The wild claims that a virus does such disasterous work on a living being is an extrordinary claim


Doctorates Andrew Kaufman on the right and Tom Cowan on the left discuss the matter of questioning if any proof actually exists of these assertions made.

"This virus is a thing (or a computer model) that we need to isolate from other things to prove it's real"

Virology makes extraordinary claims that a "virus" enters the body and then enters a "cell" and then hijacks the "machinery" and makes copies of itself.

What does that in nature?

The way virology "finds" the virus is really bizarre as explained in the discussion.

That analysis might be difficult for many people to grasp.

What sounds easier to me is where is the proof that any virus gets into the "cell" and high jack's it and makes copies.

Can we look for a xerox copy machine there?

Can we see the virus actually enter real time?

There must be a sub microscopic view right? Wrong. No such thing. No way to see any virus real time enetering a cell.

Without such observation is this valid science to claim it exists so precisely when it's never actually seen? No it is not valid science.

Maybe the science has a subsubmarine that is as small as a virus that can follow it around and video tape what it does and where it goes? No.

Then how can the science know anything for sure? How can they even design "treatments" or ways to hunt down these things when it can't prove it's ever followed them around and watching them actually rob the cell bank? They can't.

Tom offers an interesting comparison to a house observed to be normal one day and another day merely a pile of rubble and blaming exploding paper for it.

The science goes into viruses cause cancer with no absolute proof of this then recommends vaccines to treat or allegedly prevent it while not considering the ingredients of the vaccine being carcinogenic.

Basically impossible for toxins of "viruses" to be in the air to harm anyone as the inverse square rule in mathematics applies in DILUTION. It's like a teaspoon of bleach in a glass of water to drink is too much poison for a body to handle but place that amount in a lake and the lake dilutes it to nothing has no effect on the lake. If any virus exists the amount is such a small amount it cannot even be seen. The principle of DILUTION applies at any distance between the fact that the air would dilute it and the body fluids would also dilute it and the body has normal processes of knowing what it does not need and eliminates it daily.