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Little Lord Fauntleroy 1921 Mary Pickford classic comedy silent era lobby card

must see over 100 years old

Madonna the singer and performer over forty years tells her audience to "share your light with the world"

And view from patio in RIO outdoors with billions of people

Dr. Jane Ruby reports the "global outage" affecting the airlines only affected the big three airlines. She got home to Florida on Southwest.

 Jeff Berwick analysis of the "Trump shot" a week later as the dust settled. We called out the performance within 666 milliseconds. He had a clue soon after. The general public remains clueless in a sea of clues as they are home watching the sea on TV so they can't grasp a single clue.

Anti-Nuclear Cult Should Visit France, Finland, South Korea, Canada & China. NuClear energy is what powers those countries safe and effectively. They then sell off their NuClear and chemical waste to manufacturers of vaccines and disinfectants for disposal.

During the staged performance we see CON trails are real.

Two nice actors "in drag" perform their public comments in front of the library board.

A nice way to honor all fallen gentiles killed in many holocausts.

Undiversity inequity and exclusion make a comeback after the staged Trump shot shows the world that women were not even large enough to shield the next president. Tim Pool and friends tawk.

Trunald Domp comes clean which is like a sewer telling us to trust the science using amplification of pseudoscience.

The Unintact States of America's 666th gay president.

The digitized are still standing in line trying to get their digital food as the systems went down after systems were vaccinated with 15 digits of safe and effective code. Smart fools. They buy all the digital pseudomoney pitches using cash of course. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Cash is King KaChing!

Bad acting is good. Like Elon Musk's fake ass rockets rotating the plane Urth powering Teslas that are real because they look so fake.

It's always recommended to not panic. Here's an example of an actor doing just that.

Social media is a world of fake. It's not like real life. In real world you can not like someone and still talk with them or criticize. Online most of these pseudosocial chat zones they have double standards of what can and can't be said and hyper obsessive prosensitivities. It's not reflective of reality. Then you have bots and fake accounts they can say what they want as there's a fundamental problem, these are owned by shareholders and moderated by govern MEANTs like the psycho hell departments that lied directly to the public everywhere with their cartoons of dangerous unicorns and staged theater of what Kovid first introduced on Project Runway in March 2019. Hell departments presented face/masks with song and dance that they "help protect you from viruses" then that morphed into "it protects others" then that mutated into "it protects the viruses from you" then that got sprayed with pesticides of "wear 666 of them each day changing them every 1.666 minutes in order to be safe, they must always be changed as you wouldn't keep shitting your pants and keep wearing that same diaper all day like your exhaled air shits your face diaper" while no one in goven MEANT protective services provided even one red biohazard bin anywhere to dispose of all the dangerous unicorns collected on these plaid designer face masks which was an indication that the producers of this performance were all in on it.

Here's a more accurate representation of how well face diapers don't protect anyone from any dangerous unicorn.

In the ongoing science fiction of dangerous unicorns catching viruses that do not exist the latest absurd buzz is that bacteria is being infected with the virus that does not exist. And of courses as always the extention cord to this Horseshit In Virology (HIV) is frayed and shocking everyone that gets near it.

Dr. Tronald Dump cultees are all wearing ear diapers now after the show. It's like going to Rocky Horror Picture Show to do the time warp again with rolls of toilet paper in hand and used abused face masks from the picture show of 2020 that ran into 2023 which then had a cash cow and the golden goose in protest stopped laying eggs until it got raised up to equal entertaining Horseshit In Virology (HIV). Viruses don't exist hon.

"Folks there's not been a pandemic" unless you mean in a staged performance which means it's a play, theatre, not real, just show busine$$. There is no such thing as no symptom transmission of what does not exist. Corona virus is a stage name. It used to act as the common cold. Better gig in 2020 paid well.

Save Austrailia's ancient forests from handicapped junk science energy. and other methods of powering the world with clean reliable information points out that disabled wind & solar trickle power sources actually needs 3x that amount to be able to walk anywhere on it's own and then it still needs a walker. STOP THESE THINGS

Watch the full analysis and presentation of "the task at hand to achieve net zero".

Instead of installing one energy factory ON A SMALL PLOT OF LAND that uses NuClear technologies and provides massive amounts of free energy industrialists and retirement portfolio management hustle systems keep installing handicapped parking lots for disabled energy based on when the wind blows occasionally. These factories muck up landscapes for miles all around cause destruction and death to wild life. These ugly disgusting dirty energy factories burn power from grids to even function at all hardly producing any energy, they waste energy. Visit for details AND VISIT to see naked full exposure of this junk energy that pretends to be something it is not. These are movie sets presenting illusions and pacifiers.

