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Where's the virus. No one can find it. It's all made up fairy tales.

Remember this brainwashing horseshit "no one is safe until everyone is safe". I don't I shut the TV shit brainwash box off.

A lot of civil "servants" are breaking their rules not being IMPARTIAL at all.

Let's prove the curve of Urth. Wait why does the rocket only fly up one mile and then goes sideways and down into the Bermuda Triangle.

Space much lower than we first thought. Fake X.

Search the web the way it used to be with MOJEEK ahhhhhh I typed in "desert homes" and it offered the College of the Desert as a first result instead of a list of all the cookie cutter websites selling homes all using the same listing services. So soothing. Next was the Chihuahuan Desert then Desert USA stories and articles then a couple of desert home sites that were not an aggregate of listings such as homes at Desert Highlands in Scottsdale and Desert Camp Village homes then the Sonoran Desert Naturalist page with a list here of many of the nature areas to visit then there's a Desert Foothills Library then there's High Desert Homes for sale in New Mexico and SO MUCH MORE GREAT LINKS. This is how the internet was before corporate greed got involved and destroyed it like greed always does everywhere.

Pediatricians pretend to be so concerned about transforming sexual functions as they once again do nothing to stop circumcision which is creating males into transexuals as it TRANS forms the sex organ they were born with. They even celebrate it. They are only calling on physicians to pull back on genital change while not pulling back on genital change.

More Democrat retardation, their electric car charging points can't be built as "equity" is getting in the way. Fucking loons. This used to be called MICRO MANAGEMENT ON STEROIDS with prohyper active other nonsense that then never gets anything done so they all run around like Chicken Little claiming the carbon is not falling it's all stuck up there and we are all gonna die and they are just retards.

Yeahhh um if kovid-19 shots of China chemical waste into arms saved trillions of lives how come those who were not stupid didn't die if there was a killer on the loose. Yea your shit virus theory is history. No more lies. Ain't buying it ever again.

Stupid fearmongering of WW3. No they would not take out cities. The whole world works on relational trade. There will be no WW3.

Dr. Tom Cowan webinar June 12, 2024 on PI water "recognizing life" analysis of paper by Dr. Stefan Lanka. Tissue of plants similar to humans.

The public hellth crisis manufacturing industry needs to go bankrupt. Health was a private matter before the world hell org. Scam. Dr. Wodarg explains how they took over defining hellth. They are corrupt. It's a rich man's country club. Health is not the priority. Wealth and power and control is the priority. Money money money. The world was slammed in the head with this absolute fact in 2020. Fake studies, ghostwriters, bribes, misusing science. Where did the 2003 "sars" virus go if it ever existed which obviously now it never existed as no virus exists.

The elaborate fraud presents people can be made into genetically modified organisms. Woo hoo. McCullough promotes this crap. Gleefully says just shoot the pesticides up little kids noses to fake protect them from fake viruses. Patches on the skin will be their big marketing bonanza watch for it. You heard it here. The herd will fall for it. It will be the buzz at work and at the gym. It can be installed in the genital organs! RUN don't walk run the fuck away from these hustlers. They are poisoning the well.

Which of these is monkey pox. Answer is all of them if it's a positive PCR shit test that can't find a single virus.

This more accurately called skin eruptions of toxins inside the body trying to get the fuck out. The skin is an elimiative organ.

Stop listening to health matters presented by DIRECTORS and ACTORS. It's all show business. Former CDC/DIRECTOR Robert Redfield read his lines to the camera "it  would take only 5 mutations to turn into a disease in humans" what a bird brained plot to entertain and charge a lot of money for this fucking scam performance.

There's a lot of poop dust at these farms. Someone has a weaker day gets sick. Others do fine all day for weeks and months and never get sick. It cannot be caused by a bird brain virus then, they make these scripts up for control to sell their drug wares and chemical waste products.

They create and ride waves for money money money.

scumbag Bill Gates of hell th kare corporate enter PRIZE

WHO bypasses democratic processes. Meanwhile the dodotards with bird brains the size of a speck of dust repeat their mantra of saving our democracy while they lavish their kings who are destroying it with gifts of incense and myrrh. It's so rediculous, Wodarg suggests we have large groups of people protest by laughing at what they are doing as it's all junk science manipulative bullshit STEALING OUR MONEY.

WATCH this good presentation from a good doctor that doesn't spread their bullshit rather calls it out

PCR "kovid" "tests" not a reliable nor legal means for restricting people's movement court rules. Been saying this for 40 years since that sick a.Faucidae strain of sales pitchery came to power to the dupers delight, only now modern medias getting the message. So will all those who sucked all your money give it back now. ROFL. All these hustlers and participants could care less about you. Modern A medi SIN is a piece of trash. So is corporate justice in pHARMa fia. They are pirates.

You have to be gay to get on the plane now during 666 pride year. How to be funny.

NASA hypnosis. Yes it is animation. This is not animation. It is obviously animation. The camera is real because it looks like it's not there and orbiting Urth exactly same speed as space shuttle animation. Yea right. Not buying that anymore. Rejecting their shit science brings you peace. Try that with rejecting the fake Jesus and the religious cult that also orbits the Urth using real animation.

