Fox News reports that there in 36,000 homeless in Los Angeles. They are reporting of course quite biased as they are fully blaming the homeless population increase on Democrat liberal policies.

That is such bullcrap.

The problem is greed.

The problem is nice weather.

The problem is Airbnb eating up affordable housing space insted giving it to those who have high tech windfalls in their portfoilios, the types where Google, Amazon, Apple, Priceline all increased in value a massive 10,000% and still soaring to touch fake carbon air blankets in the stratosphere.

The problem is ignoring the these problems.

The problem is due to so many factors and one or the other political party is not responsible on it's own so all the TV media fluff is a complete waste of energy.

Speaking of energy there are countries that feature both wind farms and housing for ALL of their people. The homeless in these countries like in Iran is virtually non existent.

The USA could learn a lot from that desert community. Here are wind turbines in Iran amongst plentiful housing. They are pure clean energy. They use no fossil fuels.

wind farm in Iran image credit MorvaridiMeraj

These turbines are actually 100% free of fossil fuel use.

Wind turbines that tower up above us like skyscrapers and are 100% dependent on fossil fuel and produce little if any usable energy.

Yes in deed. But they provide a ton of energy to certain portfolios. We have been lied to about wind.



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