Modern A Medi Sin and it's "the science" they say we can "trust" which is about as smart as trusting a used warped vaccine salesman uses junk marketing their expensive products routinely presents subliminal messages to get you to believe it's lies. This is an image seen often of a microscope as if it's able to see a particle they misclaim is a "virus" this is a simple optics based microscope that refracts (bends) light and can present a magnification of small particles like bacteria and dust, it NEVER can show any virus, not even the most expensive ELECTRON electrocution of the sample microscope can see a "virus" that does not even exist but they present this image as if it does with claims "they have found it" when they also say "we have never seen it" as it's an "unknown" piece of nothing that is imaginary, modern a medi SIN is a fraud to see a "virus" if they existed (they were never prroven to exist) modern medi a SIN would need to have a microscope that was bigger than a telescope with lens bank that stretched to the moon. The junk science often seen presented on TV handed them by Hustlers In Virology (HIV) also present that "tests" find "viruses". They do not. It's a big pack of lies. The way they pretend they "find viruses" is like they would "find" an orange, round, in it's nature born shape on a tree when it's blended in a smoothie with blueberries. The junk science mixes aborted cow fetuses and dead monkey parts they just finished torturing to death in the lab and adding various chemicals (much like adding anti-freeze to chicken broth and saying the green is nothing to worry about) to their putrid septic "find the virus" stews, sorting out what's there a bit amongst the blended mess of blue with a spoon and saying "we found the Orange".


pathogens don't exist we are not caused disease by floating nothings

the markets use this deceit to manipulate you

no one has ever proven an X exists but they will mark you with it

as much as they can as they all piss on your rights

to bodily integrity, offering and even forcing you

to be raped by modern a medi SIN's junk science

of course one man's junk is another's treasure

so may people buy it

everything they do in virology is a hustle



go homo