His homo example is garbage. Go Homo.

People that got raped by medi SIN and kovid-19 who hid behind a plaid diaper: "I did my research".
Me: "Dude you are the research it was an experiment. You didn't do your research it researched you like a roaming lab rat. Ha ha. Sucker. Hope you got one of the placebo saline shots and not the placebo of poison meningitis vaccine"

David Knight says on his show June Twelve MMXXIIII "we have to find a way to nullify" the CDC, NIH, FDA, ETC. ROFL. Dude, it ain't gonna happen as long as you continue to trash the homos and the variedsexuals from your high horse as you throw sharp edged used circumcision knives at them. They are the ones that in the 1980's activated it all, demanding experimental drugs after being duped by the drug hustlers, your fuckin' fake Jesus didn't save them nor did you, these communities wrapped in their foolish pride are married to pHARMa fia who accepted them as they are thus creating a dangerous and powerful cult. David is constantly trashing any and all sexual patterns that are different than his own. He's stuck in that stupid religious cult that deems the only way to heaven is through Jesus ass and cut off part of his dick which I guess is the part they are talking about when in ceremonies they say "drink the blood of and eat the flesh of their savior". Pretty fucking discusting cult. He talks about it being immoral to put abortion in constitution by Mandela and never points out how immoral it is to slice off living breathing foreskin. Go Homo.

California would be the buyer of disabled energy produced at the Idaho Magic Valley wind at Lava Ridge an unspoiled federally "owned" set of lands. This would make the area less magical with massive towers the size of Los Angeles skyscrapers built on systems of puke green trickle energy. California destroys everything it touches green. Idaho doesn't want these there. Rich San Fransico companies benefit from these energy TRANSFER systems that feed portfolios first and foremost.

Next time you go bowling pick up a spare. Sponsord bye....B'light the jester of beers.

You think marketing doesn't know what they are doing there, question mark, obviously the marketing department decided it needed to wean men off waterd down beer and back to the real stuff to make them real men again. WATCH the transition. Commercial featurs Rosie O'Fatt O'Donnel O'Baby.

It's year 2525.666 and man is still alive and it's descendents, family, and heirs of those who suffered through The Foreskin Holocaust (CIRC) are finally receiving repirations for the horrors of ancient governments fat ass bodies that not only looked the other way, but it protected and encouraged doctors and religionists slice off a huge section of perfectly resellable skin on 666,666,666 baby men's dicks which basically since they think with that body part is lobotomy. It took all that time after many adult men and teens shared how sex changed from color to black and white silent film after they were later in life robbed of their man HOOD. It was a very dark sick perverted period of history of forced transsexuality and it took all this time for it to this form of prevention of harm to be implemented as standard procedure. Never again. Oh and starting in 2526 New Year's Day Feast Of Jesus Circumcision is no longer celebrated as it was throughout history every NEW YEAR'S DAY and word is that Jesus is finally considering a return to Urth feeling that it's safe now to return with his God given foreskin intact. He made it clear how he would not allow that to happen to him ever again so while Urh lings were getting their shit together he worked on saving people on the other side of the Great Ice Wall where he reported there were many worlds there with 3 suns of God illuminating humanities there.

Splashdowns are a mirage.

Vote Tronald Dump to make spelling great again and improve injection technology to make needles warped like THE/SCIENCE of 6.666 foot squared dancing & distancing around the issues that truly matter.

Bullshit. It's an all encompassing word that describes many things.

Child support system feeds pensions, question mark. Wow.

Drama queen reports on the numbers being adjusted for errors. It's kinda like how the fat lady sings about her weight loss that no one notices as she just got wider.

Lab leaks lab shmeeks. The only thing that escapes is calculations based on the study of dangerous unicorn horn shadows and it's JUNK/SCIENCE. Fear not. Go out side and play. Dr. Tom Cowan webinar June 5, 2024. More fear removing spray can be found here.

Imagine you have 100 fans, no not social media fans cooling fans, that blow air and 6 extension cords with 3 outlets each. You can connect only 18 fans. Then you add 200 fans and add one extension cord. Guess what happens. You have only 21 fans connected. Starting in 2022 wind turbine generated power output started dropping yet installations of wind farms increased. The problem of expanding the connections to wall outlets aka the grid is a rather complicated and expensive process. Basically the scam your money for retirement accounts wind industry just keeps adding more wind turbines that can't plug in. I mean they connect wires underground to the big power lines so they can say they are connected but between the electric generator on the tower and the wiring there's an outlet that a smart elf occasionally plugs into, only allowing in a farm of 300 fans to connect to 21 outlets occasionally providing power to the grid. Of course this little problem didn't stop all the hustlers from hustling their handicapped disabled energy trickle systems to fatten their portfolios with your robust fuel dependent money and add to national debt which also will require hundreds of years of robust energy to pay back. 30 years of wind turbine hustle! Actually more as they were first introduced 1888. Never caught on like efficient energy saving robust powered cars and trains and planes and dams and oil and coal and gas and Nu Clear energy which is the best. Meanwhile we drive past these ugly things and think when we see them spinning they are producing power. ROFL.

