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Arizona and California deserts are a fantastic place to live   
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Mid Century Maytag Washer makes a desert home a conversation event

These are extremely hard to find but would look incredible in a Palm Springs mid century home and make the most fantastical bestical conversation piece. The back panel has a fluorescent light and these look absolutely stunning with it on.


dryer has a boo boo

As seen on Offerup
by Lost Treasures For Sale

 I want to comment on this set since I have found an Atlantis set much newer, these old ones are fantastic to look at, but in reality do not compare to a newer yet not too new set before the front load HE washers came to the scene. The Atlantis is now like that lost city, they are not made. If you can find one they might be worth more to you than an old vintage model.

WATCH movie showing a home with a variety of ancient washers that have style


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