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Arizona and California deserts are a fantastic place to live   
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dark green energy

smart technology is often really stupid

it's amazing what a library can do that internet avoids

visit that link for a fantastic list of so many local resources for the desert areas of the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs and other cities) from of all places a real library that assembles more relevant information better than any one source online does

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Desert Hot Springs is planning a development at State Highway 62


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Smart things can be pretty dumb and annoying

My old tube TV was smarter than my LCD which has a "smart device" plugged into it so I can "cut the cord" and watch "free movies and TV". I walked away from my tube TV and it would always stay on. It knew that if I didn't want to watch TV I would shut the thing off. Now with my "smart" ROKU device that stays on 24/7 and contributes to global warming as it uses reliable fossil fuels to create the electricity after a while it presents a screen that asks me if I'm still there. That is very stupid. It can't even figure out if I am there. So I have to always go pick up the remote and tell it "Yes you stupid smartless device I am here" with a button push.

Smart ass car locks people out when the application breaks connection to the internet.

So while people spend 70,000 dollars on a car the homeless watch them drive by and laugh as they are locked out of their car on the Harbor Freeway.

Smart TV forces ads on you constantly

I would return this thing the moment I saw a $2500 TV force me to watch commercials like this as I turn it on and look for where I can buy a better TV.

The guy paid $2500 for a stupid smart television that will not allow himi to remove the ads.

One person said in response that he just blocked "" and "" on his router. Great so now I have to hire a computer nerd for another $100 to do that, I have no idea how to do that.




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