Time to study

2% carbon scam fee at Toronto restaurant. Was this a condiment. Refuse. Carbon never stays in the sky nor makes any foot prints. Keep your delusions to yourself you stupid restaurant.

The retarded Urth curvature chart is off, way off. There is no way you go 100 miles out and the drop would be 6,666 feet, oh wait yes it could, that's one mile. Wait that's 1/100 ratio. Go 2,600 miles across the country and the curvature drop would be about one mile if you plan your plane ride on this chart. Wait that's not right. The diameter of the Urth is 8,000 miles. Drive across country 2600 miles the drop then is a mere 26 miles. Does not add up or multiply just divides. Open your mind, study how most heads are flat.

The US has the most corrupt evil HELLth kare system in the world. 90% of kovid-19 deaths were due to the system being corrupt not from any new disease. Flu had a sex change became kovid and donned a plaid fashion diaper. WATCH

Damon Imani on The View offers his view on accomplished women and why men don't want them.

Court rules that the kovid-19 jabs are not and never were VACCINES. We stated this on day #1.666 of the fraud. Instead of listening up the public tuned in to Conniving News Networks all owned by pHARMa for their trusted information as they were once again bamboozled by the corporate world of medi SIN that sucks money dry. THEY CANNOT BE CALLED VACCINES ANY MORE. It was always a lie to call them vaccines. They are rape.

Meet Christopher Cole and executive well paider of the FDA exposing how governing drug pushers planned the demic on hidden fork or spoon or maybe napkin.

Idaho potatoes will soar in price 666% if water curtailment laws go through. Probably because of bad ass climate change laws that only care about delusions that fill portfolios. State claims it has "mitigation" plans available. Probably unworkable nitrogen containment measures. 78% of the air is nitrogen. Potato farts are not a problem nor are anyfarts. Surely this is part of the slime green screw you deal. I can imagine the developers coming in and buying up all the worthless formerly productive farm dirt land and creating Irvine Corporations EVERYWHERE in Idaho making it another mess as it did with Orange County which used to be vast expanses of farmlands and promising equally disgusting 14.666 minute urban subcities. Be fooled not this is surely the plan and portfolios sing! They are going to ruin Idaho. And when all the millions of new cookie cutter tract homes are built all the water will flow again to power the appliances and wash cars instead of making food. It will look like Southern California. Natives will escape to Idaho and ruin it like they do with everywhere they go. And Americans will be 100% dependent on food imported from Uranus. Mmm. Delicious.

Find your own health & well being. If you are a Christian be sure to circumcise your Intake of flu Rape shots and the warp Chots (CIRC).

Dr. Jane Ruby is not caught up in the hustle. Does not take lucrative offers for sponsorship. Then we see sponsor for gold and precious metals at the end of her broadcast. Calls out all the liars and hustlers then has liars and hustlers on her show. Moved to the country to avoid shit hitting the fan which never ever arrives for a visit. I like her. She's sorting things out as she goes. Seems to truly have an interest in humanity and freedom from medi SIN lies and assault. She early on realized McCullough and Malone are rich and hustling their wares before I did, and that they clearly prioritize money over facts. Clue #1 they always promote fear of dangerous unicorns, spikey nonsense, and have solutions to these fake problems using things like insecticides shot up kids noses for their hellth to fight the virus that is non existent but fills up portfolios at warp speed as that's what modeRN A medi SIN is all about and McCullough has his magic McSpikey cure kit that reminds me of all the mutl-level-marketing bullshit get rich kits. His costs $300 that he claims will cure the spike protein disease fantasy as it's like one of those traveling salesmen elixers that use their voodoo on you.

ABC host admits to a deep-state of hypnosis created by television. WATCH

TV is always there 1st with it's eye glue base drama foundation and always last to accept how things really look. Following last weeks save our democracy broadcast Damon Imani who's often feature guest on The View offers a special 2 hour soundtrack for those in need of saving our democracy play it here at bedtime after you watch Faucis psychopathic grin after shown the dogs he tortured in his trademark THE/SCIENCE experiments and repeat the mantra saving our democracy 1,666 times.

Contemplating how to get back to planette Urth above.

I think we live in a planette. It curves yes but not like you think. It stretches out trillions of miles with a very slight curve eventually going in a complete circle. Space is surrounded by this plane. We can call it a plane as it's perfectly flat while being round and round like what all the hultlers in virology do to it's inhabitants in one of it's small sections. Space is not what's infinite. We live in a bubble. It's a very huge bubble. Please don't pop my bubble.

