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Healthy Living!

I M G A Y . C O M

Mental and physical health starts by first dumping the junk science of virology which has fooled the public with it's lies for a century and into millenniums as no "virus" has been proven to exist.

We are not virus breathing dragons. Virology is a hustle. To live your life afraid of dangerous unicorns interferes with your well being. My favorite people to follow on this path listed here are all doctors

Tom Cowan

Sam & Mark Bailey

Stefan Lanka

Andrew Kaufman

Tom has an especially fresh perspective on cancer and wote a book "Cancer and the New Biology of Water" explaining the structure of the water in our body is key element in health.

Then there's Christine Massey, a statistician, who took interest in finding out if viruses were ever isolated properly to prove they exist.

She compiled 220 responses by the so called "experts" in science and health and governing institutions that all tell us to follow the science so we did. Their responses were that there was no proof any virus actually exists by pure isolation of it from the junkyards of biological soup messes they create in "testing for viruses" and what they call "in silico" science and "culturing" virus in a biological landfill mess then telling us "well it must be there some where".

Pong me with viruses baby! Ooooooh yea!

The late David Crowe of the Alberta Reappraising Aids Society for decades pointed out the flaws of virology in particular the HI "virus" debaucle which also never proved any particle of matter had such grand powers of destruction. Early on in the Kovid-19 mess in 2020 he wrote about the fear of 5G being not at all based on science knowing first hand the technologies used and the wild claims of 5G "a rather poorly defined technology" allegedly causing disease as being unfounded in even the most basic analysis yet we have many today flailing their arms and podcasts about scaring the public about this extremely low wattage electron signal.

 Then there's Kovid Kapoor who was a model and appeared on Project Runway which should have been a clue in March 2019 as he wore a face mask and obviously he fell off the runway and people there caught him then asked others did you catch Kovid? and many said they did.

They say "Kovid escaped from the Wuhan lab" we discovered it actually escaped from a computer, a printout, no real virus, just data sets, all done on computers in labs, it's all fake trickery as virology in this new world of warped injectionism and alleged ribo dino nuclear acidology merely does everything now "in silico" which means it's all CGI fake nonsense. Here's the desktop that the dangerous unicorns ESCAPED from.

Notice they add theatricks to scare you, fake protection provided by these white coats, as they manipulate the fake new strains on their computers. There is no virus to escape from any lab to terrorize you unless they are talking abut CELL DEBRIS which is dust and cell poop which is what the world's best scientist in the most specialized microscopes stated he saw in the images decades ago. Modern virology interprets these images to match their visions of selling you weapons of war to "go out and fight with those viruses boy!" and the money they make from this fraud is obscene.

In other trickery schemes, what if the Bible was just another novel like viruses? As popular as it may be to believe in Christ there might be some other perspective missed.

Jesus is said by some in historical analysis to be an invention of the Roman Empire and that empire never actually fell it just changed form like The Devil In The Details (TDITD) often does as we look over spread sheets and fairy tales.

Creating Christ

Like with the long standing "belief" in viruses losing Christ might be another hard one to accept.

In the noble quest for "equality" it's nice that many places in the USA and around the world are providing special parking for disabled energy. As seen above Palm Springs has it's disabled energy parking zones as does Desert Hot Springs. Arizona's Little Grand Canyon is one of those newly designated special disabled & handicapped energy parking areas as it's providing bigger spaces than in Los Angeles which have none, so there's still a lot of work to do to make disabled energy be treated equally. Learn more about Chevelon Canyon's Butte Disabled Energy Project (CCBDEP) that will alone cover a whoping 49 square miles thus providing disabled energy parking for these disabled energy wind turbines with assigned 30 year parking permits. Then there's Arizona's handicapped West Camp Wind Farm project that will cover 100+ square miles and that's a great start but cities really need to step up to the plate and pitch in to provide an EQUAL and EQUITABLE number of handicapped space for disabled energy to be fair to everyone.

The Desert Home

Before white colonists arrived there was plenty of horse shit

The legends have it that the Old West was taking better care of things than all our new improved ways. 




The Desert Home


not a website not a real or fake estate venture in home building or cooking show this is art it is a collage it is like a dictionary cut into pieces and reassembled the way that virology does when it claims it's discovered a new dangerous unicorn it is like a childs scrbbling and art mom puts on the refrigerator proudly and is hailed as wonderful it is like the fantasy world of THE/BIBLE and HIV/AIDS all big messes of delusional nonsense so if you appreciate art you understand other wise you get caught by the cyclones that form in your mind as powered by renewable handicapped energy spaces & hustles that this masterpiece of expression here does not partake in such activities only you do do