley jumbley seen on a TV screen and a computer monitor and one hand washes the other internal document press release. To have a healthy world which includes it's economy we really better monitor what the Hustlers In Virology (HIV) are doing as a priority while also ending the butchering of a babie man's foreskin which before it was sliced off by butchers in Modern A Medi Sin was a protection device but it's not a priority for some odd denialist reason mixed with religious salvation ferverentity and I find that lack of concern by authorities to be offensive.

Immunity to disease is an illusion.

Those "get your life back" that they stole as the "only way out" treats promoted heavier than the need for oxygen supplies which was also cut off "to make you and others well" in this horrific performance of greed that manufactured endless supplies of cash cow milk for the cow fortunates to make the hustle appear real, they declared fake need to stay home and watch slime stream media brainwashing to get it in your head that ONLY THEYS know what's best for you just like was done in the Jim Jones cult. It was quite a sight to see all these followers do what their cult leaders told them to do, cut down their oxygen supply to be redeemed of their sins of breathing. Eventually most of them realized how stupid the whole thing was as viruses are merely dangerous novels of story telling.

No body in the world is that stupid to believe cutting down oxygen is healthy, except maybe the a.faucidae strain of governing, so it has to be a plan. Some called it at the start coining the term PLAN DEMIC meant to be mischievious to upsell quick speed flu vaccines by forcing an experiment into everyone. Some call this method RAPE.

To fake protect you from "viruses" the science says to inject you with viruses. That's the most retarded concept of health that has ever been developed into a best selling NOVEL. To save you from an infected bird that's not sick it's claimed was tested positive for bird brain "virus" they kill the bird. They brag "it did not enter the food supply". If any virus existed it would transmit from air everywhere to everything. They are like dust which does not need a key to enter everything and travel everywhere. Everything virology is junk science. It's pseudo science. View the notarized declaration on this by a biostatistician who blew the whistle while the entire virology community stuffed in their ear plugs and passed them out to all their employees, private public partner$, governing bodies, etc. with mandate they be worn whenever and wherever whistles are blown.

Bio weapons and lab leaks do not exist. It's part of the marketing fraud. There was only a PAN demic not a pandemic. Pan is the ancient GOD of debauchery and mischief. Pied pipers exist.

Learn more about viruses here at i N T E R N E T M A T T E R . c o m

As the dust settles

Viruses have been proven in court now since the 20 teens to not exist anywhere in our world. They are fairy tellus used to sell you expensive stuff. Modern Medi Sin keeps throwing out the memo.

An article at Tech Crunch states "Hallucinations - the lies generative AI models tell, basically are a big problem for businesses looking to integrate the technology into their operations." This would apply to virology BIG TIME as it relies on hallucinations of interpretations of hallucinations of artificial intelligence of interpretations then making claims as a monster exists and is invading a city when it's just an illusion.

When they say "virus" you may as well just interpret that as meaning "something" or "another illusion" or "marketing chatter" as no virus as typically described as killers on the loose have ever been demonstrated to exist as real objects in nature. Dr. Sam Bailey has an excellent short explanation on this.

Diddly sQUAT

Squat down and look and smell at what is being sprayed everywhere now, more chemical poisons to keep you FAKE/SAFE that grab your cash without you knowing it like an expert pick-pocketeer. They EPA and other agencie$ even state in their own documents that these chemicals have a REASONABLE horrible effect on people. Reasonable? How about NO ill effect why not that? Because the dangerous UNICORN  is a bigger threat?

sQUAT eats away at bedding and lungs while out of the other side of the CON federated agencie$ EPA said natural citric acid kills Kovid and not lungs or ceramic tiles yet HELL thdepartment goons go around telling business they need to use corrosive sQUAT because there's more money to be harvested by these agencies of harvesting your cash so they have healthy retirement and salaries that way your CON gress can then send billions to the World Bank to keep you safe from ever seeing it again.

virus killer 6 packets $1.25 at the Dollar Tree proof that dollars do grow on Trees

Citric acid was first isolated in 1784 by the chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele, who crystallized it from lemon juice.[13][14]

In stark contrast in virology when they say they "isolate" a virus it means "just say you found it no one's paying attention".

sQUAT in the work place can cause asthma and skin problems. Being exposed to dangerous unicorns in the workplace only causes those in the Med i Sin Cult (MiSC) to freak out over these non existent threats so they are brainwashed into believing making the work place a chemical dump site is better for the work environment and when people have respiratory problems it's always blamed only on what does not exist not the sQUAT.