 Skid Row in downtown Lost Originals Land (LOL) in of course Kaliforn yee hahhhh! builds 278 unit high rise for homeless giving them homes at a cost of taxpayer funds $666k each. Has gyms, dog runs, music centre, computer room, library where they can of course find books in the science fiction section on viruses that are made up space tales. Home Depot plans to build next door as bets are that it won't last more than a year as it will be totally trashed so illegals will have many more jobs fixing what's always broken in California. Climate cloudists can't see through all the smoke as they blow smoke. Projects have been well proven to be a golden goose for developers, investors, and politicians portfolios as always, not good for the communities. It's more efficient and longer lasting benefit to rehab old homes and convert old business spaces. Plenty of those downtown now as the redev has all gone sour. Businesses closed. There's even a high rise made in China there that's empty never got finished now just housing beautiful graffiti artworks. No word on all the ancillary costs associated with the homeless building yet maintenance, etc. but of course those costs will be 6.666 times estimates.

the back cover from Zane Gray book offers a glimpse beyond perspective that leads us to understand that if it were not for railroads the Indians would have been completely wiped out along with the Caucasans who were rapidly establishing productive colonies from Europe as the Ming Ching Yong Noodle Doodle dynasty would have invaded and mass occured everyone instead and there would never have been any problems with illegal immigration as the United States would not even exist, welfare would not exist, and building fake travel to space would not have ever been "going to the moon" to steal resources from those of all the world's cultures who exist today so it's all good.

Gold in 1956 was $35 per ounce. In 2024 it's $2312. That is an increase by 66.666 times after 66.666 years. Weird huh.

ModeRN A medi SIN rapes your nose if you are one of those who accept therapist sticks shoved up your nose as your natural instincts would normally resist instead is corralled and as the nose grows it claims the rape sticks are there to help you and make you feel better knowing if you have a virus there. Think this through. Your nose collects things. You pick your nose or blow your nose to remove the debris it collects. That can be a rare "virus" that they claim is in the air and can be inhaled. If by chance it makes it to your lungs it can also be expunged in various ways and which because things are collected by the nose filter method that chance reduces 87% if their rape stick technology actually could prove it found a "virus" there in the nose which as ther apists nose grows we realize that it cannot prove that any "virus" made it into the lungs thus we have to assign a value of nose rape as being yet another of many Hustles In Virology. It is HIV. Avoid Hustlers In Virology that try to rape you with their bizarre brews of repurposed manufacturing chemical waste. Thus to protect you from dying even though you aren't sick, you accept more the rapist medi SIN which kills you if you are gay in the 1990s where the doses were that of rat poison which is what AZT is and was. Hit Hard Hit Early 3 "cocktails" poured into the brain was their mantra back then. Many of the alcoholics that consumed that poison were sucked in by that marketing. It was a horrible time of history where those swept into therapists cult (pronounced therapists) could not hear any thing sensical. I watched my friends die from that cult and it's bizarre hunting regime that erroneously claimed rat poison was their friend and savior (AZT).

David Knight Show comment on June 11, 2024 by Freegan 
"Judaism and Islam are both ideologies of supremacy. Christianity isnt."

That's not what the Baptist Christian Church sign said at the gay parade "GOD HATES FAGS". Rather supremist. All the Christian churches I ever went to were supremist. The church was welcomed there by the city to be there in protest with the sign on the parade route to the side as long as they were not harassing anyone by going into the parade route based on freedom of speech which is also why the parade was allowed which took suing cities way back in the 1980's and eventually the whole country was forced equally apply "marriage" to any sex after the Y2K10s.

Transexual projects her feelings about herself as a man. I think she's identifying as a walshmatt not to be confused with a doormat which this shemantrans often treats transformatives as, a man who had a sex altering procedure called circumcision that makes many men transexual soon after the sick Fund-a-mentalist Christians force fetuses out of the womb claiming they are protecting them from harm, and then slice off a body part to make it more like God or some weird ass stupid shit reason, but this is not confirmed by seeing it it is only confirmed using the science that the HIV use to fake confirm everything they make claims of as they never see viruses any more than we see Matty is a dick. He she goes around the world sitting in a room talking to his computer to fake look intelligent as he she trashes those who like having fun and make up their wares are and often are trans vestites not trans sexuals like those who's dicks were transformed into foreskinless less than a man devices for black and white silent film sexual pleasure. Those dressups are not harming any babies with circumcision which seriously trans FORMS the sexual pleasure to the negative side of zero for the reat of the man's existence as a trans sexual. Though it's routinely claimed they are harming kids with their words as if those are sticks and stones which they are not. He's one sick man she as are many lost in this transexual routine cutting of half the baby man's dick skin. Who says, the penguin over there. ROFL.

Oh got an a-zmail from some identity named matt, insists I stop calling the person who appears to be human a he she. What an odd request when that identity goes around entertaining and selling wares and insisting and insulting he she cannot be forced to refer to others with their chosen pronouns and other reference materials in their face and will not even consider requests from transsexuals of which tribe he she may be part of as we do not see he she private parts to determine circumcision status so that insist will be ignored. I do not know what sexual objects are there behind the wall of clothing it wears so unless it is shown to us we have to default on she he or maybe it and either it is cutless or cutfull.

  it was always right there in your face obviously the distancing rule was sent by God masquerading as Satan or one of the publishing houses of the holey book that is so full of holes some cultures have banned it entirely for good reason

Too bad the work of Tony Brown wasn't featured in this kovid drama as it would have been ignored by slime stream medias today as they did back in the 1980's when he interviewed Dr. Peter Duesberg, a Berkely scientist, father of retrovirology, who said clearly back then what the a.Faucidae strain of Hustle In Virology was telling everyone was incorrect and that it was merely a speck of dust that had no super powers.

