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The Maytag conversation event mid century style washer & dryer

LG almost new front load w/d sold for a mere $300

that one was a fantastic deal as long as you are ok washing your clothes with 2 tablespoons of water

WATCH movie showing a home with a variety of ancient washers that have style

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Fantastic find in Palm Springs vintage Frigidaire washer dryer

This has the plunger agitator that is the most fantastic design. I used a plunger to do wash before the Atlantis. The window is fun. It got snapped up fast.

Flaw with Atlantis Maytag Washer

Stick your hand towards the back down in the tub and pull up clothes out of the washer without being extra careful and your hand hits this tab that is the mechanism to stop the spin cycle when you open the lid. Ouch! I still love this washer though. They used to have a small rounded pin that would touch this section of the lid that you would never touch ever but that design had some problems with it failing and they went with this design. Would have been better had they put it to one side.

Maytag set I would buy

I almost did buy these but found a set that was a tad newer and a little less money. Stainless tub, fills with real water not HE water vapor, very easy to service and use. The front angle is unique - have you ever stood in front of a washer or dryer and leaned against it? This design makes it easy on your hands. The controls are so well positoned and marked. Easy to clean lint filter in dryer. Washer tend to retain more lint though than many others but the dryer gets that out. I think the business that is selling these and has other sets to choose from has a good reputation and offers 90 day warranty.

GE dark gray w/d fantastic find

These don't appear often and when they do they get snapped up fast as they are not the same old boring white. The panel has a great design. Unfortunately I would never buy these as they are the newer types heavy on the computerized circut boards. You can see this at a glance as there is a row of led's over the washer control knob.

image was on craigslist

Kenmore stacked w/d in GRAY

Very rare find. Seen on Offerup. Price is high though at $800 but it did sell.

This looks like a good front load Maytag set

One thing to look for on these is if the tub looks centered, if they are more used and well worn the tubs drop down. Found at OfferUp location Beaumont, California.

Rest In Peace Maytag Atlantis

So very sad to see this owner of this fantastic washer resorted to repurposing the stainless steel tub to make into a firepit instead of simply repairing this amazing machine. It's the last of the good top loaders that actually fills with water, not water vapor as in HE machines.

They'd have to pay me to take a fronter

After many hours of searching for a washer I decided strongly against buying a used front loader. They are all too risky to buy at lower cost used as the bearings in the drum go bad and the spider in the back gets all corroded and weak. Usually people just want to get rid of them. They might work well enough but I just can't see taking the risk. It's very very expensive to fix front loaders between issues with circuit boards and the bearings and entire drum assembly with new spider arm are completely cost prohibitive. People just go out and buy a new one for $1000. It's cheaper for them to do that if they can afford it. Over 5 years that's a mere $16.66 per month. Dont' get stuck with someone elses upcoming problem. Old Maytags are cheaper to service and when you do service them they can last another 15 years without much if any service is what I have seen and read. If you go another 15 years with a $300 repair on a used $300 decent shape washer, that only costs you $3.33 per month. That is why these units are harder to find. Shop till you drop and then shop some more and avoid temptation on that pretty front loader you see is only $200. Then when you see that Maytag bargain built before 2004 snatch it up after giving it a good check up. The old Kenmores are also easy and cheap to service. I never liked the drum on those, they are very deep, you have to stoop down and reach way down into it to get the clothes. Old Maytag drums are wider and not as deep. Much easier. Good luck.

Maytag commercial washer & dryer $80

Instead of watching your washer or dryer tumble the clothes in this one you watch TV commercials. No actually it's just a newer model computerized drive you insane stupid smart model that seems like it could be an incredible deal though it has an error code as seen on Offerup. There's nothing quite as stupid as having to deal with computer code when all you want to do is have water mix with soap and slosh around to clean your clothes, then merely rinse and spin the water away.

They say it's $3000 new and they just need it moved so offering it at $80. Buyer beware. The electronic panel could need replacement at a cost of $1000. Or maybe it's a simple fix if you are handy and know electronics. Sometimes all a circuit board needs is one resistor resoldered. Finding which one though could require hiring a rocket scientist though. I am 100% sold on older non-computerized washers and dryers now. These new Maytags might be made in China. We can hope that Trump tarrifs get washers made in America again. This would be better for the environment also as it would save us from transporting all this massive tonnage across entire oceans which run on fossil fuels. Why is it in all these save energy discussions never is there talk about how much energy is wasted by making things in other countries then shipping them all over the place?

