September 11, 2001 attacks. A new analysis of anomalies noticed.

Oddities in a widely distributed video include people watching the first tower smouldering before it fell and the moment "a second plane hit the other tower". If this was a real plane the noise of the plane so close certainly would have startled them and completely caught their attention but they all stare at the tower smoking and only a few were seen looking toward that direction but at the boats that went by, so then explain to us why the reflection of the sun is different on the plane body and the roof vent.

Click to enlarge. Notice the reflection of the sun on the body of the plane is lower portion of the rounded hull below horizontal. At this angle the underside of the wing would be reflecting sun also. On the vent on top of the building it is above horizontal AND we would see sun reflection from the front of the wing at least the one closest to the audience here. WATCH

The angle of  this plane is as if it's nosediving and this is impossible as we see in other snapshots with a split second time frame that it suddenly changes angle from normal to this nosedive. That leads to it being an inserted imagery of a plane.

Boeing 767 variants except for the “-400ER” share the same wingspan of 156 ft 1 in. Tower width was 200 ft. Was 3/4 th of the building slammed by wing span? specs

Landing gear found on sidewalk. Wikipedia entry mentions estimates of THE/SCIENCE which people believe is always quite precise, "there is a significant uncertainty in this estimate associated with the exit trajectory, aerodynamic effects, landing position rather than final resting position of debris, etc.".

Similarly there is even more significant undertainty as to the projectories of viruses when they crash into our lungs, supposedly causing a similar disaster, most significant is that THE/SCIENCE never even proves these nano planes ever slammed into us. It's almost as if they use CGI to make a fake presentation to get us to believe we saw the nano plane crash. In reality instead of the cartoons we see of "viruses" never proven to exist physically, a better description of THE/SCIENCE of virology is that it is hunting dangerous unicorns and computer graphics. Look at this analysis of the angles mapped in red line, if the plane was flying horizontally only descending a small amount as is shown in video there would not be such a disparity.

Glitch in the video presented when the stabilizer worked on that precise section shows plane going other direction.

Narrator of the video analysis seems to claim this shows the INSERT of a plane using computer graphic manipulation.

7:41 appears as if tilting, no reflection of sun at all?


7:41 plane disappears?


7:41 plane disappears?


7:41 no body reflect see tiny wing tip underside reflect


7:41 no body reflect while underside of wing reflect


engine should be reflecting like body if this was real maybe a bird was casting shadow


some possible scenarios subject to further analysis:


publish date July 2, 2024

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