 In Act 2.666 actor who mandated Anjections Of Chemicalwaste (AOC) stage name Robert Redfield's script writers now have him acting out that "it was a mistake". Everything was and is scripted in these orchestration$. We caught not "covid" what ever the fuck that is, we caught a glimpse of how they operate on the mind. In October 2019 the a.faucidae strain of acting was there with HHS Rick Bright and we hear them say how and why they will create a pandemic and shut your lives down to force pseudoscience flu shot technology branded as MR.NAPAN the mythical god of mischief and debauchery.

They created. Pandemonium. Panic. Pandemic. WATCH these fucks sit on stage talking about their plan.

Apollo 11.666 analysis of men who moon us with rediculous rambles in response to questions like "Err, the sky is black, err, there were no stars on the moon, err.....(I can't remember my lines)"

DEI evictions soar, it's moving out fast!

Never stand in the middle of a raging river on a small raised spot and argue with someone you just offended.

There's information and there's outformation and there's misformation and malformation and disformation. There is no disinformation that makes no sense. It's as stupid as saying uncut dicks. For a baby man's private phallus part to be uncut it first has to be cut. No dick has been uncut. Uncutting a dick is not possible nor is understanding that what is being done to so far 666,666,666 baby men is horrific torture, pain, bloody child abuse.

So here is what some people would do is if they could they would see this stupidity and warn them if they could just like what happened in 2020 hindsight when people warned others who were stopped in the middle of the information super highway wondering what was going on when told "there's a dangerous virus out there once again" and what just happened and who's fault it was and what to do when they claimed there was a load of viruses that fell off the truck on the highway and people started avoiding them and that led to a pile up. Then all those idiots that piled up would blame the messenger and claim they were spreading conspiracy theories. No they were just telling you to not be stupid way ahead of the pile up. They saw how stupid everyone was being by stopping in the middle of the fucking road and arguing about viruses. By 2022 we saw the worst pile up of injuries of businesses and injuries of people caused by stupidity ever seen in history. And people continue to keep doing the same stupid processes of stopping in the middle of the information super highway to argue about who's fault all that was. Please go to the side of the highway and up the hill where the protection is actually safe and effective.

Remember "warp speed" does not exist. That is a Star Trek thing. It's imaginary. It's a script for a movie and TV show. Hustler billionaires used that imaginary CON septic struck to con people into becoming roming lab rats so all their buddies in portfolio management aka Hustling Others Cash (HOC) with assistance from Hustlerss In Virology (HIV) all based on pseudoscience and marketing schemes.

Be safe. Don't katch a corona borealis virus falling star.
Wear a plaid mask

Corona virus is not new it's the common cold and you don't catch a cold you create it. Gulp oil slicks often the cause. Ever hear of pHARMa marketing departments? Yea they are pretty sleasy. Even get govern MEANTs involved in their sales pitches. Viruses don't exist hon.

Here's an example of pseudoscience. Man "shows us" by scientific experiment that white paper "does not burn" but red paper does. First, the focus of the magnified sun dot is bigger less intense heat on the white paper a disingenuous little trick by the scientist here. The focus of the magnified sun dot is intense and smaller on the red blotched paper. The red is made using a marker of red coloring which has volitile organic chemicals that BURN EASILY added to the paper. It's basically like placing a few drops of lighter fluid there in red. Thus it catches fire easily with the added heat from the more intense magnified sun dot. Basically this is the kind of science used in virology to trick people even some of the scientists and doctors, especially the public and politicians. They can't find "viruses" as they describe them so they add chemicals to a biological sample of blood or snot to make make it burn so to speak. Then they say "look that's what viruses do to the cells, it's right there we can see what they are doing" as they are pointing to a biological mess of burnt particles of what came out of bodily fluids. It's Hustle In Virology. HIV. This is the kind of science that is being hustled on the public world wide by drug companies, public institutions like the CDC, FDA, NIAID, all of them who continue to spread the lies of pseudoscience. They are all full of it. They are all Hustlers In Virology (HIV).

How now pox cow eating the grass noticing the medical community's monkey business over there in the bushes.

Going to war with disease makes no sense. End the war.

i N T E R N E T M A T T E R . C O M M U N I T Y

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"The world's a stage, we live in an orchestrated pit, this is the script."