Ukraine war and the virus wars are similar. Russia went into it's territory to protect it, it did not invade a foreign country it was it's region. The body does this itself when it needs to protect territory. Sends in armies and brooms. So Russia went in to protect from the invaders. Virology is the invader. It invades human bodies with it's toxic brews, it claims it owns that territory and must go to war. No hon the body owns the territory not your sick pHARMa fia. The body says "what the fuck" as it already knows how to handle things. Tells the invaders it does not need chemical weapons of cell destruction. Body goes to war with this chemical war fare. If it's the a.Faucidae strain of chemical weapons, the body loses the war. I watched my friends be annhilated with these weapons of the sick a.Faucidae regime of warfare. 40 years of war on what they claimed was an invader but was just a shadow of a dangerous unicorn cartoon. The war on cartoon shadows continues to this daze. I never once went to war on any virus. That was the battle cry in those daze "The War On Aids". Insane. AZT is chemotherapy, chemical form of rape on all body cells and functions. To make it sound special they say it targets the virus implying it does not hit everything around it which it does including the imaginary virus which really should be referred to as dirt and even better described as a dangerous unicorn or even better defined as a novel in the science fiction section of the LIE brary so this is like targeting Satan by blowing up the universe and in the end Urth and it's inhabitants and the critters of the forest don't look pretty and when the smoke clears and all that's left are mirrors used by Hustlers In Virology (SCUM) reflecting the imagination.

WATCH a doctor in congress trash Fauci and Specter delusional methodologies of virus wars. Is congress finally waking up, question mark. They installed this piece of a.Faucidaeshit. At first congress wasn't much for wasting money on aids reprohypersearch then all they could see was the money he kept making their drug stocks and how his installation calmed down the fear of the public while the rest of us watched our friends be poisoned with aids called drugs which are chemical factory waste disposal services.

Another transhelpuall who adores the Queen above his people next to his carbon tax scheme watch how he smirks and smugs when he gets to his carbon bullshit.

Holocaust victim finds out he's alive.

How to set up the public in 3 easy steps using the a.Faucidae septic science hell thkar provided by bureaucrats acting as your physicician that destroy normal life to hide from dangerous unicorn shadows they call "viruses" and the many reporters like Michael Specter who feed the public all the strains of Horseshit In Virology (HIV) that are all brain dead walking megaphones.
Judy Mikovitz worked with a.Faucidae strain of sepsis in governing during the 40 year plague of corruption. Says there are cures for cancer and disease is multi-system not caused by any "it". There is no IT there is always multiple things and mostly toxins. Humanity is still looking for the cure for cancer. They keep looking in the wrong places. It's not in any institution. It's in your body. It's in another book. Don't buy my book.

People didn't die of kovid falling off the runway the deaths were suicide and medi SIN. MEAN/WHILE the royalty getting royalties get awards for their SIN.

Dan Andrews works for the pHARMa fia

Why does there have to be a "Jewish state". The Unintact States of America is not any one religious state and it does fine. Why doesn't it become a United States of Europe. Doesn't it like unity. Doesn't it like equity and inclusion.

It's funny cuz it's tru. Stickman!

a.Faucisymtomatic infection. That is the prevalant strain of misunderstanding. Mikovitz points out no one dies with an asymtomatic infection. It's all Hustle In Virology (HIV) to claim people are infected when they have no symptoms, this is what led the world and the gays astray in the 1980's under the a.Faucidaeslime strain of drug dealing and setting the stage for 2020 when kovid-19 fell off the runway and everyone rushed in to catch it. Viruses are dangerous unicorns. Be careful how you approach them. They could escape from a lab. Too bad logic and reason never escapes. She nails it on most everything but should point this out more.

Trust the history. Documents never lie. No one on Urth ever lies. Stories are always accurate and absolute even when they are in the novel FICTION section of the LIEBRARY of dangerous unicorns.

Damon Imani on what cares the caringists have of what they don't care happens.

The longest mischief trial in hisory in Canada over the protests of being raped by medi SIN.

Never Ending Fear Porn (PANDEMIC) presents kovid-19 vaccines are not vaccines at all they are WOMBED (Weapons Of Mass Brainwash Exercise Delusion). The show is sponsordid by the Dr. McSpikey company of foundations that spike your fear with illusions of spikey unicorns.

Time for Neuremberg 2.666 trials. Fauci, Rick Bright, even Michael Specter of The New Yorker busted for crimes against humanity plotting to create a panic and force inject poisons and placebos into the entire world for $$$$$$$ while they falsely claim it's to save us from aliens and scam the public with new flu shots that make them trillions at warp speed. Now do you see why Tronald Dump jumped in to this scam! They are all disgusting creatures. WATCH them discuss this pre plandemic!

They plotted & planned to CREATE A PANIC.

It's not pharma kia it's pHARMa fia. Look at this digusting piece of vet officer, native corporation chief, and portfolioist who uses fear porn on the public to force it's junk science monkey business on people saying it's the penetrant frees who are creating fear. Stop funding this shit industry. Keep in mind what therapy really is, are you ready, sit down, it's right there in your face, ok, the rapy, the therapist is the rapist. THE RAPIST. Therapist. ModeRN A medi SIN is rape. The criminal deflects his criminality on those calling out the criminals.