I'm done shopping

Settled in on a great deal for a made in the USA Newton Iowa Atlantis by Maytag set. These are the last of the good washing machines. It fills the tub with water not water vapor like the new front loader HE models. It has stainless steel drum, a finger faucet so you can clean your hands of soap, extra rinse and extra spin option, prewash, presoak, presoak only, 3 speeds, easy to use mechanical dial selectors, and the dryer has auto sensing and displays status. This washer does not have evil spiders. Atlantis is known as a mystery lost city of long ago that was said to be far advanced, I think the name for this was appropriate, it's far advanced beyone all stupid smart washers.


60's Maytag washer fantastic styling with the fluorescent lighting on back panel. I do not know how much the seller wants for this, they said to make an offer. I would guess they are looking for at least a few hundred maybe more. They know it's vintage and worth something. They also have an old speed queen dryer that also has some awesome style. They are both white. Check these out. They are in Palm Springs. I would have bought this but I just found a Maytag Atlantis set. How do I make a both happy and sad face emoji?

Harvest gold will come back

Stainless appliances are starting to look real boring and like big blocks of unfinished metal standing there in a nicely decorated room. The 70's will be coming back in vogue. Harvest gold Maytag washer and dryer for only $20 is a steal that is if you can even get the seller to respond to you. I asked if these units were upstairs. No response. That was by email. Try texting or calling. If these units were nearby I would have bought them. Moving costs are always a factor. Would have added $350 and then I still don't know how much I'd have to put into any repairs.

Magtag Neptune washer fantastic buy

The following link I checked on 8/14/2019 and it appears that the ad was flagged for removal. Was it a scam? Here's what I had wrote about it. I should just post snapshots of pages. Pardon any other bad links if they occur I only have so much "high efficiency".

If you live near Temecula / Murietta and looking for a used washer this front load appears to be in mint condition barely used and only $225. If you can lift it onto your truck the guy says he can help. I really don't think you would ever find a better bargain than this for a front loader. All the used Neptunes and other brands I have seen are much more used and worn and bearings going out is a big problem with a used front loader thus since my budget is low I cannot get a newer one. I would probably buy this one if I lived out there. To move this Neptune would cost me as much as $300 so that puts the cost around $525. Still need a dryer so that would add another $300 totaling $825. If I lived there I could have it moved for $150 or less or like I said if you can move it with your pickup and friends you really have a deal I think. I can get a real good condition top load set washer and the dryer in Maytag for about $600. I decided on top load Maytag and I think I found the set I want. Note: Neptune washer door should always be left ajar though to let the air in so that it doesn't get moldy as all these front loaders have that problem. It will help keep your spider from eroding as well. One more thing remember that these ones with digital panels can be a bit more problematic and require a bit more service than top loaders from days past with those old fashioned turn knobs that are mechanical where you hear the clicking sound. That sound annoys some thus the move to digitally controlled round knobs that are very quiet.

Staber top load front load action washer

Made in the USA almost completely of stainless steel this washer has to be the most unique. It's got a hex tub like a front loader in how it washes but it top loads. The belt is grooved. Made fantastic. But the price OMG. I saw one used for $40.

how it's made

Samsung dryer belts "break all the time"?

In looking for washer I see this deal on offerup for a beautiful grey front load washer and dryer for only $650 or best offer. The ad mentions "we upgraded to a bigger size". I ask seller what year it is they say 2018. I think wow that's only a year old. In the ad though it says the dryer belt is broken. Ok I figure that's an easy fix washer bearing is huge repair so it wouldn't cost much and it seems fair they upgraded and that's why they bought two new units. Then I figure best to go to Youtube and I find a repair guy talk about this exact same model even the same color and he says the belts break all the time. His video shows how very hard it is to get to the belt. I decide to pass on the set. I think the sellers were tired of constantly repairing it, I would bet the washer had issues at times as well as in looking at videos for that they seem to be not worthy of my hard earned ENERGY $$. Washer video shows it "needs to be calibrated" when new. HUH? And heavy duty wash takes ONE HOUR AND 56 MINUTES. Insane.

