Peter McCullough again appears on a podcast to perpetuates the lie that viruses exist hasn't he been made aware of Christine Massey's work where she now compiled official responses from instituions world wide that all say they have no evidence any virus exists? What's this, he has been made aware of this by Christine Massey in direct communication? Yes indeed, and he walked away from the discussion as he had to go back to his lucrative virus pushing wonderland.

Here is an interview on a podcast with Brian Shapiro.

McCullough has a doctorate degree, that is 8 years of school, many people are doctors it's just lots of school so don't think they are smarter than you, they are just better at certain things like sales pitches. He is called a cardiologist by himself and a doctor of medicine (DOM). Wikipedia states it like this, He completed his residency in internal medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle, a cardiology fellowship in 1991, and practiced internal medicine in Grayling, Michigan, for two years before enrolling in the University of Michigan School of Public Health, earning a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in 1994.

Does a fellowship mean he's really a cardiologist? It states on the Washington University website where he had this "cardiology fellowship" as he would be a trainee stating "Fellows are an important part of University of Washington cardiology." So are janitors and delivery drivers of supplies we are not clear just how much cardiology he was involved in. UW search provided this:

How important is he there to not have any search result on his name?

It also states he spreads misinformation about viruses while Wikipedia is biased against anyone calling out virology and it's constant contradictions and flawed base and says this about FELLOW A fellow is a concept whose exact meaning depends on context. AND In US medical institutions, a fellow refers to someone who has completed residency training (e.g. in internal medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, etc.) and is currently in a 1 to 3 year subspecialty training program (e.g. cardiology, pediatric nephrology, transplant surgery, etc.). AND Fellowships may involve a short placement for capacity building

WebMed shows a long list of "credentials". He appears to be master at administration. He does not seem to have any credentials of questioning the fundamentals of the science in virology yet he goes around acting like he's obtained a master's degree at this.

Positions Held:

1) Consultant Cardiologist, Chief Academic and Scientific Officer (2010 to present), Department of Medicine, Cardiology Section

2)  Medical Director, Clinical Lipidology (2010 to present)

Consultant? Was he ever a multi-level marketing consultant selling kits? Seems that way with his spiked protein cure company.

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McCullough has a foundation called the McCullough Foundation as we know these are set up by many people who are well off to shelter from taxes. These are set up with intention of doing public good. Claims are often made at these being just a tax scheme haven.

He is involved as board member and advisor to "the wellness company" of which he always promotes spike protein cures but spike protein has never been proven to exist it's a con game used to scare people as is virology as a whole (see reference to his discussion with Christine Massey above).

He appears to be a master at artistry and performances going around the world to speak at official governing committees to spread a number of ongoing scientific lies to make himself out as an expert on virology when his training is in fellowshipping in cardiology and internal medi sin and to sell his treatments to cure "spike protein disease" using food supplements and herbs in a pricey formula. He's been challenged to prove his assertions which form the basis for his lucrative claims. I find his explainations to be pretty multi-level marketingish.

He speaks with a podcaster here in the video shown first notice the animated gestures of Peter's face and expressions, this is a pattern, it's a slick manipulative act, watch how he sucks the host in to his trap by asking questions where the host is set up to fail unless he says what "everyone would agree with". Peter uses this tactic all the time in committee hearings all around the world infront of cameras constantly. It's used in sales all the time. He is a master at it fooling many.

"....agree to be save would you agree to that" he asks then watch Peter's standard nods, head turn to side, raised eyebrows, to make it appear as though he's thinking all this through, all of it is an act.

".....but it would have to have acceptable safety would you agree with that?" he's pulling him in as who would not agree to that? LOL. Acceptable to who's standards? That's a misleading question and it's leading the host away from what his critiques were again into Peter's sales pitch trap. Host does respond logically saying it depends on your definition and then explains we were in a global pandemic and notice how peter NODS TO THAT. Peter always reinforces that as real but that was also show business there was no real pandemic.