Peggy Hall on corporate faschism in Southern California regarding city push to invade your space. Do not comply. Read the fine print. That's where your rights are. No one ever read the fine print when kovid fell off the runway so we made the print IN YOUR FACE.

In 2020 to 2023 I avoided the plague. I shut off the TV shit box on day one of MED I SIN's drug pushing plague and never turned it back on again. I was so clear it was going to be another HIV, Hustle In Virology but bigger and badder than ever in history, as we saw was presented at the Milk'n you institute where Fraud A. See, Bright Idiot, and a stupid news reporter discussed this problem of how best to move into the next 100 years of frauding people into becoming roaming lab rats to experiment on with more Horseshit In Virology than ever.

World HELL Country Club (WHO) pushes back on anti-rapeists. Vaccines are rape. Who supports this club again, question mark.

Be fooled not again Democrats could care less if Tronald gets in, it's all about pHARMa fia cash flowzzz. Vote better vote KENNEDY. LOL yes I know that ain't gonna happen as everyone's a retard.

Press For Truth in Canada Dan Dicks reports on the defacing of a street using religious symbols which celebrate the abuse of children's sex organs while marring other public objects are protected by "free speech". Makes no sense.

Yea a lot of us got a divorce from this puke zuke ruke foolish pride pafia since it's inception in the 1980's aids daze as it's become too militant, unfair, unequal, and too devoted to the a.Faucidae strain of understanding health and healing which killed my friends with AZT poison and preinvention. It has become a symbol of never ending wars on dangerous unicorns and avoiding responsibility for ones health and misleading others while taking in massive amounts of money from pHARMa and continuously pushing poisons on people made by companies that have no issue with making monkeys out of them. The 6.666 color "rainbow" flag at one time was a nice expression which always had a bit too much in your face over the top politics as having an edge about it but it still was kinda nice as at it's core it stated this "we are all part of the rainbow colors of life". Now it's nauseating. It used to be just the fundamentalist extremist Christians would show up and protest fiercely with signs saying "God Hates Fags" which is protected speech but now it's just everyone religious, non religious, straight, gay, everysexuals, etc. who's tired of the intrusions into ELE-FUCKING-MENTARY-SCHOOLS, crosswalks, police vehicles displaying this religious cult. Kids do not need to be tawt this crap now that has been fucked with medi SIN adventurz in slicing and dicing body parts and to not accept one's self as they were made that way. In the latest hyper prosuper toosensitive response to tires marking up stupidly painted roads which if you look around you see roads not painted and there are tire marks all over the roads the offendedites got mad of course and want the kids to be sent to another planet as punishment after first being transexualized. A typical over the top assaultive response to a minor offense. Offenders should not purposely deface it, granted, but get this, the scooter company some ebike thing now will use it's smart ass tech to shut off any ebike that travels in such a "protected" zone. ROFL that opens up a whole new liability for that stupid smart company soon as someone gets killed or hurt because it suddenly slowed when it's driver neede to speed up to avoid an obstacle but this is how these stupid smart ass companies with woke-a-mole mindsets operate. They all pretended to be surgeons when kovid fell off the runway and they rushed to be first to say they saved him. Need a definition of insane that's it and it gives perfect example as to what the future holds, electronic shut offs of your stuff when the contract states something woke offends, it just does not allow you to be on the street or sidewalk when riding over anything that symbolizes this sexual expression religious CULT. Painting roads and walkways like this is a public safety matter. They make walking, riding, driving less safe. These should never be approved by any public official based on safety concerns. They are distracting. They are confusing. They are also unfairly favoring one group of personal beliefs and actions over others. It's a religiouos symbol. Where's the many other flags of personal expression. Will US flags be painted on floors of school classrooms, will they start appearing in other roads, intersections, walkways. It's not balanced. This UNEQUAL application of favoritism and is not possible to make fair as is a violation of that very principle of equal treatment for which the fucked pristine rainbow flag was designed to represent which makes it now representhensible. If anyone disagrees with this balanced assessment see if they ever present how these multi color expressions of sexual religious devalues makes walking, riding, drivng safer, they can't as it's making it less safe and more effective at causing accidents. WATCH

Kevin Kiley writes: America's Most Corrupt Governor & bewares us that in November election California ballot 47 will have a misleading description an outright lie claiming that it's soft on crime. "I have called Gavin Newsom America’s most corrupt governor, a title he’s richly earned many times over. Yet he's just proven it's always possible to sink lower. Newsom and the Supermajority have concocted a shocking scheme to undermine the initiative to End Prop. 47. In an unprecedented move, they are ramming through legislation to punish California voters if they pass the initiative. The legislation is a loaded weapon, providing: If voters dare pass End 47 in November, that automatically triggers changes to weaken other criminal laws as retaliation. The point isn’t just to threaten voters. It’s to lie to them: Newsom will now claim that End 47 is actually a soft-on-crime initiative. This lie, undoubtedly, will appear in the ballot description itself. But there is some good news. In a stinging opinion, the 9th Circuit ruled for the plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging Los Angeles Unified’s covid [kovid-19] vaccine [and diaper face] mandate as unconstitutional. The opinion even reprimands LA Unified for trying to manipulate the federal courts. In other good news, Biden’s approval rating is now at an all-time low. Newsom’s is also at its all-time worst. We have exposed Newsom’s California and Biden’s America as a disaster wrapped in a catastrophe, and there is now an opportunity for historic change. Perhaps that’s why a Newsom and Biden aligned Super PAC is already spending large sums on TV ads attacking me. But this weekend’s tremendous turnout at our campaign kickoff showed we are more than ready to fight back."