Sanitize cycle

The Lowes website showed a picture of a "sanitize cycle" with it filled like almost half way with water. I find this hard to believe that much water would be used in this cycle. I guess the thermometer indicates it heats up the water. If it does use this much water I would want to always use this cycle but if it gets too hot then it presents a quandry about doing my laundry and ALL THAT ENERGY USED to heat the water since electricity uses more of my ENERGY $$ than natural gas uses.


Customer's bad experience with Maytag Neptune front loader compared to the old top loader

Explained how in 4 years there were so many repairs at such great expense whereas the older Maytag went 25 years before it needed any repair. Someone please calculate how much energy is wasted in all these repairs. Money does not grow on wind farms. It takes energy to make money so this is the most wasteful form of energy losses and no one in the United States is doing anything about it. We need appliances that use HEAT GENERATING motors to be made strong and reliable once again. Demand this from your House representatives, Senators, President. This client says he or she paid $1200 for the newer washer and $1600 for repairs. That is a lot of energy wasted. Then we have politicians demanding we use more energy dollars to make wind energy that draws power from the grid. Someone is making out big. Energy company salaries and pensions are some of the most fabulous in the universe.

New refrigerators are smarter than new washers

In continuing my search for a new used washer and dissatisfied with spending $1000 for a front loader that basically "dry cleans" the clothes as it uses so little water I noticed some refrigerators with those windows you can see inside that black out and are touch screen computer systems that will serve you a frozen TV dinner while you sit and realized basically that refrigerator is still pretty much like how it's always been. It doesn't make the temperature 59 degrees to "save energy" it still lets you keep things cold. Washers now are so bent on using less water they almost don't use any. This makes for less clean clothes typically while giving you more headaches, making you do wash twice sometimes, making you drive to work more to make more money to pay for the repair bills, all adding up to more wasted energy than before. Refrigerators don't act this way even the new ones. The new ones in being "more efficient" merely are more efficient without changing the core function of how they are supposed to do something for you instead of you doing something for it.

Berkely California bans natural gas in new construction

This is claimed to be a save the universe climate changee thingee but in the end it could be that it's all about charging you more for electricity. Natural gas is very efficient and inexpensive. Since typically what happens in California spreads in California like those plastic bag bans that now provide plastic bags at 10 cents each that are 8 times thicker and are still used as trash bags, thus creating more plastic waste than ever, I think we can most certainly expect that this liberal ideal will make it's way to the deserts unfortunately causing more energy to be used as it takes energy to pay higher prices for energy.

Put away that bug spray

We find out that Roundup causes cancer, I have pretty much known this since the 1970's when my cat was poisoned by similar toxic bug sprays used commonly in people's yards. The neighbor had the best yard in the neighborhood because they used all the yard chemicals imaginable. I was lucky, my cat recovered with vet prescribed liquid vitamins and rest, but I never forgot about the horrors that pesticides can impose on life. Ever since I have been very cautious about all chemicals that kill anything. Basically if it can kill bugs it can kill blood cells, and warnings are dire on all of these products yet people use them like they are safe as apple pie sometimes. Thus as much as it bugs me to shop for a new anything, shopping for a new washing machine was particularly bug infested, as I never realized I'd be thinking about spiders in washers, many, many, many spiders in washers. All front loaders have spiders. Over time they get especially ugly and you never really see how ugly they get, but you will smell it and you can not make it like new again. If you do all the sanitizing you can and it still smells this is why, it's coated with gunk as it corrodes.

snapshot credit YouTube user All My Hobbies

They corrode because they are all made of cheap to manufacture aluminum. It will bug you when your fairly new like 4 year old front loader starts to make noises as the tub goes out of round. Most warranties are only for about one year on labor and "lifetime" on the tub. Most companies will with some run around replace a tub assembly with the spider attached under warranty but you will be responsible for labor cost which can be $500 or more. Most people just go buy a new one and the thing ends up in the trash heaps which in society now are reaching to the moon a place we have only visited in our imaginations. I am guessing that all the energy wasted on manufacture, transport of new and old "trash heap" washers, is all using more energy than when we created that old reliable Maytag* that lasted 40 years. Today's front loaders sometimes only last 5 years. That's 8 times more washers manufactured and 8 times more trucks shipping them to stores and moving them out of homes. Think about all that energy wasted. Has anyone calculated all that energy? If we are all as planetary residents to be concerned about energy use I think we need to again make things that last.

*Maygag is NOT what it used to be when they were made in America. Maytag is now built basically using the same parts as Whirlpool for at least the last 10 years. They are now all made in China.