Then he asks for the hosts definition of acceptible safety knowing this could trip him up right away. The host is not prepared to deal with an expert at manipulating discussions as is McCullough. I have watched this tactic of his play out many times in his many performances. Peter NODS as the host says "In my personal opinion". Host says people were dropping dead left and right, Peter again NODS but that dropping dead thing is a lie. Brian explains this well as he points out how medias were all making claims about the vaccines did this without knowing any details of any of those in sports that died from heart failure now called myocarditis all the time. Brian says he believes the vaccine saved his and his family's life. Peter does not NOD when that is said. After long explanation Brain asks "am I wrong" and in condescending tone and expression Peter says "Yea you're wrong" shocking the host at how flippant that response was but that's how Peter operates on us. Then Peter goes into his act of quoting drug trials with no proof, cites studies that when we look at all these studies they are junk science then says the virus mutated to be come smarter but this is all illusioins, the junk science of this branch of biology has NEVER ISOLATED ANY VIRUS to prove it is a real object it's all fantasy and smoke and mirrors, no one can see this illusion in physical form no medical instrument and no microscope can see this with absolute certainty of anything, the science makes wild claims of seeing a sellular mess and points to something and says there it is and it's like saying there's Santa clause we see him walking around in department stores proving he is the man who left presents in the house one day each year, it's like seeing an Easter bunny and saying that is proof that rabbits read calendars.

A particularly disturbing contradiction is then Peter moves into saying natural "immunity" saved lives AND early treatment. If one has natural immunity which is the base claim of how "immune" systems work, then why does anyone need any treatment? It's a contradictory science then and it makes NO SENSE. Here is where he takes opportunity as always to mislead people into HIS treatment protocols. He always wears his TWC lab coat prop.

He always brings up "in a paper by this medical team or that science study team....." as another pitch to make it sound all so "official" and well proven but the studies he brings up ALL fail as they are based on the lies of any virus being a real object. He did this in a committe here as shown in an analysis where he speaks in tongues using pong science to convince the committee that the ball is real as he bounces back and forth the lies of virology in order to keep heads spinning. He references "our safety system on vaccines is unprecedented". There is no safety studies on vaccines. RFK Jr. has pointed this out many many times as have others.

The drug companies are immune from harm not people. McCullough must know this so he's lying. Listen to how he then leads into claims of astronomical deaths from "covidnineteen" vaccine but he is misleading as the medical system started lumping everyone together as "kovidnineteen" deaths even if complications from a motorcycle accident killed them. Calls for vaccine to be pulled from market they are so unsafe. Perpetuation of fear porn. NEVER ONCE IN MANY HOURS OF STUDY OF THIS MAN'S CLAIMS HAVE I HEARD HIM MENTION PLACEBOS. It was an experiment, it used placebos, FDA stated this the month prior to their authorization for experimental use as part of test that continued until January 31, 2023. This placebo could be salt water or Meningitis vaccine and not the "covidnineteen" version. For all anyone knows the placebos could have been given to 99% of the population.

remember Peter's mantra "in a paper by" but these daze all virology claims of variants are spit out of a computer this is presented here as the "in silico" computer used in the Wuhan lab, and labs everywhere, that's all that escapes folks, no physical "virus" just an story book printed out on computer discs and shared with labs everywhere they claim they have a lab leak it's all pitch to perpetuate fear of what does not exist.

what's interesting is he also ignores what Dr. Stefan Lanka proved in German Supreme Court around 2018, that viruses do not exist and that Lanka stated the vaccines are not a problem. do any of these hustlers like McCullough get into the Devil's details that explain exactly how much of their fake "spike proteins" are actually there that they story tell around the internet campfirecasting about causing harm? No never. There's no proof of any harm there are so many other variables that are routinely ignored such as QUAT exposure indoors. They sprayed humans like pests with pesticides indoors for about 3 years when citric acid is said by EPA to be safe and effective at killing viruses better known as dangerous unicorns. Citric acid is in lemon and vinegar that grandma used to clean house. she didn't have patented formulas to sell she just went around killing viruses witout thinking.

notice when sales people ignore telling you certain things as it would break the sale, for example the used car salesman never tells you the problems with the car, these are some of the problems with the sales pitch of viruses being real and it is the core problem with all of virology, it's built on the lie of such a particle being a real thing and it's used to sell products that cannot possibly do what they claim as no such particle exists thus it's a business and not a path of salvation.

learn more about how 97% of all scientists agree with the science presented by those who fund them


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