"Quats are included in cleaning supplies to help kill germs and bacteria. Quats contain positively-charged particles that bind to the negatively-charged cells in bacteria. Once the quat attaches itself to the bacteria’s cells, it can break down the cell’s wall and destroys it."

Obviously this same thing also occurs in the lungs which has walls and cells. sQUAT attaches itself to the cells and break down the cells wall and destroys it. If one has robust health the body can repair itself enough if not sprayed too much on everything but since CITRIC ACID kills all of these virus unicorns why use chemicals that destroys cells. If one does not have robust health these chemicals can cause great harm. If one is in robust health such as in sports and is over exerting and taxing the cells that can be a problem. Is that why there's so many young men and women in sports that have had heart attacks. Might not even be due to the chemical penetrant mandated to play tennis, might be the cell wrecking crew hired by sQUAT.

We might notice that HELL th department$$$ all tell the public to not smoke because of CHEMICALS that harm as they mandate all indoor and outdoor air be sprayed with CHEMICALS that harm.

Dr. Tom Cowan webinar May 1st 2024 he's been showing us proper safety and effects for the last 4 years why viruses do not exist and better ways to maintain health and wellness in the home, workplace, and body. He has written and studied this matter extensively for decades. Here's his latest presentation.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman on diagnostic and screening tests in the doctorate community that can be misleading and misdiagnosis. Psychiatry and thyroid function, miscarriage. Kaufman has been providing some of the best analysis of the Kovid runaway fraud for the last 4 years since the start of the fake pandemic.


Watch Dr. Sam Bailey presentation on the "miracle drug" ivermectin that starting in 2020 hindsight the "freedom community" touted as the key and hear how the entire "catching a virus" narrative is nonsense. If you think "photos of a virus" are proof "they are real" you are essentially believing in the Jesus Bunny that hops around and brings colored Devil'd eggs to all because you saw a picture of him after her sex change.

There are no "side" effects of chemical waste injections there are "effects". This disingenuous term "side effects" is what should be banned not entrance to work and shopping "to save millions and millions of lives" with no absolute proof of any of their Horseshit In Virology (HIV) claims of such. They are all drug dealers.

Another man was there Professor Angus Dalgleish when the a.faucidae strain of virology was born in 1984 HIV/AIDS/HUSTLE/DAZE when A.Fauci promised an AIDS vaccine in 18 months. 666 hundred billion dollars later there's still no AIDS vaccine. It's impossible as AIDS is not A disease it is a syndrome of unknown cause and a broader category of about 66.666 other diseases it could be any of these and they give you a faulty AIDS diagnosis based on faulty fraudulent tests to fake find HIV. The only thing that ever arrived was tankers of cash to the a.fauci strain of hustle and all his drug dealing friends. People like this professor who professes like everyone in this business to be the expert warned the public who preferred to get their medical advice from television's hysterical reports and heart string yankers so they ignored the message that repeatedly said that Fauci is a liar and there will be no AIDS vaccine ever. Dalgleish is now demanding end to the Kovid shots of genetic engineering nanotech but there's a problem with making such a demand, there is no proof any such "genetic engineering" occurs, it's only alleged. He also got sucked into the imaginary spike protein lie. A patent does not prove genetic manipulation occurs. It's all the standard hustle of the med iSIN industries.