One new washer is NOT pet friendly

Buyer beware GE front loader according to this video the door seal is not smooth and it attracts pet hair and it's so bad it's nearly impossible to clean.

HE washers

Does the HE stand for Horribly Excruciating? They don't add enough water. Sometimes the wash has to be done twice. They waste so much time doing nothing. Time is money. Money is energy. It's 70 times faster for me to wash using my $1 method using ZERO electricity.

I bought a new washer for only $1

Old one broke so instead of fixing it I replaced it with a brand new one. See it here.

Smart vacuum is stupider than my broom

Robot vacuum made a mess worse than the mess made by the puppy. This is typical of why all smart appliances are stupid. If I turn my broom on it will just sit there, or if I give it a push it won't spread dog poo all over the floor nor will it eat dog s*^t like an automated vacuum will. It's 2019 and they can't even make these "smart" things smell poop and stay away from it like a broom will. You can keep them. I can buy a broom for $1. These stupid smart robots cost hundreds. Give that money to help the homeless instead of to rich industrialists.

New smart stupid washer agitates without water

Someone please explain why we are told to evenly distribute our clothes in a top loading washer and then in the year 2019 where everything is now "smart" it is programmed to move the clothes around into a ball.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever see a washer agitate with no water in it by design. If you continue watching you see at least it can fill the tub with real water and not imaginary ECO water.

Then there's this stupid smart washer that adds 2 blips of water just enough to unbalance the clothes then it clicks about 4 times then starts spinning before doing any washing. These washers are a joke. They are like kids toys. They are all made in a communist country to boot. Why are we supporting communism? Something truly is amiss here. And how is it energy efficient to have washers made on the other side of the world and shipped on non-wind farm powered ships? I guess we will make ships with batteries and pinwheels and that will save us soon. We are living in fantasy land with all this save energy crap.

Another thing to watch out for in making a selection is the center agitator in many of these have that spiral that is a design in many older washers that turned in one direction only so as to help pull down clothes. These ones go back and forth which pulls down clothes a little then as it reverses it pushes them back up a little. This makes no sense.

Purple Kitchen Aid fridge

Sold fast online. If you have an old appliance that's taking too long to sell, change it's color. I painted a refrigerator black once before you could even find any appliance painted that color and that thing flew out the door in seconds. Ever notice there a "d" in "fridge" and not in "refrigerator"?

Don't buy that portable room air conditioner yet

Not without knowing that most of them are incredibly inefficient, their BTU rating is no where near what they claim, and use double the power a window air conditioner would use and learning why and which one is the ONLY ONE you should get

7.1 earthquake in Mojave Desert California

Don't let earthquakes, floods, wildfires, and armageddon stop you from buying a desert home and living in some of the most wonderful places on the planet as some homes were damaged in the zone 120 miles away from Los Angeles and Palm Springs. We were just shaken and not stirred. Quake details at

Electrolux HE washer EFOW317TIW doesn't seem to fluff clothes at the end

Uses very little water to wash uses a bit more where it actually sloshes in 2 or 3 rinses but it should fluff the clothes at the end. It's better for the clothes when they do this and easier to pull out of the washer. This owner calls it dirty names.

Type in "washing"

TIP: When looking for a washer and dryer make sure to also type in "washing" as there are those who use that word instead of "washer" and since few people type in "washing" you might find a bargain.

Pressure and venting of dryers

I would guess that 99.9% of the populations does not know about this warning which was by law posted visibly on an Italian made washer/dryer combo that is typically used in certain types of homes, "CAUTION: Open a window or vent when operating dryer. It is dangerous to create negative air pressure inside a motorhome containing fuel burning appliances."

Image was seen here. Most every normal home has ways for air to enter when a dryer is running so this is not an issue. Probably the most common one if a home is all closed up is a stove hood vent. Another would be a gas water heater vent as there's a big open space where it could suck in air** possibly besides all the little cracks everywhere that can let air in which is exactly what happens when a dryer is being used in a home as it pushes out all that air. Never ever ever vent a gas dryer inside a home for heat as there are toxic gases.

**though one has to wonder if this is the only way for a home to allow air in for that dryer what happens then when the water heater turns on and is buring natural gas is the hot air and fumes making their way into the house then?