California still is a beautiful state which has an economy built on drama and lies and lots of acting and is married to modeRN A medi SIN. The people showed it's devotion to this SIN by diapering their faces and thus taking in less oxygen to make a point of sacrifice of this life giving air so as to make their medi CULL gods take notice how such good followers they are of the commands of the cult which as always took their money.

Mother Nature is being renamed for what it is, ASSAULT NATURE. It should be banned. Constitutionalists though defend Mother Nature as having a right to use assault weather. Now the propoganda is weaponized assault weather than man controls probably the woke nuts came up with that. It's all a big junk science joke. Man can control an airplane as long as it goes along with the principles of weather and physics. Man cannot control the weather nor the climate, man cannot even control their addictions to drama give us a break (DGUAB). People today think that because a former president said if we learn how to control the weather we control the world. Oh and there's a Tesla earthquake machine. Idiots. Patents do not prove they do what they say in the patent.

Plandemic film maker Miki Willis new flick contains story how the "Devil" wants your soul. Too bad it's another fantasy like kovid-19. No one can steal your soul. You can't lose your soul. It's yours you keep it forever. Held in trust at the Bank of God where Satan is just a teller. Funny how that removes the need to donate to churches that steal your soul when you realize this. Miki quotes some dude 100 years ago who we can't interview who is claimed to have said with no proof of this that "medi SIN will steal the soul". Medi SIN can only steal money and life. Soul lives on. Medi SIN just poisons things. You never lose your soul ever. This presentation of Willis the film maker story teller who is all in with the idiots that keep pushing spikey nonsense is such story telling, more fear porn, selling movies of course. Watching this with Alex Jones it feels like another endless sermon on the mount. Go away.

When did it make sense to eat seedless fruit which is fruit that cannot reproduce in other words you are eating sterile fruit in other words you are not eating fruit cum. How did they make that water melon sterile is the main con scern. Probably gave it kovid-19 shots and 19 of them making it 38 times more poisoned which gave it cancer and then the pFARMer gave it more poison treats. Oh what does an Amish farmer know or are they actors like everyone these daze. Who considers nitrogen toxic hon. 78% of our air we breathe is nitrogen. Seeds are nutritious.

The SINNERS lied about polio, kovid-19, aids, common cold, flu, kovid-20, h1n1.666, everything virus because everything virus is a lie. No virus has ever been proven to exist. The SINNERS are story tellers. The SINNERS all make things up or spread made up stories. Where's the virus it is not an object it is a dangerous UNICORN TALE. Polio was from lead arsenic poisoning when it was used as pesticide in Europe. The facts are there. Funny how Hustlers In Virology (HIV) could care less about the facts. Dr. Andrew Kaufman explains the polio fraud.

Coincidence or planned, you decide, seems rather obvious here as a movie in 2007 had a cure for cancer and in 2024 another movie keeps playing on our fears and then presentes a cure for cancer using messengers. All the world's a messenger. Phone rings. "Hello, could you please have your messenger for citric acid tell that weird drugged up rnacid messenger part that we don't need him anymore as citric acid is said by EPA to kill viruses, nor do we need any of these idiots on the TV shit box telling us about things they are clueless about." CDC was about to go bankrupt over 40 years ago as it lost the war on cancer and people realized it was a waste of time and money. So they came up with viruses as the new war. Same playbook. Now that war is falling apart so here we go again. New audience.

Drink holder.

The fake #1 case of fake bird flu who supposedly died in April and is being used as the hustle for bird brain flu actually is said to have died in April. Of kidney disease and diabetes. So someone made up something like they always do because viruses do not exist it's a marketing lie. The industry lies and lies and lies. No drug heals. Only your body heals. Take away the toxins and gulp oil slicks for a time see what happens. It's like the Dawn Duck comes in and gets all cleaned up and can swim again.

Oh dear, we upset all the medical tyrranists. We feel so bad. "Go ask gays about this scumbag" as the science trusts that a.faucidae is a murderous sewage pit.

Moon landing 40,000 miles away. Isn't the moon 228,000 miles away.

Fear porn producer Sherri Tenpenny predicted trillions would die within 3 months. Never happened. Then she made it another 3 months. Never happened. Then we learn that flu was rebranded by Kovid who 19 times practiced his performance and then slipped and fell off the runway project and everyone caught him and said "I caught kovid". Then Tenpenny predicted in another three months it would be 666 trillion. Never happened. Rinsed and repeated it over and over again. Hangs with Del Bigtree and others who love their drama as it gets attention and big huslte money and that's just what the sales department head ordered.