HIV is a big fat fraud for 40 years. Claim that an RNA "virus" which is what the science claims HIV is as per Wikipedia entry here and many medical documents can be around even 3 years later is junk based on their very own science that claims "viruses mutate". The PhD tells us "They can't possibly be around that long" if they even had been a real object which of course we fully understand now are not real objects. This is the problem with virology it contradicts itself constantly, then statements are made as if they are absolute science to market products when their science is truly all over the map. Start with viewing Johnathan J. Couey, PhD. short explanation in 2023. Of course since he spoke out on this the puppet master$ that include clever pharma cysts threw him under the bus like they did with Duesberg in the 1980's when he called out HIV as being nothing more than a "harmless retrovirus". In those daze the hysteria was so intense most people couldn't even hear that warning nor make sense of it as the propoganda was incredibly intense and deep. This is why when "2 weeks to slow the spread" was declared those of us who witnessed that debauchery knew what was up, a new plan to force inject the public with new drugs as the fake "only way to get your life back".

More fun

Plan to put Bitcoin in mouse DNA with a genetically engineered virus. No joke. How small are those tweezers? More Horseshit In Virology and marketing. Eat the bait. Poop it out just like what happens with unicorn viruses every day! Jean editing. More poop. Yum.

Who the hell are these people asking if you have been boosted? Time to make fun of the idiots that are pro vaccine. Australian beach cares more about humanity than the shits in medi SIN.

Sears homeless fix between 1908-1940

There was less government at that time so solving problems of homelessness was easy then. Since that glorious time governingators started building with your tax dollars fancy buildings for themselves to work in every day which helped build bigger homes and many of them for all their friends and houses for their portfolios that provide them more houses and cars and vacations and retirement accounts than they need.

Public authority rear ended during traffic stop on busy highway.

It appears the officer made a traffic stop in the lane of traffic and thus the driver of the offending vehicle from behind was blinded by "safe and effective" diode strobe lighting sold the public as an "improvement on safety" and told it's "necessary to spend all that money to upgrade perfectly working incandescent lighting" in order to keep "saving lives" and did not notice the authority car was IN THE DRIVERS LANE and not off the road where it should be right behind the car the authority stopped in quest to "effectively keep us safe" and thus the authority vehicle was slammed into at high speed by the offending vehicle that did not realize because they were blinded by "safe and effective" diode lighting where exactly the authority vehicle was PARKED A BUSY HIGHWAY where it could easily be rear ended and not seen through the distortion of the blue and red strobe lighting that dominated the view. This simply was not like this prior to the installation of these diode strobe disco safety lights everywhere.

Gays are often rear ended but that's a different matter yet those who are always promoting safety that also have products to sell or banners to wave have also made that a public safety issue and thus starting in the 1980's virus hustle daze they promoted condoms to "prevent disease" when at that time also no virus causation was ever proven to exist. At least in looking at public safety matters on the road we can see clearly what blinds us. Funny thing the HHS secretary Margaret Heckler clearly pointed out to watch out for such claims about safety as she said condoms do not protect anyone from viruses as it's like expecting an open door in a home to protect from flies and clearly the public didn't get that message as condom sales soared and public authorities pushed their use for "safe and effective" intercourse and ignored what the other public authority said for decades afterwards and then Kovid appeared in 2019 on the runway and when he fell off everyone was caught saying "I caught Kovid".

911 calls pour in about wreckless ATV riders and motorcycles on trails

The internet claims it's the cops fault noting that the police car crossed the line right in front of an ATV who's rider then immediately crashed into the windshield and then was seriously injured and was transported to the hospital. In the theme of prevention which is rampant in governing now it was said to be to protect families and pedestrians. That's like saying people and pedestrians. The proper term is simply pedestrians, not families and pedestrians and people, but watching this video it's rather obvious that there was no threat to those pedestrians and families and pets and flowers, or maybe there was, look at it close, the ATV was going extremely fast suddenly appearing in view.

1:29 we see officer heading this direction with pedestrians
1:33 vid time officer spots rider come into view we can't see it here with this poor quality, ignore the yellow circle it's beyond that

1:36 he really slows his public servant vehicle to like 2 mph though he's already going rather slow
1:38 starts moving into other lane and stops in 2 seconds to block ATV rider and then it crashes in one second, the rider was clearly speeding very fast so was a clear and present danger to the public that was a mere 2 seconds away from him so over a period of 9 seconds he notices people in the road where there is guardrails and no where for them to be off the side of the road, an ATV barreling towards them after it being reported by others calling 911 for help, and the offender heading right toward them and this stupid shit narration in this situation of what happened makes fun of it and trashes the police undeservingly and nauseatingly.