GE dual action agitator agitates me

I will not buy a new washer I don't like any of them even though most will basically wash clothes and get them cleaner than they were I don't feel they do a good enough job, they waste energy, are too slow and stupid with their smart technology, and require a service technician to live in your home with you. In looking at the GE agitator model latest incarnations as recent as 2019 I learned that the tub moves back and forth, something a tub should not do, and get this, the agitator works against itself. This looks like those spin agitator types that pull down clothes but it does not.

The lower fins of all agitators push water out to the sides of the tub which has for over 80 years of washing machines caused the clothes to go up and to center which then gets pulled back down to those fins. The addition of those spiral ones that notch and turn in a circle pull clothes down but they may also tangle clothes. This one that is in the GE forces water back down and back up in the same spot, thus fighting against that motion from the lower fins. This is just a bad design yet it will still get clothes reasonably clean for the mere fact that salty water pulls dirt away from clothes like rain rinses a driveway as it pulls dirt away from concrete.  review 1  review 2

GE Profile washer recall fire hazard

These have an odd design back panel. They are top load. September 16, 2016



WPGT9150   read more


Someone pleeeze Make America's Washers Great Again. I think I will put this logo on a red baseball cap and while eating at a restaurant video tape people getting all hell bent with me about wanting to Make America's Washers Great Again as they tell me washers were never great.

Samsung HE

The customer review at Best Buy said she couldn't get the bad smell out after washing in the new unit. Says now she has to rewash 2 - 4 times for it to clean. That is because it uses 2 tablespoons of water. All these new washers are crap. Call on congress and see if they will listen to you they don't with anything else. They made these water saving laws that waste energy and the time we could use to build the homeless homes or at least see a good movie which that too is not made well anymore.

Whirlpool F/L washer tub assembly

Priced this at $900. OMG.

New washer 2 years old and needs service

LG washer ad posted here. Seems a washer WM3270CW should work longer than that to need energy wasting service. Old Maytags used to last for decades without service. La Salle's ran great. Horses even loved you back.

Used Kitchen Aid washer & dryer in black

Rare find these washers are basically the same as Kenmore, Whirlpool, Roper wearing different outfits. They are easiest to repair over the GE and Maytag.

Sears Outlet

It was like sticking my finger in an electrical outlet. I saw an ad on Offer Up featuring a Samsung front loader brand new for $539 the cheapest price anywhere but you go to their website and delivery is not free, you are not allowed to pick up at store, and shipping is almost $300. It's only an hour drive. So this makes this "discounted" washer higher in price than a brand new, installed, with hoses, with 5 year extended warranty making it 6 years warranted one that's currently on sale at Best Buy. No wonder Sears just keeps losing business.

WM3500CW LG 27" 4.5 cu. ft. Ultra Large Capacity Smart WiFi Enabled Front Load Washer with 6 Motion Technology and SmartDiagnosis

What's dumb about this washer is that you can barely read the screen if at all. It's around $900 and you would think that they would have enough smart technology somewhere in a desk drawer or even behind a corporate restroom paper towlel dispenser to have designed it so you can SEE IT.

If you want to spend a lot on an LG washer that missed that mark you can purchase it here and I would get a commission maybe. I am not even going to post a photo as I can't get past not being able to read the display. It's like all these "smart web pages" that make the type like this so you can't read it and want to go somewhere else, like even a library to get a book or news paper which has old fashioned non-smart black type that can be read.

Instead maybe get this GE

A GE front load GFW450SSMWW might be a better choice though I have seen some reviews that say they can shake a lot. Make sure shipping bolts and cushioning inside are removed. This could be an issue if you just load it onto a truck and bring home yourself. If delivered they always remove these bolts which frees up the tub so it's suspended on springs and shock absorbers. I absolutely LOVE the control panel on this it's fantastic and easy to read. Starts around $650. I think adjusting the water level vacuum sensor could solve that spoon full of sugar coated water saving issue.

or this Samsung which has a nice easy to read display better than any other because of the tilt/angle which makes more sense than any of these others which are just vertical and this one has a nice clear glass because who doesn't want to see the soothing motion of your clothes washing and the different colors. Why on earth would you want to smoke it out.

Notice that little square box at the bottom of these. This is in the newer models now for access to the "trap" which can catch coins or jewelry and such and give you ease of access for cleaning this out. It used to be you had to with the older models call for service to handle when this would get clogged and not drain properly as the entire unit had to be opened up to access.

