Virus non-existence PROVEN IN COURT
in 2018 Dr. Stefan Lanka won his case in German Supreme Court did your health department get the memo?
Remember this when the hustlers in virology bring on the next fake pandemic scare. Mr. Global might do serious propoganda campaign to blame mosquitoes (they are getting real good at this using fake emergency to scare you) maybe they will try to lock everyone home again so they can vaccinate every single mosquito on Earth as that is the only way to get it under control. Barf. variants are like paint no matter how many colors there are it's only aesthetics

Look ma the variants of colorful descriptions of the same thing are endless just like snowflakes, no two exactly alike, yet the same, if the sleasly vaccine salesmen were in charge of snow removal they'd have cities buy new plows to handle each variant, THAT is exactly what we have with the Hustle In Virology (HIV)

No matter how much you paint the elephant in the room it's the same elephant and paint is still paint and lipstick on pigs is just decoration regardless of variant in coloring schemes. Fauci and friends will not tell you as they have products to get out that door and money to count in their vaults. Defund coloring books. Variant viruses (which are all computer simulations and not real Let's Get Physical entities as they have misled you to believe) are like snowflakes, different yet THE SAME. If Fauci was head of snow removal for the world he would pitch the problem of how snowflake variants cause roads to get blocked (diseased) and present guidance on replacing every snow plow 3x a year to handle each variant as virology is a hustle based on JUNK/SCIENCE and for that matter if we compare his apples to our apples we would see that he would have those plows working during summer to "prevent" snow the same hustle way he and his drug pushing buddies present inections of Hell's Injectible Devil Slimejuice (HIDS) into bodies that are healthy when there exists NO VIRUS anywhere, what they call those critters is merely particles of cellular debris as was pointed out by the world's top expert in electron microscopy Hans Gelderblom in the 2012 documentary that exposed all these lies House of Numbers.

On day 1 of the COVID/FRAUD there were those of us who spotted it IMMEDIATELY as we watched the same thing happen with the AIDS/FRAUD

Vaccination mandates have no basis in law anymore because

In 2018 Dr. Stefan Lanka proved in German court VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST

There no longer exists any basis for any law requiring any mandated vaccine.

This explains why all these fools are running around in a rage the business model is crumbling viruses are a complete fraud.

Here are some of California's medical cult goons that did not get the memo.


They have introduced an array of Nazi health laws that will choke and imprison the public

They are building micro injection PIPELINES of your green dollar energy flow all constantly flowing to make portfolios healthy.

Don't be fooled by the recent easing up of restrictions, they want to make them permanent with new powers never seen in any real democracy.

They want to make what happened with 2 weeks equaling 2 years happen again and again whenever they like while lying about it being a health matter. It was the common cold.

These scumbags are pushing to make the state a Nazi health dystopia forever getting worse with demands to inject everyone as much as they want whenever they decide a new FAKE/VIRUS is discovered on Fauci's computer lab.

Viruses are nothing more than interpretations of cell debris and artifacts

They are not living things and no virus has ever been proven to actually exist in the real world and all these new legislations are based on this quick sandish dog and nano pony show called virology.

For a healthy California - get these people out of their positions of manipulating the public as virology is a fraud.

Also stop the gassing of all public places with chemicals these fumes are a danger to health. There are no viruses to kill they are not even living things if they even existed according to their own science.

Virology is basically a rotten growth of out of control branches on the healthy trunk of biology.

They are now so old and sticking out and poking at every one of us now making it impossible to live and are starting to fall down on people.

Cut off the cash flow to these organizations and trim the tree back.

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