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Arizona and California deserts are a fantastic place to live

Properties for sale in Morongo Valley

home prices have risen a lot in California since the housing bust of 2008 it's a time to be a bit more careful what you spend on a home and especially after the flu,cold, and pneumonia was renamed causing more people to rush to move to rural areas

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this is a beautiful area outside of Palm Springs by about 20 miles that is rural with many small ranches, dirt roads, hills, views, trails, and small village shops

the elevation is about 2400 to 2800 feet and is usually about 10 degrees cooler than the Coachella Valley below

this one just a bit further out in Yucca Valley sold for $195k and has a most beautiful stone rock application on the lower portion of the home

Some disadvantages to this rural area:

There is one annoying factor that is a part of the elevated desert mountain area, there is a cactus plant in this area that is horrible.

It's name has something to do with a teddy bear.

When these things shed they have these little round balls about 1.5 inch diameter all spiked and man these spikes don't let go.

Walk your dog and you let it run free and it sniffs at the base of these cactus where they have fallen as it's looking for a critter and bam the dog gets these things in its snout and you are pulling out these needles for 2 hours while the poor thing suffers.

You have to clean these cactus of these things and an empty lot next door can have hundreds of these bushes. After the rains of 2018 winter these cactus have tons of these pricker balls dropping all summer starting in spring.

They get blown off and roll onto paths and your pet can step on them. I hate these things.

This of course is not just up in Morongo Valley but there are other types of these little cactus prickers that get shed and are on grounds in all desert areas.

I have room here for countless Morongo Valley homes for sale, the problem is that there are not that many homes for sale anymore, they have mostly been all snatched up by the lucky ones who were able to buy them cheap in the housing market crash of 2008. The last of the real bargains seems to have sold in 2015 and now the prices are very high.

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Brian Droze sells real estate in the deserts of Southern California and to the ocean's edge

I serve Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Bernardino county areas including the high deserts

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