Squeaking brake sound

In looking at a used washer today I asked to plug the thing in and turned it on in wash mode. It was not connected to water so I put my ear against the top lid and heard a slight buzzing which told me it was opening the solenoid so water would go in. Ok, next test is to see if it spins, turned it into spin and it started, reasonably fine, right speed, but the machine wobbled as it was not level. Tried to hold it level and that helped so it seemed fair for an old washer but when I turned off the spin cycle it stopped with a sudden braking motion and squealed. That means it would need a complete disassembly to get to that brake pad. Not worth buying.

There might be an ugly spider in your washer but don't get out the toxic bug spray

Before I explain about this little bug, notice that these newest front load washers for most of the population are heavy duty in their "high efficiency" design so they use less water than ever and this can be a problem in quality of how well clothes get clean. As energy savings becomes more than a priority but rather a necessity mandated by government and we are seeing how it's inconveniencing us as we do one load of wash a second time so that it's actually kinda clean, which now takes then 4 hours to do one load of wash, another matter is how long these machines are now lasting with out repair or throwing them in the dump or dumping them off at a thrift store so it's someone elses problem. I just learned these stores are not taking them any more because of this very thing.

Making an appliance last for 30 years like old Maytags and other brands did when they were built in the United States is also now becoming a necessity for saving energy. Right now almost all machines that are for home use purposely use a cheap and low efficiency spider arm. This is mounted on the steel tub in the back, you never see this unless it's disassembled, and it has the shaft for which the entire thing rides on. These things get pitted and disintegrate over time becaues they are made of aluminum. As they deterioriate in a mere 4 years or so they can cause a machine front load tub to be out of balance. The cost to repair is about $800 or more. When that happens likely out of any extended warranty, you will just throw it out or sell it for a hundred dollars to some sucker.

This is the spider arm on the back of the higher quality tub, this one is made out of stainless steel, solid, strong, truly lasts a lifetime. This particular one is on an old washer more than 10 years old. It's not scary or ugly. Wait till you see one that is not as old and is 2500 times more scary. All the spider arms in your home front loaders are made out of aluminum. They get pitted and erode like old cars in Detroit winters and cause balance issues. They are in the back where it stays wet, accumulating soap, lint, dog hair, and mold which all gets stuck back there with soap residue where the sun never shines and the metal then slowly rots. One thing that can help prevent this is always keep the washer door open to let air flow through though that then presents another problem, accidentally hitting the door.

Snapshot of a pitted disintegrationg aluminum spider arm in a Samsung washer. The producer of the film says don't buy a Samsung but they are all subject to this damage.

The energy lost due to the short life of all of these front load machines is immense because of this one flaw in that the entire machine will be thrown in the dump when this happens in many cases if they do not become someone else's problem. It takes a lot of energy to build these things, process and clean parts in maufacture, etc. and it's obscene the energy that is being wasted because they don't last. Let's all get on Congress to make 1,000 other new laws that will fix this problem which was created by their other laws, round and round we go.

New GE jackhammer washer

Pretty noisy. One comment stated to remove the transit bolts. If those are not removed there would be no dampening with springs and shock absorbers. Must be that. He probably picked up the unit and installed himself without removing those. The design of the panel on this unit looks best to me for a lower priced washer easy to read has presoak and other features. But wait there's more if you buy one today on tomorrow's date you might watch this video and be really disappointed you bought it.

24 minutes into a wash cycle before bedding got soaked

It's the consumer and taxpayer that's now getting soaked regularly and efficiently and at lightning speed. As we look at this demonstration of an Electrolux model EFLW317TIW we see it's not until 24 minutes in that the bedding gets enough water on it so that it flattens down about half what it was, and not until about 30 minutes in for it to be about 1/3 flattened and even then it's still not even sloshing around in water. There is a certain principle of disolving of dirt that cannot occur when there is no solution for it to dissolve in. It's like these new "high efficiency" almost waterless devices have completely discarded this principle. If the bedding demonstrated here was filthy like if it was on a bed or floor where dogs routinely walked on and laid down on after being outside in the rain and mud, there is NO WAY this would come out clean without at least a 2nd full wash or even a 3rd which could get into taking 4 hours to accomplish. Maybe what you could do is instead of using fabric softener add a 2nd serving of detergent to that and call for an extra rinse. Note this unit sure sounds loud when it spins.