Surely the public servants there to protect got the call saying "HELP US, We are concerned for our lives and that of others as there are all terrain vehicles and motorcycles driving dangerously on the trails where there are pedestrians and dogs being walked and we are scared please send someone out here to stop them." Statement by the department after the rider crashed "As the cruiser was slowing down, the operator lost control of his ATV, and struck the front passenger side window of the cruiser." The correct statement would have been "The officer sought to protect pedestrians so he swerved in front of the rider to violently cause him to stop." Why can't governing and the internet be honest. That's the facts.

Read the comments below the vid link.

Awards for this public servant and protector of the public were are in order. He's obviously well trained. This analysis points out how the internet offers us piles of crap but so does a sewer so as long as we connect things properly the water faucet provides us a flow of what we need and the drains take video shit like this away.

A good example of how video is used to show us the facts at a protest recently the dude throws his head into the "offending" flag then the drama begins. His attempt failed though as the camera caught it just right a HEAD of time. On the other hand he could be acting a part of someone acting a part thus deeper analysis would be needed for almost anything seen in visual presentations presented as fact they could be orchestrations. The one thing certain is the world's not a stage, it's an orchestra pit that keeps performing way too much noise in stages. I mean like what if 99.666% of the internet is now all staged to keep us entertained like a King's Jester.

Kleen energy

In 1997 an investment broker told the class these wind farms are a scam. Years later after the world did not end due to Y2K Warren Buffett said they are a scam worth investing in only because they are heavily subsidized by taxpayers. In other words, your tax payer and rate payer money is pipelined most efficiently to investors and you get a rock or maybe if you are lucky, a sandbag that you can actually use for something.

It was much prettier here at the base of the San Jacinto Mountain range with out this junk energy.

It's handicapped parking allocated to Klean Intermittent Transient Energy (KITE) that is flown in rural areas. It's energy that cannot even function without fossil fuels and oil. It's a joke but it's not funny as it pipelines your energy to fat portfolios.

This movie set that presents an illusion of saving the planet with fake "free energy" is parked at the typically dry river wash at Palm Springs below the 10,000 foot tall beautiful San Jacinto Mountains currently remains partially covered in snow high above the desert city after California's 2023/24 winter weather influenced by La Nina and El Nino's 7 year cycles created more cooling and reservoir filling rain than in other regular climate changes when it was drier. Climate change is a natural occurrance and not caused by man's industrial revolution.

In the theme of equitable distribution of handicapped energy as seen above more wind farms need to be provided in the cities or we are failing at the silly woke quest of full inclusionivityism of ongoing delusions that these INDUSTRIALIST energy systems are going to save us from anything and that forced bussing of integrating diversity is any different than it was decades ago. These forced integration of disabled energy onto robust hard working grid energies only save & build 30 year cash flows for pensions and portfolios such as the public employee pension plan in Canada where California rate payer dollars and other places make retirement fabulous there. Gee maybe that's why public employees are all in on these systems. Maybe they should be fired. Seems a conflict of interest to be saying these will save us from the dangerous unicorn of climate changing no different than it always changes while Making Retirement Great Again (MRGA).

Solar paneling

So basically the solar panels are there to power the machine that washes the solar panels so that the solar panels can power the machine that washes the solar panels so that the solar panels can power the machine that washes the solar panels.

Dice Errth

Using the science of Modern A Medi Sin which merely PRACTICES medisin and never perfects it, we can prove this novel model to be accurate as it appears on flat screen as if it's going in circles doing the same belief systems over and over again expecting different results. Truth is you can't shatter anyones illusions because they are SMOKE & NOVELS as in fiction and unicorns so just wait for the smoke to clear and point out what is and isn't there.

Start Dating Again (SDA)

"every day we are alive is a good day"

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The Desert Is Not A Home Without First Kicking Up A Lot Of Dust (TDINAHWFKUALOD)

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