Methane is non-existent in the atmosphere so don't worry about cow farts anymore

Methane is a ultra minuscule fraction of the amount of carbon dioxide in the air* and like carbon dioxide it also does nothing. The climate freaks have lost their minds throwing physics to the wind, they should start with something simple such as by 2050 accomplishing net zero crime and net zero petrol based fabric for clothes (no more polyester or nylon meaning no permanent press) and net zero wiring for their alleged "smart" systems and computers that rely 100% on petroleum based plastics before they dismantle efficient life giving carbon systems of everything such as industrial farming that relies on petroleum and fossil fuel based systems that produce fertilizers that provide ample food supplies and energy systems that prolong life that include meat for solid protein. Atmospheric "gasses" such as life giving carbon dioxide that Mother Nature recycles and burps all by her self most efficiently** is in the air at a ratio of 400 parts per million which is 1/2500 which is like worrying about a missing penny out of a $25.00 weekly allowance. Methane (a saturated hydrocarbon HC4 with one hydrocarbon atom bonded to 4 hydrogen atoms) is in quantity in the air at 1866 parts per BILLION so worrying about methane in an atmosphere being "a threat" is like worrying about 1/535905th of yearly income of $100,000 which comes out to be 18 cents. Even if methane doubled it would be like missing 36 cents out of that $100k. So basically we have climate and energy freaks and hustlers telling us there is an existential threat to our lives as the books show a deviation of 18 - 36 cents and they claim investing 700 trillion dollars will fix "the problem", money which is of course all created not out of methane air, it's all created using fossil fuels and cannot at all be produced using solar and breezy movie set power in the theatricks of Green Renewable Electric Energy Development (GREED).

carbon footprints do not exist 

*co2 in the air is 4666 times more than methane
** water vapor is as much as 10,000% more in the atmosphere than co2 and there is more water vapor that causes climate change in quantity of as much as 466,600% more than methane - methane is virtually non existent any claims they cause a threat to humanities' existence is laugable and obviously the teachings of a cult