Plastic clothes are energy efficient

I don't know how politicians are going to get the world off of fossil fuels and create energy efficiency as they promote absurd ideas like the "Green New Deal" which calls for an end of the use of petroleum based products. How exactly are they going to ban clothes? Almost all fabric now is made from fossil fuels. Is government going to mandate we all use cotton? Sorry there are no more cotton fields left they have been paved over by office parks by tech firms that make plastic computers and wiring as the computer industry that is producing all these "smart" energy problem solving devices are all made from petroleum. Polyester fabric is made from petroleum. It can be easily produced in mass quantities and at home it can be washed by hand and let to drip dry and it dries fast - note the popular term "wicking" used to describe this process. The energy savings in doing this beats wrecking our landscapes with disgusiting wind turbines that power 150,000 homes as they lie with their claims, turbines which also use fossil fuels. I bet you did not know that, wind energy uses petroleum and electricity from the grid. Huh. I did not know that.

Warranty beware

There are a lot of used washers out there. Looking at a beautiful front load set I saw the small business was offering a 90 warranty on parts and labor with one year of labor covered. Sounds great. Not so fast. Consider that with all of these used front loaders sold at a business that within 90 days to the 1 year is up that if the bearings going out on the tub that you would be hung up to dry. Here's how it goes, you hear a slight grinding noise after you buy them that concerns you, you call them they say it's normal for a used unit they cannot fix it as it's normal and the machine still works and does clothes and spins, then coming on 11 months into your purchase, you call them as you know warranty period would be ending soon and the grinding is getting bad and, they say gladly they they will handle labor but you will pay for parts. You figure that's fine you are thrilled as you know bearings are like $20, they come out look at it and listen, then tell you you need to get a whole new tub, you ask what is that cost, they tell you $500. You are surprised and tell them it just needs new bearings and they say they cannot replace just the bearings as the spider web surely would be bad and and they don't just replace the spider web and bearings as then it would need factory rebalancing and it's cheaper to just get an entire tub replacement and tell them you don't want to spend that much on your used washer that could break again and then you cry and scream and end up hauling it to the dump because it's also cheaper to buy another used washer from a used appliance store as the whole set was only $900 plus $90 sales tax. So you again want a matching set and you sell the dryer for $200 as dryers are not worth that much. You are out $790. You find another new set and notice your sales tax is another $10 as you gleefully voted for that additional sales tax "a mere penny" which just came out to 10,000% more than one penny, and as you look at your checkbook you see you have just spent about $800 for a washer that lasted one year and as you sit in frustration you realize you would have been better off buying a new washer on sale for $751 that includes tax and delivery and installation and new hoses and an extended 5 year warranty and you settle with an old Kenmore dryer for $100 that repairs are never more than $50 or so and they hardly break anyway or to just keep that non matching dryer, but oh no, you had to have that beautiful matching set when you first started shopping for a used front load washer and dryer so instead it turns out you gave up another beautiful thing you wanted which could have been a night out for dinner with some one new in your life 8 times, new clothes, short little vacation trip, and donation to that wonderful pet rescue as you instead sit and gaze at how beautiful your matching dryer was that you are now waiting to be picked up by that buyer as you dish out another $1,000 for a used set that matches and could again see a washer go bad after a year and then you rinse and repeat yet again and again as you realize that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different resulty you consider investing wisely in a new front load washer without that matching dryer instead of a used one for this reason that you might just end up wasting $800 for a washer that lasts you only one year which is a whopping $66.666666 per month spent on something evil. When I priced out a low end new front loader with 5 year extended warranty which actually is added to the manufacturer's warranty meaning more like 6 years or 7 the new washer costs a mere $12.52 per month the only problem though with these is they use 2 tablespoons of water and don't get the clothes clean but there is a fix for this. Another matter to consider though is that gettin someone out to service the thing could be frustrating. I read on the Home Depot site their service plan the washer owner went through Hell days and weeks go by as they had to get approval, wait for confirmation, wait for the repair to be referred, wait for call from them, wait for a repair guy to even show up, lots and lots of red tape with no bleach in sight to make the tape sparkling white. On a new LG machine the display was designed so hard to read one reviewer said braile would be better.

Roper top load rinse level is super low

Easy fix.

