Deserts are unique environments brimming with life inclusive of a wide variety of species of plants and animals, industry and residence.

Wind Farms Waste Energy
The entire basis for their build is a lie, carbon dioxide is not a threat to humanity. Mother Nature always keeps it in balance, what man adds to atmosphere is nothing and it does not insulate. Exhale on an open window and see how well that works for a test. No additional science needed that would scam you out of more billions of our tax dollars.

The only cause of climate ever changing is water, the sun, frigid space. Carbon footprints do not exist!

The sales pitch that wind turbines will provide free energy is as laughingly misguided. It's like how politicians in the cold virus war they rebranded as "covid" told us they were building planes while flying them as THEY HAD NO CLUE WHAT THEY WERE DOING.

Why is this one wind turbine spinning on a no wind day in Palm Springs??

These are hopelessly dependent on the petroleum they claim they want to keep in the ground!

THE cause of climate change is H2O not CO2 as
carbon barely exists in the air it's a total joke to try to control it as mother nature always keeps it in balance by herself AND what little is there helps filter the air like your water filters that are made with, wait for it, carbon!
To protect our environment the only place wind farms should be seen is burning up

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which investigates the many colors hidden throughout the camouflage Green Renewable Electric Energy Development (cGREED) that transfers your $ energy to portfolios and provides you what is basically movie sets as wind farms are basically PROPS they are movie sets presenting an illusion pretending to be something they are not and ACTING as pacifiers.

The promises made of these systems powering billions of homes is exaggerated and it's like recycling these systems using their worn propellers and fossil fuel based hydraulics to build planes, while flying them, instead of using jet engines, and then claiming your design will power the airplane by breezes while also assuring everyone it won't act erraticaly nor crash, meanwhile you are being billed for all this wasted energy in the monthly electric bills, taxes, surcharges.
Chevelon Canyon Ranch area is quickly becoming greed energy hell!

It started a few years back when a special use permit was approved for 49 square miles of chaotic power production wind farming at Chevelon Butte at Chevelon Canyon in Arizona. This is not saving the planet it's only making certain people very righ using your green $$$$ energy and there's more of this greed energy coming!
of wind turbines plopped down all around them Navajo County residents are upset that yet another giant wind farm now to their East will feature 104 count of 820 foot tall windscrapers with flashing red lights all night long and destruction of pristine views they voiced their opposition while as expected the Navajo County Board of Supervisors rubber stamped the entire billion dollar project as they are all in this together while doing nothing to provide electricity to the rural parcels that will be affected by this energy dump site. 82 square miles is like covering 1/3 of San Francisco where a lot of this cash cow money goes to the ultra rich billionaire Tom Seyer lives and certainly will never see these junk energy systems mucking up his views of the San Francisco Bay area. Meanwhile if you look at the streets there you see none of these billionaires do anything to build homes for the many living in tents on sidewalks, no, they use your money to build movie sets to present the illusion of creating free clean energy so that you don't notice your $ energy flowing through these pipelines that feed directly to them. The drive past these ugly monstrocities from Route 377 after these are built will be 10 miles of wind turbines on Hutch Road! This area is like the old west extremely rural, there's not even any power lines to the homes there and it's insane they are building this and no one there will get power! There will be homes 1 mile away from this massive 82 square mile project with no power!
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minutes of Navajo County BOS meeting 9/13/2022
presentation by the county here includes photos of the project locations with misrepresentation of how the ugly wind turbines will appear SUP 22-007 click on image for large and click here to see how bad they will look at night

The greed energy hustlers never show how they really look instead blending them in with the sky or haze, imagine them standing out in white like the stripes in this image below for a more accurate visual or go here to see some more accurate comparisons at STOP Chevelon Butte Wind

This wind farm will cover 82 square miles! 104 turbines 820 whopping skyscraper feet high approved for Chevelon Canyon near Holbrook spread out over 52,500 acres see archive of meeting agenda here

Letter to Arizona Game & Fish Department as seen in the NCBOS presentation page 19 states the project "would include" not "will include" radar activated Annoying Red Flashing Lights All Night Long (ARFLANL) this is important to understand that these greed energy hustlers always present that they would add these lighting systems that are off more of the time and only come on when aircraft approaches BUT this is only if the FAA allows it and like with the project in North Dakota (or was it South Dakota) the FAA kept denying it so it's very likely the FAA will not allow it here. This use of the term "would" is a legal protective of the seller marketing trick often used to deceive those who would and will find flashing red lights on all night long very objectionable and destructive to their peaceful dark night skies they enjoy out there. There is no guarantee these radar systems would be approved by the FAA.

West Camp Wind Farm greed energy hell map shows it to be placed directly north of Hutch Road at Chevelon Canyon Ranch

AES is the corporate greed system that is putting this destructive project together to ruin the dark skies out there at Chevelon Canyon Ranch and so what's so egregious is their website shows dark skies and wind turbines without annoying red flashing lights

The company AES boasts the project will create 30 regular jobs but does not tell us that the reliable efficient and clean COAL power plant that was closed in that area of Coconino County which had a footprint of about one square mile had regular 265 jobs nor do the BOS make this comparison as they are all in this cash cow that feeds pensions and portfolios together.

In the August 9, 2022 Board of Supervisors meeting for Navajo County the minutes state that District 3 Supervisor Jason Whiting "talked about the beauty of Navajo County in the different areas."

GREED ENERGY systems are direct pipelines to your cash they do not save the planet they save portfolios for example Arizona has some that feed Canadian Pension Funds!

subsidies for rooftop solar systems transfer wealth upward to the wealthy, THEY ARE PIPELINES TO YOUR GREEN DOLLAR ENERGY

Milkin' you

In 2019 Fauci and friends
such as Michael Specter Staff Writer for The New Yorker
and Rick Bright of Health and Human Services (HHS) were talking about how to get the public to accept a new genetic modifying organism (GMO) technology to replace flu shots.

They were frustrated with the resistance of people to get what is basically
injections of anti-freeze and polyester pants "for their health" as more people have become aware over the years that vaccined DO NOT WORK so they said they needed to "blow the system up" and "create an element of excitement" to motivate people (create a panic) and that is how the corona virus fraud started some months after their discussion.

And as the fraud is become so well understood now even the Pfizer CEO claims he was hoodwinked but we know they are all in this hustle together.

Watch them discuss this here

Canada now has a fantastic new choice of parties to vote for as the Independence Party welcomes Artur Pawlowski as their leader     

wind and solar farms suck your energy and feed it to pensions