2007 whooping cough scam. Well well well lock ness monster they used the PCR test again that is a cash cow that's purpose is only to provide royalties. Royalty loves their royaltie$. Canadian royalty got royalties on every kovid-19 injection of China's disposable chemical waste.

She believes this actor. Redfield wanted to inject the elderly to get rid of them first. Why oh why do people trust actors with their bodies. They are actors. Redfield makes things up. Part of the script. You are living in a movie set. And the sponsor is the McSpikey company! Providing you fake ass saviors in a pill to save you from the dangerous spike protein unicorn.

Why are people so gullible in the modeRN A world of medi SIN. Injecting China's chemical waste into your body is stupid. "Died of complications" means they got too much medical rape or maybe just wearing out over time or both. Even though he was "fully vaccinated" which could have been a syringe of salty water "for protection from Kovid" it's said he died of the fake disease that injecting medi cull poisons was promised by retards and scammers and drama queens and bandwagoneers to prevent. Hope is that humans have learned better to avoid their next scam. They are trying to convince birds now that they are bird brains and will die of the bird brain foo foo if not raped by modeRN A medi SIN chemical waste. Firefighter knows nothing about dangerous unicorns says it's "a wicked virus" has he once read work by Dr. Peter Duesberg, The Perth Group, Kary Mullis, Dr. Tom Cowan all say there is no such thing as a wicked virus. No. Everyone just tunes into their shit TV boxes owned by pHARMa. Yea they are looking out for your best interest sure as they count their own interest. Complications from Kovid-19. Why don't they ever be honest and say "complications from invasive medical aggression and assault". How can anyone die of kovid when they were fully protected from it. In the 1970's doctors in Los Angeles went on strike. The death rates dropped during that time. What does that tell us.

Sam Rubin the entertainment TV news anchor who was a nice and friendly guy who provided many a movie review and insight to Hollywood machinery died recently. He was sixty 4. He was a vaccine pusher. Very sad. Should have tuned into the David Knight Show. David warned everyone on day one of the scam and every day thereafter. He may have just received a salt water placebo. People do die in their age. Thanks for being with us my friend. You did so nice for people with your movie reviews and stuff.

Reese Report on Info Wars boo hoo tells he went to Russia and noticed some things. He talks about repentance and the Orthodox Christianity. Let us know when the church repents for sellebrating and having cut off part of Jesus dick every New Year's Day!

The cuttingcultsexuals violently fucked my nice rainbow flag which for years was accepted as it was it was a universal symbol of all colors of the rainbows of life and simple and supposed to represent the purity of a rainbow of light after a rain. My flag was assaulted even when it said no to being raped and they did it anyway. Now it's fucked by cutting cults. They even cut into the flag as a part of this rape installing their cuttingsexual pride. The pride movement has accepted this rape of the rainbow flag. It's disgusting. It is now waving this cutting and rape flag in everyone's faces and and even installing it permanently in the road and they can't figure out why people do not like it. They keep acting like not sees.

Children help congress and committees learn the definition of what a fag is and if the somekindofsexuals would have not spent so much wasted time on manyseuxality and alphabetacronymity we could have all gotten past this f-word problem. At this point there's about 1666 banned words moving quickly to 666 million and it's a little absurd so please lets move on from the f-word and just talk to each other and have f-word again.

In sult me baby. Yea do it again. Ohhhh yeaaaa. Time to paint straightpride flags on intersections. I'm not a cutting pride supporter I don't want that crap on my streets. Hey here's a thought, stop treating strait pride and intact pride unequally. Where's that intact pride flag that shows genitals as we were born that way. Just say no to cutting pride. Reminder never damage public property. Isn't painting artwork on roads, sidewalks, buildings called graffiti. We don't like graffiti that normalizes raping of sexual body parts. Ban graffiti. That will fix the problem.

Prarie Dog Holy Land

Carbon does not leave foot prints.

Mercury in vaccines. Never been tested since 1929 when Lily developed it. It's that good it does not need testing. They know it's toxic no testing needed. There's also anti-freeze! Found in every vaccine. Makes you not freeze in winter.

Fauci is a serial liar. Serial liars are abusive killers of truth. The inventor of the "tests" Kary Mullis pointed this out emphatically saying Fauci has no problem looking into the camera and telling lie after lie. Fauci's constant stream of lies are on par with this example, if Henry Ford came along and said his transportation device can take people great distances Fauci would claim it can fly and take people to the Moon. If NASA told Fauci "Dude you know we can't go to the Moon and the Urth is flat" Fauci'd say that doesn't matter my new elixer will cure that. Ford and Wright brothers would then do a podcast and say that it is impossible to fly in a car and we can only dream of going to the Moon someday and Fauci would continue to lie and congress wouldn't care as they see $ signs. He would smoke & mirror you untill you took his medi SIN. And when you don't want it as was how it was in the kovid-19 fraud he'd lie more. He has lied his whole career. To get his first big con job in 1983 Fauci hired hundreds to answer phones at his lab and say they worked for him. They did not. Dr. Judy Mikovitz exposes many of his lies.

Monkey business. You are not a monkey.

Start Dating Again (SDA)

"every day we are alive is a good day"

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