New washers are harder on clothes in a way

Water acts as a cushion so whith all these 2019 washers that are designed by politicians instead of engineers they are harder on clothes. The extra water would ad buoyancy and cushion to the clothes and take the weight off them thus allowing easier agitation, less pull and tearing, and gets out more soil. The older front loaders would allow much more water in them. We are at the point where so little water is being used they are barely getting clothes clean. What's next for political mandates, dry cleaning? What ever happened to the renewable resources concept? Water is 100% renewable.

The LG 2 year old front loader with fancy dancy electronic controls that should do your laundry for you would not turn on

The fix was so simple but first the woman had called a service tech who charged $85 and then said it would cost $500 to repair and it would be better for her to buy new. Without the internet she would have been screwed. WATCH but this guy says his problem would keep reappearing and it needed a board.

Here's a new Whirlpool jackhammer washer

Guy says it sounded like that after 3 months. Pretty sad. Says Whirlpool replaced the unbalanced tub under 1 year warranty. What about next year? Could end up in landfill? Made in China? When we had washers made in the USA they lasted for decades. Climate changy thingyers need to support Trump instead of bashing him if they want to see some real energy efficiency put back into place. Making things last for so many years saves more energy than all this made for energy efficienty crapple.

New washers waste tons of energy

They are very complicated electronic devices now so when they break down which they do many times more frequently than mom's old dependable Maytag you have to spend a small fortune on repairs. That means more driving for a repair guy thus causing climate change, more production of parts you have to replace thus causing climate change, and trips to the laundromat while you wait a week for the repair guy to come thus causing climate change. The bigger problem though is these things do not last 20 or 30 years like old washers did so now they end up in the trash after 10 years or so. Thus we have 2 to 3 times more big machines and their parts produced and added to landfills and such. Not only that they take like an hour or more to do a normal load, before it was a half hour.

Maytag Atlantis owner shows where that horrible smell is coming from

Running a cycle or two with vinegar and bleach does not solve the problem because what happens is lint builds up in this top area and stays put.

It's a pretty easy fix though thanks to this fireman who explains it all. Could save you from buying new units that use tablespoons of water which you then would have to sell out of frustration looking then for old Maytag Atlantis that actually use water intstead of the imagination to sell clothes. You could say this model has a lint trap.

Speed Queen washer tub now spins with agitator

I have never in my life seen such a rediculous design, it's agitating to see a brand new washer tub looks the same as old models but the bin spins. It is because of government meddling with their "energy saving" demands placed on appliance manufacturers. These laws are as bad as mandated low flush toilets which waste water as it now takes 5 flushes to do what it did before thus using 100% more water than old toilets. To get a decent result the new appliance owner will as they find their wash is not coming out as clean they will choose the longest cycle time or do the wash twice until they can waste more energy as they get rid of the thing and go get their old one out of the land fill and restore it or dream every night about doing that if they can't. You can watch the video here of a 2018 Speed Queen in action. These are expensive washers and previously were known as fantastic investments. I would not buy one. Watch this stain test comparison before you buy a Speed Queen washer new.

Homeless dryer sits on curb hoping

This dryer will probably find a home faster than many good people living on the streets and sidewalks of Lost Angeles will. It was put there at about 1pm in a Southern California neighborhood. Meanwhile many of those who cross borders illegally will get shelter faster than those homeless in the streets will. Maybe we could send this homeless dryer to the shelters so they also have their laundry done for them. It's a Kitchen Aid so it's certainly got a chance. This one also is looking for a new home but it has not been put out on the street.

Clothes washer for the desert home

I am shopping online for a used washer as of the 4th of July holidays 2019. I do not want any of the new ones as the better front loaders would cost about $2,000 which is insane and the lesser priced top loaders are all crap and break too often and do not wash clothes right thanks to stupid smart technology, government interference forcing "efficiency standards" and too much added circuit boards now that fail all too often. They end up in the trash after a few years which ends up using more energy than ever.

I want an old Maytag

I am going to share here some of my finds as some of you might be closer by to pick these up. I'm way out in the desert near Palm Springs which is so friggin hot in the summer but still a fantastic place in the world to live, and the problem is getting them to my desert home. I'm finding that movers would cost me almost $400. Here's some that I think are great finds. If I get to them first they are mine. Keep in mind if you want to do your part to stop so called "climate change" that some say will spin the Earth off it's orbit into the sun well you can save a lot of energy by doing it by hand and it's not all that hard really. Stay tuned.

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